Terzi (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[deep breathing]
- [techno music playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
Turn around.
They're good to go.
- How much time?
- [woman] We have 30 seconds, people.
Thirty seconds!
[woman] Remember,
you're walking sexy, fast, and cool, go!
Hurry up, hurry up, just put
on the finishing touches, already!
[rock music playing]
- Hey, the belt! Come on, come on, come on!
- Hey, the belt!
- You can't have her yet, wait!
- Peyami, the runway is empty, it's time!
[woman] Just a second!
Just put her out there,
leave it alone! She's fine!
- Okay, ready? Go, you're on!
- Olga! Okay, Olga's on!
[indistinct chatter]
Where's Rosa, Suzi?!
She's next! She should be here!
Zuhal, isn't Rosa ready yet?
It's her turn!
[Zuhal] She was ready.
Then where is she right now?!
Find her! Come on!
[woman moans faintly]
Oh, Rosa.
[man chuckles]
[woman gasps ecstatically]
No one can find her. I'm about to lose it!
What now? Send the next one out, Peyami.
So what's the point of a lineup then?!
Each outfit tells its own story.
They have a flow, Suzi!
I get it, I really do, Peyami,
but what do we do?
Peyami, come on, say something!
Hey, there she is!
Rosa! Where were you?
[Rosa] I'm so sorry.
I just went to the bathroom.
[Suzi] What happened to your dress?!
Peyami, look, it's ruined!
What do we do?
This is your last show.
Enjoy it. Okay?
Mwah! Peyami, mu!
[indistinct shouting]
[music ends]
[techno dance music playing]
Whooooa! Lookin' for fun, huh?
Well, come here then!
Excuse me! Excuse me, guys.
Ah, Birko.
Will you grab them?
All access!
Hey thanks, man.
- This bachelor party is the dopest ever!
- Oh, don't mention it.
Hey, dude, come on!
When will you ever grow up?
- What am I gonna do with you?
- Not ever, man!
And I'm getting sick of this place.
I'll bring some of them, let's go.
- Go where?
- To your house.
Your house! Okay?!
So are we going?
Looks that way.
[techno dance music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
No, I know,
I could've killed him. He's nuts.
[man exhales deeply]
'Kay, you guys have fun.
Thanks, man. You shouldn't've, huh?
What's up, guys.
If I don't have a blast tonight,
you're blastin' off, okay?
Maybe you should ease up
a bit on that shit.
Please stop trippin',
and go kick it with that girl over there.
She's been lookin' at you
all night, ya know?
You're not gonna do shit, are ya?
Dimitri. I don't want to.
Come on, sit.
You're nuts, ya know?
You don't want to? Huh?
Listen, I'm, I'm really tired.
Okay, I get that.
Portable. Huh?
Little, little, in the middle.
- I don't think you should have any more.
- [sighs]
May I have a word with you.
Suzi, what is it?
[Dimitri] Whoa, Suzi,
something's always wrong
when that voice comes out,
which also means no Dimitri.
[Peyami chuckles]
Peyami, I got a call from Kars.
I don't know how to tell you this, but
Just say it, Suzi, what's wrong?
[melancholic music playing]
[bird caws]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[man chanting]
My condolences.
To you the same.
Welcome, young master. My condolences.
Thank you.
Uh, madam?
The Mad Master won't eat or come inside.
[music continues]
He hasn't seen you in years.
He's out in the backyard.
Just go and see him.
[man sobs]
Peyam! Peyam!
- I'm here to get you, Peyam!
- [boy chuckles]
[children] Mad man! Mad man! Mad man!
Make a goal! I want to!
- [children continue shouting]
- [man] Come on, let's play.
- Where's the ball?
- [boy 1] Peyami's father is here.
- [boy 2] He gives me the creeps.
- Get out of here!
- Peyami, tell your mad father to leave.
- I can play?
- There you go, mad man.
- The ball, I'll get it, where is it?
- What's the matter with you?
- We have to play with your mad father?
- Who are you calling mad!?
- Your father! What's he, the Mad Master?
Mad Master! Mad Master!
Mad Master! Mad Master! Mad Master!
Mad Master! Mad Master!
Punch him!
[boys shouting]
[man] Hey!
[boy] The Mad Master's coming! Run!
[man shouting] Hey! What are you doing?!
Hey! You leave him alone!
Don't hurt!
Stop! Just quit it! They're gone!
Come on, don't you see that?!
I got candy, you want some?
[woman] Young man,
where are you going? Hey, kid! Peyami!
[man] Mad Master! Look who's here!
Oh, Master!
- Master, look. Look who's here! Look.
- Let go.
- Please, just look, turn around. Please!
- Let go! Let go of me! Go away!
Go away, get my papa! I want my papa!
It's the young master, Master Peyami.
- Master Peyami's here!
- [gasps]
Huh? What? Huh?
[sorrowful music playing]
Peyam, Peyam is here!
Peyam! Papa Peyam is here!
No. Peyam is not here.
He's gone far away.
[man] Master, why don't you try giving him
these sweets, maybe he'll calm down.
Master, look.
Peyam is here!
Peyam is here!
He's here, Peyam is
Peyam Papa is here! Peyam!
- Papa! Papa!
- [gasping]
Papa Peyam!
[sobbing] Papa Peyam!
All right. Stop, please.
- Papa Peyam!
- Let go!
Peyam! Papa! Ahh.
- Papa!
- Let go, please!
- Okay, Master, let's go see the geese!
- [woman] Pinch him!
[man] Hold him tight, Fadime! Let go!
[woman] Master Mustafa!
[man] Pinch him!
- [woman] Mustafa, stop, please!
- [gasping]
- Papa! Papa Peyam!
- [indistinct chatter]
[music fades out]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[breathing fast]
[ethnic drumming music]
[music stops]
[slow, haunting Middle Eastern music]
[man] Peyami.
- My precious grandson.
- [music fades out]
Tell me, and get rid
of what's hurting you.
- Who has upset you?
- [sniffles]
You won't find relief,
unless you say what ails you.
Remember that.
There is no relief for this.
Oh, no. No.
You just stop right there.
Do you think Allah
would give His subjects ailments
with no way to relieve them?
What is it?
Do something about what's
wrong with my father.
He comes to my school.
And everyone there makes fun of me.
They show me pity.
They say I'm the madman's son.
All of their fathers are real men,
but mine's like a child.
I wish that you
were my father instead, Grandpa.
Don't say "I wish."
Saying that you wish for something
is beneath you, young sir.
So, no more.
All things
exist just as they should.
Well, you should hide my father, then.
Just hide him so nobody knows.
[solemn music playing]
Or send me away somewhere else.
Some place where no one knows that
my father is Mustafa the Mad, Grandpa.
[woman] He loved you so very much.
And he was very proud of you.
He was just sad you were so far away.
He said the mansion felt desolate.
And now it will always be that way.
We can't remain here.
So we're going to Istanbul with you.
[melancholic music playing]
[music fades out]
[sorrowful music playing]
Kick the ball. Kick the ball.
Kick and the ball!
[woman] Yes, that's right.
- [chatters indistinctly]
- Carefully.
[continues chattering]
Mustafa fly away! Wee!
[continues chattering]
- Good morning, Peyami.
- [Mustafa] Mustafa, over here.
[music continues]
Papa Peyam. Papa.
Papa Peyam.
Look now, Mustafa will swing!
Look, Papa!
[continues chattering]
I can go on a swing.
This time I can swing.
I talked to the agency again
and told them it was urgent,
so they're on it.
We'll get him a caretaker, don't worry.
We got all the deliveries out
while you were away,
but the design department came to a halt.
That meeting with Gamze is coming up.
But we don't have a whole lot to show her.
I'll handle it.
I know right now everything's messy.
- But you have to be patient.
- I miss the shop, Suzi, let's go.
- [man] Hello, ma'am.
- [Suzi] Hello, Yadigar.
[dramatic violin music playing]
Welcome back, sir.
- Thanks, Sema, how's it going?
- Fine, and you, sir?
- Great, thanks.
- Miss Suzan?
Good morning, Sema.
Did you prepare Selin's packages?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Okay, great.
Uh, briefcase.
Thank you.
Hey, Salim! Peyami is here.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Welcome, sir!
- Thank you.
- [man] Good morning, sir.
- Good morning. Everything all right?
- Yes sir, it is.
Mr. Peyami.
Sgain, I'm sorry for your loss.
And it's so great to have you back again.
It's good to see you, too.
- [music fades out]
- [sewing maching clicking]
[distant city noises]
[melancholic vintage music playing]
[woman singing in foreign language]
[men singing in foreign language]
[approaching footfalls]
What's up?
Dimitri just called.
- I sent him to Zuhal for a fitting.
- Hmm.
Well, apparently she wasn't too happy.
I guess, uh
It was a disaster. I got it.
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[woman] Welcome, Miss Suzan.
- Hi there.
- Welcome, Mr. Peyami.
Hello, thanks.
[music fades out]
Prep the lists, I'll be right there.
- Lia, my dear.
- Peyami, mu.
Where have you been?
I thought you'd visit as soon
as you got back. We missed you.
I know, dear.
My grandma decided to return with me,
and things were a bit hectic.
Yes, yes. Well of course,
you should help her, dear. That's natural.
Your grandfather was admirable,
I really liked him.
Again, I'm so sorry for your family.
Thank you, Lia.
He really liked you all, too.
- Suzan, welcome to you, dear.
- Thank you, Lia.
- [Dimitri] Either you don't get it
- Dimitri is
- or I'm explaining it wrong.
- up there?
Hey, I'm not saying that there's an issue
when I'm standing up,
it's when I sit down, look.
Is this how you wanted it? Huh?
I've got chicken legs!
- I can take another look.
- Leave it!
Please, don't even look at anything else!
- For the love of God!
- [Peyami] Ignore him, Zuhal.
Forget about it,
he never likes anything anyway.
Oh! Finally gracing us with his presence!
He called and I came,
and I still get attitude.
My issue, Peyami,
is just trying to reach you.
All right look, it sounds cool,
but come on, seriously,
who doesn't have a cell phone?
I've never heard anyone whine
as much as your son, Ari.
That's all for now, Zuhal.
[Ari] Peyami, how are you, son?
Feeling any better?
Yes, thank you, I am.
Never in my life have I seen
a funeral with such a turnout.
I'll be keeping him in my Sunday prayers.
And now he's in heaven.
He's with the Lord.
As if the Lord hears you.
Thank you, I try to think that way,
too, it's some comfort.
Excuse me there, my dear Father,
could you two finish
catching up already, huh?
'Cause the groom is waiting! [chuckling]
Look, I've completely run out of patience,
so just, will you shut him up, please,
- or so help me
- I'm on it, don't worry.
- Turn around.
- [chuckles]
[subtle music playing]
[Dimitri clears throat]
Here's our groom, huh?
[Peyami inhales and exhales deeply]
- Stand up straight.
- [clears throat]
All right, turn.
- Sixty-two.
- How can you be so sure about that?
Your eyes have a tape measure? Measure it.
- If I say 62, that's what it is, okay?
- This is for my wedding, man.
I should trust your eyes? Just measure it.
- I'm sure.
- Wanna bet on it, then? Huh?
We'll say a watch.
Tell me, when will you start trusting
anything that I say?
Go on, I wanna see.
Suzi, remind me to tell Dimitri
the model of the watch I want.
[maid] Here are the coffees.
Thank you, Nini.
- You can take the jacket, Suzi.
- Of course, enjoy.
Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Peyami, since you're here, why don't you
look at the wedding dress, too?
- And here's your coffee, Miss Suzan.
- Hey, Mama! Don't be stupid.
- I haven't even seen Esvet in it yet.
- Amazing.
- [groans] but, Son
- Yeah, "But son," what?
It's obvious the groom is trying to make
us wait to meet her at the wedding.
Hey, that's wrong!
Just hasn't happened! Look, she's been
visited with her family a lot!
You've been hell-bent on family
traditions until now,
but Peyami's here so forget that!
Paidi mou!
- Don't give me "paidi mou!"
- [Lia] It's okay. She'd wear a veil.
Don't worry about it, Lia. Suzi and I
can take the wedding dress with us.
We have the measurements.
We'll make do with that.
Although I can't guarantee
that it won't fall off at the altar.
So, Dimitri could
hold on to it for her from the back
during the wedding pics, right?
[Peyami chuckles]
Fine, if the fitting is so important,
- and you claim you're such a great tailor
- Hm.
then how 'bout we have you do it,
but blindfolded?
[humming wedding song]
[Dimitri and Peyami chuckle]
Suzi, prep the wedding dress,
so we can take it with us.
Oh, Peyami. That just won't do.
And really, I won't rest
until you've taken one final look.
Lia, Dimitri just said
he'd make me do it blindfolded.
Well, he's right on that part.
It's our family's tradition.
It's been a belief for generations,
and it's not changing.
No man is allowed to see the bride
in her wedding dress before the wedding.
But if you were blindfolded
[contemplative music]
Oh, so you're you're serious.
[Dimitri chuckles]
Here I am.
Agapi mu?
Hey sweetheart, guess who's here? Huh?
A great talent, and brilliant artist,
Peyami Dokumacı is downstairs.
He's measuring you
for your dress. [chuckles]
Imagine that.
It's a great moment in history.
[ominous music playing]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [gasping]
Ahh, agapi mu.
- Are you okay? Huh?
- [Esvet continues gasping]
Come on. Come out.
Come on now.
Come on, get out! Right now!
- [whimpering]
- Shhh!
Up you come. All right. Come here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Just be careful, easy!
- It's all right, it's fine. Shhh.
- [continues whimpering]
You're okay. Huh?
It was just a game.
Are we good?
Oh, you're all sweaty.
Come on. Let's wash your face.
[coughs and gasps]
- Shh. It's okay. It's okay.
- [whimpering]
It's fine, you're okay. You're okay.
You're better now, huh? Huh?
That's right. Now that you're
all cleaned up, what do we do?
You'll get your dress on,
while I get Peyami ready for you.
All right?
And my mom will tell you what to do next.
Ah! One other thing.
Intimate things that occur between
a husband and wife shouldn't be shared.
I don't have to remind you, right?
Good for you, sweetheart.
Ah, poulaki mu.
[music tension builds]
- Come on. Come.
- [music fades out]
All right.
[Esvet breathes rapidly]
Okay, right this way.
[Peyami clears throat]
Esvet, hello. Miss, I'm Peyami.
It's great to finally meet you.
A pleasure.
What do you think?
Is the dress like you imagined?
Are you satisfied?
[melancholic music playing]
[Esvet coughs]
[gasps faintly] Oh, Peyami, mu,
how could anyone not like your designs?
It's glamorous and regal at the same time,
I don't know how you do it.
Well, not just me,
the whole world is amazed
- [Esvet gasps]
- Oh!
[Peyami] Well, thank you, Lia,
I'm so glad you like it.
Suzi, can I have some help?
- Sure.
- Let's begin at once.
I think we should start with the waist.
It's clearly looser than
it should be. Right here.
The measurements are wrong.
Who did this? Zuhal?
Must be pre-wedding jitters.
She must've lost weight.
[Esvet coughs]
Would you like some water?
- [Esvet] No.
- [telephone rings]
[Lia] Hello?
Yeah, yeah, uh, this is she, yes.
I'm his mother.
That's right, the wedding is in two weeks.
Oh, well, I'm actually
not quite sure about that.
He's just downstairs at the moment.
But I'll run down and ask him.
Just hold on, and I'll check
- [coughing]
- Can you please turn around?
[Esvet continues coughing]
Suzi, please bring some water.
Of course.
Right shoulder.
[continues coughing]
I can loosen it,
if it's too tight for you.
No, don't.
[Peyami] Fine. Turn around.
Suzi, is anything standing out for you?
Nope. It's a perfect fit. Really nice.
Then, all right. Thank you, Miss Esvet.
You may take the dress off.
We wouldn't want to, uh
[cell phone rings]
Oh, it's the agency.
Esvet went back to her room,
you can take that off.
[Peyami exhales deeply]
Hi there, Mithat.
Yes, this is a good time.
Yeah, middle-aged man,
mentally challenged.
But we need her full time
so she won't be able to have
Suzi, quiet!
Uh, yes.
A nondisclosure agreement is vital for us.
That's right. Okay, we'll be waiting for
your call. Yeah, sounds good. Thank you.
We won't need an NDA if you keep this up.
- Dimitri and his folks don't know?
- No one but you knows about it.
- I'm sorry, Peyami.
- All right look.
That person doesn't exist.
He's not real. All right?
Bring the dress to the shop.
[Mustafa shouting indistinctly]
Okay, got it.
[man] Ma'am,
we left the scarecrow in Kars.
- Good evening, Peyami, sir.
- Good evening, Özden.
[man] They're looking for it,
but still nothing.
- The Mad Master's gone berserk.
- What's wrong?
What do you mean?
What do you mean, you forgot?
Is this really how you work, Kazım?
What's wrong?
Well, it's the scarecrow, sir.
We forgot to bring his scarecrow with us
and now Master's lost it.
And as you know, Fadime isn't here.
- Where's the scarecrow, I want it!
- [screams]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [groaning]
Don't come in.
Don't come in. Don't. Not you.
Don't come in, don't! Don't come in!
Go away!
- Don't come in! Not you!
- Mustafa, cut it out!
Don't come in! Go away!
Don't come in, go away!
- I said cut that out now!
- Don't come in, go away!
- Shut it! Or the donkey dies.
- Don't hurt it, no!
The donkey is going to die because of you!
- It's gonna die! Do you hear me?!
- No! Don't hit my donkey!
The donkey is going to die!
- This donkey will die because of you!
- Don't hit the donkey!
- Grandma, hey!
- Stop hitting the donkey, I!
Papa! Papa!
That's enough!
Put his ties on.
I said tie him!
[Mustafa] The donkey!
[Mustafa gasping]
[Grandmother] Since you won't listen
and do what you're told,
you'll stay like that until you will!
Master, should I sing
Kiraz's song for you?
Uh, Kiraz!
K Kiraz.
Kiraz was a relative of mine in town.
She would sing a song
to the master that he loved.
Come here, come here, Master.
[sobbing] Kiraz!
[sings Turkish song]
I told you we should bring Fadime with us.
She knows how to handle all that.
She's cared for your father for years.
You just cast her aside.
You said that you would
find him a caretaker here.
- Well, where is she?!
- I will soon.
- So then when?
- As soon as possible.
And look
Asiye sang him a song and he calmed down.
You could try taking care of him
until I find someone, huh, Grandma?
[sorrowful music playing]
After all, he's your son.
He's my son, but he's your father.
Remember that.
[music continues]
[Peyami] Grandpa?
[Grandpa] Yes, my dear grandson?
[Peyami] What's in here?
Why is it locked?
[Grandpa] All of my secrets are in there.
And I locked it
so that even I could forget them.
And nothing would ever be revealed.
[Peyami] "I hereby relinquish the custody
of my son, Peyami Dokumacı,
born on May third, 1992,
to his grandfather."
"I declare that I will neither see him,
nor be involved in his life in any way."
"Kiraz Dokumacı."
"Mustafa's wedding, March '87."
[contemplative music playing]
Peyami, sir, I was just coming to see you.
What is it, Özden?
The agency sent a caregiver candidate
for the master.
She's over there in the living room.
- [Peyami] Will you hold this?
- Of course, sir.
Come in here, son.
So this young lady
is here for the caretaker position.
[Peyami] Hello, welcome.
I'm Peyami.
[woman] Hello, Peyami.
My name's Firuze.
A pleasure.
A pleasure.
[music fades out]
[sorrowful music playing]
[music fades out]
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