Tehran (2020) s02e07 Episode Script


My beauty, my baby.
You don't talk to Mom that way.
Don't babble, boy.
Just make sure
she gets to the villa safely.
I have to travel in the armored motorcade,
and I don't trust anyone else
to drive her.
You know
There are going to be some big shots
you'd do well to meet at the party,
so make sure you mingle.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
When I was your age,
I was already a colonel.
Married with two
Dad, come on.
We talked about this.
There are just some things
I still need to figure out.
What's there to figure out?
You're a man now.
- Look
- No, no, no.
No fighting. Not today. Forget about it.
Fighting? Of course we're not fighting.
How are you, Mom?
Extremely anxious.
Don't you ruin my party
with your foolishness.
Tell me, which of your friends are coming?
The usual. Farzad, Shervin,
his brother, a few others.
Don't forget to send security their names.
- What about Yasaman?
- Oh, no.
Mom, don't bring that up right now.
Is there someone else?
- Maybe.
- Really?
Tell me, who is she?
I said maybe, Mom.
There's nothing concrete for now.
- Be careful, eh?
- Don't worry.
Be careful, okay?
Don't worry.
Ali has been killed.
They found him this morning in his car,
gunshot to the chest.
In Arak.
- Arak?
- He's from there.
His parents still live there.
Did he ever mention them?
I'm not sure.
Seems he tried to call them
a couple times before he died.
Did he say or do anything recently
that might have suggested he was suicidal?
No. Nothing.
His gun was in his hand.
The same gun that fired the bullet.
But something doesn't feel right.
He was straight as an arrow.
Why would he just kill himself? How come?
I don't know.
But you never know.
Was he here last night?
Yeah, I was sick.
He came to see how I was doing.
Did he tell you where he was going?
I thought he was going home.
What did you two talk about?
Small talk.
A bit about work.
And you stayed here afterwards?
Of course.
Where would I go?
I'm still a little weak, you know?
Don't try to cover for him.
If you know anything,
now's the time to tell me.
Was he in any trouble?
Really, I don't know anything.
Not a thing.
Betty's parked at Peyman's garage.
I'll connect the leech.
Then we'll have full control of her.
As soon as you're done,
make an excuse and leave.
You need to be out of there
before Sepah comes
for their security check.
Hey. Sorry I'm late.
It's all good. It was worth the wait.
Come in.
- Wanna see something cool?
- Yeah, sure.
Wow. Nice place.
Yeah, it is.
I miss my old place, though.
- In LA?
- Venice.
Right by the beach.
Nothing fancy like this
but it was home.
Come on. Come on.
You know, my mom used to say
that a person who moves away
from their home once
will never have one again.
I don't know.
A few days ago,
I probably would've agreed with her.
- Why's it taking so long?
- Want to get in here and do it yourself?
Stay focused. We don't have time.
If you stop talking to me, I'll
Nothing, I just
I wanna take it slow.
Besides, you cannot mess up my outfit
before I meet your parents.
That will be a shame.
Fuck. We're screwed.
It's okay. I've almost got it.
No, you idiot. Yasaman's here.
Open up. I know you're in there!
Get out of there!
It's too unpredictable.
But I'm not finished!
Never mind that. Get out. Now!
Damn it.
Peyman, how long are you
going to keep ignoring me?
Stop this!
The nerve! What is she doing here?
- What's wrong with you?
- What the fuck are you two doing?
- What are you doing here?
- You asshole!
- You promised me we'd be together.
- Yasaman.
You told me
I could tell my parents about us.
You can't just show up here!
What else was I supposed to do?
I've been calling and texting you.
You haven't responded!
- What are you looking at?
- Leave her out of this.
You invited her to your party?
Don't do this to me, Peyman. Don't.
Yasaman, calm down.
- Don't touch me, you bitch!
- Hey!
Are you crazy?
I barely touched her!
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Don't
- Yeah, go!
I didn't promise her any of those things.
Listen, I don't know what's up
with the two of you. Figure it out.
She found out about the party, that's
Talk to her. She's really upset.
I'll call you right after, yeah?
We can still make it up there.
Is it connected?
- No.
- What? What the fuck? Why not?
Because it was too dangerous.
Never mind. I'll do it myself.
Call Marjan.
Tell her I'm going to the party.
What do you think?
It's way too dangerous.
The point of the leech was that
she wouldn't have to actually be there.
No, the point of the leech was
to kill Mohammadi
and make it look like an accident.
Tamar not having to be there
would have been a bonus.
Mohammadi's planning to sign a deal
with the North Koreans
as early as tonight.
So it's time to play that card
you have been holding.
The problem is getting her out.
Once she's done it,
she'll be a sitting duck.
That's a price we're willing to pay.
What do you want?
We need your help.
My help?
You're lucky I don't kill you
with my bare hands.
You'd be dead before you even touched me.
I'm so sorry to hear about your partner.
Suicides can be terribly difficult
for those left behind.
What more do you want from him?
What was discussed. Active cooperation.
these pictures will be sent to your boss.
And what's now in Arak
will find its way back to Tehran.
Keep it. It's easier this way.
Maybe he won't call.
He's going to call.
Is it true what you told him?
That a person who leaves home once
will never have a home again.
I don't know.
'Cause to me it sounds like
one of your tricks.
To tell a lie that's close to the truth.
I can't fucking stand it anymore.
Listen, this is who I am.
I've never dreamt
of having an ordinary life.
I've never wanted that.
It's not a trick.
I'm just trying to do what I know best.
- You are the best.
- No, I'm not!
I'm not.
'Cause as an agent, I made
the most pathetic mistake in the book.
I fell in love with my target.
I dragged you in this, and I'm sorry.
But honestly
I couldn't help it.
'Cause I love you.
I love you and I don't want
anything bad to happen to you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
This is Mr. Kamali.
He's in charge of security.
My dad's villa is supposed to be
a "sterile zone."
That's why they're so obsessive.
Mr. Kamali has assured me that
he'll keep this short and to the point.
Of course.
Just a few standard questions.
Come with me, please.
Tamar Rabinyan.
You're wondering what my intentions are,
If you were going to make a move,
you would have done it already.
Or perhaps there are limits.
A man can be pushed so far.
My partner, Ali, he was on to you.
He almost had you.
What happened to him?
So angry. You should be careful with that.
I had an aunt.
You remember her.
You arrested her, and then you hanged her.
And whose fault was that?
You brought her into this.
- She was innocent.
- No one is innocent!
Whatever happens to you, you deserve it.
I'm doing what I have to,
to protect my country
from people who want to destroy it.
So do I!
You know,
I'm not afraid of being arrested,
even dying.
If it wasn't for my wife, I
On the other hand,
what does a man have,
if not his duty and his honor?
If I work with you,
my entire life will be a lie.
That's not true.
I was born here.
My family comes from here.
Our language, our culture.
Even the man I love comes from here.
There are times, and this is one of them,
when duty and honor mean resistance.
You see where General Mohammadi
is leading your country.
Such a young, confident agent.
Capable of words,
convincing an intelligence officer
to betray his own country.
Do you really think so little of me?
So? Everything okay?
Everything is fine.
Have fun.
I'm glad you're using the phone.
If I'm going to do this,
I need assurance
that you're gonna go through with it.
What do you mean?
- If this is one of your manipulations
- It's not.
- This is happening.
- It better.
Because if I'm going down,
you're coming with me.
So this is where you go wild
with your cars?
It's one of the cool things
about this country.
Hey, Sina. Want to see my papers?
No, sir. But I do need to see hers.
Your papers, please, ma'am.
Thank you.
Ms. Ansari,
I need to check your purse too.
Excuse me?
Sina, cool it, huh?
She's already approved.
You don't want to find yourself
on the Afghan border tomorrow, now do you?
No, sir. Go ahead.
You have a good day, now.
Bye. Thank you.
What is that?
I don't believe it.
He built another car.
Oh, man.
Compared to this, Betty's like a donkey
pulling a faloodeh cart.
He's gonna smoke me in this!
Peyman? My dear boy!
They told me you were here.
I'm so happy to see you, darling.
Nice to meet you too. I'm Fatemeh.
Nice to meet you, ma'am. I'm Leyla.
- Maybe Iran isn't so bad to you after all.
- Mom.
But what's this?
Dad didn't say anything about a new car.
He's been working on it like crazy.
The man's in love.
He drives it every chance he gets.
See the nonsense they spend their time on?
Come. Let's go and say
a proper hello to our guests.
Come on.
Everyone's dying to see you, Peyman.
So do me a favor
and try not to forget anyone's name.
What a beautiful home.
The design is just stunning.
You have a fine eye for these things.
Your aunts are over there.
- Yes.
- Hello.
Here you are, Peyman!
Come hug your auntie. Welcome back.
- Peyman, how are you doing?
- Auntie, this my friend Leyla.
- Hello.
- Leyla, this is my aunt Zohreh.
Oh, a "friend." Hi. How are you?
You are an exceptional girl.
- Ms. Leyla.
- Nice to meet you.
Hello, my dear. Welcome.
Please, make yourself at home.
He's here. The General is here.
I'm going to go say hello to Qasem
if the bodyguards let me.
We have a problem.
Mohammadi isn't driving Betty.
He built a new drift car.
Fuck you, Mohammadi.
Okay. Look, the good thing is,
all these cars are based
on common Japanese models.
So there shouldn't be a problem
attaching the leech to the car,
especially after the modifications I made.
Send me a picture of the grille
when you get there.
I'm on my way.
Got it. We're in luck.
It's a much easier installation.
- Is it online?
- Searching.
Careful with the car.
- Milad?
- Still searching.
Come, come.
You take that one.
Oh, great.
You guys can help me.
What's wrong?
I lost my earring on the way up here.
It looks just like this one.
It must have fallen in the car.
Where did you lose it?
It's somewhere around here.
I don't see anything.
We're good. We're good. I've got the IP.
Connection seems stable.
It's not here
Who knows where she's dropped it.
What's this?
I found it.
Way to go! You guys really saved me.
You're welcome.
Thanks a lot.
Take this outside.
Leyla, dear.
There you are! I was looking for you.
It's so good to finally have him
back home.
I know how you feel.
Are you and your mother close?
Very close. I miss her.
She lives in Qatar.
I'm glad Peyman invited you.
He was so excited to come up here.
I'm happy to hear that.
I don't know if he told you,
but he wasn't exactly thrilled
about coming back to Iran.
I think he'll find his way.
Peyman's a kind, smart boy.
He found you.
That's a good start.
Nice of you to say.
Shall we go outside?
I'll be right there.
Where's the restroom?
If I could have your attention, please.
We're very happy to have you all with us
to celebrate the return of our son,
and welcome him back to our homeland.
Peyman, my boy, come here.
Peyman was doing very well
for himself abroad,
but he made the patriotic decision
to come home, stand by his family,
and do his part to serve the revolution.
His generation is our future.
But us old folks aren't
going anywhere just yet.
In fact, due to pressing matters of state,
I have to keep this speech short.
But I'm sure none of you will mind.
Ever since my Peyman was a boy,
he's been crazy about cars.
And you all know
where he gets it.
Bring them.
The cars we build are
exceptionally fast and powerful,
a testament to homegrown ingenuity.
Some of you know Betty.
But we've got something new here.
Her name is Shahrzad.
What do you think, Peyman?
That you're going to kick my ass
with that car.
But, Son
this is your car.
So this time, you won't have
any excuses for losing to me!
I love you. Thank you.
Our friends here are going
to launch a drone,
made by our own military industry,
so you can all watch us
on this screen in real time.
Let's get started!
We have a problem.
If you're talking about
that drone, it's not an issue.
I've locked onto its signal.
I can see everything it sees.
They swapped cars.
Mohammadi's driving Betty after all.
Take care of yourself.
Well? Let's go!
I'm coming.
Call Marjan.
What does it mean for us?
It means we can't control Mohammadi's car.
Okay, look.
I'm patching the drone in.
The cars are off.
Ideas, anyone?
Now it's time to think outside the box.
I got it
I could use Peyman's car to ram him
and push him over the edge.
Milad, are you crazy?
Don't do it, Milad.
- Yulia, do you copy that?
- Yes.
Milad, don't do it.
The stakes are too high,
and the chances are very low.
- What's the call?
- Milad,
are you confident
that you can pull this off?
I'm asking you please not to do this.
You know the system is not designed
for that. You'll kill Peyman for nothing.
- Milad? Are you confident
- Yes.
Yes. Yes, I'm confident.
Milad, I won't let this happen.
Marjan, what do you think?
We'll never get another chance like this.
Okay. Go ahead.
Milad, did you copy that?
Yeah, I'm doing it.
Milad, listen to me.
Listen to me. I'm talking to you.
Don't act
Do you hear me?
Here we go.
I missed Mohammadi.
I'm trying to push him in the next curve.
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