Terzi (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[person breathing laboriously]
[person coughing]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
Miss Firuze, are you okay?
- I am.
- Do you need anything?
[gasps] No, thank you.
Papa Peyam.
[Peyami] Why are you here?
Why aren't you in your room?
Mustafa had a horrible dream.
A scary dream.
Mustafa was sca
Tailor papa.
Tailor papa.
- Look, these are balls, marbles.
- Don't touch them!
- Stop playing with that! Put it down!
- There are marbles here.
- Stop, don't touch!
- Look, a needle.
- Hey! Don't touch!
- A pair of scissors here!
- Hey, give me those! That's dangerous.
- Cut, cut, cut, cut.
- Give them to me, you'll hurt someone.
- No, I won't. No.
Someone might get hurt. Give them to me.
- Please, give me those!
- No, I won't. I won't.
- [Esvet] Mustafa?
- Oh, Firuze.
What are you doing up here?
Whoa, and what do you have in your hand?
- No, don't approach him! Easy!
- [Mustafa] Yes, yes, look!
Give me those, Mustafa.
I won't. Mustafa will do cutty-cut.
Tailor Mustafa
will do cutty-cut like this.
- Look.
- Let go, hey, let go.
Peyami, sir? It looks like Mustafa doesn't
really want to play with me anymore.
- So will you play with me?
- Play?
Well, yes, obviously you don't want
to play with me, Mustafa.
- So, I guess I'll play with Peyami.
- Ahhh, no!
I want to! Let's play!
I want to play with you!
- Well, all right.
- All right.
Mustafa wants to play with me after all,
is that all right, Peyami?
- But first, we need to put these away.
- Yeah, put it down.
You put it down.
- Let's go downstairs, and we'll play.
- Oh, so we're gonna play!
- Yeah, okay. Go play. Go on.
- Oh! Oh!
I will crawl.
Hey, Firu-Firuze,
do you know that
Mustafa had a very horrible dream?
[Esvet] What was it, Mustafa?
[Esvet and Mustafa chatter indistinctly]
[melancholic music playing]
[man] I see, Gökhan.
- [sighs]
- They've got nothing?
Nothing yet. And she's not in Ankara.
[Lia sighs]
Where could she be, Ari?
All her life, she's lived with Irini,
and she's never been anywhere else.
She has no one and nowhere to run to.
And yet, Esvet still ran away.
She'd rather be miserable on the streets
than have to put up with your awful son.
Honey, I don't know what you expect.
Don't you see how depressed he is?
He's distraught.
I don't give a damn about that boy, Lia.
My only concern is for Esvet.
And you should worry too,
about what's going to happen
if Esvet is not found.
[slow, dramatic music]
[music fades out]
Here it comes, here it comes.
- Stay still, you silly.
- Here it comes, here it comes.
Mustafa is silly.
Here it is, here it is, here it is.
- There you go! [Mustafa giggles]
- [quiet, upbeat music playing]
Take that, silly!
[giggling] Silly.
No, wait!
Let me show you how to freeze, okay?
See, now I need to be unfrozen.
- [giggling] Now, it's your turn [grunts]
- Freeze!
- That's it. Look how good you're doing.
- I'm good at the freeze.
Clean Mustafa!
- That's right, you're the cleanest!
- That's right!
Keep on holding up your arms like that.
- Mustafa is very clean.
- And it's off!
- Yes. Mustafa will be very clean.
- So clean! Very clean!
- Mustafa will be very clean.
- It's off.
- [melancholic music playing]
- [Mustafa giggles]
So very clean, very clean!
Yes, Mustafa is clean.
Good job, Mustafa.
Let's get you dressed
before you get sick. Come.
[music fades out]
[faint religious choir music playing]
[in Greek] My Lord.
I know I have sinned.
And I've ignored many sins.
But you know I am doing everything I can
to atone for them.
Give me another chance
to make it right.
Let Esvet be found
before things get worse
between my dear Dimitri and his father.
[in Greek] Oh, Sister, dear.
I was filled with hope
as soon as you lit that candle.
So, we'll tell the owner
that we agree on the terms
that they've outlined,
following the approval
of the New York City council.
You agree, Peyami?
- [Peyami] Dimitri?
- [Dimitri] Huh?
What do you think? Do you agree so far?
- Anything to add?
- Fine.
We're not celebrating?
[Dimitri laughs]
Sure, no problem.
Yes, but let's not do it today.
You know how things are at home.
Probably not smart to leave
my grandma alone for too long.
You're right.
Well, tell you what?
We'll go there! Huh?
So, I can see Sülün as well.
I miss her cooking.
What do you say? It's a great plan.
Good, huh? All right?
Tonight we'll come to your place.
That's perfect. Bye. Later.
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[music fades out]
I'll bring the Mad Master's
meal right away.
This is it.
A beautiful drawing of our house.
Papa is there.
Did you live in this house in Kars?
Are there any trees around it?
'Cause we could draw those.
There were trees.
- Yes, there were big, tall trees.
- Yeah.
- Well, let's draw those, come on.
- Let's draw, let's draw.
- Give me the doo-doo color.
- [chuckling] Here, it's poopy.
The tree is colored like poo, huh?
That's very beautiful.
- It is, isn't it, Firuze?
- Yeah, very beautiful.
Yes it is.
- No. Hey, please, only on your drawing.
- [giggling]
On your face.
- No, wait, don't. No drawing on my face.
- On your face. Your face, on your face.
Draw on that paper.
- Mustafa! No! No! That's enough.
- On your face! On your face!
- [Mustafa] Yes, on your face! Yes!
- [Esvet] Not on my face.
- [Mustafa] I will! Yes!
- [Esvet] No way. No, not on my face.
No, no, yes, yes, I will, I will, come on.
All right, Mustafa.
- Okay, let's get up.
- Hey, Papa Peyam.
Peyam's here, look.
Look, I drew a house, look, see?
Mr. Peyami.
We were just drawing.
I know.
I have some very important guests
arriving soon.
I know you and I
already had this conversation,
but I wanted to remind you
[solemn music playing]
No one should be aware that he's here.
He should not leave the room
until all the guests leave.
I don't want to hear him at all.
Is that understood?
Yes, don't worry.
[Asiye] Master Peyami.
I didn't know you were here, too.
I'm here to give the Mad Master his meal.
- I promise you, there won't be any issues.
- Great.
I trust you.
[music fades out]
Hey. What are you looking at?
Take this tray, will you?
He told you to be careful.
- Mad Master, are you hungry?
- Uhh.
- [Mustafa] Num-num is here.
- Here we go.
- Make sure that he's full.
- [Mustafa] Num-num is here.
- Just ignore the empty tray for the night.
- [Mustafa] Num-num.
You must not leave the Mad Master's
side. So don't worry about the tray.
I'll come back later to get it.
God, I hope nothing goes wrong
while they're here.
You can't imagine the constant drama.
It wouldn't matter
if we were having regular guests,
but when it's the great Ari
and his family,
Madam is even going to cook everything!
That's how important they are.
- Both for Master Peyami and the lady.
- [slow, dramatic music playing]
I'm telling you,
do not let him out of your sight.
Okay? Seriously, I'm begging you.
Ya got it?
- Just be extra careful. Bye.
- [Mustafa] Firu. Firu, Firu.
Give num-num, num-num.
I'm hungry. Mustafa is hungry.
What did you say is wrong with your girl?
[Irini] She's a bit under the weather.
[Lia] She has a migraine, no big deal.
That sounds like wedding jitters.
[Ari] Probably.
It's one lie after another.
[continues laughing]
Lia, Irini, and Father dearest.
She doesn't really have
a headache, Aunt Sülün.
She ran away.
And yes,
she was escaping me.
Am I wrong, Father, huh?
Your good-for-nothing son
screwed this up, too, right?
And you, despite being such a great guy,
are attempting to cover up this epic fail.
Bad form.
I think it's time we take our leave.
We don't want to over-stay our welcome.
[Mustafa] See, now I am embarrassing him.
Aunt Sülün, Peyami's father,
I know he passed away a long time ago,
God rest his soul,
uh, was Peyami's grandpa,
was he embarrassed of him?
Dimitri, stop.
You see, Peyami wouldn't embarrass anyone.
That's why he's the favorite.
Don't you think so, Father? Huh?
Dimitri. Quit it.
[inhales deeply]
Do you agree as well?
Are you embarrassed?
Should you stay away from me?
Dimitri, why are you doing this?
Bet you can guess
what my aunt will say when I ask her.
What do you believe, huh?
- Is that why she ran?
- No, Dimitri, no. How can you say that?
So, wait a minute.
That means dad is wrong?
[chuckling] Oh my god, look at her face!
She doesn't know what to say to me.
[continues laughing] She looks at me,
then looks at my dad, back and forth.
She can't decide who to support!
[continues laughing]
Ah, well, look who are we talking about?
Don't worry, Auntie.
[clears throat]
If this wedding doesn't happen,
I'm sure it will crush you
as much as it will crush me.
[whispering loudly]
I get why they're worried.
If the wedding doesn't happen,
they'll go home broke.
- [Ari] Enough, Dimitri! Stop this!
- [Dimitri] Am I wrong?
- [somber piano music playing]
- Huh?
If the wedding doesn't happen
they'll be penniless, right?
Gotta crack eggs if you want an omelet.
[Dimitri chuckles]
How about we get some fresh air?
Are you crazy, it's freezing.
[Peyami] Let's go.
- Come on.
- [sniffs]
- [Dimitri sighs]
- Let's go.
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[Irini] May I use the restroom, please?
[Lia] Of course.
[Faruk] I'll come with you.
[music fades out]
- [Dimitri exhales deeply]
- What are you doing? Huh?
What am I doing?
You said get some air.
So, I'm getting some air.
Are you gonna keep behaving like this,
or are we gonna talk
about what's really bothering you?
[Dimitri scoffs]
Acting out like that, pissing your father
off won't get you anywhere.
You need to stop it.
That won't help you find Esvet.
So, what will, Peyami? Huh?
How do I get her? Explain it.
Because you seem to know everything.
What'll it take?
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[Irini] That boy is making fun of us.
I can't stand this anymore. I just can't!
[Faruk] All right, Irini, relax,
or your blood pressure will spike.
[Irini] It's already high, Faruk!
It's already high!
[Faruk] Take this. Here.
I just can't stand it. I can't bear him.
Doesn't she even care about us?
If I just knew where she was,
I'd throw her at the feet of Dimitri!
God only knows where she disappeared.
[dramatic music playing]
[Mustafa] Firuze.
Mustafa. Stars. Star.
[Dimitri] I can't get her out of my mind.
She's there constantly.
I can't forget about her.
[Dimitri] I don't know, Peyami.
I'm utterly confused.
- Musta
- [Dimitri] I'm gonna lose it.
[Peyami] What's going through your mind?
[Mustafa] Firu?
Who is that?
- Baby?
- [gasps]
Papa? Is that what he said?
- [Faruk] Baby?
- [Esvet] Papa.
- Baby, what are you doing here?
- Papa.
[Irini] Faruk!
Papa, please, I'm begging you.
Faruk. Why did you sneak away?
What are you doing? Seriously?
You look like you've seen a ghost.
Did something happen?
[melancholic music playing]
Something happened. Yes.
We were humiliated, Irini.
[Mustafa] Ah! Dropped it!
[Mustafa whimpers]
[music fades out]
You're looking for your dad? Huh?
Don't worry. It's okay.
Tell me, who's your father?
Peyami. Papa Peyam.
Mustafa's daddy.
- Who is this little man, Peyami?
- [slow, dramatic music playing]
[Asiye] Oh! Brother! Oh!
How did you manage
to get all the way out here?
Master Peyami, please forgive us.
[Mustafa] Papa.
[Asiye] I I really have no idea
how this boy got out. Come on!
Back to our room.
We shouldn't bother
Master Peyami and his friend.
Papa Peyam. Papa Peyami.
We went over this. Peyami's too young!
He can't be.
He's obviously really confused.
Come now, brother.
Master Peyami, please forgive us.
- Come on, let's go to your room.
- [Mustafa] Papa Peyam.
Wait a second.
You forgot this.
[Mustafa] Hey, look, look.
Look, Firu, it is here,
and it takes the chocolate.
- [Asiye] Thank you, Mr. Dimitri.
- Yeah.
- [Asiye] Come on, my dear brother. Come.
- I take the chocolates.
- Look, it's here!
- [Asiye] Come on, my dear brother.
- Come, come. All right, come on.
- It's here. Did you see it?
Look how cute he is.
I dropped it.
[Dimitri chuckles]
As usual, our beloved Peyami
is there for the underdog,
and he's even become a dad, huh?
[Dimitri chuckles]
But he really is like
a little kid, huh? Poor guy.
Who knows, maybe he's happier than we are.
It's getting cold.
I'm goin' in.
[music fades out]
So the bride runs away
just before the wedding.
She's obviously a smart girl.
A child who embarrasses their parents
isn't any good to anyone.
I hope God gives that family patience.
Raising a son like that is very trying.
You're being tested too, don't you think?
Though it is you
who chose him to be your friend.
The nature of my test is very different.
[solemn music playing]
- [Mustafa] Papa Peyam.
- How come he was out there?!
I thought you understood!
I asked you specifically
not to let him out of your sight!
- [Esvet] You did.
- [Peyami] But they saw him!
Do you have any idea what sort
of situation that puts me in?!
If Asiye didn't show up and save the day,
who knows what would've happened!
Mr. Peyami, I am so sorry.
I mean, it was really just a minute.
But it wasn't even supposed
to be even a second!
- Is this some game to you?!
- Of course not.
Then how could you let him get out?!
Your only job is to watch him!
So why weren't you doing your job?!
- Just tell me why!
- Don't yell! Stop!
Get out! Don't scold her! Get out!
Just shut up!
- Go away, bad papa, go away!
- Mustafa, we're just playing a game.
- He isn't scolding. Don't worry.
- Go away! Bad papa!
- No, it's a game, Mustafa, it's okay.
- Would you shut him up?
- Go away! Stop yelling, no!
- You need to be quiet! Shut up!
- No, stop yelling!
- [Esvet] Mustafa, stop!
No, stop yelling! No, stop yelling!
- Bad papa, go away! Bad papa, go away!
- [slow, dramatic music playing]
- Master, stop. I'm begging you, stop!
- Stop yelling at me! No!
- Just stop!
- Bad papa!
Bad papa!
- Stop! What do you think you're doing?!
- No!
You leave the house
first thing in the morning.
[whimpering][ No, no, please.
Please, don't leave, please.
[cane tapping on floor]
[Mustafa whimpers
and chatters indistinctly]
Welcome, sir.
I'm fine.
Your coat, sir.
[Dimitri sighs]
Father is angry.
[Dimitri chuckles]
[Ari groans]
Well, we're off to bed.
Right, Faruk?
Good night, Dimitri. Sister, good night.
[Dimitri] Mr. Faruk?
[tense music playing]
What's wrong, huh?
I do something? [chuckling]
Are we cool?
Of course, Dimitri. Why wouldn't we be?
I don't know.
You didn't even say
good night to your son-in-law.
Sorry, I was a bit preoccupied.
- Have a good night.
- Huh.
Good night.
[in Greek] Good night.
[sorrowful music playing]
- [sighs]
- [music fades out]
Mr. Peyami?
I wanted to say again how sorry I am.
I just feel horrible
putting you in this predicament.
That's not necessary.
Look, if you're trying to stay
This has nothing to do with that.
I want you to know that I feel for you.
Because I know how it is, and why you
want to keep him hidden from the world.
[breathes deeply]
Really it's been a pleasure to watch him.
And to know you.
But thanks for everything.
[sorrowful music playing]
[breathes deeply]
[music fades out]
[ship horn blows]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[loud thud]
How many times have I told you
not to disturb me when I'm in here?!
Salim and the guys await instructions.
When have I ever allowed
someone else to sew for Belgin?!
All right,
but we're out of time, you know?
Go, Suzi. Let me work!
I said leave, get out!
[breathing fast]
[puts needle on album]
[classical music playing]
- But sister
- Don't give me that crap.
When all of this was your doing.
Telling me "She must sure love Dimitri."
And what's worse, making me think
she wants to get married to him,
when the truth is
she was really plotting to run away.
But her own mother, was none the wiser.
Or she told you, but you kept it from me.
Sister, I swear,
I really didn't realize it.
Well, you should have realized it.
While I've been trying
to get those two married,
and get your husband a good job,
and make your life easier,
you should have at least
handled that, Irini!
Pray they find your daughter.
Or you can't come back,
not for the rest of your life.
And your husband will be shunned.
And not only will he lose
his job in Ankara,
he won't be able to find a job anywhere.
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[music fades out]
[cell phone vibrates]
- Papa?
- [Faruk] Baby.
I've been worried sick about you.
All hell broke loose here, sweetie.
You didn't say anything to anyone, right?
No, baby, I didn't,
but, Esvet, what are you doing?
Tell me, what's going on?
I'll tell you everything,
but it has to be in person.
[tense music playing]
Okay, I'm on my way now.
[exhales deeply]
It's time to reunite with my fiancée.
Go ahead.
[dramatic music plays]
You and I'll talk later, Faruk.
[breathing fast]
[car horn honks]
[car horn honks]
What the hell? Hey, excuse me!
[breathing fast]
[melancholic music playing]
[music fades out]
[sorrowful music playing]
[music fades out]
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