Terzi (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Madam Sülün.
Good evening, ma'am.
Well, I should change.
Peyami, this is very important.
Please forgive me, sir,
I thought you were alone.
Baby, are you feeling any better?
They said his heart needs
an artificial cardiac valve implant.
It's a very expensive operation.
I'll take care of it, somehow.
- Grandpa
- Ömer, boy!
What is it, son?
Let's go home, Grandpa.
- I don't wanna stay here.
- We will, my boy.
The doctors wanna run a few
more tests, then we can go.
And, look who's here to see you.
Ziya. He plays music with me.
And guess what instrument?
The Ney.
Oh, really, Grandpa?
You know what, Ziya?
Ömer will be a great
musician just like you.
Right? You'll make
a great ney player, I'm sure of it.
Is that right?
I can teach you, if you want me to.
Can I, Grandpa?
I would really like that.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Can I get anything for else for you?
Bon appétit.
We're going out today.
For what reason?
He's been wanting
to go to the sea for days.
Apparently, he's been asking
Firuze for a boat ride.
And you're just trying
to calm him down, is that right?
That's right.
You said to spend more time with him, so
That's true. You're right.
It's lovely.
It'd be nice for the two
of you to have some alone time.
We won't be alone.
Firuze will come along.
She is his caregiver.
How's Dimitri doing?
And what was his girl's name?
Esvet, was it?
They still can't find her?
Well, I do hope she comes back soon.
Her family is worried.
What's wrong, Grandma?
We both know you aren't fond of Dimitri.
Where's this concern coming from?
I'm still not fond of him.
But I do care for you.
I thought if your friend was happy
then you would be happy, also.
Am I wrong about that?
Preparations are underway.
He'll have the surgery soon.
And don't you have
that performance tonight, sir?
Yes I do.
Yes. Yes.
A boat. The boat will sail on the sea.
Captain Mustafa
will get aboard and sail. Hooray!
Papa will sail.
He's so happy.
He's been stuck inside
since we got here, it's awful.
Have Kazım bring the car around.
Will you be traveling as well?
Yes, ma'am, no problem.
This is your office.
I had it redecorated just for you.
Sparing no expense.
- For me?
- That's right.
I thought it should be worthy
of my brother-in-law.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Don't you wanna try it out?
Go ahead, sit down.
And, so? Do you like it?
Thank you very much, brother-in-law.
You can't imagine what this means.
So, are you gonna tell me
what you're really doing? Huh?
- What do you mean?
- Come on.
You can play games with Faruk, not me.
You don't believe him either.
He's been in touch with Esvet,
you know that, right?
Is this your way of breaking him?
Come on, what's the plan?
Dimitri, are you aware
of how this company came to prosper?
It's all because of the plans
I made and didn't tell you about.
Now, have you ever asked yourself,
"Why doesn't my father
ever share anything?"
Let's hear about that, yeah?
Go ahead, how come you share nothing?
Because I'm not dumb enough
to slip like that.
And as long as I'm sitting in that chair,
the decisions will all be made right here.
Come in.
Sir, your guests
for the meeting have arrived.
You should see the office, Irini.
Better than anything I could've imagined.
Yes, really!
He really did it! We did it.
I'm gonna have
to call you back in a bit. Okay, bye.
Wow, look at this.
Welcome, Dimitri, my son.
Well, so, is Aunt Irini stoked?
You should have video
conferenced her. Huh?
Bet she's curious about your office.
Sit down.
let me be straight with you,
Mr. Director of Purchasing.
I think my father
has begun to suspect
that you know where Esvet is.
And that's the reason for all of this.
I'll start praying, all right?
To God, just for you, Faruk.
Oh, Lord almighty, let me find Esvet
Really? You haven't learned a single word
after all these years?
Oh Lord almighty,
let me find Esvet before my father does.
So that I can beat him
in proving Faruk knows where she is.
'Cause if I can't prove it before he does,
his wrath will be
Forget it.
I won't talk to God about torture.
You know the rest.
Amen. I don't have to explain that to you.
May God save you, Faruk.
Ma'am, you have a visitor.
A visitor? See them in.
Come in, ma'am.
Would you accept
an unexpected visitor, Mrs. Lia?
Mistress Sülün.
What a nice surprise this is.
Please, have a seat.
Good to see you.
Where is it? Where is it, Firu?
Where is the sea?
Over that way.
- It's just over there.
- Where? There where?
Thankfully, the process was quick.
He was starting to get impatient.
Ah, the sea!
- See, the sea is there! Look!
- Mustafa, wait.
Wait, we'll go together, come on.
Whoa, do you see this?
Look, the huge sea.
- Firu, do you see?
- Yeah.
Mustafa will get on the boat.
He'll be a Captain,
- and sail
- Mustafa will be the captain.
Go on, get on board.
Mustafa will fall down.
He's scared fall down.
Don't worry, I'll help you.
Papa Peyam will help me.
Come on.
Payami will help.
Whoop! Mustafa Mustafa is on the boat.
Mustafa is on the boat. He's on the boat.
Wow, so pretty.
Firu, come, come.
Come, come, come, it's a real boat.
See? Come.
Firu, look. Look how nice it is.
- It is nice.
- So much water around.
- Yes, here comes Captain Mustafa.
- Yes, here comes Captain Mustafa.
Look how pretty the sky is.
It's pretty, yes, pretty.
Look, there is the blue sea.
Do you see it?
- Hold him, please.
- Sure.
Look. You see it?
You see it?
Look. Look.
Look how nice it is.
He's loving this.
You know it won't be easy
to get him to go home.
I never knew he had such a love for boats.
I never would have known
if you hadn't brought it up.
He said your grandpa promised him.
He wanted this so badly.
I don't know how you do it.
The poor guy has had a lot
of people take care of him,
But I don't think
he's ever felt the way he does now.
It'll upset him to lose you.
Well, I don't want to lose him either.
When does my passport come?
A matter of days.
Then we'll apply for your visa
which will only take a little while.
Are you still worried?
Only because I haven't
told anybody I'm going away.
I just wish there was a way
I could tell my dad I'm safe,
or even if someone else tells him.
I can inform your father
when the time is right.
Is there anything else
you want me to tell him?
Will you tell him I don't want him
to feel guilty about anything.
And also,
tell him that I do finally believe that
good things might still happen in life.
I should go check on him.
I figured you could use a friend.
A wedding's supposed to be exciting,
but instead, you're sad.
'Cause you're stuck here, asking,
"Where is my baby, and is she okay?"
Not to mention having to explain.
You're right.
We told everyone we cancelled the wedding
because of health issues,
but I'm sure people
will start gossiping about it.
You haven't heard anything?
- Not even a phone call?
- Still nothing.
It must be very hard
being her mother.
Seeing how your child has turned her back
on you must be incredibly devastating.
In all her life, she hasn't given me
the slightest of troubles.
It's so unlike her.
I can't believe she's doing this.
It has been hard.
You know, I'm curious.
I don't know what she looks like.
Perhaps you have a photo. May I see her?
What a pretty girl.
Her face so innocent and pure.
I sure hope
she realizes what a mistake that is
and turns around.
- So nice, isn't it, Firu?
- Very nice.
Mustafa doesn't have
to be scared, does he?
That's right, don't have to be scared.
Blue sea. Yes, this is the blue sea.
A boat.
Peyami's Captain Peyam.
He's captain of our boat.
Uh, me, me, Mustafa.
Captain Mustafa.
- I want that, too.
- Wait, wait, we'll go together.
- Me, me, me, me! Captain Mustafa! Me!
- Stop. Stop it!
Don't touch the buttons.
- No, me, once more. Me captain, captain!
- Wait!
Mustafa, would you like to learn
how to drive it too?
Maybe Peyami will show you.
Peyam, me, too, me, Peyam, me, too.
Why not.
You need to steer slowly, all right?
Push it this way.
- Slowly.
- Slowly.
- Slowly now.
- Slowly.
- Like this?
- Exactly.
Ah, that's really good Mustafa.
You're driving so well.
But there's just one thing that's missing.
You're a real captain, now.
Mustafa is the captain!
He's the captain.
Let's turn.
Then turn,
it doesn't turn, it doesn't turn.
Just hold on for a minute.
- You must always steer slowly.
- Turning.
- Steer it. Slowly now.
- Turn.
- Turn.
- See?
It's turning! It's turning!
Turning! Turning!
The captain's turned it.
Faster, Papa! Very fast!
Much faster! Very fast!
Good job, very good, Peyam.
Go on, Peyam. Go ahead, Peyam.
Come on, come on, go ahead.
Soar, Peyam! Soar!
Go, go, Peyam!
Soar, Mustafa.
He soars!
Peyam soars!
He soars. Peyam soars.
He soars! He soars!
All right, that's enough.
Mustafa, will you listen to me.
- Go to the front of the boat.
- No, more!
I said that's enough.
And we stopped, so that means you're done.
Hey, Mustafa.
You know you can see the fish better
when the boat comes to a stop.
Come on, we'll see what fish we can find.
- Hey, there are fish in the sea.
- Come.
- There are fish. Come.
- Yes, there are a lot of fish, a lot.
Where are the fish?
Are they here? Where?
- Look, Mustafa, do you see them? There!
- There are fish here, too!
Goodbye, Papa, goodbye.
The dolphins were cute.
- The dolphins, Firu.
- Yes, Mustafa, they were so cute?
- Weren't they? We had so much fun.
- Dolphins were cute.
- Hey, welcome, Mad Master.
- Asiye, it was so nice.
There were fish, and, you know, and
- Do you have other color schemes?
- Excuse me.
Yadigar, take these upstairs, will you?
Finally, you're here.
I was worried sick. Where have you been?
Why are you so worried?
You haven't exactly been
your normal self lately, now have you?
What? You don't think
I have a right to worry?
You've been acting strange lately.
Sure that worries me.
- Like what?
- I don't know.
Like how about ditching work
at the last minute.
Or like, compromising your priorities
for some caregiver.
- Not again.
- Yeah, again.
She's lying through her teeth
to everybody, but you'd rather ignore it.
What makes this girl so special?
I didn't know that I was required
to explain myself to you.
Now, what else do you have?
For years we've been sharing information,
but now you draw the line?
Dimitri's up there.
Waiting for you.
Peyami, have I ever told you
that I hate my father? Have I? Huh?
A number of times.
It's not my intention to be repetitive.
Where have you been?
Suzi was running around
like a mad woman because you weren't here.
Running errands.
Ah, I just need to know,
what takes precedence
over everything else, huh?
And in casual clothing.
So, what do you think?
What's this?
This is the last creation
of Dimitri Yarsanoğlu.
But you haven't seen the real surprise.
Oops, my mistake.
I named it The Backstabbed Bliss.
Ahh. That's why it's black.
And full of sorrow, see?
Just like me.
So do you think I've got it, master?
Yeah, I think so.
So, tell me.
What happened?
I am absolutely certain
Faruk's lying.
My dad agrees.
I think he's up to something.
Like what?
I don't know. But something feels off.
My father doesn't care
about my happiness. We both know that.
So, why is Esvet
suddenly important to him?
What do you think he's worried about?
That's what I'm wondering too.
Why would he have to find Esvet?
Forgive me, Mustafa.
I used you to save myself.
I hope it's just a game to you
or that you're unaware of it.
Even still
I'd stay with you if I could, but, um
Well, there's a big reason
for me to leave now.
Because I think
I'm falling in love with Peyami.
So, it's probably best if I just leave.
Oh, he's sleeping.
I just wanted to give him this.
Captain Mustafa.
Well, around the pool, at least.
Take him on a boat ride, again, will you?
You're the one he needs now.
No one else can take your place.
I will.
When should I come for the dress.
I mean, you said
you'd finish it before I leave, so
Not tonight.
Have a good night.
You should have seen my office, Lia.
It was everywhere. Even my chair!
Oh, all right.
But he's aware of what's happening.
He knows you didn't put Faruk
in a fancy office for nothing.
Don't you even start
defending that child, Lia.
Don't you dare defend that rascal!
Not after what he did today!
Sheesh. My dad is royally pissed.
Mostly 'cause he can't sit
in his office chair.
What a pity. Isn't it?
You really think
that will force Faruk to talk?
I'll break him, I will, Lia.
You'll see.
He's mesmerized by everything,
so he'll tell me
just to keep what he has.
So, how much longer
will you be able to keep Dimitri stalled?
You know he's still waiting
for you to give him an answer.
And what answer do you expect
me to give him, Lia, hm?
"The girl you're about to marry owns
half of all of our properties and assets?"
"By the way,
we're keeping all of this from her."
"Oh, and get married as soon as possible,
so that we're free of this problem."
How can we even be sure your lunatic son
will react even if we did tell him that?
Well, well, well, well.
First, we find Esvet,
and our boy will get married,
then we'll figure out the rest.
I told you then,
if we take that orphan's inheritance
money, we would never get away with it.
But you ignored me.
Until today,
you've been living a very privileged life.
But now, at the first sign of something
going wrong, you feel queasy?
You just need to keep quiet.
Leave everything to me.
do you really believe
you can have everything of ours?
Talk about an unexpected twist.
Well, Father,
I'm really gonna own you now.
Now it's more important
than ever to find Esvet.
So, where did Faruk hide her?
You have any idea?
I suppose not.
What are you doing?
Tell me, what's going on?
- I'm on my way now.
- Papa!
Focus, Dimitri.
Focus, Dimitri.
Good morning, Asiye.
Peyami's in his office?
I'm not sure, but probably.
I have something
important to tell you.
- This is not a good time.
- You need to hear this.
That caretaker, Firuze, it turns out
the agency didn't sent her.
Look, I'm telling you,
she's been fooling us all.
Who's this girl
that's fooling Peyami?
What is this doing over here?
Focus, Dimitri.
Since you're here, why don't you take
a look at the wedding dress as well, huh?
Hey, Mama. Her wedding dress is over here?
- I think we should have a look.
- Dimitri, calm down!
Why is it on the floor?
Are you sure, Yadigar?
I am, sir. I checked the list.
There's no one who might know you.
- You have the ney, right?
- I do.
- I left my phone.
- I'll get it.
You go to the car, I'll get it.
Yadigar? Is Peyami heading out?
- Sülün shouldn't hear about this.
- Yeah, okay.
Oh, by the way,
would you please give me some coffee
inside one of those flasks of yours?
We might be late.
- All right, come with me.
- Thanks.
Yadigar, come on, we're already late.
I'm coming, sir. I'm sorry.
- Hello, Osman?
- Where are you, son?
I'm on my way, man,
I've just got on the bus.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Okay, we're waiting.
That building with the yellow light.
- I'll stay in the van and wait for you.
- Okay.
Man, this is great news.
Indeed, Sefa, indeed.
- There are genuinely good people.
- Yeah.
What's going on, guys?
What's the occasion?
A charity has decided to pay
for the surgery of Osman's grandson.
Seriously? Wow, that's great.
Indeed it is.
So, dear Ömer will be saved.
I'm so happy.
What's up? You don't seem to be too happy.
How did they know, huh?
I mean, after all this time,
tell me, why now?
It kinda makes you wonder, you know?
When a solution presents itself,
you accept it.
'Cause what does it really matter?
As long as Ömer is okay, right?
Yes, you're right.
Guys, this is a very special day.
So today, I wanna hear what's deep
down inside your heart's doing.
Okay, let's practice.
- Yeah, let's play.
- Yes.
Miss, can I help you?
Well, um
Are you looking for someone?
I was looking for my friend, Peyami.
Hey, Ziya, my friend,
do you know anyone named Peyami?
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