Ten Days in the Valley (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Day 3: Day Out of Days

1 If I sleep in your bed, are you going to leave? No, I promise.
I'm out of addys.
Is this gonna work for you? Lake? JANE: Either way a documentary or scripted drama you're always leaving little bits of truth on the cutting room floor.
BIRD: What about the kid on the bike? I've never seen him before.
Police have surveillance video of you circling around in front of my place.
Just tell me what you saw, a-and I'll pretend I saw it.
There was a black BMW idling outside my house.
Pete has a black BMW.
And you're just telling me this now? I'm just remembering it now.
Jane still doesn't know about us, right? - Hello? - Kathryn? You're supposed to be here right now giving us your statement.
GOMEZ: Thank you.
Did you read them? It's a cop show hardhitting, well-researched.
I read the latest draft.
It's the casita story.
It's practically word for word.
You barely changed their names.
Well, that's what I do.
Nobody is going to know this came from you.
- LAKE: Hi, Mama.
- Oh, my God.
- I know you're too busy to see me - What? but I love you, and I'm okay.
- BIRD: The swing.
- JANE: No.
The birdhouse there you see it? How about the tree? It's a - Hi, Mama.
- flowering plum tree.
It blossoms but bears no fruit.
And have you ever seen it before? They're everywhere.
I'm sorry.
I don't recognize anything.
It was shot this evening, though, right? What makes you say that? The angle of the light on her face.
The sun is low.
Could be morning.
Light's too warm for morning, too diffuse.
This was shot a few hours ago.
NICKOLE: Let's focus on Lake.
Do you recognize her clothes? Are they hers? I don't know.
Hi, Mama.
Why? She was wearing pajamas when she went missing.
Now she's dressed.
Well, I don't know every outfit that she has.
- JANE: They're not hers.
- BIRD: You're sure? Um, yes, I'm sure.
NICKOLE: Does she look nervous to you? Of course she does.
She's trying to be brave, but she's anxious.
JANE: I can't tell.
She's fearless in front of the cameras always has been.
PETE: What do you think it means? Why would they send us a video? They didn't send it to you.
They sent it to Jane.
Why? I'm sure you have a theory.
It could be proof of life and a ransom demand will follow.
BIRD: Or it could be intended to comfort you.
Sometimes, a kidnapper feels remorse.
And there's another possibility.
Tell me.
Well, it could be intended to torment you.
Keep looking.
I'm gonna leave you with it for a minute.
Hi, Mama.
I know you're too busy to see me, but I love you, and I'm okay.
Anything? He's defensive, he second-guesses everything I say till I mentioned this could be about money.
Then he shut right up.
What about his black car? Claims he sold it.
I'll confirm.
Why haven't we seen his alibi yet Kathryn Collins? She's avoiding us.
She keeps blowing me off.
Get her in, will you? [RADIO CHATTER.]
Yeah? Look, we're still working on the source of the e-mail, but you should go home.
I'll call you as soon as we get anything.
No, no.
I'll I'll wait he Jane, this could take hours.
Go home.
Get some sleep.
"Go home and get some sleep" cop shorthand for "Piss off.
" - That's not true.
- Yes, it is.
You're the one that told me that.
I have it on tape.
Bird said that e-mail was sent through an I.
W-What is that, exactly? That makes it hard to trace.
Hard or impossible? Well, Bird's team is the best, so if anybody can figure it out, it's them.
So, wait They took your computer to analyze the video? Yeah, but you don't need to worry about that.
There's there's no trace of you on there.
I just don't want us to become a distraction.
Everyone needs to be focusing on Lake.
No, no, no.
I I've been careful.
You sure I can't get you something to eat? Nothing stays down.
She looked okay, you know? I mean [SIGHS.]
She was smiling almost seemed happy.
Tell me it's a good sign the video.
T Tell me it's good.
It's great.
It gives us something to work with here.
It's really good.
Are you sure? I don't know.
I just want out.
- BUDDY: Detective.
- BIRD: Yeah? - We got something.
- What's up? We narrowed down the sender's location to an eight-block area.
That's the skill part.
You want to hear the luck part? Always.
There's only one address there.
Have you found something? Where are you? I'm coming to you now.
I'm I-I'll meet you at my house.
What's going on? I need you to make a list of everyone at your work that's capable of taking Lake.
My work? Why? 'Cause the video was sent from your studio.
Where you at? This is important.
These guys are big fish.
I know.
That's why I'm here.
- What's wrong with you? - [SIGHS.]
Remember a gang raid about a year ago down on Euclid a gambling house got shot up? Three dead bodies Of course I remember.
Well, there was some talk when it went down that it was police.
Some guys from Narcotics, they formed a Lick Crew, started robbing dealers.
Is it true? I looked into it.
I didn't find anything.
That's why I didn't tell you about it.
But it might be.
And now someone's making a TV show about it.
- [SIGHS.]
- Who? A reporter? Nah, it's a drama.
It's called "Internal.
" It's on cable.
You know what? I'm gonna keep you clear of this, Chris, okay? [SNIFFS.]
I'm the guy that puts monsters in prison.
I'm running for attorney general.
If there are murderers on my brother's force, - that might come up.
- I know.
Look at these guys, E.
A mess like this, how much grace do you think we're gonna get? You give them half a reason, we're just a couple mojados crashing their party.
Bury it.
Gentlemen, sorry for the delay.
BIRD: How's that suspect list coming? I don't know where to start.
I work with these people.
They're my team.
Okay, try this think of a colleague right now, - first name that pops into your head.
- Okay.
- Man or woman? - Man.
He did it, Jane.
The man you're picturing he took your daughter.
- What? - He did it.
We got it on tape.
My guys are on their way over to arrest him right now.
Question is, why? Okay, I get it start with guilt, work your way back to motive.
It doesn't work in this case.
It does because he did it, and only you know the reason.
So tell me.
We went to film school together.
He He was like a brother to me.
Now I'm his boss.
Maybe he resents it.
He was up for a feature last year, and I told the producers that he had a short fuse.
M-Maybe Maybe he thinks that cost him the job.
Who is he? Henry, our director.
Put him on the list.
And remember, they're guilty all of them.
I'm beginning to understand the three ex-wives.
LAKE: Mama! You all right? Yeah yeah.
You know why we're doing it here, right? Instead of bringing everybody in? Yep.
Element of surprise get in people's faces, see who jumps.
It won't be pleasant, but I need you to trust me.
- HENRY: Jane.
- Yeah? Hi.
What are you doing here? Um, this is Henry.
Um, this is Detective John Bird.
Oh, is this Are you here because of Lake? Folks, I'm Detective Bird from the Los Angeles Police Department.
My colleagues and I are gonna be conducting an investigation here today.
Now, we need to speak with some of you individually.
In the meantime, we ask that you continue working.
Go about your day as normal.
Now, we have the gate logs, so we know who's here, and we ask that you do not leave this studio without first speaking to a detective.
I'll need to speak with you.
I'll be back.
Hi, Mama.
I know you're too busy to see me, but I love you, and I'm okay.
Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voicemail system.
Hey, Sheldon, it's me.
Can you call me? Listen, for God's sake, this is insane.
Just call me.
We run like fire Come run now How dare you? Ahead of me [CAR DOOR CLOSES.]
What do I do to myself? Hey.
What do you think you're doing? What? [GROANS.]
Come with me now and relax That's my daughter! My daughter! What do I do to myself? What is the cards that I've dealt? Come with me now and relax An anecdote to relapse It It It It's all in the Stupid.
So stupid.
I am the mountain, you're calling me there I know you're waiting, so don't you be scared Uh, yeah, there's been an altercation.
It's all in the moment So, what happens now? You seize everybody's computers? No, no.
There's hundreds of them on-site, and we can't search any of them without probable cause.
W-What do I do? You just focus on the list.
Now, who do you have the most contact with? - The writers.
- All right, I'm gonna start with them.
- Okay, I'll come wit - Jane, hold on, okay? I know this is hard, but my team needs you here if they have questions, so I need you to sit tight.
Can you do that? Not well.
Just give me some names, write them down.
- All right.
- All right? [DRAWER CLOSES.]
Jane? - Yeah? Hi.
- Hey.
We, uh, weren't expecting you, so we sent Casey to run a few errands.
S-Should I call her, or Uh, no.
I'm actually not here to work.
Well, um can I get you anything? A coffee, bone broth? No, I-I'm good.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Well we're all thinking about you, so Thanks.
Guilt start with guilt.
Have fun.
Can I help you, miss? Um, I'm a friend.
He called me.
What the hell? You attacked that guy? It just happened.
How'd it go with the cops? Kath, you said you were gonna go in this morning and give them a statement.
I don't know what to say.
We already went over it.
You just say you were with me all night.
If I'm covering for you, I need to know why.
Were you really alone? Can we not go over this right now? Then why am I here? To deal with my car.
Hey, look.
Let's just get through this, all right? OFFICER: Sir, we're gonna need you to come with us now.
Bird here.
GOMEZ: Detective.
Listen, I need something from you on the Sadler case.
I want to know who she's been talking to on our side her police consultant.
There isn't one.
I checked with production already.
Then he must be off the books.
Have you seen her show? Can't say I have.
Well, it's all in there department structure, station layout, right down to our radio codes.
That is a complete breach of security.
Maybe she's got a vivid imagination.
No, someone's been talking to her.
It's unauthorized.
I need a name.
- Sir, I'm looking for a missing kid.
Well, do both.
- Shh.
- Where are you supposed to be? If you don't have a spot, always back to holding, like a pigeon.
- Come on.
- I'm not who you think I am.
No one is, my friend.
Let's go.
John Bird, L.
It's real.
Can I help you find something? Writers.
Follow me.
Uh, where are you? Am I cruel to you, Al? What? Of course not.
I should have called sooner.
I'm sorry.
First sleep in days I guess I needed it.
Do I belittle you? What are you talking about? The video was sent from here.
Oh, my God.
It's someone from the show.
Looks like it.
Al, I'm sitting here making a list of people I've wronged, people I've slighted.
Listen, you are not a cruel person.
You are a powerful person, and some people, they get confused by that.
Yeah, but who? Who would do this? At your work? God knows.
- They're all vampires.
- That's not true.
Honey, you have a blind spot there.
Listen, I'm coming straight to you.
Promise me you will not get sucked in, okay? No work.
Okay? - Yeah, I-I won't.
- Okay.
This is good.
This is progress.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Matt is guilty.
Why is Matt guilty? Come here! Come here! [LAUGHING.]
Ah, you can't get away, Lake.
I got ya! Come here! BIRD: All right.
Talk me through your normal day.
Well, uh, first thing, we come in, we check the Isabel Wheel.
He's kidding.
That's That's just a stupid joke.
Not to me, it isn't.
Wounded, Slumming Rage.
Who's Isabel? Uh, she's the star of the show number one on the call sheet.
But she can, at times, be quite a handful.
Yeah, uh, if she's in a hot zone, then we know Jane's gonna be out of the room all day, managing her.
But seriously, i-it's not like it's a real thing.
It's just something that we we do to blow off steam.
So, who does that when Jane's not here the managing? Matt's the co-EP, so it mostly falls to him.
So this would be a kind of promotion for you? Jane being away.
Really? We W-We're gonna talk about my career now? [LAUGHS.]
Can I ask a question? Have you called the landfills? I learned this on my last job.
When a kid goes missing, you call the landfills in case they've been thrown away like trash.
I could never shake that detail.
The landfills have been called.
Let's just say, uh, Jane doesn't come back.
You would take over her role? I-I What are you insinuating? [SIGHS.]
Just trying to get the lay of the land.
The lay of the land is "What has happened to Jane is a nightmare," all right? And we all have her back all of us.
Hey, you got something? Oh maybe.
A writer.
Enough for a warrant? Nah.
But I got an idea.
This is showbiz.
Let's tell him a story.
Help me understand this, Mr.
The guy was being careless, so you thought you'd teach him a lesson? I didn't really think anything.
I just I just blew up.
Is that normal for you? Normal? [SCOFFS.]
I don't know, Detective.
I've kind of lost track of what that is.
You recently sold a 2012 black BMW.
How much you get for it? What does that have to do with any of this? How this works is, you attack someone on the street, I get to ask you pretty much whatever I want.
I don't know a couple thousand dollars.
$18,000 in cash.
I checked.
"Galaxy Cash-for-Cars.
" It's in my neighborhood.
Just looks bad, that's all unloading assets in the middle of all this.
Planning to leave town? Not without my daughter.
No? So it's just regular money trouble? I didn't say that.
Money trouble brings other trouble.
If you're in debt, maybe Lake is being used to pressure you to pay.
Which would make your whole little outburst kind of like a smoke screen.
Your victim says he hopes you find your kid.
What does that mean? It means lucky you.
No charges.
You're free to go, Mr.
Just one more thing.
We still need to talk to your friend Kathryn Collins.
Is there a reason she's avoiding us? No, she's just in a real crunch with work.
I'll have a word with her.
Do that.
We'll talk again soon.
Yesterday, Jane Sadler received an e-mail message that's critical to our investigation.
We traced the message, and it was sent from the writers' room server.
So we need you to turn over your laptops.
Are you saying someone in here is a suspect? I can't give you my laptop.
I need it to work.
We just need to search your hard drives, recover any deleted materials.
If the e-mail is or was on there, we're gonna find it.
Don't you need warrants for that? If we have to.
So, please collect your laptops, bring them to the control center on Stage 2.
I guess.
MATT: Hey, Felix.
Hey, beautiful.
Look, I need some help with my computer.
- NOAH: Daddy! Milo took my LEGO! - Guys, come on! Everyone behaves, we're going to Red Rooster Noodle for pho.
Otherwise, we're going home to eat - Oh, I want - coal.
- I hate them all.
- I know, baby.
Look, I need to, uh, delete some files from my hard drive.
Like, really delete so there's no trace.
Well, that doesn't sound creepy at all.
Fee, this is serious.
I'm in some real trouble here.
Bring it home, I can wipe the hard drive.
No, I I can't.
I-I-I can't leave.
JASON: Matt? You're needed on set.
It's an emergency.
Uh, I got to go, baby.
ISABEL: We need to get to the heart of this.
- HENRY: Okay.
- We need to tear it down.
Okay, you want to tear it down? Let's tear the whole thing down! Huh? Let's tear it down! Right? I could do this all day long! I invented this! - Are you serious right now, Henry? - Hey! Henry! Oh, don't worry, everybody.
Matt's here.
Go fix it, Matt.
All right, everybody, let's just take a breather, okay? - That is unacceptable! - Isabel.
You didn't have to come.
- No, of course.
- You really didn't.
Mm! They said I'd find you back here.
It's Lake's favorite place.
I could pawn her off on the wardrobe girls and steal another hour in my office.
Don't do that.
You know, Pete comes here all the time.
He could have talked his way in here and sent the video from here just to throw us off.
What does Bird think? He's fishing.
He's got me thinking the gaffer did it because one day, I asked him to move a light.
Watch this she's gonna exchange the green jacket for a black one.
How did you know? Because Isabel hates the green one.
Okay, you don't have to worry about that now.
It's gonna screw continuity and cost the production thousands.
- She knows that? - Yeah.
This is what we call a fear-based decision.
- This place is pathological.
I have to get you out of here.
I have to get you out of here.
- Come on.
Detective? I'm taking Jane home.
I'm gonna run her a bath, get her a bowl of ramen, all right? So if something comes up, just call us, okay? Listen.
Hold on.
Um, we're at a critical point in our investigation.
We need her here right now.
- She hasn't slept in three days.
She doesn't need to be here worrying about everybody else Jefferson, what's going on? Um nothing.
Uh, we are good.
Leave it.
- It's the jacket, right? - Yes.
A-Also no.
She is upset about Scene 18.
Excuse me.
What's your name, again? - Oh.
- Jefferson.
So, her daughter's missing.
No one cares about Scene 18.
- I kn I - You know what? - So Jane.
- It'll just be five minutes.
- Jane! - Five minutes.
MATT: Isabel, this is not the time to be a diva, okay? - Where is she going? - She's going to work.
MATT: If you had a problem with the writing, we could have talked about this yesterday.
ISABEL: I didn't have a problem till you rewrote it.
The scene is built this way for a reason, Isabel.
- It doesn't work otherwise.
- I don't care if it makes sense.
I care if it's true or not.
- Clear the set.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Guys? Everybody? Let's just, uh let's take five, please? - Clear the set.
- Thank you.
Jane, Jane, y-you don't need to do this, okay? I wrote the scene.
I can handle Isabel.
I know, I know, I know.
Just give me five minutes.
He's right.
You shouldn't be here.
No, let's let's do some work.
Come on.
I can't ask you for that.
Really? Because you're not letting anybody else do it.
This scene It doesn't work.
- Okay.
- I find out Hey, have you seen my laptop? I left it on the desk over here.
Maybe props took it? They grabbed a bunch of stuff Henry ruined.
- You want me to announce it? - N-No.
No, I'm good.
ISABEL: that is daytime soap stuff.
Is that what you're afraid of? Okay.
I am afraid of snakes in convertibles and two out of six of my uncles.
This just disappoints me.
Why do you bully Emily? I don't like the green jacket.
- You know she worships you.
- I don't like that, either.
Tell me something.
Why didn't you write a child for my character? You put everything else about your life in this show.
Why not your kid? Is that a genuine question? I don't know.
You don't think you deserve her.
Don't hold back, Isabel.
Don't even censor yourself one little bit.
Hand in hand toward the truth that is what you said.
That is why I took this job.
He lied to me after we were together.
I would claw his eyes out.
I would spit in his face.
Yeah, in episode 1, but not now.
You've grown.
You want to take hold of the situation.
You're hurt, and you dig in.
You don't say more.
You say less.
I'm here now, but I don't know what's gonna happen.
You might have to start doing this on your own.
I'm so sorry about Lake.
Yeah, I know.
None of this is your fault.
Do your job.
Okay? All right, kids, we're back.
BUDDY: Hey, Matt.
Concealing evidence that's grounds for a warrant.
I didn't take her.
I'm not a kidnapper.
I got three kids of my own.
What's the video doing on your hard drive? Listen, Matt, you are S1 right now.
You have any idea what that means? Suspect one.
It means you're gonna sit here until somebody knocks your black ass off the top of my list or you're gonna crawl down by yourself.
Either way, I got all night.
Two months ago, it was hiatus week, and I'm sitting at home.
I'm I'm buried in a draft, feeling like a a tool because Jane's kicked this thing back to me twice already.
Page 1 rewrites, right? E-Everybody else is off in Tulum or wherever, and here's me explaining to my kids, once again, that Daddy's not gonna be able to spend much time with them on this break because Daddy's boss thinks he hasn't nailed the voices.
Then my agent calls.
I get an offer to run a show my own show.
It's genre, whatever episodic but it's mine.
So I said yes.
Damn right I did.
And all I had to do was tell Jane.
She's in Joshua Tree, so I wrote her an e-mail, and let's just say the e-mail got away from me.
I let her have it.
I burned that bridge.
I napalmed it.
Pressed "Send," and off it went.
Half-hour later, the new job fell through.
The Virginian money pulled out.
The Virginian money.
I mean, come on.
That should've been my first clue.
So I panicked.
My husband is a programmer.
He knows computer people.
So I found a guy who cloned Jane's system.
I went in there, I deleted the message before she read it.
You had access to her inbox? "Have.
" I have access.
He read my e-mails? I couldn't let it go.
Seeing the stuff she writes about me about everything.
You know don't know what it's like trying to please Jane Sadler trying to get in her head, trying to see what makes her tick.
I need some air.
Sit down.
Tech guy said Matt's telling the truth.
He didn't send the video.
He got it the same time you did.
What about the e-mails? - He deleted them.
- All of them? All of them.
What do you want to do about Matt? I don't know.
That was impressive today, watching you work.
Yeah, but you think I'm crazy, right working at a time like this? Everyone copes differently.
Look, Jane, we're not giving up.
There's still more to get out of that video, and we'll keep working through your colleagues.
- No one's resting.
- Yeah, I know.
I know.
- Can I get you a ride home? - No.
I feel like walking.
Get home safe.
What's this? Jane's deleted e-mails.
I got Buddy to recover what he could off of Matt's hard drive.
Why? Because they worry her a lot.
GUS: Two days before Christmas, we got word the Armenians were planning to move on this dealer from South Gate, and we were gonna jump on it, but you don't make a move on the Quintinella Gang - unless you - [SIGHS.]
You asked about the Jane Sadler source.
You got a name? [SIGHS.]
Gus Tremblay.
- You know him? - Mm-hmm.
By the looks of it, their relationship is more than professional.
Well, look, it's probably nothing, right? Just another loudmouth cop trying to impress a lady.
Thank you, Bird.
I'll handle it.
Amira, I need case history on Detective Gus Tremblay, T-R-E-M-B-L-A-Y Tremblay every job, every partner, all the way back to academy.
Detective Bird? I'm Kathryn Collins.
Jane's assistant.
Kathryn Collins.
No wonder your ass has been avoiding us.
Jane doesn't know about me and Pete.
Have a seat.
Okay, so, the night Lake went missing.
I was with Pete.
I told the other detective that left at 4:00 A.
How'd it start, you and Pete? Our relationship? Did your boss's ex proposition you, or did you proposition your boss's ex? I'll tell you whatever you want to know, but I didn't come here to be judged.
Has Pete ever talked about taking Lake? He wants to see his daughter more, but he's not a monster.
Maybe you just don't know him as well as you think you do.
Do you know who this man is? No.
Think hard, Casey.
For Lake.
She just does it when she's working late.
She's juggling so much.
Does what, Casey? I think that's PJ.
He's Jane's drug dealer.
but I love you, and I'm okay.
Fly kisses! [CLICK.]
but I love you, and I'm okay.
Fly kisses! Hi, Mama.
I know you're too busy to see me, but I love you, and I'm okay.
Fly kisses! - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- Yeah? [DOOR CLOSES.]
Look, I wanted to say I'm sorry.
It's so stupid, Matt.
It's so staggeringly stupid.
I know.
So, you gonna fire me? You know, you might not believe this, but I honestly thought your e-mails would help me write the show.
What did you say to me in your resignation letter? That you expect us to, uh, write to your gut, but you don't let us in.
It sets us up to fail.
I may have said it with a little more color.
Look at her.
I brought her here last week.
Remember? You were playing with her.
Yeah while you were rewriting my interrogation scene.
Did you see anyone acting strange around her, watching her? No.
Nothing like that.
She didn't even want to come.
I kept her here for hours.
Well, she was having fun.
No, she wasn't.
She was cranky.
She wanted to go home.
She wasn't cranky, Jane.
She was cold.
I know because I was playing with her.
She was cold.
I got her a hoodie from wardrobe.
She was fine after that.
Is that the hoodie you gave her? Yeah.
I got ya! Mama! Pete picked her up.
He took her home in it.
Now it's in the video.
Jane, I saw Pete.
He was here yesterday.
If that video came from here, he could have sent it.
Hi, Bird.
It's me.
Um, I need you to call me as soon as you get the message.
It's important.
- Oh, hey.
I was just calling - Just wait here for a second.
What's going on? Jane, this is Marcy Sykes from Child Protective Services.
What? Why? I called her when I learned a drug dealer came to your house the night that Lake went missing.
- Who told you that? - How often does he visit? Well, no it doesn't matter, because he's got nothing to do with this.
See, when you decide that, that's called obstruction, - and I could arrest you for it.
Look, I know who took her.
It was Pete.
See, this is what you're really afraid of, right What people think of you, what kind of mother you are, the kind of person you are? Well, you know what? It's all done now.
We're gonna get it all on record, and you can stop running everyone around.
You start being straight with me.
Look, look, look, look, look.
I know I know who has her! It's Pete.
I can tell from the video! Ms.
Sadler, is there somewhere we can talk? [SCOFFS.]
You have to listen to me! I don't work for you.
I work for your daughter.
Sadler, let's go inside.
Sleep, okay? When is my mom coming? [VEHICLE PASSES.]
Just go to sleep, Lake.
Don't make me tell you again.
How is she? Same doesn't sleep, just stares.
It creeps me out.
It'll be over soon.
When? Tomorrow.
Tomorrow, we end it.

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