Tehran (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Faraz's Choice

- Hey.

- Thanks.


Tequila sunrise.

Non-alcoholic, unfortunately.

- Virgin?
- Me?
I'm not telling you that.

Faraz, you will make sure
that Tamar gets out of the club safely,
and then let things
take their natural course.

Yulia, Mohammadi is coming.

Update Tamar.

If you do anything rash,
we will be forced to respond in kind.

How lovely.


- Hello?
- Mohammadi's early.
Leave now.

I'm waiting for you outside.

Of course.

I'll leave now.

I have to go.

My brother's in bad shape.

- Do you need a ride?
- No, I'm fine.

I've just I've really gotta run.

You're a good listener.

I was feeling really alone before.

And now?
Much better.
Text me?
Go ahead.

He saw me.

Faraz, he saw me.
He's here.

He He didn't do anything.

We are taking care of it.

Don't worry.
Everything is fine.

You decided to go back to work?
I wanted to check on something.

How'd you know
we're doing a surprise inspection?
Did Ali tell you?

He told me.

Listen, now that you're here,
go tell the General's kid
his father's not going to make it.

Don't you have other people
who can do that?
I do, but I'd rather you did it.

He's not coming.

The man has nine lives.

How did you really know to come here?
Just a hunch.

But if I told Hossein that,
I'd probably get another lecture.

I couldn't be bothered.

Well, I better go talk to Peyman.

Did you see anything?

Get a little closer to him.

Okay, wipe all of their surveillance.

What the fuck are you doing with my bag?
That racket you're holding is my father's.

That's personal equipment.

So I suggest you be careful.

Absolutely, you're right.

We're doing a security sweep of the club.

I just wanted to make sure
everything was all right here.

Where's my father?
There's been a change of plans.

What change?
The General won't make it today.

You couldn't have told me that
before I left the house?

Pick up.

Come on!
Just to inform you, Mohammadi never came.


What do we do?
For the two of you,
the plans don't change.

You clear out.

- Did I tell you she was a singer?
- No, no.

She used to sing at home.

We couldn't stop her singing.

And the saddest songs you can imagine.

Especially when she had a fight
with my dad.

Oh, my God.

I don't know what it is
about Iranian women and sad songs.

- We just love sad songs.

- I know.

Me and my mother couldn't sing at all.

You're just in time.

- Hello, darling.

- Hello.

Have you had anything to eat?
Not yet.
Thank you.

Marjan, may I speak to you for a moment?
In private?
Faraz, come sit down.

Can't you see? We were just about to eat.

Anything you want to say to Marjan,
you can say in front of me.

Please, Marjan, sit.

Don't be shy.

If you two wanna talk about me, go ahead.

All I can say is how happy I am
to see you looking and feeling so well.

- Thanks to you.

- No, not just.

You also owe a great deal
to the love and support of this man.

My husband is the great fortune
of my life.

Mine was too.

I'm sure the loss must be unbearable.

Well, at first,
I didn't believe he was gone.

Just didn't make sense.

At times, my grief was so overwhelming
that it actually made me sick.

And then, little by little…
It's not a question
of the pain going away.

It just goes to another place.

And over time,
you learn how to live with it.

Like a chronic illness.


May I speak to you for a moment?
In the study.

Of course.

You people are monsters.

- I understand why you feel that way.

- You have no limits.

- Is there anything out of bounds for you?
- And Sepah?
What's out of bounds for you?
Shoot me if it makes you feel better.

But I'm just a little finger
on a hand connected to an arm
that's commanded by an exceptional brain.

And that brain knows things about you.

What do you know? You know nothing.

There is nothing.

I've been serving this country
my entire life.

I'm clean.

You just let a Mossad agent get away.

Not to mention recordings of everything
you ever said about Mohammadi
within these walls.

A thousand years of service
wouldn't save you from the gallows.

- And what about Na hid?
- Keep Na hid out of this.

What kind of life can she expect here
after they hang you?
The widow of a traitor.

I'm glad to see we understand each other.

Mohammadi and his lot
are destroying our country.

You know it as well as I do.

We could just as easily
be working together.

I'd rather die.

I'm sorry.

I have to get back to the office.

It was such a lovely meal.

I'm so sorry about…
No, no.
He's just worried…

Peyman was there with a girl.


- Did you see anything?
- No.

Only Peyman.
There was no girl.

The club's security says
there was a girl here.


Big eyes.

Can you hear me?
Yeah, yeah.

Did you ask Peyman who she was?
I'm headed there now.

Did you get the go-ahead from Hossein?
Not yet.

All right.
I'll be right there.

Wait for me.

- Marjan?
- I just left the Kamalis'.

I think I've bought us a couple of hours,
but I'm not sure.

I don't know.

I'm going to my office to shred papers.

- We have to evacuate immediately.

- Marjan, hold on.

There's been a development.

Faraz Kamali touched the poisoned racket
at the country club.

You might have told me that
before I went in there.

It's not what we planned,
but after what he saw today,
Kamali's poisoning is a good break for us.

What are you doing? Faraz!
Stop it!
What's this? You're burning up.

Why do you have a fever?
- It's just a virus.

- What virus?
You're tearing the room apart.

Is that a virus too?
- What were you talking about?
- I have to go, Na hid.

Forget it! You're not leaving.

I said I have to go!
You're going straight to bed.

Keep a man on him until you are evacuated,
in case he has some patriotic fantasy
of going out in a blaze of glory.

I forgot my leather bag inside.

It's in the bedroom.

Could you please get it?
I wanna stay here with Milad.

Peyman's on his way here.
He texted me.

There was an opening, so I took it.

I asked him to give us a ride
to a hospital.

It's a good thing.

You'll get to see a doctor.

Tamar, we're burned.

We can't show our faces here again.

If we leave here today,
we won't have done anything.

We tried.

I mean, fuck, look at us.

Look at me.

I am looking at you.

But trying isn't good enough.

All right, let's move.
I got your bag.

Come on.

Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Get in the car!
- Did you think I blew you off?
- He's in pain.

I'm afraid he's got internal bleeding.

What's up, man?
Come on, I'll take you to a good hospital.

Trust me.

I'll take you to a private clinic.

Don't worry.
They won't ask any questions.

They'll take good care of you, I promise.

Come on.

Damn it.

Lady, I'm talking to you!
You called a cab,
in case you haven't noticed.

I'm sorry.
My plans have changed.

I do what the company tells me.

If you changed your mind,
talk to the cab company.

I'll call them later
and settle the payment.

Don't worry.
Come here.

I'm right here.
Come on.

Take this.

This ought to cover it, right?
- Hey, Dad.

- Hi, kiddo.

- I'm sorry I couldn't make it today.

- It's fine.

Listen, I'm in the car with some friends.

All right.
So I'll see you tomorrow?
- Sure.

- Great.

And can you do me a favor
and swing by in the morning
and pick up Betty?
I want to make sure
she makes it to the villa safely.

Cool! Sure.
I bet she misses me.

All right.
See you tomorrow then.


- Hello.

- How are you, Na hid?
I'm fine, but Faraz is sick.

He needs rest.
He can't have any visitors.

I understand,
but I really need to talk to him.

It can't wait.

It'll only take five minutes.

How are you doing, boss?
Are you all right?
Thank you, Ali.

Na hid won't let me get out of bed.

Come sit down.

Did you talk to Hossein?

He wouldn't give me the go-ahead
to talk to Peyman.

I told you.


What about Vahid Nemati?
Vahid Nemati?
He's got nothing to do with this.

I don't know.

Milad Kahani had been at his gym.

He's friends with Peyman.

He must know something.

Even if he does…
He's not getting himself in trouble
with Peyman.

I want to look into it.

You want to question Vahid
because of some girl Peyman met?
What are you thinking?
I don't think it was just any girl.

I think it was Tamar Rabinyan.

You're just jumping
to this baseless conclusion?
I learned from the best.


If you want to learn from me,
learn the good things.

Not the stuff that gets me in trouble.

You follow?
Seems to me they're the same.

I'm so happy
my brother agreed to come here.

Thank you, Peyman, really.

Maybe I can make you dinner or something?
Maybe tomorrow night?
I'd love to…
My mother's throwing this party for me,
like a homecoming from America.

And making up for the three birthdays
where she missed the chance
to feed me to death.


But maybe you could come.

Are you asking me to meet your family?
I don't know now.

You're making it sound stressful.

I'd love to come.

I got a couple of stitches,
but nothing's broken.
Thank God.

Thank you, man.
You really saved me.

Happy to help.
Come on.

I'll take you guys home.

No, thank you.
You've done enough for us.

Don't be silly.

It's fine.
I already called a cab.

Really, you've done enough.

Okay, have it your way.

I'll go thank the doctor.

Tomorrow, then?


I can't believe you're actually into that.

Handling you
like he's buying a fucking rug.

It's part of my job.

You know it's not real.

Yeah, maybe nothing is real.

Maybe you're using me,
same way you're using Peyman.

- I'm doing what needs to be done!
- You're really selling it!
Just as I did when you were under arrest.

What the fuck are you talking about?
I put the whole mission at risk
when I went to Vahid.

If I had to sleep with him
to get you out of there,
that's what I would have done.

Is that supposed to make me feel good?
- What in hell were you thinking?
- We had an opportunity.

You had a direct order
to evacuate with Amir!
Yeah, but he is still alive.

That is irrelevant.
You had an order.

It's over.
You're to leave Tehran today.

No, we're not.

Excuse me?
Peyman invited me to a party
with his family tomorrow.

You need more than that?
It's another chance to kill Mohammadi.

Why do you think
Faraz didn't arrest or kill you?
I had to burn myself to save you.

I will never be able to come back to Iran
after today.

So let's make sure it wasn't for nothing.

You'd never get out of there alive.

It's my choice.

It will be maximum security.

Dozens of Sepah agents.

Any of them could recognize you.

I know the risks.

That's a huge opportunity.
We can do this.

Without sufficient time to prepare,
this plan could fail
and expose our entire network.

It would set us back years.

If it fails.

But if we succeed,
then it's a very different story.

Even if we managed to get her inside,
Sepah would never let her get near him.

You'd have to undergo background checks,

It is not anything
that can happen overnight.

So let's think of something.

Otherwise, what are we doing here?
Faraz, what's wrong with you?
It's fine.
It's nothing.

It's just a cold.

This is not a cold, Faraz.

Please tell me the truth.

My Na hid,
if I could live my life over again…
I wouldn't have joined the Guards.

I would have stayed at the shoe store
with my father.

And lived a normal life.

With you.

The only thing I ever wanted
was to be with you.

I'm sorry for everything, Na hid.

For everything.

What are you hiding from me?
after everything we've been through,
you owe me better than that.

Please tell me the truth.

The truth might hurt.

Nothing could hurt worse
than being kept in the dark.

I know they've poisoned me.

They? Who's "they"?
The Mossad.
They're here.

She's a Mossad agent.

My Na hid, you're a strong woman.

I know you'll do fine without me.

Even better than…
You did with me.

Faraz? Faraz.

Faraz? Faraz…

Faraz, what am I going to do?
You hypocrite whore.

Get the hell out of here!
I can save him.

He can be saved if he gets the antidote
within the hour.

Then please do it.
He's right here in bed.

I'm glad to see you're thinking clearly.

- Thanks to you.

- Perhaps.

But I never intended for this to happen.

Enough with the lies! What do you want?
Faraz is more useful to me
alive than dead.

Finally, some truth.

But you must understand,
if I give him this injection,
we'll expect more from him
than just silence.

- What?
- Active cooperation.

I can't do that.

Decide a thing like that for him.

You're not deciding for him.

You're deciding for yourself.

If I do this,
it's only so I can wait hand-in-hand
with my husband for the day you hang.

And believe me, that day will come.

So… what's it to be? Yes or no?
Welcome back.

I'm alive?
Praise God, you are.

But how?

You told her to come?
The important thing is
you're all right now.


Didn't he mention a Betty on the ride?
He's supposed to pick her up tomorrow
and bring her to the party.

Meet Betty.

It's one of the race cars
they're gonna race tomorrow.

Drift cars like this
have a state-of-the-art computer system.

An ECU that can be hacked.

All you need is the right equipment.

Mohammadi takes the car out for a ride,
but you have control.

In the right moment…


We just need to install the device
on the car.

Peyman will probably put her
in his garage in the morning.

I'll go see who it is.

- Hello, Ali.

- Hello.

Come in.

Hello, Ali.

Na hid, darling,
could you leave the two of us alone?
How long have you been working for them?
I'm not working with them.

Vahid Nemati showed you this photo.

You saw Tamar Rabinyan at the club
this morning.

You lied to me.

- Ali
- If it were anyone else,
there would be 50 agents outside that door
right now.

But since it's the two of us,
here's what's going to happen.

You're going to go down to headquarters
right now and turn yourself in,
and save what's left of your dignity.

Then we'll go to the interrogation room,
turn on all the cameras,
and you can say whatever you want to say.

Is that clear?
It's clear.

Your gun.
On the table.

No games, no funny business.

And don't even think
about asking me to help you.

It'll only make things worse.

I know.

Let's go.
Get your coat.

What are you doing?
Can't you see how weak he is?
Na hid, Ali and I have to go out.

It's okay.
Don't worry.


Pull over for a second.

Not till we get to headquarters.

I'm begging you.
Pull over.
Pull over.

Pull over!
I was supposed to die today.

The Mossad.

They poisoned me.

Why didn't you talk to me
when I still could've helped you?
I thought I could handle it on my own.

But I was wrong.

Shut the door.

We'll talk in the interrogation room.

When I was dying…
I saw it all,
everything that's going to happen.

The interrogations, the beatings,
- the hanging, the…
- And yet you're alive.


Ali, you told me not to ask you for help,
but I have no choice.

If our relationship means anything to you,
I'm asking you…
Help me die.

What are you talking about?
Spare me the suffering.

Shoot me right now.

You're insane!
If you can't do it, give me my gun.

I'll do it myself.

I'm not giving you any gun.

- Give me the gun!
- Stop it!
- Give me the gun.

- Stop!
Give me the gun!
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