Tell Me a Story (US) (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


1 - Please marry me.
- Yes.
Previously on Tell Me a Story Everybody on the floor now! [GUNSHOT] I found him.
JORDAN: Tell me the name of the third pig.
I'm-a take this guy out.
[CAR ALARM BLARING] What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself in? Our son was kidnapped today.
I almost hurt a child.
I am so angry.
I see Beth everywhere.
With your story, I can go to Internal Affairs and report him.
You were right about Sam Reynolds.
He's dirty.
[SILENCED GUNSHOT] - Where's the party? - You're the party.
Chill out! GABE: It was an accident.
- Why didn't you call for help? - I called you! Wipe down anything you touched.
Were gonna go.
I found this in Dan's wallet.
It's the emblem and number of a storage place.
$2 million.
It was my money and I want it back.
Call the sister.
Set the exchange.
- I'll call him now.
- Where's the money? Where's Gabe? I'm gonna scatter these guys.
Do it.
I need an ETA on my money.
There's been a slight delay.
If anything happens to Gabe, I will hunt you down.
- I'm Nick.
- Hi, Nick.
ETHAN: I wonder what happens to a teacher who sleeps with their students.
Such a flagrant abuse of power.
[GRUNTING] Somethings not right.
Why do you have my mother's painting? - I loved her.
- You're gonna graduate and we go our separate ways.
[GASPS] Kayla! Please, we have to call the cops! He's coming! Stay away from me! - What happened? - I'm so sorry.
- I should have told you.
- Told me what? Everything.
Oh! [GASPS] Excuse me.
No problem.
I'd like to check in.
I called about a room.
NEWSMAN: Good morning, New York.
It's time for your local weather snapshot.
Temperatures are going to be colder as we head into some rain later today.
We're predicting a good three to four inches, so be sure to stay safe out there.
[NEWSMANS VOICE DISTORTING, FADING] - [GASPS, GROANS] - But right now we have a breaking report from Kimberly, who is on location.
KIMBERLY: Were continuing to follow breaking news of a local businesswoman abducted from her costume shop in the East Village late last night.
I'm standing in front of the costume shop where local resident and owner Colleen Powell has gone missing.
Police have confirmed there were signs of a struggle and believe that she has been abducted.
No more details have been given at this time, but sources tell me it could be related to the two bodies found murdered yesterday at an empty sewing factory - in Lower Manhattan.
- Oh.
Thorn, I need a moment.
[GROANS] - How's the arm? - Oh sore.
Here she is.
Her name is Katrina Thorn.
She runs the hotel.
Katrina Thorn.
Hotel Sucre.
General manager.
Yeah, she had a very intense conversation with this woman.
Daughter of Esther and Ivan Thorn.
Let's look up Ivan Thorn.
[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] Father has a history.
Ties to organized crime.
Charged with money laundering in 09.
Died in 2012.
Left a wife.
[QUIETLY]: She's the mother.
We're dealing with a family of crooks.
High of 58.
Its currently 55 degrees.
And now, with breaking news live, Angie on scene.
NEWSWOMAN: This morning, a 15-year veteran of the NYPD, Detective Renee Garcia, was found murdered outside of her home.
A neighbor found the body in the early a.
, and investigators believe it was a professional hit related to a gang investigation she may have been working.
Renee Garcia was a leading detective in her precinct, and in the statement issued by the chief of police, he made it clear that [TV TURNS OFF] [YELLING] BETH: Jordan, calm down.
It wasn't a gang hit.
It was Detective Reynolds.
He killed her in cold blood, just like he did to you.
So go to the police.
Tell them that.
Tell them everything.
I don't have any proof.
Jordan, please, go to the police.
- Come clean.
You still can.
- They won't believe me.
After everything I've done, they will just lock me up.
No They will understand.
They'll see how much pain you're in, how traumatized you are.
I need proof.
Any news? Mr.
Did you find her? Why don't you two have a seat.
We reviewed the security footage from the costume shop, and we've confirmed that the man who took her was Josh Sullivan.
I told you it was.
It had to be.
We have an APB out on him.
He got a head start, but I don't think he's gotten very far.
We're checking security cameras at all the bridges leading out of Manhattan, and every law enforcement agency within 500 miles - has a picture of him.
- So what are we supposed to do, just sit here and wait? Yeah.
That, uh, that's exactly what we need you to do.
The trace we have on your phone, Detective Kornberg will be able to locate Sullivan if and when he reaches out to you.
Okay? - Yeah.
- No.
Not okay.
- None of this is okay.
- Dad - You're wrong.
- Mr.
Powell, - I assure you - That man took my mother who knows if she's alive or dead and now he wants my daughter.
He hasn't fled the city.
I doubt if he's even left the goddamn West Side.
- Dad, please.
- You Find my mom.
I can't lose her, too.
[EXHALES] I wasn't sure how you took your tea.
One or two? [CHUCKLES] Silly of me.
You scream again, this goes back on, do you understand? - Mm.
- Good.
On three.
One - [GASPS] - [CLEARS THROAT] Better not to know it's coming.
Who are you? Mm.
I figured Kayla hadn't told you.
Kayla? You two aren't very close, are you? You thought you can lure her away from me with the bright lights of the big city but I followed her here.
It wasn't easy, but I did.
Suit yourself.
It's such a shame what happened to Kayla's teacher.
Had that nasty accident.
Fell down the stairs and broke his hip.
Luckily, there was a recent grad out of Berkeley who moved here from Oakland.
Overqualified to be a substitute but willing to fill in at a moment's notice.
I know you like puzzles.
Is this one starting to come together for you? Abby.
[SOFTLY]: I loved her, too.
But I'm not sad about it anymore.
How could I be? Abby gave me the greatest gift in the world.
[SIGHS] So cute, so sweet.
I could just eat her up.
You're sick.
But I am late.
Oh, come on.
- [GRUNTING] - I'll be back soon.
Try not to miss me.
Five-second rule.
- How are you, Bruce? - I've been better.
I lost seven men last night.
'Were running out of bad guys.
I can do without glib, ma'am.
Of course.
I'm sorry about your men.
Hopefully, this will be over soon.
Will it? I have promised those diamonds.
I've leveraged everything against them.
This is all falling apart.
Not yet, it hasn't.
Sam was your idea.
If we lose those diamonds, we are fucked.
It won't come to that Sam's been a good resource for us.
My God, he kept your father out of prison for years.
He still ended up dead, just like we will if we don't deliver.
We will get through this.
We always do.
Can you talk to Sam? Get him to front us those diamonds.
I'll try.
Tell you what.
Let me meet with him face-to-face.
Maybe I can work out something.
Thank you, Mom.
- [GASPS] Please don't hurt me.
Then do as I say.
Who are you? Why did you take my son? - I didn't hurt him.
- Why are you doing this? Stop asking questions.
Okay? Okay.
I need you to open the safe.
[DIAMONDS RUSTLING] What are those? $6 million in uncut diamonds.
Sam stole these from the jewelry store where I was shopping for a wedding ring for my fiancée.
He shot her right in front of me.
Didn't even hesitate.
Sam wouldn't do that.
He's killed others.
Sam is a monster.
I don't believe you.
Yes, you do.
I know you do.
All I wanted was a family.
To live in a house like this with my wife and children.
I never would have hurt your son.
[CRYING] [LINE RINGING] - KATRINA: Sam? - I'm sick of playing games with you.
Sam, I can assure you no games are being played.
Where the hell is your mother? I was supposed to meet her an hour ago.
She should have been there by now.
I want my money.
She should be there, I swear.
[PHONE VIBRATING] She's calling me now.
I'll call you back.
Mom, where are you? HANNAH: Your mom can't come to the phone right now.
I swear to God, if you hurt her Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this part.
We need to talk.
- [LINE CLICKS] - Hello? Hello? I'm right here.
Sit down.
- I'll stand.
- Sit the fuck down.
Where's my mother? Alive at the moment.
I'll have security on you in a second.
And little old Esther dies.
And my money? Bring me my brother right now, and I'll tell you where it is.
And you'll get your mommy back.
What makes you think your brother is here? [LINE RINGING] How is Esther? [ESTHER SCREAMING] She will die.
The clock is ticking.
- I need time.
- Then move faster.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Want some coffee? Sure.
TIM: Kayla.
I just want you to know I don't I don't blame you for anything that's happened.
And I don't want you to blame yourself.
It's okay if you're mad at me.
No, no, I'm-I'm I'm mad at myself.
I didn't I didn't show up.
- Dad, don't do this to yourself.
- I got so caught up in work.
I was scared.
I didn't know how to be a parent.
And you and your mom, you didn't seem to need me, anyway, and I just And when you did, I wasn't I didn't show up.
I didn't protect you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Your grandmother.
You know, the the police, they're gonna find your grandmother, - and, you know, she's gonna be - Okay.
She's gonna be okay.
[LINE RINGING] NICK: Hiya, beautiful.
I want to talk to Colleen.
She's tied up at the moment.
Did you hurt her? I only hurt people who deserve it.
Oh, like Laney? Ethan? You think they deserved what you did to them? What we did to them.
There's no me without you, just like there's no you without me.
Were a team.
Tell me where Colleen is.
Hotel Sucre.
Room 1101.
You come alone, or she dies.
Detective Olsen.
Thank you for coming.
No, you did the right thing by calling.
I am so sorry about Detective Garcia.
Thank you.
Yeah, were all just, uh Were so stunned.
Um, I don't really know where to start.
And I figured since you were her partner, I should call you.
I saw her last night before she was killed.
It wasn't a gang hit.
I know who did it.
Who was it? This is gonna sound crazy.
Evans, tell me what you know.
Detective Sam Reynolds.
What do you know about him? Jesus She was right.
She told me she was looking into him, and, uh I didn't believe her.
She was worried that he would find out we were talking.
Told me to find a safe place to stay, so I checked in here.
[WHISPERING]: I have the diamonds that he stole from the jewelry store.
No fucking way.
How'd you get them? I broke into his house, and I took them.
Okay, uh, where are the diamonds now? - The safe up in my room.
- All right, that's evidence.
Were gonna need those.
Excuse me, I-I need to call this in.
- You understand? All right.
- Yeah, of course.
Where's my brother? There seems to be a change of plans.
What now? [WHISPERS]: I can't agree to your terms.
Here, let me help.
Is everything okay, ma'am? Let's-let's take her to her room.
Follow me right this way.
Thank you.
She's fine.
Everything's fine.
She just fainted.
KORNBERG: Officer Nolan, can you relieve me for a few? [THUNDER RUMBLING] Hey.
- Are you okay? - KATRINA: He's fine.
You fucking bitch.
Your mother is dead.
She's had a long life.
Are you for real? Where is my money? You would let your own mother die? It's a lot of money.
Let Gabe go, and I'll tell you where it is.
No, Hannah.
I don't care about myself.
But you have to let him go.
And I'll lead you to it.
Where is it, Hannah? [PHONE VIBRATING] What the hell is he doing here? Watch them.
Sam, its Katrina.
Where the hell are you? [ELEVATOR DINGS] Oh, my God.
Colleen, are you okay? You shouldn't have come.
Were so glad you're here.
Don't be shy.
Come in.
What now? We sit.
Take off your coat.
Get comfy.
[EXHALES] [GRUNTS] - [EXHALES] - [CHUCKLES] Look at us spending some quality family time.
Let her go.
You know, this brings back memories.
Me and my brother, we we loved playing games together.
Josh, please You want to play a game with me, Kayla? Colleen, how 'bout you? You'll play a game with me, won't you? - [GROANS] Won't you? - Stop.
I'll play.
Truth or dare? You go first.
What'll it be? Truth.
Do you remember when we met at the club? What drew you to me that night? I was high as fuck.
I could just as easily have been drawn to a piece of pizza.
I wasn't going to talk to you that night.
Or take you home.
I was gonna wait and watch and move slowly.
Be your teacher, earn your trust, become friends, and then Well, clearly, impulse control is not my strong suit.
- Your turn.
- Dare.
Put the knife down.
[CHUCKLES] So predictable.
[GASPS] Truth or dare? [EXHALES] Truth.
Were you with my mom the night she died? Yes.
She looked so beautiful, so peaceful in her final moments.
You were there, at the accident? Kayla, it wasn't an accident.
Abby thought she could get away from me.
I had to stop her.
So you killed her? [SHUDDERS] She was trying to come home to us, and you killed her.
I loved her.
Okay, your turn.
- Stop it.
- Truth or dare? I said it was your turn.
Truth or dare?! Dare.
I dare you to release her and take me.
- No.
- I'll go willingly.
Wherever you want.
I won't put up a fight.
I won't try to escape.
You have my word.
Take me.
What are you doing here? Have they found Colleen? No, not yet.
I just had to get out of the house.
Thought I'd check on the kitchen, keep occupied.
That explains Kayla.
I just saw her.
Wait, what? Kayla's here? She's not with you? Yeah, she completely ignored me.
Just got into the elevator and went up.
They're right in here.
[BEEPING] [KNOCKING] Hello, Jordan.
You're in on this, too? Open the safe, Jordan.
You let him kill Garcia? No, he killed Garcia.
Now open the fucking safe.
[BEEPING] You can't trust him, Olsen.
He killed Mitch and his wife right in front of me.
You told me he killed em.
JORDAN: He lied to you.
- I saw him.
- Shut the fuck up.
[BEEPING] - [SAFE OPENS] - He doesn't trust you either, Sam.
He was gonna take the diamonds.
Wait, no.
That No, that's not true.
Were you gonna take the diamonds? No.
Sam, I'd never do that.
- Yeah.
- [GROANS] [WHISPERING]: We got to do something.
What? Yo.
Fucktard, come here.
What? This place have a bathroom? No.
How's your face? You really got the shit kicked out of you.
Sorry about all your dead friends.
GABE: Don't piss him off.
So, shitface, when this is all over, what do you get out of it? The pleasure of killing you.
Go for it.
- Soon.
- Oh, right.
You need to be given permission.
[CHUCKLES] So I can do this and you can't do anything.
Sit down.
Just stretching my legs.
What are you gonna do about it? - Shoot you in the knee.
- Hannah.
Come on.
Give me the gun.
You're okay, Gabe.
You saved me.
Listen, please, we need to get out of here, okay? Okay.
Make it nice and tight.
Don't forget this.
You don't have to do this.
Time to go! I'm so sorry.
What are you doing? Well, it's not like I can walk out of here without someone noticing.
We need a diversion.
So you're gonna set the room on fire? Better back up.
You promised me that Colleen would be okay, we had a deal! Did I? Oopsy.
[GASPS] Colleen! No! Colleen! Oh! No! Goodbyes are never easy.
[KAYLA GRUNTING, SOBBING] - TIM: Kayla! Kayla! - Let go of me, you fucking psycho! Kayla! Dad! [GASPING, SOBBING] Hurry! Hurry.
You come after my family? You fuckin' piece of shit! [BOTH SCREAM] - AUTOMATED VOICE: Attention.
- Dad, we got to go! - Attention.
- Dad! Attention.
An emergency has been reported.
All occupants walk to the nearest stairway [EXCITED CROWD CHATTER] [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] AUTOMATED VOICE: Attention.
An emergency has been reported.
All occupants walk to the nearest stairway exit and walk down - [GUNSHOT] - Oh! [GRUNTING] AUTOMATED VOICE: Attention.
- Gabe? - I'm here.
An emergency has been reported.
Put your gun on the floor.
All right.
- Now! - I'm putting it down.
Now turn around and look at me.
Look at me.
Sit up.
I am not fucking around this time.
Yeah, yeah, I could see that.
What are you waiting for? BETH: Jordan, no.
It's the only way.
Come on, you fucking coward.
You're not a killer.
I'm sorry, Beth.
Don't do this, Jordan.
Nothing matters anymore.
I knew it You ain't no killer.
Jordan, please don't do this.
[GUNSHOT] [WOMAN SCREAMS] AUTOMATED VOICE: All occupants walk to the nearest stairway An emergency has been reported.
Let go.
Come to me.
I'm here waiting.
Crazy For feeling so blue I knew You'd love me as long as You wanted And Someday You'd leave me For somebody new Ooh, ooh I'm crazy For loving You.
COLLEEN: I'm fine.
I know.
You're one tough grandmother.
Are you gonna start with that kind of talk? Aw.
Would that be so bad? Grandmother? [TIM CHUCKLES] I like that.
Both of you, out.
Get some rest.
Hey, um, what'd the detective say? The fire spread, several floors were damaged.
They're still sifting through the debris.
Did they find him? Well, they haven't released any names yet.
But they will.
He can't hurt us anymore.
Why don't you try to get some sleep.
I'm gonna do the same.
Dad? Yeah? [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] We should go.
Go where? We have some money to dig up.
And then what? We do some good with it.
Do you even remember where it is? I left some bread crumbs.
Come on.
- [GASPS] - [GRUNTING] [GASPING] [GRUNTING] Aah! No! You will learn to love me! [GRUNTING, SCREAMING] [SHUSHING] - [GRUNTS] - Kayla! [YELLS] COLLEEN: Kayla! Kayla! Are you all right? TIM: Kayla? Oh! [GASPING BREATHS] What the hell? Were okay.
[PANTING] Were all okay.