Terzi (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Oh, my darling.
God, I missed you, babe.
You're covered in sweat.
Why did you run away for so long?
Not again. Huh?
Come on, let's go home.
Let go of me!
You have a fiancé,
and we have a wedding to attend.
- No Dimitri, let go!
- I said come on!
Help! Someone!
Esvet! Esvet!
- Esvet!
- Hey, what's going on?
Where do you think you're going?!
This attitude of yours
is merely caused by fear.
Yes, it is caused by fear.
The fear I have to endure
to have what I love forever.
Maybe you wouldn't even look at my face.
Maybe you would make fun of my love.
Hello, madam.
What's this about, Firuze?
Mrs. Sülün, I
Yes? What is it?
Well, if your offer still stands,
then I
I'll marry Mustafa if you want me to.
I swear I'm telling the truth!
I just went so I could
convince her to return!
I swear it, Dimitri, my boy!
This guy's been lying through his teeth
with the same story all day long!
And if the lies don't stop,
then I'll personally rip out his throat!
Ari, come on, please, listen to me.
He doesn't want to believe me, but
all I wanted was to bring her back here!
If that's the truth,
Then why did you sneak out of here?
You could have told me
or Dimitri before you left.
Bravo, Mama!
That's a good question, but he's already
come up with an answer for that!
Go on, see if they'll believe it.
Tell 'em!
She asked me to come alone,
she begged me, in fact.
And I was worried she would get scared
and run away if she saw you,
- which is what happened!
- Tell me the truth now, where is Esvet?!
- I don't know, Dimitri!
- Bullshit!
Yesterday was the first time
she called! I swear
- But you do and you knew all along!
- Stop it!
What were you planning to do
if I hadn't showed up?
Were you just gonna
take your daughter and leave?!
- I swear, I was trying to bring her back!
- Stop lying to me, Farouk!
- Stop lying! Stop lying to me!
- Son, please!
- Stop lying to me!
- Lia, stop this!
- Dimitri, don't!
- Speak! Tell me where Esvet is!
- Stop! Please, I don't know!
- Where is Esvet? Tell me, dammit!
- That's enough!
- I've had enough of his lying!
- Now where is she, dammit?!
- I said that's enough!
He said he doesn't know!
Now this is your uncle!
Yeah?! Is he?!
This piece of shi!
Get the hell out!
- Son.
- It's fine!
- Faruk!
- Let him run away!
Sir, I see you've started
to grow on Osman and he trusts you.
I hope he's told you a few things tonight.
Well, not really.
He seemed upset about something.
Which was unusual.
He took in his daughter and grandkid.
I'm guessing to help
with treating the child's illness.
Though I don't think
he can afford the operation.
- And no one else has been to the house?
- Nope, nobody.
And still no information
yet regarding Miss Kiraz.
Well, just keep staking
the house out, all right?
Yes, of course, sir.
Help! Someone!
How are you?
Are you cold?
I have something to ask you.
Have you seen a tall, dark haired
beautiful girl around here?
And I mean gorgeous.
Never mind.
Eat your food, we'll talk about it later.
Peyami? May I come in?
Is everything all right?
It's okay, it's fine.
I have good news for you.
Well, if you couldn't wait for breakfast
it must be important, hm?
Yes, it's very important.
And I wanted you to hear it from me,
before you found out yourself.
I have decided to rehire Firuze.
You rehired her?
I thought you said that she wasn't good.
Not to mention the big mistake she made.
- What changed?
- You were right.
What we think isn't important.
Mustafa was obsessed with Firuze.
For the whole day after she left,
he just called out her name.
He was devastated.
And I've warned her appropriately.
She regrets it.
It was a mistake.
It doesn't matter.
If she did it once, she'll do it again.
I think that she's learned
her lesson entirely this time.
And I told her
that we would allow her
to have one more chance here.
Papa would agree.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Did you talk to Dimitri?
I didn't think I had to
since you're meeting. Do you want me to?
No, it's okay.
Is it your dad, again?
The agency is sending
two more candidates tomorrow.
Don't worry,
I'll help with the interviews.
No need. Firuze is back.
Don't ask, Suzi, come on.
cannot be reached
at the moment. Please, try again later.
Still nothing?
Well, are you happy now, Faruk?
Lia, I never intended for this to happen.
I'll tell you,
I am really sorry that it did.
Lia, just ease up.
Mr. Peyami is here, sir.
Show him in.
- Welcome, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Hi there!
- Welcome, Suzi.
- Ari, hello.
- Welcome, Peyami.
- Thank you, Lia.
- Peyami, dear.
Please. Come in.
- Thank you.
- Come in.
- That sure looks good.
- Hi there.
Oh, please, enjoy your meal.
Sorry to interrupt. I thought we should
take Dimitri with us to the meeting.
Come on in, Son, sit down.
Dimitri's not home.
He's not home?
I'm here, I'm here,
I'm back, everything's all right.
But I have to postpone the meeting
until tomorrow.
I'm really sorry.
And I didn't miss breakfast yet?
It must be my lucky day.
Come on now, have a seat.
Go on.
Welcome, Suzi.
Nini, put extra plates out
for our guests.
Absolutely, ma'am.
A plate put out for me as well.
That's great.
It's just a little bit shocking.
Yesterday, the family
was pretty stressed.
As you can imagine, because
this household thrives on stress.
But yesterday,
it got serious, for real.
Huh, Faruk, buddy?
See, he snuck out to meet with Esvet.
So me and him got into it.
I think my uncle has been
Well, sorry, my almost father-in-law,
is keeping a secret, and he knows
full well where Esvet is now.
But my father doesn't happen to agree.
Now that's a surprise.
So, uh, who do you believe
is correct, Peyami?
I think that if Faruk knew where
his daughter was, she'd be here with us.
So, you also believe he doesn't know.
Why wouldn't he tell us
if he knew, Son?
Esvet is just being
a spoiled brat, that's all.
If we knew where she was,
we would be the first ones to ask her
what she thinks she's doing, right, Faruk?
That's right. Do you think we are not
upset with her for running away?
Hey, give me that bread.
Look how she put all of us
in this predicament.
That's what I'd tell her
if I just had the chance.
Oh, come on, Faruk.
I really don't even buy it.
Ah. Thank you, very much.
Medium rare?
That's right, sir, just like you asked.
That's great.
Well, see ya later.
Son, where are you going with that?
He's very depressed, Peyami, dear.
Can't you try to talk to him?
Good boy. You're such a good boy.
Isn't that right?
What's his name? Count again?
No, then he wouldn't live too long.
And Count was a legend.
- This is Buddy.
- Hi Buddy.
So, are you replacing me with him?
- Your suit's gonna get messy, isn't it?
- Ah, shut it.
Here, Buddy.
Where'd you find him?
In the park last night.
Where I saw Esvet.
We were this close, Peyami.
You know, I could smell her, man.
Then suddenly, poof, she was gone.
You know what hurt me
even more than her running?
Was how she looked at me.
So afraid.
And her father was lying.
If you're positive
I am.
Hey, you know what they do to liars?
"Liars get tarred, boys!"
How many times do I have to tell you
not to bring this mutt in here, huh?
- How many times?
- Count.
- Come again?
- He's not a mutt.
His name is Count.
- I didn't bring him.
- Oh, really?
Then who left all this food here
for this mutt?
First you steal our food,
then feed your dog with it?
We didn't.
I guess he took it by himself.
Are you two mocking me?
- Of course not. Would I ever do that?
- Listen to me.
Now, you stop playing games.
Admit to what you've done!
We didn't do it, sir.
So, you're just
gonna keep on lying, then?
Do you boys know what they do to liars?
All liars all get tarred, boys.
What are you planning to do, man?
don't act impulsively.
I'm right here,
you can talk to me, Dimitri.
We could tail Faruk and see where it leads
or we could walk every
street until we locate her.
So just please talk to me about it first.
Maybe Dimitri is right.
Maybe Faruk really is lying.
I mean do you actually believe him?
How could you possibly trust him?
She could have learned something here.
What if Daddy and Daughter
are on to something?
We can't have any peace
while that time bomb of a girl
is running around here, Lia.
We have to find her.
Come on, Lia. Get out.
Oh, my baby.
Please forgive me.
I couldn't fall asleep.
Peyami, sir
Um, well, I just wanted
you know to say thank you
for allowing me to come back here.
I'm not the one you should be thanking.
My grandmother
was the one who hired you back.
- Good night.
- And Dimitri?
Uh, that's the name of your friend
who was here that night, uh, Dimitri?
Have you seen him since that night,
and was everything all right?
Well, he saw your father
because of my error.
I just wondered if he suspected anything,
or if there were problems?
No there weren't.
I have decided to rehire Firuze.
Your heart has transcended everything
that it once deemed important,
and has taken up the lead.
All that's left for you
is to see and accept it.
Welcome, Miss Suzan.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Have a great day.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- This is great.
- Great job.
Hello. Mithat, good morning.
Hello, Miss Suzan. I'm calling
about the caregiver position.
Oh, you're calling
about Firuze, am I right?
Uh, what do you mean, Firuze?
Firuze, you know?
The girl you guys sent over.
No, I think there's a misunderstanding.
I'm calling because we can't find
a caregiver who agrees to your conditions.
I'm here. I'm here!
- Wake up. I'm here. Get up!
- Mustafa.
Get up, play with me, get up.
- Okay, Mustafa, just a second.
- We can play a game, yes.
We can play tag. Come on, get up now.
- Okay. Okay, hang on.
- Get up, come! Let's play tag.
Get up, get up. Get up.
- You're it! You're it!
- All right.
You're it!
Hey, get back here, wait.
- Firu is it!
- Mustafa, easy.
Mustafa, where are you going?
- You can't catch me, Firu!
- Mustafa, hang on! No, Mustafa.
We're not allowed up there.
Please come back down here, okay?
You can't You can't catch me!
- You're it, Firu.
- No Mustafa. It'll make Papa upset.
Papa won't get upset.
- No, come on, come, come.
- Mustafa.
- Would you stop?
- Come on, come. Firu is it, you're it.
Papa's tailoring room.
- Papa's here.
- Mustafa! Stop, what are you doing?!
- No, no, Peyami likes it organized!
- But look at these right here.
Do you see?
See, these are pointy needles.
- Wow, cutty-cutty.
- No!
Stop, I'm not playing, You know how angry
Peyami gets when you play with those?
Nah-ah. Papa doesn't get angry.
- Yes he will if he catches you playing.
- No.
- Aaah. Finders keepers, finders keepers.
- Come on, let's go downstairs. Hey, hey!
- Mustafa, what are you doing?
- It's all right. It's all right.
Mustafa's wedding, March '87.
What's in here?
Here, look.
Whoa, Mustafa's missing, he's missing.
Where's Mustafa?
Where's Mustafa? Where is he?
Ah-ha, a dress, a bride.
You try it on. Try it. Come on.
Yes, you try, you try, Firu try.
I can't. I can't.
- Come, wear it, wear it, yes.
- No.
- Yes, come wear it, bride.
- Hey, no, Musta
Come where it, yes, yes.
See? This is so pretty!
You bride, wear it, wear it!
- Go on.
- Mustafa, let's go, now.
- Try it on. Wear it. So pretty. Now.
- Come here, Mustafa.
Come on, wear it.
- I said let's go, now.
- Wear it, yes.
- You should try it on.
- We should go downstairs right now.
Mustafa, stop it, right now!
Now come on!
Firu's angry.
Firu's angry with me.
Firu's angry.
She doesn't wear the dress.
- She will wear it! She will.
- Mustafa.
- It's okay. It's okay, Mustafa, wait!
- She should put it on. she should wear it.
- She should wear it. Wear it.
- Fine. Will that make you happy?
Yay, yay! She will wear it.
She will wear it.
She will be very pretty, right? She will.
Sir, will you be having
breakfast this morning?
No, I won't be staying long, Özden.
You are so pretty.
You are a very beautiful bride.
- Look how pretty you are.
- Are you happy, Mustafa?
I hope this is enough.
I'm taking this off,
and we'll go downstairs.
- Hey! No way, no, no, no! Dance, dance!
- Come on, Mustafa.
- Hey, no, now let's go!
- Dance. Come on, dance! Like this.
Do the dance!
- Welcome, Mr. Dimitri.
- Thank you, beautiful.
Ah, she's such a cute little bride!
She's so pretty.
- Mustafa, come on, stop it.
- Ahh.
No, a little more, a little more.
Okay, that's enough, Mustafa.
- No, not yet, not yet, Firu!
- Yes, we're done now.
Now I will dance with you again!
- That's enough, Mustafa.
- But I don't want it to end.
No, not yet.
- Remember what we talked about, Mustafa?
- Talk about. Talk about.
Come on, Mustafa! Mustafa.
Not over.
I did what you wanted, let's go!
No, a little more.
Please, more.
- Mustafa, let's go!
- No, pretty bride.
- Let's go! Mustafa, come on!
- No, I can't hear you.
- We have to go back downstairs right now!
- I can't hear you.
What did we agree on? Come on!
- Now! Mustafa!
- No.
Yes, come on,
we are going, it is over!
Come on, we are going downstairs!
It's you.
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