Terry Pratchett's The Color of Magic (2008) s01e02 Episode Script

The Light Fantastic

In the competitive world of wizardry, the way to the top is via dead men's pointy shoes.
Even if you have to empty them yourself.
There is simply no room for your kind of person in a modern university.
What are we going to do with you, you little scamp? Is everything in order down there? So, this is the famous Octavo.
Famous and dangerous.
You'll continue to be a guide, Rincewind, to this Twoflower.
He says he's a tourist.
You'll make sure that he returns home with a good report of our homeland.
What do I have worth stealing? Well, the trunk.
It would be a tragedy should anything untoward happen to our visitor.
We're going to run out of world! I have to see that! I can't remember it being like this before.
One of the eight spells is missing? Do you think it could be the home of the dragons? Don't be ridiculous, dragons don't exist.
When the spell left the Octavo, where, exactly, did it go? Ashoni! To the library! Head Librarian? Nobody knows what it does.
To know that, you would need to be Arch Chancellor.
And how can I help you? That star's new.
The Krullians have lost a number of volunteers over the edge of the world trying to discover the sex of the turtle which carries the Disc.
The whole damn sky, full of worlds! Places no-one's ever gonna see, except us! The result of their latest efforts proves that whatever people say, there is such a thing as a free lunch.
Currently, Twoflower, the Discworld's first tourist is rapidly leaving it in an attempt to escape Krull.
This attempt has been 1,000 per cent successful.
Although this means he may also be the Disc's last tourist, he is enjoying the view.
Meanwhile, some way above Twoflower, Rincewind isn't enjoying the view at all.
Only Great A'Tuin, the world turtle, knows why it's heading towards the star.
Those on the Disc are due to find out in about two days and then they're really going to worry.
The Octavo, the greatest spell book of all, is so worried about all this, that it must take action of its own.
Oh, great, the ground is gonna break my fall.
The Colour of Magic, Episode Two The Light Fantastic Did I just leave the world, only to land back on it again? Yes, you did.
Why? Why, why?! We're not going anywhere.
Look at that.
Is it me or is that getting bigger? Is the turtle flying straight towards it, I ask you?! Well, wizards say we always miss the stars.
But has anyone seen one get this close before?! No! Where are the wizards when we need them?! Wizards out! Wizards out! Wizards out! Wizards out! One small step for a wizard, into the unseen.
One giant leap for the Unseen University.
Would the student body please acknowledge the 305th Arch Chancellor? Let it be known that although limited personnel alterations have been made, one or two other significant things will be changing.
For the tidier.
As none of us have received guidance as to the events of this morning and, there seems to be a degree of, quite unnecessary, anxiety amongst the populous about the star I propose that we perform the Rite Of AshkEnte.
After its own space odyssey, many miles from Ankh-Morpork, in the Vortex Plains, the Luggage has plans of its own.
And so, our guest, whose name is legend, must tell us truly, what is it that a man may call the greatest things in life? The crisp horizon.
The wind in your hair.
A fresh horse underneath you.
Or is it the sight of your enemy, slain? The humiliation of his tribe and the lamentation of his women? What you say? They said, our guest, whose name is legend, must tell us truly.
Oh, pish.
Hot water.
Good dentistry.
And soft lavatory paper.
Hadesire desurps decorum demonia, AshkEnte! Rise up, oh, creature of earth and darkness! We do charge thee to abjure from I was at a party, you know.
It is said that you can see both the past and the future.
Then, perhaps you can tell us why is the red star getting bigger? Because the turtle is flying towards it.
Why? For a purpose that has nothing to do with me.
Then perhaps you can tell us what exactly happened this morning.
I understand that the Octavo was anxious not to lose the eighth spell.
Hold on.
It was dropping off the Disc, apparently.
Hold on.
Are we talking about the spell that is inside the head of Rincewind? That he's been carrying around all these years? Yes.
Any idea why? All I know is that all the spells have to be said together at Solstice or many worlds will be destroyed.
Destroyed? It's an ancient prophecy, written on the inner walls of the Great Pyramid of Tsort.
Can you tell us where Rincewind is now? The Forest of Skund.
Rimwards of the Ramtop Mountains.
Feeling very sorry for himself.
Hello? Anybody out there? Twoflower? Oh.
Now, may I go? Oh.
I hope it's a good party.
I think it might go downhill at midnight.
Why? That's when they'll be taking my mask off.
I'm looking for anything we've got on the Pyramid of Tsort.
Thank you.
Whoever says all the spells together, when the Disc is in danger Oook! Oook! Yes, yes, the star, I know.
will gain ultimate power Ook.
to save the world.
Yes, and that.
Now, listen, if you were to oook this to any members of the faculty, you will be disciplined.
It's not as if bananas grow on trees.
As much as it pains me to say this, Rincewind must not die.
At least, not until we bring him back here.
And empty his head.
Rincewind! Go away.
Go away.
Rincewind! I'm not listening, I'm not listening.
Rincewind! It's me, Twoflower.
He's dead! And he's inside my head.
Why me? Why me?! Why Twoflower? Isn't an amazing thing that we ended up back on the world? I must have done something really bad to have got stuck with you.
The turtle must have caught us somehow.
Why would it do that? I don't know, do I? Anyway, where are we? Oh.
Aargh! Alive or dead? Well, since we need him to say the spell, in order to save the worlds, I suspect alive might be better.
To save the worlds What does that mean? I don't know.
But as long as one of the worlds he saves is ours, I shall consider it a most satisfactory outcome.
It's extraordinary.
It looks like they're gonna have a ceremony.
Ancient and traditional ritual, probably dating back thousands of years to celebrate the, um, the, um All that Golden Bough and Cycle of Nature stuff just boils down to sex and violence.
Usually both at the same time.
I think we ought to be going.
Come on, let's go! If only I had my picture box.
Oh, there you are.
It's very loyal.
Yes, if loyalty is what you look for in a suitcase.
Come on, look, we ought to leave.
Is she a druidess? I don't think so.
Look, you're not going to like this next bit, I promise you.
I want to stay.
Ceremonies like th hark back to primitive simplicity If you must know, they're going to sacrifice her.
What, kill her? Well, it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice if they didn't, would it? Couldn't they just use flowers and berries and things? Sort of symbolic? No alone document spirit priest reviews everything inconveniences with trumpets and processioner- - and late drive the knives in one p��sklilja and a pair plommon, or how? Now, we go, come.
Honest spoken, mild.
I must may to say a thing.
Can I may to say a thing, sir? Sorry that I tr��nga myself on, I does not want to to last to inconveniences.
I saw�� I wonder about you can intend you, this with victims�� Say what that other idiot holds on with, or so becomes you a dead man.
You cannot ��teruppliva her.
With the blood and the white suit�� He is called Two Flower and is not from these lands.
Does not see out as it.
What I search after is the carton with wealths in, with the legs.
- the star! The star! - oh dear, it becomes bigger.
- has you ever done this until? - what pursues something? Dashed in in a temp electricity, priest the put to death, stolen the gold and the salvaged girl? - not with so many words, no.
- you do to sow here.
Now, we draw.
- it is OK.
- in hell that it is.
Why will everyone always destroy everything? You has exactly become salvaged from an entirely safe death.
It is not so easy h��romkring, you know.
Hold yourself�� I mean to hold�� - not lose your qualifications! - qualifications? I had can been at M��ngudinnan, drunk mj��d from a silver bowl.
I have stayed home each l��rdagskv��ll in eight years, for nothing! Each is I now? You dream.
Can I may vakna, mild? No.
You have one huge important information before you.
Rincewind? Rincewind, you is there in? - he has not even one meat sows.
- Rincewind? Can you consult me? - what is it with the girl? - she does not let us cautious her.
Bad it.
No! Lie not only there yours stupid cow.
Help me up.
Is it safe that you cannot do me consult there in? Rincewind? Too many years since arranged we so that one of our numbers hid itself in your head.
What, exact, we is? We are the the seven troll formulas, we will see to that nothing happens with the ��ttonde.
It is hugely important that you do not let magikerna take the troll formula from you.
Everyone eight troll formulas must be stated at correct time or horrible things come to happen.
And they may not be stated off wrong persons.
Am I in in Octavo? According to certain going fishing physical aspects so, yes.
Why do you scream? I am in a book, speaks with invisible votes and you wonder why I scream? It is hugely important that you protect the troll formula in your head and for den- - [back to] us the wide university, sow when the time is correct, we can become pronounced.
Why would some will state you? It is the star.
You understand, sk��ldpaddan is on road against it in order to No no no.
Finished, finished! You has actually destroyed across lives, you know it? I had kunnat- - succeeded as magiker about you not used me as portable trollformelsbok.
I do not remember any other troll mould smiles, for they are cautious for your! See it so here then.
As soon as we are pronounced becomes you of with it.
And us.
- N��r are the summer height of the sun? - hallo.
- about two days, I believes.
- OK.
- we must go.
- lowers they not the summer height of the sun here? Probably not.
Are you safe? For I would actually will stay here.
But Ankh-Morpork is the place one wants to be on the wide summer height of the sun.
- you, Rincewind, if we do not come�� - that may know gatsten during f��tterna- - and the old familiar smell of latrin.
They are very the this best time on the year.
- it sets as I actually�� - I want to take you home.
Home to the potatoes they sell the wide level with dept fry fisk- - the cross shrewd Knepgatan and G��dselh��gsgatan Potato Rincewind, but what I actually wants to see is templet at Bel-Shamharoth.
- I consult you, potatoes.
What said you?! - I want to see templet in Bel-Shamharoth.
Not there the gigantic evil spider lives, as no returned living from? It is it.
Self-evident, the river Smarl goes exactly past there.
On our road to the celebration of the summer height of the sun in Ankh-Morpork.
I consult how the potatoes calls.
Then so.
- hold quietly.
- I do not like this.
What will we do? Be grabbed of panic? - it is he! - Magiker.
Panic! - will they lower the summer height of the sun? - fast, in there.
Rincewind! They know of course you.
We have omringat you.
Came back with us and to strike the arch chancellor Trymon and everything becomes good.
It has you his words on.
No, it is not kul that they want to have me back.
Also for a magiker- - is Trymon one correct ot��cking.
We can do this on the easy way, or on the true easy way.
- what is the easy way? - came out without that each covered off leaves.
- what is the huge easy way? - we puton fire offerb��let.
With you in it.
How do you believe it come finished? If that star is one omen, sees it out that about we they come to die.
- we should give the a name then.
- can we equally gladly do.
What is said about�� D��dsstj��rnan? Where not stupid, what is it pursues names? D��dsstj��rnan? Who thrown a troll formula? - you did not see about Trymon was there up? - Trymon? No, why wonders you? I believed that we had problems where pursue a while.
Little earlier had not damaged.
Oh dear, Tv��blommor.
Everyone magiker must die! Cannot magikerna few away the star, should they give up the magic and to take your lives.
Will the last on that way so thinks I, personligen, that it can be on fire.
Everyone magiker must die! But the star becomes bigger.
And without Rincewinds troll mould electrical finns it no we can do to it.
- I looked in the mirror of mistake.
- I did it and M ' Haws runor�� I want to only to say that I used both these and the intestines of one manicreach.
- sow nobody knows where he is now? - no.
In crisis situations�� �� must one be wise.
And wise men do what that is required.
Two flowers! Vakna! We must give ourselves of.
OK, if it is so you want to have it.
- let me few rest my spine.
- Tv��blommor? - Vakna, vakna.
Come again now the guy.
- there is little liniment in the saddle bag.
Who is you? Cohen, it is I.
Cohen, the barbarian? - it is I.
- wait now, wait now.
Cohen are a big man, as a bull.
Breast muscles that a bag with footballs.
He is the record's biggest warrior.
He is an organic legend.
- my grandfather farmed to tell about him�� - yes.
It agrees, pojk.
I is a legend that liver.
You were the biggest.
- Trubadurer sings songs about you.
- but I may never paid for it.
My life's history.
80 years in the sector and what has I may for it? Ryggv��rk, hemmorojder, poor matsm��ltning and hundred sopprecept.
Soup, I hate soup! It is my teeth understands you.
Nobody sees you as serious without teeth.
It says: Sit the wide fire, grandfather, and take little soup.
- an evil cough you have there.
- yes, I know, forgive.
It is only it�� Vakna now.
He is out.
What? Is he dead? - I must get him to Ankh-Morpork.
- well, he is not really dead precise.
- he may not die.
Patriciern puts to death me.
- he is only�� out.
He is out? Each? Can I not get him back? I do not know, but I believe I know one as can to have a map.
- a black artist.
- what is a black artist? No, black art when.
They speak with the dead.
But I do not believe on taking root shortly.
I mean, that prat about that it ��r- - old knowledge from universes, have.
Only gamalt inventions.
The star.
It has nothing with me to do.
Fire of elephants.
Is he actually dead? It is some kind's medicine said she.
Want to you see your friend in this v��lden igen- - would I drink it if I am you.
Is you safe on that it is OK so.
It does not do of course that the beers taste poorer or? Well, he took of course a troll formula for me so�� Now, it goes down.
It did not taste actually everything pursue bad.
Each is I on road? - do not see you about.
- but each is I on road? Two flowers? Two flowers? There, you are of course, Tv��blommor.
Which wonderful bell.
Rincewind, each, exact, we is? We are, type, informal kill.
Came now, we do not have time that take some pictures.
Now, we go.
It does not take so long time.
Poorly light! Three j��kla years in F8 if you ask me! Do your best.
What will you take pictures for? Can you not only�� remember it? - late, when I sit the wide fire�� - you sheep sit where always and we do not go.
This road.
Come now.
I do not hope you will go.
I have to sow seldom companies here.
We do not want to actually to detain you.
- do you ready to run.
But�� I have never been the wide death's door until.
Run now.
Do not see you about.
You sheep not see you about! There are worse things than the death, you know.
Mention two.
It has always irriterat me.
Can equal gladly insert turn doors.
If I have time.
Rincewind? Hallo.
- concerned I me [at all] ? - no, you stared only in in the fire.
So, you live.
But not - yourself, Mr.
Vill-du - having little - b��r-medan - du-d��dar - me.
No embracing.
I am not embraced.
- my head.
- you were having a propensity to.
You hallucinerade.
About I now hallucinerade so hits I what about that I took some good pictures.
No, you may not.
Nobody bildografi.
The horse people are huge vidskepliga.
I put this in the bag to you.
- hope you do not need very black.
- it was not so.
It was a small village.
You see what you see, I paint what I sees and I see what that be, you sees? What has happened with old Galders stool, it with lion arm rests and ankf��tter? - Jass�� it.
I let to burnup it.
- it was one ov��rderlig magic artefakt.
A correct paragraph of�� - can I interest your pursue the agenda? - what does one a�� genda? It is an entirely simple list on things that we must discuss.
- ��verst on the list is Rincewind.
- and the star.
The people are in revolts.
It is point two on the agenda.
Point one that fact that you not found him.
- what suggests you we do to it then? - I suggest nothing.
- I have sickat someone to find him.
- who? - a hero.
- with vilkas authority? I need nobody.
You have hyrt one blodt��rstig idiot that cannot go and to intend on same time.
Hero, also now, galloperar on road against Virvelsl��tten, and cares itself not om- - to insult magiker.
Not in order to they do not take it seri��st- - without in order to this special hero is a heroine, wide name Herrena.
- H��stfolket has decided�� - they intend very highly about Cohen.
- Cohen? The barbarian? - I had intended to mention it.
But in Ankh-Morpork said you�� The horse people have decided to give your horses and road description to the river Smarl- - where you can take a ferry [back to] Cirkelhavet.
Did you lie? I want to thank you, you have been very cooperative and it comes bli- - individual without you.
- you do not want to that we do your company? No, no, we cope with ourselves.
- it is dangerous times.
- yes, I know but�� I begin to become correct so good on these n��stan-d��d - the experiences.
I cannot only faith that it is Cohen, the barbarian.
- is he maybe sarkastisk? - no, he is always sow there.
- he has well eyes? - yes, but has does not see things that others.
Take this yurten for example.
It is dark, flottig and sniffs as a huge having a propensity to horse.
But he would say that sniffs exceptional k��da, plundrad av- - gr��n��gda warriors from utkanten of the civilisation.
Also furthermore.
He defeated single-handed the snake warriors, what is�� I can ask him to hold quietly.
No, I�� I like his eyes.
They can see in 50 years to.
I will do your company�� for it reason that about something would happen yours would my legend become filthy.
- but also for my frost damages.
- I come also with.
If Cohen needs something�� insmort.
It seems lighter now.
What is it? Why does everyone look on me? I do not know what it is.
- it is probably one komet.
- comes it to be on fire up? How in hell will I know? I have never met of one komet before, or? Go on.
- has you cam food your beard? - Va? I believe that she begin to become little delighted in you.
- if I am 20 years younger.
- yes? Would I last 67.
I, rides with Cohen, the barbarian.
Who can press us now? It is actually 100 10 km, ekvart, to the river Smarl, over sl��tterna and ner- - to the the dim pine forest that lies, little for near in order to feel s��kert- - Trollbensbergen.
A clue to why is in the title.
Do we need actually stay? It can not last longly left to the river Smarl.
F��rjekarlen does not work at night, so we can equally gladly rest little.
- moreover has I evil in the feet.
- they are fairly delicate, about you saw after them.
One does not strike on so many foot keepers in my trade.
I have met snake priests, crazy gods, krigsherrar.
Never some foot keeper.
I assume that it would not see good out.
Cohen against foot tending clean.
- Cohen and d��dskiropraktikerna.
- or Cohen the crazy dentists.
What is it that is so kul with it? - nothing.
Nothing special.
- I do not complain on you.
It is difficult to last a hero when you do not have any teeth.
You can lose something other.
You comes away with an eye up to and including.
But sensible them a mouth full of gum and nobody show you esteem.
- I do it.
- why does you not new teeth? - I have of course problems that mastikera.
- apologize, what said you? - you know, bite.
- yes, certain, bite.
- they cold for prostheses.
- Pro physicals? - prostheses.
- majority has them where I building.
- they do not need only to eat soup? - no! That must be counted as it simplest the batch direction in sword women's history.
- I do not know why you are sow important.
- important? For who? Magierna the wide invisible university.
Of some reason, they want to have you back.
It is a short journey navvart to the river Smarl.
We are in Ankh-Morpork tomorrow.
Apologize me.
- yes? - can we stay to wide Bel-Shamharoth? Only if you want to go 1000 10 km ekvart to wrong directions.
Says you that one cannot to come to Bel-Shamharoth via the river Smarl? No, self-evidently not.
At least, we are in Ankh-Morpork for they the special celebration of summer sun stood.
- what lowering of summer sun stood? - I has never consulted be spoken about it.
So my guide did not intend to take me to templet in Bel-Shamharoth, or how? No.
It was for dangerous.
Do you want to have the half of the money back? Do you want to have all money back? It does not act about the money! We would last friends.
We jar hand on it! If you now must know the truth so went I with on lasting your guide pre- - that Patriciern of Ankh-Morpork said he would do horrible things with me otherwise.
So now, you know.
- thanks in order to you are honest.
- yes�� They do not lower well the summer height of the sun in Ankh-Morpork? No.
I am enough it poorest magikern on this side Cirkelhavet.
- I as believed everything went so good.
- then believed you wrong.
- you are in danger! You must quench the fire! - YOU are in danger, and the fire sheep be on fire.
- try not disturb me.
- you have not consulted about old grandfather.
I knew that it there here about.
- when a troll becomes older�� �� becomes he bigger and bigger.
And this is a huge gamalt trolls.
- they know that trolls hate fire.
- but the this just troll cannot.
- cannot? - no.
You have lit fire on his heavy.
Come again now, you two.
- Cohen! - up with you, your stupid cow.
Come, run! I believe we come home in an envelope.
About this each total confusion, would connected with you product that about standing p��- - the tip of a hill across during one ��skstorm, if��rd one wet kopparrustning- - and scream ���all gods are idiots!���.
- thanks.
- it was not one komplimang.
Now, we set us up.
- now will I to Bel-Shamharoth.
- hope the spider eats up you.
- I go home to Ankh-Morpork.
- good.
- is you fond now? - I do not want to to speak about it.
- we will of course to Ankh-Morpork.
- it was not s��h��r I intended me.
Is it only I, or sees that out as a huge big target? Stem do everyone magiker! Stem do everyone magiker! The problem is it that the arch chancellor is not any good law players.
We have of course, sow clear, the tradition about a dead man's pointed shoes.
You mean that we will create one free-and-easy place the department for ��rkekanslar? Then so.
We need one voluntary.
Someone? Someone? Everyone then.
You are not it common f��rjekarlen.
I have been here until.
He is big.
- two of you, him take.
- Efterblivna cow.
- you, hold quietly.
Tune us see what that is during the coat.
Dead both two.
I take hand about this old fool.
- day's to give itself away.
- good done! Excellent! The stretched spine.
I do not know who you are or where you is from, but it is not personal.
- is you OK? - the spine�� is�� is fixed.
My father recommended to hang in a door.
We should actually give ourselves of.
I assume that you are not interested of selling the baggage? - no, it can I definitely not do.
- I need a present to Bethan.
- we will marry.
- we wanted to you would may to know it first.
It must be lowered.
I am safe on that I have little cookies and waters in the bag.
- means you seriousness with gifta you? - has you something to object to? No! No, no.
I intended only, you know, that she is�� �� in tjugo��rs��ldern and you�� is of the older type.
- day's to take it little lugnt means you? - no, I intended more on�� - physical, ��ldersskillnaden.
Between�� I take what you mean.
The effort.
I saw not on it on that way.
- I has not well-done you agitated? - no, no, do not ask about apology.
It was good that you pointed out it.
You know, sometimes must one take little risks.
Take not poorly up nu- - but I believe we poisons us nevertheless and hopes that she has to confirm enough.
- is we in Ankh-Morpork to skymning? - absolute.
Who wants to faith itself how one rows a ferry to Ankh-Morpork? The reason that I overall you today is for to announce that it will be held a meeting.
With an agenda.
With only a point.
One agendum.
Apologize? We assume that it has to do with the news that you not caught Rincewind.
I face's not that you have got conditions to speak! It will be held a meeting in order to consult Octavo.
- with only seven troll formulas? - is you safe that it is so wise? Arch chancellor? We have gone beyond klokhet.
The bead of towns.
There is not a town in multiversum as can emulate Ankh-Morporks smell.
Look! Come now.
Magiker, why does you us disappointed? What holds he on with? This is what I have searched after.
We come up along with you near.
- what? One juvelerare? - it is one ��verraskning.
You�� wait here, Beth.
- apologize me.
Why does everyone escape? - the star comes to collide with the record.
They come to be on fire up and to die! - the star means lives, not dead.
- what? - your vote! It did not let as you.
- it is the troll formula.
It takes over me.
- it knows what that comes to happen.
- why paints they all stars? - believes they that it gives protections or something? - no, it will not function.
I believe I know somewhat as does it.
The most awkward I ever done.
But practical, it holds I with about.
What said you that it was called now again? Dentures.
Done of teeth from a troll.
This is my fianc��e, Bethan.
Can I do it find bride dress here somewhere? And a beef.
- what holds you on with? - cleans the record from hemskheter.
- that is necromanilexikonet.
- yes.
Magiker uses it in order to contact they dead.
How did you know it? - I, you know�� I only guessed.
- he has a big carton with legs.
He sees out as one magiker.
My gentlemen.
It fantasiska the light! It is safe so long as we do not concern the book.
May to see now.
In order to behaga it�� The thing that is the guard�� �� hold quietly and returned to the darkness.
What holds I on with? I cannot throw some troll formulas.
When I see on yourself is everything I see one magiker.
You are one magiker.
Perform - a.
Stay, or so fulfils I you with magic.
All magic is out.
The star has taken away it.
I mean what I say.
Ashonti perucha�� �� bealzeboar! Stay there! We are armed! - each is the baggage? Each is your baggage? - it is often I do not know each it is.
It is so when one is tourist.
I have one magiker! I am not cautious to use him! To the big ward, my gentlemen.
He has locked it! - the star has blots.
- it is not blots.
It is things.
Things that go the round star.
Like the sun goes around the record.
- they are n��rma in order to�� - it is definitive blots.
Come now.
The dummy magikern must die! The dummy magikern must die! The dummy magikern must die! The dummy magikern must die! The dummy magikern must die! The dummy magikern must die! The lower cellars are this way.
Something that hisses s��d��r cannot be dangerous.
Is it someone there up? Mild? - hallo? - who there? It is Rincewind.
- yes, it is Rincewind.
- Rincewind.
- has you with you the troll formula? - what is there in? - Magikerm��starna.
- the masters.
- why is you there in? - we became locked in.
- what? Along with Octavo? Octavon is not like here.
You, it is needed one magiker, sow running away and find one, you is mild.
OK, stride away.
Find something to hide you behind.
- why it? - he means it.
Do you see ��dern in the pan? - he means seriousness.
- can you not hold quietly? - saw you Trymon on the road down here? - no.
Why do you wonder? For he stole Octavon.
- I have said that he would go longly.
- he goes longer if he opens the book.
Why? What comes to happen? A brain does not cope with all troll formulas.
It becomes only a hole left.
- in his heads? - no, in the actual universes' build up.
- he believes he can to check it but�� - he does not have it you have in your head.
Sow we�� Come again.
He has done it.
He has opened a link.
- is that demons? - demons are nothing against what that comes.
- what suggests you we do to it? - everything is over, you understands not it? You cannot few back the troll formulas in in the book.
Not few the said osagt.
No! Out from the road.
Wait, wait.
You do not understand.
- there is fruktansv��rda things there.
- I has always wanted to do something things like that here.
- this is surely one adventures, or how? - you are entirely clearly crazy.
It has ended.
- they are empty.
All sides are entirely empty.
- then did he it.
He read them.
- successfully also.
- I believe we will goup and�� -�� gratulera him.
- when you ascend in rank learn you dig- - that it important, sometimes, is to succeed.
So here, one may not treat books.
The spine is of course entirely broken broken.
Am I a guy? When I have ascended in rank.
I have gone about in ��ratal- - with one of the the most powerful troll formulas in my head.
I did not become crazy.
No, it became you not.
Each is they other magikerna? Rincewind.
Do you want to not do us companies? The the ��ttonde troll formula.
Give it to me! Give me the troll formula.
No, you sheep try to take it.
And I do not believe you cope with of it.
But I need only dead you�� �� and it is face.
- the statues see out as magiker.
- they ARE magikerna! It was.
There are worse things.
I had can dressed era bodies in ants.
- I have the power that�� - hallo! I have a sword.
- pathetic.
- I will show you pathetic.
Hallo? Each is the sword Rincewind? I found it.
I must alert you, I am one correct magiker now.
Do yours magikerkollegor companies then, yours uppsvullna small worm.
I need you not now.
There, it is.
The the small troll formula.
Come to me.
- no! Run! - no what? Just it�� I assume that it there, the troll formulas are.
- Two Flower? - yes? Is that�� Is it you Rincewind? Yes.
And I want to that you do somewhat important to me, Two Flower.
I am�� I am ready.
What is it you want to I will do? I want to that you come here and helps me up before I drop the grip.
- I am fond that you liver.
- yes, it is I with.
- can you help me up now? - it becomes perhaps little difficult.
- why it? What holds you you permanent in? - in you.
- apart from me.
- what means you with it? Shit.
I do not know why, but since I striked yourself has I tillbringat mycket- - of my time hanging in the fingers over the certain deep tripod.
Do you have endowed brand to it? Oh, no, it is you! Not again! No, no.
I believe I precise had one n��ra-Rincewind-upplevels again.
Little earlier had been genial.
Funny place to set statues.
Nobody can see them.
Cannot say it there good-looking.
Huge poorly done.
It is now�� It is now we say good-bye.
Out! What holds he on with? - is it not ranging with all magic? - it is only light.
He does not have trollat forward doves or billiards balls from the sleeves.
Was it everything? New worlds.
I must take a picture of this.
I perhaps forgets.
How can you ever forget? It is it most beautiful I ever seen in the whole my life.
There, you have old common Two Flower.
He estimates it beautiful on your own way.
I mean, about a poet sees one p��sklilja�� �� stares he on it and types a long poem.
Two flower would go and to buy a book about botany and while he reads den- - would he stride on p��skliljan.
The star.
It becomes smaller.
- it is as a sea of gold.
- more as gyllene syrup It was one excellently dramatic seal.
But the life does not function s��- - and there are other things that must happen.
We have for example Octavon- o-Och majority realized that it fell across towards them, it is most magic in Skivv��rlden.
- is you OK? Come with.
- in love someone.
Later asked Two Flower the baggage what it had done with Octavo.
But its expressions can best be described as tr��igt.
- what does they now? - they try the open baggage.
It is a wonderful day.
The air is as wine.
- you, Rincewind, I have best��mt that�� - I believe I will enter myself again.
I believe I can to become good on this with magic, and agree to out good grade.
For they say that goes one out with those best grades, the life becomes easy.
And there are of course many free-and-easy places when the big guys work the wide door.
Do they come can to do them normal again? Probably not.
- can it do something with Trymon? - yes.
A delicate small stone garden.
Go now.
Go and to fix everything this.
- I believe I would enjoy here.
- I will go home Rincewind.
And a sharp guy, as seen the world, would easily can�� - apologize, what said you? - I said that I will go home.
- which home? - home home.
- side the sea.
It hit me yesterday, everything this resandet and to see things is entire okej- - but there is a lot kul that do with it that has been.
I mean, to insert pictures in books, remember things�� The important with having things to remember is to have somewhere to remember them.
You understand, you do not have actually been somewhere before you come home.
If it is so you see on it�� When do you go? Today, I believe.
It will go one ships that take me a piece on the road.
Yes, I expect myself it.
Then, it was clearly then.
I jump of on Brown Iceland, I can l��tt- - take a ship from there.
Sow good.
- sow you found a priest.
- yes.
And Cohen tried not even dead him for his value things.
- a wonderful dress.
- thanks.
I snodden it entirely alone.
This is to your two.
I know that it can to last costlily that build up a home for first past.
Or a small monarchy up to and including.
- I have intended on something I can give you.
- no, mild.
It needs you not�� It is yours.
I need it no longer, and it would not fit in my wardrobe.
What? - the baggage.
Do you want to not have it? - oh, the baggage.
I�� But it is of course yours.
It follows of course after you, not me.
The baggage? This is Rincewind.
You are his now, OK? It belongs to actually not someone more than itself.
I assume that it is day's now.
Good-bye Rincewind.
I send one vykort or something when I come home.
Come here.
And if you would have the roads past someone time so knows someone here each I be.
- it was well everything then.
- yes, it was everything.
No, no, no! Does not want to to have you.
I give you to yourself.
Do you understand? I said that I not wants to have you! Disappear! OK then.
Come here.
So, does it mean that the turtle is female then? Well, in my opinion it is a question of perspective.
Swedish text: Group Greenock The independent translators English auto translation and short revision by GSTKEIN