Ten Days in the Valley (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Below the Line

1 Detective.
Listen, I need something from you on the Sadler case.
I want to know who she's been talking to on our side.
GUS: Two days before Christmas, we got word the Armenians were planning to move on this dealer from South Gate.
NICKOLE: If you're in debt, maybe Lake is being used to pressure you to pay.
- Hi, Mama.
- Oh, my God.
I love you, and I'm okay.
Is that the hoodie you gave her? Yeah.
- Pete picked her up.
- Mama! Now it's in the video.
CASEY: I think that's PJ.
He's Jane's drug dealer.
And you can stop running everyone around.
You start being straight with me.
Look, look, look, look.
I know who has her! It's Pete.
I can tell from the video! Ms.
Sadler, is there somewhere we can talk? [SCOFFS.]
LYNN: Just go to sleep, Lake.
CASEY: It'll be over soon.
Tomorrow, we end it.
PJ: You need a push? You circled the block? Yeah, three times.
I didn't see anyone.
- Thanks for coming.
- Don't sweat it.
Profs had us watching David Lynch all day - couldn't sleep anyhow.
You got a doctor, right? 'Cause this stuff's prescription.
You can, like, get it legit.
Don't do 'em all at once, okay? Sheldon likes repeat customers.
Uh, you want to, like, talk about it? I know you must be going through hell.
You can't let her see you.
I can't help it.
She's beautiful.
Just like you said.
You're sure Jane's not gonna get her back, right? The cops know what kind of person she is now.
Everyone does.
Pete will get custody, and we'll take care of Lake.
Thanks, Russ.
- Oh, Case.
You are so lucky you don't have to go through this.
She's kicking.
She's strong, just like you.
So, in the morning when you take Lake to the fire station, remember to make sure there are no cameras and wait for me to text.
I want to be with Pete when he gets the call.
What? We were wondering if we could have some more money.
Actually meeting this little girl, [SCOFFS.]
hearing how she lives? Private school and camps and tutors Ours should have that, too.
When Pete and I get married, you'll have whatever you need.
RUSS: Lake finds out Lynn's your sister, we go to jail.
We just want a little insurance before she goes back.
I already gave you $5,000.
That's all I had saved.
We want $30,000, and that's nothing to somebody like her.
From what I hear, she makes that every episode.
Lynn, we can't change the plan now.
We have to follow it through tomorrow.
I get caught, you get caught, remember? Maybe.
Or I tell them you lied to us.
So far, me and Russ we're just taking care of your boss' kid, right, sweetie? That's right.
We're just doing you a favor.
Lynn please, don't do this.
Casey, you've shown me how strong a person can be.
Look at what you've risked, what you've done for Pete's daughter.
Now it's time for me to do what's right for mine.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What time did you get in? I waited till midnight.
Oh, I had to give a report Child Protection Services.
N It's standard.
They just have to rule stuff out, you know? Where are you going now? Uh, red sweatshirt Lake borrowed it from Wardrobe last week, the day that Pete took her home.
So, what? Pete has her? This is proof? It's something.
What? Three days ago, you were all over him.
"Jane, this is serious.
" "Jane, this has to be for real.
" What if he doesn't have her? [DRAWER OPENS.]
What did Bird say about the sweatshirt? - [DRAWER CLOSES.]
- He's looking into it.
Wonder Woman? Need all the help I can get can't just sit here.
You're going to Pete's? I love you.
How long you and Sadler been sleeping together? Never heard of her.
Found your e-mails showed up in my case.
You gonna answer my question, man? You think I took her kid? I was on a A call, yeah, I checked the logs.
You didn't think your little affair would be relevant? Hey, man.
It was just fun.
And she wanted to hear some war stories.
I had a few to tell her to get her in the mood.
Listen, whatever you told her ain't my problem.
I'm in it for the kid.
You know anything about that? Now would be the time.
I just wish I would have been there.
I would've stopped that bastard cold, you know what I'm saying? She's a handful, yeah.
But that kid is her center of gravity.
You take that away, and she'll spin apart.
I just want to help her.
Then stay away from my case.
You got an I.
? Patrick James So-Cal film student, drug dealer to the middle class.
Living the dream.
We got a dealer, we got a suspect.
Hold on.
What's he looking at, you think? I don't know.
Hot girl? Kubrick here works for a taco joint in K-Town.
Narco says it's a front, but guess who got themselves a parking ticket there the night after the kidnapping? Sadler tracked down her dealer.
And suddenly remembers seeing a black car outside her house.
The kid's the real witness.
Jane lied again.
And I was worried you'd gone soft on Mom.
Well, she's hiding something.
Buddy? Where we at with the video on Lake? I mean, anyone at the studio could've sent it.
We're still sifting hard drives.
For now, I'd like you to go over to Chaplin Hospital.
I'll call in a warrant for Lake's medical history.
Check out for any signs of abuse and neglect.
- Okay.
I'd like to rule it out.
Wouldn't be the first kid in an upscale horror show.
Money doesn't make you a good parent.
Listen, I skipped breakfast.
You like Korean tacos? Not really.
Oh, my G - Hey.
"Hey"? What the hell are you doing? Honestly, I have no idea.
- What? Has something happened? - No, no, nothing.
Nothing's happened, nothing at all.
That's the problem.
I just I just wanted to talk to somebody who gets it, you know? [TEA KETTLE WHISTLING.]
You want some tea? Got 11 different kinds in there You weren't kidding.
Lemongrass sounded nice.
- I'll do it.
- Are you sure? Yeah.
I'll do it.
I think thinking about Halloween.
- "The experiment"? - Yeah.
Happy family, together again one night only.
Do you remember her outfit? - Oh, yeah.
- She looked hilarious.
Robot princess.
I-I paid Wardrobe to whip it up.
Perks of having your own series, I guess.
We went up and down those hills.
She wanted to hit every single house.
Remember? Y-You kept saying, "Honey, that one doesn't have a pumpkin.
" - Pumpkin.
But she'd ring the bell anyway.
Till finally, I just My feet were killing me, and I said, "That's enough.
"I got to pull the plug.
" Yeah, and then you told me it was time for me to go home.
And she poured all the candy out on the ground.
She wanted to start over wanted us all to be together.
We are gonna find her, Jane.
You believe me? [VOICE BREAKING.]
I want to.
First-date shirt Haven't seen that one in a while.
Yeah, well, [SNIFFLES.]
I haven't exactly been doing laundry.
Without Bea, I just I-I-I really need to get it together, though, you know? I mean Lake is gonna need She's gonna need clean clothes.
You know, when she gets back, when she gets back You know, she's going to school.
Maybe we could go through her stuff together here, you know? I mean, I-I-I just I-I can't find anything.
I can't find her [INHALES SHARPLY.]
I can't find her jean jacket, and I can't find her red sweatshirt.
What? Could we go through everything together? You know, it would really make me feel better.
To To look for her red sweatshirt? Yeah.
Like the one she's wearing in the video.
I think you should just leave, Jane.
- Look - Jane, just go.
I-I'm not gonna I'm not gonna tell anyone anything.
I just need to know where she is.
Look, look You want to start over? We can start over.
You - You want her half-time? You can have her half-time.
- What? - Just - I just want to know that she's okay, all right? I mean, if she's not here, then tell me where she is.
- Just tell me where she is.
- Unbelievable.
Unbelievable! You break into my house and accuse me of kidnapping my own daughter?! [STAMMERS.]
Look You're sick, Jane.
You're sick.
You need help.
Look at yourself.
You're all strung out.
And you're exhausted.
What did you do, Jane? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Jane, what the hell did you do? [GROANS, INHALES SHARPLY.]
What'd you do to me, Jane? You're a cr crazy bitch.
Matt? Jane, it's me.
Hey, Casey.
Hey, are you coming in today? No.
Okay, well, don't stress.
We got this.
Except for Yvonne in accounting.
She screwed up your invoice.
She needs your bank info again.
Just tell me where it is, and I'll take care of it.
Uh, actually, Ali handles all my business, so you can call her.
Hey, is that Jane? Jane, it's me.
Listen, Henry is on a tear about this casita set.
He wants to turn it into a damn strip club.
Would you please talk him off the - Matt.
- Yeah? You'll figure it out.
I want a lawyer.
I know my rights.
Oh, yeah? So you know the law.
then you know that this little stash is intent to sell.
Even if you beat the charges, your profs are gonna find out.
Couple of them might approve.
A writer needs life experience.
Four years in Folsom, you'll be the next Hemingway.
After visiting Jane Sadler, you sold weed to a pediatrician in West Hollywood.
We called.
It's medically necessary his words.
What I mean is your story holds up.
There's a word for a man in your position, Patrick "grateful.
" Now, my only job is to bring that little girl home.
Your drugs, your school, your job ain't my problem.
Now, do you want to make that my problem, PJ? No, sir.
That's a good boy.
Four nights ago, you made a delivery to Jane Sadler's house.
You saw a car out front black, four-door, BMW, maybe.
- Anyone in it? - A driver, I guess.
Male? Female? Black? White? - Tall? Short? - A man, I think.
I don't know.
It was dark, and I only saw him from the back.
Pick one.
I don't know cars.
Thought you were from L.
Means I don't care about climate change? I'm saving for a Tesla.
It was black and four doors, but it wasn't like these.
It was, like, boxy.
You know, sharp corners.
Like these? Like that one.
Check out all local traffic cams.
Tell 'em we're looking for a black '95 BMW, around 12:00, 12:30, maybe.
Half-hour either way.
Run down the plates, check out all the owners.
Door-to-door if we have to.
So, I can go? And miss all this life experience? [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
Ali, you here? ALI: I'm in the guest room.
- Hey.
- Hi.
All right.
What did Jane do? She went to Pete's.
Oh Well, good.
Maybe they'll they'll work something out - Call it a truce for Lake's sake.
She still thinks he took her.
Oh, man.
Well, should we go over there, play referee? I'm ovulating.
I know.
Me, too.
I'm sorry.
What? It just It feels selfish, what we're trying to do given everything.
I know.
I've been thinking about Lake all morning.
I can't write a word.
So, maybe maybe you're right.
Maybe this whole baby thing Maybe we're not ready.
Things are gonna turn around for us for me.
You know that, right? Of course.
I-I've got calls out.
I got CVs in every news agency this side of the Rockies.
Some Something [SIGHS.]
Something's gonna break my way.
I just wish I could help.
It's not your job to help everyone, sweetie.
I know, but you're my husband.
I'm not like Jane.
I won't run from this - I know that.
- from us.
I know.
JANE: You're selling all your stuff.
Why do you need so much cash? Why? You owe somebody [SIGHS.]
My God.
Oh, damn it.
No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait! - No! - Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Get off.
- Just wait - You poisoned me.
Wait, I just want to talk Just tell me what happened.
- Mm.
- Okay? Tell me Tell me what happened.
Look at this.
Someone has her, right? Right? Come on, come on.
Wake up, wake up.
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
Is this about the drugs? It's fine if it is.
You just You just need to tell me.
Pete, who has her?! [SNORES.]
Find that car? Can I go? We're working on it, getting closer.
But I got a few more questions for you - I told you everything - about Jane's film.
Got to give her credit.
Jane don't screw around.
Blew the lid right off the San Diego PD.
That bit about Captain Naughton? [SCOFFS.]
Guy was a frickin' legend 30-year vet.
She broke that man down like a baby.
She set a trap, he walked right in.
She sure does know how to get under people's skin, all right.
She ever talk to you about it? No.
I'm just a fan.
Really? Dealer's as good a priest to some people.
I look like I take confession? [CHUCKLES.]
Tell me about the cocaine.
Robert Louis Stevenson You know him? Guy that wrote "Treasure Island.
" And "Jekyll and Hyde" in six days.
60,000 words with tuberculosis.
You think he did that straight? Addys, pharmaceuticals, blow It's a hard world.
You need an edge out there.
To write TV? Pages are due in an hour, and you got to shine.
She's crazy about her kid, but the work - that's what drives her.
- You admire her, huh? Well, I hope to have my own someday.
Show, that is not kid.
You think she's an unfit mother? Hey, you wouldn't ask me that if she was a man.
Hell, my dad was in the office half my life.
No one said a peep.
And look how you turned out.
Listen, she's hindering our investigation.
You like her so much, help me understand her.
Jane gets people.
She reads them, she tells their story.
She lies her ass off.
And I want to find out why.
Truth's just another story.
And a good story's got to be told right.
W What'd you slip me? Benzos, I think.
You think? You could've killed me.
What makes you think I won't? How much do you owe? Who took Lake? Was it one of your dealers or a friend of yours? [SIGHS.]
It could be because of my debt.
But I don't know.
You know, I actually thought that you were clean, you know? I really was happy for you.
I am clean.
Jane, cold turkey.
I Hardest thing I've ever had to muscle through - [REFRIGERATOR OPENS.]
- and not a day out of step since you slapped those conditions on me.
But you didn't do it alone, did you? [REFRIGERATOR CLOSES.]
You had a shoulder to cry on, someone to peel you off the floor at 3:00 A.
Who'd you sucker into it this time? None of your business.
I'm not so sure.
Do you know how many times I found this in my office, my desk? Casey's special water bottle.
"Oh, my God!" I can't believe you found that! "Thank you so much!" [CHUCKLES.]
I suppose she'll be back to pick it up tonight.
You are sleeping with my assistant? You lazy bastard! What, did Ali and Bea turn you down first? I didn't think you'd care or even notice.
You're really a piece of work, you that? SHELDON: You got that right.
Finally won back the missus? Mazel Tov, bitch.
I got your text.
Where's my money? Where's my daughter? Depends.
Where are the police? We don't need to involve them.
I'll pay you whatever you want.
- We just We want her back.
- Jane.
J Save it.
This is your mess.
I'm not made of stone.
Lake should be with her family.
Let's make a deal.
Do you want blue beads or red beads? Sure.
Come on, you have to pick.
Blue like his eyes, honey.
Is that my mom? - Can I talk to her? - I already told you, sweetheart.
She doesn't have time to talk to you right now.
But we talk every single day, even if I'm with my dad.
I don't get it.
I just want to say hi.
And I want to go back to school.
Hey, what if you did blue and red? I think that'd look pretty sweet.
Yeah, I guess.
- Yeah? CASEY: Lynn, I can't get the money.
I can't find her bank statements.
I tried asking for it, but if I push, she'll get suspicious.
You need to commit to your new life.
You'll find a way to get what's ours.
- I know it.
- Just give me more time.
Take Lake back, and once things are set- I think Lake's a distraction.
You're so worried about her, you can't think straight.
You've gone this far.
Just take one last little step, okay? QUINN: Unh-unh.
Show me some skin, gorgeous.
GUS: No wire.
Happy? Gonna get emotional from all this love I'm feeling, Quinn.
If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't be here.
Unregistered Never fired, never used in a crime.
- It's untraceable.
Look, if [SIGHS.]
you're in trouble Just a little healthy paranoia.
Narcotics, right? Comes with the job.
What are you doing here? Um, helping Jane production stuff.
Um, well, I have a meeting to go to, but if any news comes up, please make her call me.
Hey, do you know where Jane keeps her bank receipts? Yes.
- And yeah.
Thank you so much.
Where is Jane? Do you know? Um, she's at Pete's house.
Why? She still thinks that, uh, he has Lake.
Thought the cops had ruled him out.
I guess they shouldn't.
He's taken her before.
When Jane forgets it's his day.
This is different, though, right? I mean, he wouldn't do this.
You don't know him.
He's lost the woman he loves.
He probably thinks a crisis will bring them back together.
I'm pretty sure he's over her.
Oh, you think so? God, I'll have what you're having! - [CHUCKLES.]
He's obsessed with her.
He's a disaster.
You don't buy the whole "sober saint" thing, do you? He has a disease.
He has a child.
And every scrap of drama surrounding Lake drags Jane into the pit with him.
He needs someone to cling to, and without that, he's just a messed-up little boy.
It's It's pathetic.
H-He's not pathetic.
I hate that word.
It's so mean.
Got to go.
See ya.
Wusthof? Nice, man.
Got a couple of eightinch Shuns myself.
Tell me Lake's safe.
Come on.
You think I'd hurt a kid? I want to see her.
Well, that's up to him.
Got to give the man credit The thought of losing his little girl got the monkey off his back 12 steps and everything.
What's number 9 again? Make amends.
You may be sober, Pete, but you owe what you owe with interest.
JANE: $70,000? Well, [SCOFFS.]
he's got it.
- You've got it, right? - I have some of it.
So, you want Lake back in installments? I'll pay.
Right now.
70 grand.
An adult.
Just drink like everybody else does.
It's lunchtime.
I probably shouldn't.
- Don't be wishy-washy.
You can't get through life saying, "I probably shouldn't.
" Mm.
- What are you doing? - Mm.
Being healthy, looking pretty excellent.
Rumor has it I'm the Elon Musk of online journalism, so - Wow.
- Yeah.
What are you doing, French fry? [CLEARS THROAT.]
What's going on with you? I took a leave to try and get pregnant - Oh.
- and then Tom lost his job.
Yeah, well, he worked in newspaper.
But he's an extraordinary writer.
I mean, he's brilliant.
He's the smartest man I've ever met.
Well, I thought I was gonna be buying your meal, but clearly, you're gonna be paying for mine.
You just invited me here to give your husband a job.
- Just meet with him.
- I don't want to hire Tom.
He's long-form.
We're mobile.
We're fast, punchy.
- He can do it.
- Ali.
I wouldn't be suggesting this if I didn't think he'd be an asset to you.
He's really good.
I will meet with him.
- You're amazing.
- No, I'm not.
I'm a sap.
One small request You don't want me to tell him that you met with me.
It's just cleaner that way.
So obvious.
Oh, there we go! BIRD: Dad was driving.
DUI? Sadler said he was hung over.
She made it out with bruises and a fracture.
The kid spent a week in Chaplin Hospital.
Jane filed for sole custody the next day the last straw, I guess.
We got blood work on Pete? Yeah, it's in there.
We good? Yeah.
We're good.
Someone want to explain this? I did not authorize a strip joint.
Hey, Matt, so [CLEARS THROAT.]
I figure our shooters can come in through here, right? Dark, get a couple of girls on the poles, some dirtbags in the pit, strobes.
Right? It's gonna be great.
A strip joint in a cop show? Really, Henry? That's not exactly groundbreaking.
It's supposed to be a casita.
Gambling, low-rent It's a converted house.
- Yeah, but it's ugly.
- Yeah, but I don't care.
It's real.
This is based on a real event.
Yeah, I read the research, Matt, and it was the Armenians that wasted those guys, not the cops.
So why cling to a set if the story's made-up anyway? Look, Henry, I know you care, but this is not story.
This right here is gratuitous.
It's relatable.
We've aired three eps.
We know who's watching.
Our audience doesn't go to casitas.
No, but every guy knows a place like this.
Well, almost every guy.
Meaning? All right, guys.
Thank you very much for this morning, but we are turning this set back the way it was, please.
Thank you.
Jane wants a casita.
And last I heard, this is still her show.
Okay, Matt.
Hey, should I get the guys to build you a big soapbox for next time? Yes, please! Powder blue is my favorite color.
Did you know some scorpions don't need a mate to breed? The females just swell up, have little daughter scorpions.
So what do the males do? Sting stuff and die, I guess.
How'd it go at the bank? Wow.
Nice to have a friend who can get this much cash in 20 minutes.
Where is she? Where's Lake? Honestly, I wish I knew.
Then again, parents like you two, maybe she's better off.
You don't have her? I never said I did.
I saw PJ.
He was outside her house.
He's your guy.
Actually, he's hers.
You had a dealer at the house while Lake was there? [SCOFFS.]
Communication the key to any marriage.
Um, this is Jane Sadler.
I tried to make a transfer on my phone, but it wouldn't go through.
- MAN: Okay.
Your mother's maiden name? - Knox.
You have insufficient funds after your last withdrawal.
Your current balance is $803.
What? Is there anything else I can he [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
You should have told the police about Sheldon.
Oh, like you did about PJ? I was trying to fix it.
Look, you want to know where I was the night Lake went missing? I was at Sheldon's asking if we could work something out.
He laughed at me, Jane.
- After I found out about Lake, I was too scared to call the cops.
I just assumed the worst.
No, no.
This is the worst.
We're back at square one! You don't have her, he doesn't have her.
She's nowhere! [SCOFFS.]
Hey, if it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure Casey'll dump me when she knows I'm broke.
You got that right.
She does my shopping.
She's got expensive taste.
I think she, uh, thought I'd swan her and Lake off to some castle somewhere if I ever got custody.
Where was she? You were with Sheldon the night that Lake was taken, so You told the police that you were with Casey.
Was Casey with you? No, she lied for me.
She was just at home sleeping.
I told her that I was gonna have pages out that night.
She knew I'd call PJ.
So I'm the monster, you get Lake, and she gets my life! What are you saying? - [CAR DOOR OPENS.]
- Jane.
JANE: Bird? It's me.
I know who has her.
- Pete.
- Jane thinks you took Lake.
What? You just went home that night, right, after you left? [SCOFFS.]
Of course I did.
Just come over, and we'll figure this out.
Um, I have to run an errand, and then I'll be right over.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I love you.
I know.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're supposed to call first! - Where's Lynn? - She's at the doctor.
Why? Russ, you have to take Lake back.
I can't get the money.
This is all messed up now, this whole thing.
We need to fix this.
Casey! Oh, my gosh.
Casey, I missed you so much.
Are you here to take me home? I want to see my mom.
I can still make this work.
When Lynn gets home, - we'll talk it through.
- We have talked it through.
Lynn is not having our baby in prison, no matter what.
You know how she is when she gets an idea in her head.
What are you suggesting? We pretend it never happened.
Lynn wouldn't do that not to Lake.
Yeah? You remember when I tried to leave her? I still have the scars.
Lynn doesn't take disappointment well, Casey.
You should have told me about Casey.
I would have m Pete's alibi checked out.
She had us all fooled.
And when I told you about Pete, you sicced CPS on me.
Yeah, because you lied, and now we know the truth.
You want to school me on transparency? [CHATTER.]
All right.
We're good to go.
- Thanks.
- Buddy, where we at? Warrant came through for Kathryn Collins' place.
No one's home.
- We're sitting on it.
- BOLO on the car? Went out 15 minutes ago.
Get started on a warrant to trace her phone.
If no one's spooked her, she may leave it on.
She She must have had help, right? Someone to watch Lake while she put on her little play? - And you're certain that's not Pete? - Believe me, I wish it was.
You really think Casey's capable of hurting your daughter? I don't know.
LAKE: Casey, what's wrong? - Why is everybody mad? - It's nothing, baby.
It's gonna be okay.
- [GASPS.]
- Bird here.
NICKOLE: Bird, it's me.
Tell me that you got something for me, Bilson.
Wish I could Pulled nine old-model BMW plates off the traffic cams, tracked down eight owners.
- Anyone you like? - Senior citizens, mostly no one I could tie to Jane or Casey.
- No sign of the kid.
- She said nine.
What about number nine, Nickole? Russell Howell moved out six months ago, no forwarding address, no priors.
No priors, but he's flagged - domestic.
His girlfriend tried to kill herself a couple of years ago.
He got cut up trying to stop her.
His girlfriend Lynn Collins.
Casey Collins.
It's enough.
Thanks, Nickole.
Buddy, get me a Tac Squad at 135 Ashton, Topanga.
Tell them I'll call them en route and fill 'em in.
Hey, you're staying here.
- You don't know me very well, do you? - Come on.
BIRD: Lock it down.
No one goes in or out until I get there.
- Over.
- MAN: Copy.
Tac Squad's en route.
JANE: I trusted Casey.
Pete trusted her, too.
Of course, he was screwing her.
You were in a car crash over a year ago.
- Yeah? - We pulled Lake's medical files.
She's blood-type B.
You and Pete are A.
He's not the father, is he? We're not talking about this.
Eyes up.
What you got? MAN: No movement since we got onsite.
You get out of this car, I arrest you for obstruction.
Do you understand me? - Do you understand me?! - Yes.
Go, go, go! Go, go, go, go! Oh, my God.
Please, please, please, please.
Police! Hands up! Get down! Get down! Oh, my God.
This is Detective Bird.
We're gonna need a forensics and a coroner at 135 Ashton.
- What? - We've got a 187.

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