Tell Me a Story (US) (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on Tell Me a Story I am trying to help you.
The only help I want is for the police to find the man responsible for my fiancée's murder.
- We're working on it, sir.
- Don't do that.
Don't placate me.
GARCIA: The detective in charge would like to speak with you.
SAM: I'm so well insulated, I'm untouchable.
Kayla, I love you.
Something's not right why did he use his brother's name? LANEY: Teach isn't who he says he is.
He's crazier than Ethan, who, by the way, has fallen off the face of the earth.
We found this.
$2 million.
Where's the money? [GRUNTING] Tell me where the money is, and this will all go away.
- I don't know.
- TERRY: The blood's coming up.
The microwave's a lost cause.
Somebody came and got him.
You're not staying here.
You're coming with me.
Please, you have to help me.
KATRINA: Take him back to the basement.
No! No! No! No! Get off me! [CAR ALARM BLARING] Is that your car? What the hell? [CAR ALARM CONTINUES BLARING] [CAR ALARM STOPS] Motherfucker! [PHONE VIBRATING] - [KEYS CLATTER] - Nice car.
You're fucking dead! That's exactly what Eddie said.
And Mitch.
You have no idea who you Jesus, you do not want to mess with me.
I gave you an out, an opportunity, a choice.
And I gave you an answer.
You're fucked, man.
You are fucking fucked! [WHISPERS]: Bring it.
[CLOSING DOOR ECHOES] How's he doing? I gave him something for his pain.
- He slept through the night.
- Have you heard from Sam? Yeah.
He's very antsy.
So am I.
Call the sister.
Set the exchange.
But I don't want you going.
She seems to be a handful.
I thought I'd call Bruce.
And is he up for it? He's good.
He wants to do it.
No more fuckups.
Once he gets the money, he needs to take her out.
And then you can take care of this one.
I'll call him now.
Thanks, Mom.
[DOOR OPENS] [GROANS QUIETLY] [DOOR CLOSES] You've caused quite a mess.
I'm sorry.
Tell me something.
How did you know Dan Simmons had the money? I-I didn't.
We found his locker key.
But you had to kill him to get it.
No It was an accident.
He fell.
He hit his head.
So, you were one of Dan's boys he liked to play with.
We thought the money was Dan's.
It was my money, and I want it back.
Just please don't hurt Hannah.
Oh, she'll hurt, and she'll die and end up in the same river we put Dan Simmons' body, right along with you.
You stole from the wrong person.
You're gonna be late for school.
I'm not going.
Mental health day.
I see.
Your dad told me that you guys talked.
Did he leave already? Yeah, but you can stay home.
I'm sure he'd approve.
I'm sorry, Kayla.
For all of it.
It must royally suck.
That's an understatement.
You were right about my mom.
She couldn't be trusted.
You're gonna hold that over me? No.
[CHUCKLES] But you were right.
No, I was wrong about her.
Because she created you, and you are absolute perfection.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] Okay, now you're laying it on thick.
Well, a little, but I I want to make my point.
Which is? I am really happy that you're here, Kayla.
I wasn't really sure how this grandmother thing would work out, but I kind of like it.
I should get to work.
I'm a phone call away.
Did you get some sleep? Very little.
We're gonna get him back, Hannah.
- [GUN COCKS] - How? These are some bad people with some serious resources.
Yeah, but we got the upper hand here.
They don't know about me.
For all they know, you're working alone.
Hello? You ready to see your brother? Where should I meet you? The warehouse off Jones and Comstock.
Tonight at 9:00.
Come alone, or you don't get the money.
LANEY: I left at lunch, and Nick wasn't there.
Have you heard from him? Yep.
He's been texting me nonstop.
LANEY: Same stalker shit.
You need to tell your dad what's going on.
I know.
You're right.
No, I'll tell him tonight.
You promise? Yeah, I promise.
- [PHONE VIBRATES] - [SIGHS] [PHONE VIBRATES] KAYLA: Who are you talking to? Ethan's back from the dead.
[CHUCKLES]: Oh, no.
Yeah, um, he wants me to meet him.
I'm gonna go.
Really? Really.
Good luck tonight.
Thank you, Laney.
For what? For being my friend.
My only friend.
[CHUCKLES] I'm all you need.
[MID-TEMPO JAZZ PLAYING] [SEABIRDS SQUAWKING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Can I get a toy? [LAUGHS]: You already have one of those.
What about this? Not today.
Come on, come on, come on.
How about we get some ice cream instead? - Yeah! - Yeah? Okay.
- What kind do you want to get? - Chocolate.
Chocolate? Okay, let's go.
OLSEN: Uh, Detective Reynolds told you to let it go.
I know.
I'm not fucking with that guy.
That guy's got a lot of pull.
He told me Eddie Longo was with his supplier on the day of the jewelry store robbery.
I talked to his supplier; he hasn't seen Eddie in two months.
Said that Eddie owed him money and had been avoiding him.
All right.
And wha why would Reynolds lie about that? I did some digging into the Longo brothers.
Turns out Reynolds was Mitch Longo's parole officer in 2009, and Eddie's in 2011.
I went through the old boxes, found the connection in the handwritten paperwork, but it wasn't listed in the digital records.
It's a coincidence.
I don't believe in coincidence.
I think he didn't put it in the records on purpose, so no one could connect them.
Come on, they screw that stuff up all the time on the database, we both know that.
On the day of the robbery, Reynolds didn't report into his precinct.
Well, could've been out in the field working a case.
That's true.
Or he could also be our third pig.
That is a huge leap, Renee.
All right, Jesus.
What are you, losing it? Listen, the guy's a star in his district.
He wouldn't be the first dirty cop in the world.
You are starting to sound like Evans.
You got zero proof.
I know.
I know.
I am just angling.
[PHONE VIBRATING] What's up? I'm in trouble.
I need your help.
Let me guess, Ethan? Yeah.
He's totally wasted.
I need your help to get him home.
For real? For real.
I need you to come meet me.
[EXHALES] Please, Kayla.
But after this, I'm so done with Ethan.
I'll text you the address.
I did what you said.
Uh, text her the address.
Can I go now? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] Not quite.
[LAUGHS] - Finally got your ice cream, huh? - Uh-huh.
All right, mister, take a seat.
Oh, my goodness.
Look, you're already making a mess.
Okay, you sit right here.
I'm just gonna go and get some napkins.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I don't talk to strangers.
I'm not a stranger.
I know your dad, Sam.
He's a police officer, a detective, right? Yeah.
Who are you? Mr.
Your dad's right around the corner.
He wanted to talk to you, told me to come and get you.
You want to go surprise him? Okay, thank you so much.
Leo? Come on, it's not funny.
Leo! Leo! Leo! It's not funny.
Where are you?! Leo! - Ma'am, is everything okay? - No.
No, it's not.
I can't find my son.
Where's my dad? He's right up here.
- I don't see him.
- Come on, kid.
- Ow! - You're embarrassing me.
Stop! - Hey, is everything okay here? - Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
- He's just throwing a tantrum.
- Let go of me! - You know kids do that sometimes.
- Stop! - Look.
Okay, stop yelling, okay? - [SCREAMS] If you keep yelling, you're gonna embarrass Dad.
Then you're just gonna have to get put in the car.
No! You're not my dad, though! And you're never gonna see your family again.
[DISTORTED]: You're scaring me! Leave me alone! Where's my mom?! - Sorry.
- Mom! Stop it! Stop! All right, all right.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Okay? - Stop it! - Okay, okay.
Just, just go.
Oh, my God.
Leo! Mom! Mommy.
MARIANNA: Oh, my God, come here.
My baby.
Where'd you go? Are you okay? Are you sure? [ENGINE STARTS, TIRES SQUEAL] [CAR HORN HONKING] [DOOR OPENING] Laney? Laney.
Are you here? Laney.
Hello, beautiful.
What are you doing here? Where's Laney? She just texted me.
Don't worry about Laney, she's gone.
What do you mean she's gone? It's just us now.
The way it should be.
Why are you locking me in here? Because [CHUCKLES] it's the only way I could get you to talk with me without running away.
You won't return my calls.
You won't let me see you.
You've really left me no choice.
Nick Where's Laney? Forget about her.
Forget about all the people that are gonna come in between us.
So I've been thinking a lot about Paris.
We can go whenever you want.
I have a lot of miles saved up.
- Really? - Yeah.
I can get tickets and we can we could get an Airbnb, a little one on the, the West Bank.
Sounds romantic.
Y-You said you've never been.
No, but I want to.
I can't wait to share with you the Louvre - the d'Orsay.
- [CHUCKLES] You spend your days painting.
- And I write.
- KAYLA: Mm.
Sounds perfect.
[CHUCKLES] What would you write about? Love.
I'd write about us.
[PANTING] Kayla! [PANTING] Kayla.
Get off of me! - [NICK GRUNTS] - [KAYLA SCREAMS] [GRUNTS] [GROANS, SHOUTS] [GRUNTS] [COUGHS] [GROANING] [GRUNTING] Kayla! Kayla! Don't do this! [WHIMPERS] Please, help me! Please, we have to call the cops.
He's coming! - Slow down.
- I'm calling them.
- Okay, I'm calling.
- Stay away from me! Step back, man.
[KAYLA CRYING] She's gone.
I came as soon as I could.
- What's up? - Want a drink? No, Jordan, I don't.
No more drinking.
Look, uh, you called, I'm here.
Talk to me.
It's all fucked up, Tim.
- What is it? - I fucked up.
I really fucked up.
Thanks for taking care of this.
I-I'll take it from here.
- Yeah.
- Appreciate it.
What are you doing? I told you a million times, you never go away with strangers.
Okay? - I'm sorry.
- It's all right, champ.
Just want to make sure you're all right.
Sam, what is going on? - What do you mean? - What I mean is I didn't make a statement to those officers.
They called you.
Yeah, 'cause I'll take care of it.
Why are we not at the station filing a report - right now? - Because I am taking care of it.
Now, let's, uh, let's get you back to the house.
MARIANNA: Now, somebody tried to take your son, and you are doing nothing? What do you mean? I'm not doing nothing.
It's the same person who vandalized your car, isn't it? Yeah, he told Leo his name was Mr.
Who is this man? - I fucked up.
- No.
No, no, I fucked up.
- You haven't killed anyone.
- Ah.
A lot of people are dead because of me.
But you didn't kill them.
Get you a good lawyer.
People will understand this.
Will they? 'Cause I don't.
I almost hurt a child today.
I just hurt.
And I am so angry.
And it won't go away.
I see Beth.
I see Beth everywhere.
We can fix this, I promise.
Okay? I was holding her.
I felt her die.
She was looking at me, and I could feel her dying.
It all just went away.
The woman detective.
Can you trust her? I don't know.
You have to tell her.
It's Kayla.
I'm sorry.
Hello? SAM: This Nick Sullivan.
Anybody been - to his apartment yet? He's not there.
We found a second body here.
Been identified as Ethan Davies, another kid from her school.
The body's been dead for at least a week.
- Where's the girl? - Right there.
Kayla? I'm Detective Reynolds.
I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions.
- You feel up for it? - Yeah.
Now, do you have any idea where Nick Sullivan - might have gone? - No.
And it's Josh Sullivan.
His real name is Josh Sullivan.
He's from Naples, Florida.
His brother's name is Nick.
- He's been using it.
- Uh-huh.
I'm looking for my daughter.
- Kayla? - Dad? - Kayla? - Dad? Hey.
Oh, thank God you're okay.
- [SNIFFLES] - I'm not okay.
What happened? I'm so sorry.
I should've told you.
Told me what? Everything.
I should have told you everything.
[DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES] Hello? Hello? [DOOR LOCKS] Oh! [GASPS] - Oh, you just - I'm.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry.
You just caught me.
I was I was closing up.
I'll-I'll be quick.
Uh - Sure, how can I help you? - Yeah? I really need to fool someone.
Um, I, you know, I want to disguise myself, and I-I don't want it to look cheesy or phony like a costume.
So what should I do? Well, if I were you, I'd stick to your hair color.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sideburns, mustache and some reading glasses would give you a totally different look.
- Great.
- Now, I'm gonna pull what I have, and in the meantime, look at these glasses and, uh, pick out a frame.
Thank you.
I found some really good mustache, sideburn kits.
Complete with spirit glue.
Now all we need to do is to match your hair.
- I think this one.
- Wonderful.
What about this? Too much? A tad.
I believe you.
You were right to call me.
Just like that? I believe all of it.
And I can also tie Detective Reynolds to Mitch and Eddie, but it's not gonna easy proving it.
He has a lot of fans in the force.
But with your story, I can go to Internal Affairs and report him.
- And then what happens? - The diamonds he took, uncut, they're worth $2 million.
They're hot right now.
There's a chance that he's still in possession of them.
I want to get a warrant and search his house.
A statement from you would do that.
Yeah Yeah, I'll do it.
And from this moment forward, I need you to stop everything else.
It's the only way this can work.
I want to stop.
And I want to help you.
Well, what's our next step? [SIGHS] First thing tomorrow, I'll get the ball rolling with Internal.
You shouldn't stay here.
Reynolds has been here, and he'll be back if he knows we've been talking.
You're not safe.
Do you have somewhere to go? Yeah, yeah.
TERRY: You want to go over it one more time? HANNAH: I'm good.
- You? - Nah.
Let's do this.
[CAR DOORS CLOSING] You hear that? Car doors.
Here we go.
You? I thought you were dead.
There are three guys approaching your six.
You're outnumbered.
No shit.
Let's try this again.
Where's the money, Hannah? Where's Gabe? Gabe's nearby.
Once you give me the money, I'll give you the directions on where you can find him.
Once Gabe is safe, I'll tell you where the money is.
So it's gonna be like this? [GUN COCKS] Seems so.
You won't get the money if I'm dead.
I'm gonna scatter these guys.
Do it.
- How bad? Terry? - Talk to me, Terry.
- [GRUNTING] - You okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
It's just my arm.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] - [SHOUTS] - TERRY: Hannah! - [GUNSHOT] - [GRUNTS] [GROANS] Hey, hey, you okay? You okay? - Yeah.
[GROANS] - Get up.
- Get up, get up.
- [GROANS] Get up, get up.
Hey! - [GROANS] - Wait.
Stand down.
He'll lead us to Gabe.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Go after him.
[ENGINE TURNS OFF] [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] Olsen, what are you doing here? You were right about Sam Reynolds.
He's dirty.
He's had his hand in the diamond trade for years.
What'd you find? I found an opportunity, Renee.
A long time ago.
I'm sorry.
[CREAKING] You're still up.
No shit, I'm still up.
We need to talk.
It's been a long day, babe.
Our son was kidnapped today, and there is something that you are not telling me.
It's not gonna happen again.
Why did it happen at all? - I'm taking care of it.
- How? Hmm? You didn't report it.
Why didn't you report it? You're a cop, Sam.
I'm handling it in my own way.
What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself in? What are you talking about? I'm not in any kind of trouble.
What are you not telling me? Who is Mr.
Wolf? Don't worry about that.
Goddamn it, Sam.
What is it? Talk to me! - You don't want to know.
- Yes, I do.
Trust me, Marianna, you really don't.
Why don't you just enjoy your life the shopping sprees, the lunches, the private school, piano lessons, goddamn expensive house that I can't even afford and let me handle things my way! Why don't you understand that? [TYPING] How long are you staying, Jordan? Uh, just a few days.
It's good to see you.
I'm sorry about Beth.
If you need anything, just call down.
Okay, thanks.
Thanks, Jennifer.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What a surprise.
- How you doing? - Are you staying here? - Uh, yeah.
For a for a few.
You know, it's been hard - to sleep at the apartment.
- Of course.
Stay as long as you like.
You know, easy commute.
- [CHUCKLES] - Well, it's great to see you, Jordan.
Good to see you, too.
- [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] - Excuse me.
You can't be here.
I told you.
They're dead.
Rick, Manny, and the other six dead.
What? Where is my money? She fucking ambushed me.
She's got help.
Goddamn it.
Your brother is dead.
If that's true, so are you.
You have no idea who you're dealing with, you fucking bitch.
I will hunt you down, and I will kill you myself.
I realize how upset you must be, but, uh, I still have your money.
All I want is my brother, and it's yours.
I'll be in touch.
And if anything happens to Gabe, I will hunt you down and kill you myself, you fucking bitch.
[GASPS] - Excuse me.
- No problem.
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
How can I help you? I'd like to check in.
I called about a room.
And what name was the reservation under?