Terzi (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Answer me, damn it!
Do you hear me?!
Answer me!
Give me an answer, right now!
I said answer me!
Did you make love to her?! Huh?!
Wearing that elaborately
designed dress you made?!
Is that what happened, Peyami?!
Answer me, damn it! Tell me already!
Yes, or no?!
Just give me an answer, damn it!
Answer me, now!
Get up!
Just answer me!
Or hit me back!
I'm begging you,
hit me back, come on, Peyami!
Just do that!
- Come on!
- No. I'm not gonna fight you, Dimitri.
Then just give me that answer!
Did you sleep with her?!
I did not! Noooo!
I'm here to say that it's time
for you to let Esvet go, man!
Peyami, if you had asked me on that day,
the reason I released that filly,
I'd have said because I won't let
you take away something that's mine.
If you had asked me
that one question back then,
you wouldn't have made this mistake today.
Now tell me.
Where is Esvet?
I don't know who that is.
I think the lady's in the wrong place.
This area is backstage.
The guy you're looking for isn't here.
He might be in the hall
with the other guests.
I'll take you over there? It's this way.
What are you doing here?
- I guess I guess I followed
- You followed me!
You followed me?
How dare you?
It's just, you were
sneaking out every night,
and well, I got curious.
Every night you've been watching me?
How'd you get here?
Answer me, how did you get here?
I was hiding in your car.
You did what?
Go and find Yadigar, right now.
I'm sure you know where he is.
Do not speak to anyone.
Go straight to the car
and wait for me, do you hear?
God help us, Kazım.
What's going on?
I have no idea.
Open it
- Dimitri, sir?
- Özden, sweetheart.
What's wrong, my boy?
What are you doing visiting us so late?
I'm here to get my fiancée back.
Why would your fiancée be here?
I know she is. Where's Peyami, huh?
He's not home.
No, I think he's here.
It's your friend!
Your closest friend and blood brother!
Get down here!
Sir, Mr. Peyami is really not here,
he's out for the night.
You heard her, he's not here.
And I think you've been drinking too much.
So, I suggest you leave now,
and you can come back later
to talk about whatever it is with Peyami.
I'm not leaving without Esvet.
I know she's here.
Esvet, where are you?!
Madam Sülün has already told you
she's not here, did you not listen?
Dimitri, if you start searching
this house, that's a mistake,
and there's no coming back from that.
You are the ones making a mistake.
You and your grandson.
Your biggest mistake yet.
Well, are you done
being completely uncivil?
I told you, your fiancée isn't here.
Tell your grandson,
That I'll be waiting at the ranch
for him first thing in the morning.
And to bring my fiancée.
And if Esvet isn't with him
when he gets there,
you can't hold me responsible
for what might happen.
There are no records, no relatives,
Nothing at all.
So Osman's the only link
to locating my mother.
Yadigar tried to make him talk first.
But it was like Osman
was hiding something,
he didn't want to talk.
And that made you even more curious.
I thought I could get him to talk
if I could make him trust me.
I got in with them.
I know.
Well, I know it's crazy, but
No, it's not.
No, you would do anything if it meant
that you could get to your mother.
Believe me, I would do
the same thing if I could.
So do you think it worked?
I mean, now that you're close to him?
Do you think he'll talk?
You think you'll be able
to find your mother?
I'm not sure.
He played well, didn't he?
Like he was playing all his secrets.
Airing his troubled heart.
I left my son with
nothing inside of him
but questions and a great big void.
I told you
that seeing him would make it worse.
That it would rekindle a fire
and you should avoid it.
Do you really believe it died?
Then why are you still hiding?
Don't you see how desperate
your son is to find you, huh?
Just go to him.
You must end this misery
you've been putting yourselves through.
I have to stay away from him, Osman.
You know that I do.
It's for the best.
What's wrong, Özden? Why are you up?
Your grandmother's expecting you.
She's inside.
And you, too.
Have a good night.
What is it? Why are up so late?
I'm up
because your dear friend Dimitri
just raided your house.
He came to collect his fiancée.
To collect his what?
And why does Dimitiri think
that his fiancée's over here?
Well, that's just what I'd like to know.
Dimitri's fiancée is here
and I'd like to know why.
Miss Esvet, what are you doing here?
Grandma, you
- You
- Yes, I'm aware.
How could you do something like this?
Why, Peyami?
Why would you hide
Dimitri's fiancée from him,
right in your own house?
Say something, Peyami.
No, it's not his fault, Madam Sülün.
Master Peyami had no idea.
He just found out himself.
It was all me, I created this lie
to get away from Dimitri.
I came here.
- I thought I'd be able to hide.
- Couldn't you have hidden somewhere else?
I'm so sorry.
I apologize to you both
for everything, my
My Papa
He must have told them I was here.
I know they did something
to make him talk.
- I have to go.
- Esvet!
- Esvet!
- I have to go back.
- They'll hurt my father even more!
- Esvet, just wait! Just wait.
- What did you tell him?
- I told the truth.
I said his fiancée wasn't here.
Peyami, sir, you don't understand.
If he knows I'm here,
he'll never let it go.
You're not safe either.
I really need to be over there!
That's right.
- And that's what you should do.
- Wait! No, I won't let that happen.
- I'll figure something out.
- That's easy.
Esvet will go to her fiancée and explain
That Peyami wasn't involved.
- And we'll end this whole mess.
- I said no!
What do you mean? Why not?
There's no why or how! I said no!
Esvet is not going anywhere.
And it's not up to you
to think or do anything at all.
I'll deal with this.
You're not going anywhere.
I know exactly why he's hell-bent
on keeping you protected.
We both know.
I saw the two of you the other night.
Now, I'm not going to hurt you even more
by telling him
about your marriage to his father.
But for now
you have to do what needs to be done
and stop adding to the damage.
It's beautiful.
You'll be happier when it's done.
I don't know about that.
You know what they do to liars?
"Liars get tarred, boys."
Dimitri said he'd wait
at the horse ranch for you tomorrow.
He wants you to bring
his fiancée back to him.
You can't undo what is already done.
However, you can put an end to this now.
Grandma, I
Your grandpa's.
- This isn't needed. No.
- It is. Yes it is!
You want me to settle this with a gun?
Dimitri's like my brother.
It's not what we want,
it's what he's asking for.
He's not going to hear you
or listen to reason.
He'll want to make you pay for this.
And he'll hold you responsible
for the agony he's been going through.
No matter what you feel,
bring back the girl.
Peyami, I should be going.
No, I'll go. And you will wait here.
It's fine, don't worry.
We'll talk about it.
You'll talk about it?
To Dimitri, really?
Don't you know
what he's capable of when he's furious?
I do know, and that's why I'm going.
Because I can get him to listen.
So just wait for me here.
And I'll make sure
that he won't bother you again.
Then we'll go to the airport.
You'll be far away
until you get your visa.
And then, you can forget about Dimitri,
and start your life all over again.
No, it's not about only me anymore.
Because you're next.
Dimitri won't let this go, he's coming
after me no matter how far I run.
Who can say how he's going
to act out with either of our families?
Your grandmother's right.
This was my mess, and
and I should be the one to stop it.
Esvet, wait.
Esvet, wait, you're not doing that.
- I won't let him have you.
- Why not?
Because you've done all
that you could for me already.
But now there's nothing else
that you can do about it.
Dimitri won't stop at anything,
I'm sure of it.
Please, just let me go, so I can end this.
- No, I won't.
- Why not? Just tell me, why not?
I can't, because
Wait for me right here.
It'll be all right.
Go on, you can leave.
Best friend and blood brother!
You're late.
I've been waiting for you, man.
Come here, let me give you a hug.
Let's go, get over here, huh?
It was inappropriate for me to come
to your house last night. I know it was.
But, I mean, you know me and how
how I can be when I'm mad.
I was rude to Sülün.
You'll apologize for me, right?
I really crossed the line.
It was fucked up.
Ah, but hey, everyone knows me, huh?
Because I make all of these mistakes,
and then I'm forgiven. Am I right?
Although this time,
it wasn't me who messed up.
It was you, the one who can do no wrong.
Life sometimes surprises you
in the most unexpected ways.
So what do we do?
I'll forgive you this time, huh?
All right, where's Esvet?
You didn't bring her with you?
No, I didn't.
He didn't.
Ah, well, last night I was pretty clear
with Sülün about everything.
Look, you didn't come here
because you felt like you had to give
me a lecture or some shit like that, huh?
- I really hope you're not here for that.
- No, that's not why I'm here.
You're not gonna tell me you haven't
seen Esvet or she's not with you.
Not anymore, I'm not.
Oh, thank God,
so we can finally be honest?
We will, that's right.
That's why I'm here.
We have to talk about this as friends.
Yes! That's my favorite part!
Talking, right?
But you know how our conversations
can be a little unilateral.
Yeah, right, you are like my father,
you go on and on for hours
and say nothing, and I listen to your
gibberish and go crazy with boredom.
You know what's next? Nothing.
Because I go on doing what I want,
like nothing ever happened.
Just blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Remember the baby Theodora had?
My dad decided
to give her to you that day.
And then the next day,
it had vanished into thin air.
Remember, blood brother?
Well, then you must know I was
the one who freed the horse. Huh?
I do.
All right.
You know I waited, Peyami.
Waited for you to ask me.
You know, ask me why I did it.
Yeah, but you never did.
Did ya?
I am just absolutely
flabbergasted, Peyami.
You know I haven't stopped
thinking about it
since last night, but I can't
come up with anything, Peyami.
Nothing, seriously,
I can't wrap my head around it.
So help me do that.
Peyami, I really can't fathom it.
'Cause you hadn't even seen her, right?
You didn't
The day you came for the fitting.
Dimitri, listen,
it's really not what you think
I cannot possibly think, Peyami!
That's the problem,
I can't think right now, man!
For all of this time
I have looked for Esvet,
have been worried sick about my fiancée!
And she's been with you!
Just tell me why.
How come? Ah!
Seriously, why?
- She was afraid of you.
- Oh, she was?
Yes, she was! She was terrified of you!
Her coming to me
was a complete coincidence.
A coincidence?
How could it be
a coincidence, Peyami? Huh?
So what did she say, Peyami?
Peyami, dear.
Oh, save me! Oh! Hold me, please,
Peyami dear! Was that it, huh?
Dimitri, enough, stop!
Did you touch her?
Did you kiss?
- Her lips are incredible.
- Dimitri!
Right? Huh?
Peyami, who hasn't made eyes at a woman
for as long as we've been friends,
has been keeping my fiancée hidden.
Just by coincidence.
- Did you sleep with her?
- Dimitri, man, that's enough!
Come on, Peyami,
were you kissing her? Huh?
All over? Huh?
Did you lick her?
Just say it! Did you make her shiver?!
And what about you?
Were you horny, Peyami? Huh?
- Was your cock hard, Peyami Dokumacı?!
- Dimitri, that's enough!
Did you make love to her?! Huh?!
Wearing that elaborately-designed
dress you made?!
Is that what happened, Peyami?!
Answer me! Answer me for a change!
Yes, or no?! Just give me an answer!
Answer me!
Just give me an answer! Yes, or no?
Get up!
Get up!
Answer me! You hear me?
Hit me back, Peyami!
Hit me back!
I'm begging you to hit me back, Peyami!
Just hit me!
Hit me!
No, I'm not gonna fight you, Dimitri.
Come on, then, give me an answer.
Did you fuck my fiancée?
I did not! No!
I'm here to say that it's time
for you to let Esvet go, man!
Neither you nor I will ever see her again!
All she wants is to go away!
Peyami, if you had asked me on that day
the reason I released that filly
I'd have said because I won't let you
take away something that's mine.
If you had asked me
that one question back then
you wouldn't have made this mistake today.
Now tell me
Where is Esvet?
Listen, I'm not trying
to take what's yours.
I'm just asking you to let her go.
For the last time, Peyami,
Where is Esvet?
I'm right here!
My love.
Let him go, I'm here.
You see this, Peyami?
She's protecting you!
From me, Peyami!
Hey, you've got my fiancée's protection!
- You really gonna shoot me?
- Yeah, why not?
I would rather go to prison
than be your bride.
Esvet, wait, no, stop! Don't do it!
Just wait!
True love! Amazing!
Dimitri, just forget her.
You love him, don't you? Huh?
Just say it!
Don't hide in fear like your coward
father and whiny mother, okay?!
Just say it! If you love him, admit it!
- Peyami, stand aside!
- No!
I want you to leave, Esvet.
Put it down and leave us!
Tell me the truth!
Don't be scared,
just tell me the truth! You love him!
Dimitri, stop it! Come on, drop the guns!
I'll ask you one last time, Esvet.
Do you love this guy?
Huh? Come on, tell me!
Cut it out! That's enough!
Just please let her go!
Esvet, put down the gun
and leave right now!
- Get out of here!
- Come on, tell me!
- Yes I love him!
- Esvet, don't!
Peyam! Papa Peyam!
Peyami! Peyami!
- Brother!
- Peyami!
Somebody help! Peyami!
Peyami, please!
Get us some help!
Peyami! Come on, someone help!
Open your eyes, Peyami, please!
Help us, someone!
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