Terzi (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I'm sure they'll transfer you
to the Istanbul office, Faruk.
Really, they can't expect
us to live away from our daughter.
Sweetie, how come you're looking sad?
You're about to see
your fiancé, try and smile.
Our lives are about to improve
and she's moping.
Everything will be great, I'm telling you.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- This way, ma'am.
- Come in, please.
Ah, my sister and brother-in-law,
you didn't have to come down to the door.
Oh, what are you saying, Irini, dear?
Not even a red carpet is enough
for our daughter-in-law.
Aw, welcome, baby.
We're happy you're here.
Thank you, Aunt Lia.
She's not your aunt anymore. Mother.
Okay? Or Mama.
The big day is finally close.
We'll never have to be apart
from each other again.
We'll always be together.
And that's why I wanted our love nest
to be absolutely perfect.
This is our place.
I designed it all for you.
All of it.
This is the perfect love nest
for my wife and I.
What do you mean let go, huh?
Shh! Shh! Esvet is unhappy!
So, Esvet is unhappy!
My sweet, little Esvet
What do you mean let go, huh?
Huh? I wonder why?
Esvet needs some time to reflect.
- Huh? Why? What do you mean, let go?
- Let go, please let go! Let go!
Little Esvet is sad, huh?!
Little Esvet is not smiling.
Huh? Why not? Come here!
- Huh? Why not?
- No! Please!
Please, let go! Please!
Esvet needs more reflecting time. Huh?!
Yes, Esvet.
Esvet needs alone time.
To really think about all of this.
Your makeup is ruined.
Come on.
Let's fix it.
You're not even gonna ask?
No need.
I already know.
Mama, I can't marry him.
Please don't make me!
Come on! Come on.
Just pull yourself together!
You pull it together and get downstairs.
Don't make him wait,
he'll be even angrier.
Mama, please!
Come on!
Mama, please! Mama!
Mama! Mama!
Peyami Dokumaci's downstairs.
Imagine that.
It's a great moment in history.
Oh, my love.
Are you okay? Huh?
Come on. Come out.
Come on, now.
Yeah. middle-aged man,
mentally challenged.
But we need her full time
so she won't be able to have any days
- Suzi, quiet.
- Uh
Yes, a nondisclosure agreement
is vital for us.
That's right.
Okay, we'll be waiting for your call.
Yeah, sounds good. Thank you.
We won't need an NDA if you keep this up.
- Dimitri and his folks don't know.
- No one but you knows about it.
I'm sorry, Peyami.
All right, look, that person
doesn't exist. He's not real. All right?
So I guess the agency gave
you all the pertinent details.
Uh, uh, yes, that's right.
Uh, I work seven days a week.
- Mm-hm.
- With no time off.
- And?
- And
anything I see here,
regarding the client
and all that, will stay here.
And this arrangement's
not going to be a problem?
Please have a seat.
Please sign this document here.
But do understand
that this is a non-disclosure agreement,
and it does not in any way mean
that you are officially hired.
Use this while you're on the premises.
And I need you to hand over your phone.
Just to make sure
you don't take any pictures.
You can use it for calls if need be.
It flew! See how it flies, huh?
Papa! Papa!
Papa! Papa!
Don't come in.
Don't be scared.
Mustafa, there's someone here
who wants to meet you.
Go out to the garden.
The garden.
Kiraz. Kiraz.
You're really here?
I think you confuse me with someone else.
Who's this scarecrow you speak of?
A friend.
A play friend.
- Oh, very good.
- What?
- Uh, we could be friends too, if you like.
- Yes.
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Firuze.
- What is your name?
- Mustafa.
A pretty name.
And it's an absolutely perfect name.
And you know why it suits you?
Because Mustafa means the cleansed
as well as the chosen one.
Just like you.
Clean Mustafa.
Clean Mustafa. Clean Mustafa.
- Mustafa is clean.
- That's right. Correct.
Play. Play, friend.
Come, come, come, come, come.
Come on. Look what is over here.
Well, we can explain the rest later.
Good luck to you.
I swear I'm just about to lose it.
Where could she have gone,
do you think, Irini?
I have no idea, sis.
I don't think she has anywhere to go
she doesn't know anyone here!
Honest, brother-in-law.
Esvet really isn't
the type to run away like this.
Am I wrong, Faruk?
But she's gone.
And that's making
my poor Dimitriyaki very upset.
Oh, please.
Like he's never been upset before.
Good morning, my family!
Today's absolutely beautiful. Huh?
Come on!
Come on, join me! Huh?
Listen to this song!
What a great song, am I right? Huh?
Isn't it great for a wedding?
This is my wedding song with Esvet!
And our first dance will be,
well, um, to this one!
And check this out.
This is where
I'm gonna twirl Esvet.
Then I spin her, then I pull her in.
And her eyes will meet my own.
Our souls will entwine.
This is gonna be a spectacular dance.
I wish she were here.
So we could show you.
But I'm alone.
Just for now!
I'm sure she'll be back.
What do you think? Huh?
Don't you think that song's impressive?
Yes, I certainly do. It's it's great.
- Yes!
- It's gonna be great.
Better than great, come on!
It's gonna be awesome, really awesome!
Marika, tea!
Right away, sir.
An extraordinary table,
perfect for our guests.
So, let's hear it.
Did you sleep well?
Yes, we did, Son. Thank you.
Good. Hm.
So you slept like a log, is that right?
You couldn't get enough, huh?
Because of you, I couldn't
even get one minute of sleep.
Now where's your daughter, Irina, hmm?
And you, Faruk? Where is Esvet?
You have no idea.
But you slept, anyway. That's great.
No, Dimitri, Son, believe me,
we didn't sleep well either.
Oh, but Aunt Irina said that
you both slept really great.
Now, which one of you should we trust?
I was up checking my phone all night,
but she never called me.
So, you guys heard from her?
No, we tried calling, but same for us.
No, it wasn't the same for you.
You slept, didn't you?
Did you forget that, Auntie? Huh?
Maybe she's called you while
you were asleep. Let me
Dimitri, I said stop! Enough!
You are pathetic.
You're just like
a stray dog, it's pathetic.
You just growl at everyone
when you're hurting.
Tell me something I don't know.
We need to have a talk.
You know I'm not very chatty
in the mornings.
Now, in the evenings, or anytime.
I really don't care when.
But we still need to have a talk.
So talk.
Enjoy your meal.
You just wished her
good luck and that's it?
Without even a trial?
Do you think that it's wise?
He's already decided.
Didn't you see that?
He started singing his favorite
song as soon as he saw her.
What's it called? Ah, "Kiraz's Song."
If only songs and tunes were enough.
But, I mean, this girl reminds
him of something he likes.
That's the best approval
that Firuze could receive.
Okay, so be it, then.
But, when will you tell her
about the rest of the deal?
The rest?
That she will have to get married to him.
Vroom! Vroom!
Look. Look at this race car.
It's really pretty.
Yes. And I have a ship!
Captain Mustafa.
Captain Mustafa on a boat!
But where is the boat? Here.
Here, look, come, come, come, come.
Come, come, come, come. Here.
Here it is. Look, it's here, come
It hurts! It hurts!
Mustafa! Are you okay?
- Take it off!
- Okay, wait.
- I want this off.
- It's okay. You're okay.
Wait, just leave it.
Okay, just leave that, Mustafa, it's okay.
- Take this off! Take this off!
- It's okay.
I don't want it! I want this off.
She'll have to wash him like a child.
And she'll have to sleep
next to him in bed at night.
Mustafa, he won't know how
to keep his hands to himself,
so are you really not even concerned?
We can't allow him to indulge that sin.
You're laughing.
But you have no idea the troubles
we went through back in the day.
Our name and our reputation
were almost completely ruined.
She'll be the same.
And what then? You think
her signing an NDA will be enough?
But she can't say anything
if they're married.
They must get married,
to keep the family reputation intact.
Though, if you think she
won't go through with it,
there's the obvious option.
She doesn't have to accept anything,
and you really don't need
to look for a solution, Grandma.
You'll never get that to happen.
Madam! Master! Come quick!
I know it's only because he's chained.
- Why is that so hard to see?
- Take it off!
- The chain is hurting him. He's in pain.
- Take it off!
- Take it off, please.
- Take it off.
What's going on?
Miss Firuze wants me to unchain him.
I said no, but she wouldn't listen.
- Mr. Peyami, it's a discomfort for him.
- Papa.
- Papa.
- And it hurts him too.
Aren't you worried
about what could happen to him?
You can't just come in here and assume
you know what's better for him than I do.
No, that wasn't
how I meant it, ma'am. I just
Just do what you're told,
you got that, miss?
Stay out of things that don't concern you.
Just do what you're told.
Take it off! Take it off!
Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!
- Take it off! Take it off!
- The chain is why he's so agitated.
- He won't calm down unless it comes off.
- Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!
Take it off! Take it off!
Take it off! Take it off!
Take it off! Take it off!
Give the key to Miss Firuze.
- Master.
- You heard me, Kazım!
- Take it off!
- Mustafa.
- Take it off! Take it off!
- Mustafa, look, buddy. Look what I've got.
- Okay. Okay, calm down. It's okay.
- Take it off!
Come on, sit down, so we can take it off.
Come on. Come here. Sit down.
- Sit down. Sit. Sit.
- Take it off! Take it off.
- Okay. It's okay,
- Take this thing off.
- Shhh.
- Take it off. I want it off.
- Mustafa. It's okay.
- Take it off.
- Let's take this off
- Kazım.
- so it doesn't hurt your foot anymore.
- Yes, master?
Did they find the scarecrow yet?
They can't find it, master.
I guess Master Mustafa hid it somewhere.
I want you to tell them
they must keep looking for it.
- Of course, master.
- the hurt will go away soon.
- Good job.
- Okay. Okay.
Mustafa, Good job, Mustafa.
Take it off!
Take it off! Take it off!
Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!
The donkey will die!
The donkey will die! It will die!
- Your feet are okay, right?
- They're okay, now. They're fine.
- They won't hurt now.
- They won't hurt, yes.
Yeah, that's right,
they won't hurt anymore.
- Mustafa.
- We don't need those chains, right?
Never, ahh, yes.
Look how beautiful
the clouds are, look.
The clouds.
Oh, wow!
Look how beautiful
the clouds are. See them?
Look. Look, look at the clouds.
Come look.
It's so nice to be able to look at them.
Well? Have you thought about what you did?
I have, ma'am. Please let me out.
Well then.
Apologize to your friend.
I won't.
Look what you've done to her hair.
But she said nobody would adopt me!
She said I would never have parents!
She's right.
Nobody would want a bad girl like you.
Do you understand?
You'll stay here until you see sense.
Miss Katerina is a lively girl.
Hm. God bless her.
But we're not looking for a doll.
Are we, Faruk?
What's your name?
You're it!
Come on, let's go.
We didn't come out to the yard
just to sit here, right?
Come on. You're it.
Ah, he can.
He can, he can catch you.
He's going to kill me, Salim, isn't he?
You have got to be kidding me!
I really wish I was.
- Good morning, Mr. Peyami.
- Good morning, Sema.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
I'll take that.
Good morning. Welcome.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Is everything okay with you?
Not really.
But it soon will be.
At least he liked the new caregiver.
What caregiver?
Did they send someone over already?
- I thought you knew.
- No.
How can they expect
to do business like that?
Do you think this person can be trusted?
Mustafa liked her.
Is the wedding dress ready?
How did this happen?
It's all my fault.
I was trying to hurry.
As I set it on the mannequin, it ripped.
I'm so sorry.
Just say the word,
and I'll resign right away.
I have to remeasure.
Schedule another fitting.
This is the kitchen.
This is where the staff have their meals.
Hey there, Asiye.
Me, Kazım, Asiye, and now with you,
the four of us make up the entire staff.
And this is your room.
If your luggage is still by
the front door, I can have it brought up.
Well, ummm,
actually it was stolen at the bus station.
- I was only gone two minutes
- I'm sorry to hear that.
I'll inform Mr. Peyami then
that you'll be requiring some new clothes.
I'll arrange something in the meantime.
- Thank you.
- Okay. Moving on.
And here is the upper floor,
where you'll find Mr. Peyami's workshop.
Going up there is strictly forbidden.
You must also keep Mustafa
from going up there, as well.
Is that understood?
Mr. Peyami doesn't like noise,
but especially while he's working,
he wants to be left in complete silence.
And it'll be your job to keep
Mustafa from disrupting that.
Huh? Oh, yes, yes.
Mistress Sülün.
I was giving Firuze here a tour.
You can finish that later.
It's time to have a little chat.
Firuze and me alone.
Come here, Miss Firuze.
Look, I don't want to beat around
the bush. I'd rather be direct with you.
And so, they told you you got the job,
but you weren't informed
about what it takes to look after Mustafa.
Uh, yes ma'am. Özden, she said Asiye
Asiye can't tell you about this.
Only I can fill you in, my dear.
Now, Firuze, you'll be responsible
for everything related to his well-being.
From what he eats and drinks,
to his hygiene
and telling him when to shower.
It's all on you.
It's like caring for a little boy.
But you have to remember
that he's an adult.
You can imagine how that's difficult.
Even though Mustafa
has the mind of a child, he's still
all grown up.
You understand this, right?
Yeah, sure.
Let's talk traditions.
You'll have to become part
of our family, that's our custom.
Which means that in the presence of God,
you'll need to be married to each other.
- Like, on paper?
- Correct.
The job is yours,
but only if you're willing
to be part of our family,
and observe our traditions.
We can't force you to do it.
If you're not interested, fine.
We will find someone else who will agree.
Here we are. This is our house.
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
Come. Let me show you your room.
Look. This is Umut.
Am I going to sleep in here with him?
He's your brother now.
You'll be taking care of him.
But I can't take care of him.
He scares me.
Then we'll send you back.
And get another child
who's not scared to take care of him.
Ah! Oh, Firu! Firu, come! Yeah, come!
Come, let's climb on the ship
and sail together.
Come, come see.
And this goes here. And this one goes
- Mr. Peyami, welcome.
- Thank you.
- Please, may I?
- No need to, thank you.
Peyami, dear. Thank goodness you're here.
Dimitri is not okay.
You seem to be the only one he listens to.
What? Did something happen?
He didn't tell you, already?
What happened?
You sure?
From where I'm sitting,
it doesn't look like nothing.
- Esvet.
- Mm-hm.
She's gone.
She left me.
How come?
I'm not sure.
Seriously, I swear. Nothing happened.
I love her, Peyami.
Please believe me.
I really can't take this.
That's why I hurt.
I need Esvet.
Her love means everything.
I need her affection, man.
To turn me into somebody
that's way better.
That's why it's up to me.
I have to find her.
I have to find Esvet.
I looked everywhere she's likely to be,
hospitals, hotels,
but no, nothing, she's just gone!
Maybe you should just
give her some time, Dimitri.
How much time, Peyami?
My wedding's in two weeks,
you tell me, "Give her time"?!
All right, well, it still seems to me
that she needs some time alone.
I love her!
What don't you understand?
I don't want to live without her.
I have to find her.
Maybe she's confused.
That's it, yeah. I I'll bet
it's all this wedding pandemonium!
She's not thinking straight,
I'm sure of it!
Now she's all confused!
I'll have to find her.
She'll look into my eyes,
remember that the two
of us are meant to be together.
I just have to find her.
Help me find her, Peyami.
Come on. You're the only one I can trust.
Peyami, we're blood brothers.
We gave our word to each other, Peyami.
- Please, Peyami. Please, help
- Dimitri!
Just let it rest a day or two.
That's all.
A few days.
If she hasn't returned,
we'll search for her together
if she doesn't show up.
I promise.
So you agree with Dad then?
That I don't deserve her.
And that I'm not worthy of anyone.
I'm going to find her.
If it takes searching every street
in Istanbul,
I will look everywhere for her,
and I will find her!
And when I find her
I'll remind her who I am.
Didn't Özden tell you
that coming up here was forbidden?
She did, actually, but I
- Um
- What is it?
There's something I need to talk about.
Basically, I really
don't wanna get married.
Get married?
Your grandmother said
that if I wanted to stay here,
the position requires
that I get married to him.
I mean, I would really like to stay here,
and I'd love to look after him,
but I can't do that.
Miss Firuze,
Don't worry about that,
it won't be necessary.
My grandmother means well,
but she's from a different generation.
So there must have been
a misunderstanding.
I apologize on her behalf.
You can trust me on this.
Yes, of course, I know.
I'm sorry for interrupting your work.
Wait a second.
Would you mind putting this on?
You can change in here.
It's for the fiancée
of a very dear friend of mine.
I haven't finished it yet,
but you don't seem to like it very much.
It's beautiful, really.
I'll put it on.
Allow me.
Turn around, please.
Are you all right?
I am.
Thank you, Peyami.
The wedding dress,
would you like to wear it?
Me? But
That's right.
Try it. I'm curious to see
how it would look on you.
Go on.
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