Terzi (2023) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

[dance music playing]
[Cemre] Peyamiii?
Hey, get up, let's dance!
[giddy laughter]
Whoo hoo!
[laughs hysterically]
[Peyami chuckles]
Sorry, man.
Ari! Just please don't!
[Cemre] Whooo!
Peyami. I think it's time
for you guys to leave now.
Wait a second, wait a second.
What's going on here, huh?
Nothing, Peyami was leaving,
I was saying goodbye.
Saying goodbye? [scoffs]
Hey, I'm sorry man.
Father, come with me, all right?
[Cemre] Whoo! Cheers!
Uh, quick question.
How come you think
you can tell my closest friend
to leave my wedding, huh?
Can you seriously not see
the state your closest friend is in?
- [Peyami and Cemre laugh]
- Whooo!
This is my wedding all right?
I'll make the decision
about anybody leaving, got me?
If you'll excuse me, my blood
brother and I are gonna celebrate!
Really, your blood brother?
The guy who just vanished when he was
supposed to be acting as your best man?
Peyami leaves now, I mean it. Got that?
I got it, Father.
Peyami leaves now.
Hey, cut that!
- [music stops]
- [sighs] Ha!
Dear honored guests,
at this time, my young bride Esvet
and I would like to express
how much it means that you've blessed us
with your presence toniiiiiiight!
[loud cheering]
However, at this point, we're done!
Uh, you know, let's not overdo it, hm?
So, guys, the celebration is over now.
And unless your name's called,
you should all be leaving.
Got it?!
- [ominous music playing]
- [people chattering]
[Dimitri] Move.
It's time we were leaving, my dear bride.
Where to?
[chuckling] To Peyami's.
[melancholic music playing]
The Tailor
[techno music playing]
[people chattering]
[Dimitri] One, two, three!
[Dimitri and man sniffing]
This scent will be my downfall.
[Dimitri moans]
Ahh! I'm in love with this woman!
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- [people cheer]
Don't worry, he's sleeping now, okay?
And we'll make sure
to check on him frequently.
Cheer up already.
Hey, Peyami.
You gotta pull it together.
Hey, Peyami!
What's up?
You're looking a lot better, eh?
Because you know, I need you at the party!
Hey, everyone! Listen up, please!
This man right here,
he's my truest friend!
He's my blood brother, and the one
that I love more than anything!
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- [loud cheering]
Oh! Esvet, my dear!
After you, I mean! I'm sorry.
I love you so much.
With you it's a different story.
But you know that.
So, please, don't be jealous
of him! All right?
Although, why would you be, huh?
After all, you know that we'd sacrifice
our lives for each other if we had to.
Right, honey?
[slow, dramatic music playing]
What, am I wrong? [chuckling]
- Am I right or what, people?
- [loud cheering]
[Dimitri does mock growl]
So, now let's give it up
for my best friend and blood brother,
and the greatest tailor
that has ever walked this Earth!
Peyami Dokumacı, huh?
[crowd cheers]
Peyami Dokumacı, huh?! [chuckling]
Come on.
Wow, wow, wowww!
Wow, they're pretty close, huh?
Uhhh Peyami didn't tell you about it?
We don't do a whole lot of talking, girl.
[laughs hysterically]
- Ahhh!
- What?!
I forgot to give you your wedding present!
- You did?
- Yes, and it's golden!
[both laugh hysterically]
I saved a little somethin' for ya.
- Mmm.
- There.
Peyami, this girl right here is the best
thing that's ever happened to you.
- [scoffs]
- Let's go, Cemre!
- [Cemre giggles]
- Hey! Hey, turn up the music, guys!
- [Cemre] Whooo!
- Dimitri] Hey! Hey! Heeeey!
[both laughing]
[music continues faintly]
[door latch clicks]
[people cheering and chattering]
Now I have to deal with this crowd.
[Özden] Wait!
Excuse me, you can't go up there!
It's a wedding!
Mustafa will dance now!
[clicking teeth]
[people] Ooooh!
- Yeah!
- [laughter]
[grunts] All right!
Hey, chill, Mr. Groom,
you know you've got a long night ahead!
Think of your duties as a husband!
Hey, don't worry about me, hon!
- All right!
- Wow.
Confident, huh? I mean, really!
[slow, melodic pop music playing]
Are you honestly seeing that girl?
[Peyami] Hmm.
Isn't it obvious?
She's not your type.
[Peyami laughs]
Oh no? Why not?
Are you serious?
Yeah, I mean what is it
that makes her not my type?
Look at her. [chuckling]
Even your husband's
having a blast with her.
I feel like you should give her a chance.
I'm sure she'll grow on you.
And Mustafa?
She having a blast with him, too?
[Peyami] Absolutely.
She's good for him,
for me, for all of us, really.
[Esvet] Hmm.
And where's Mustafa now?
Locked in his room
while we're all having fun out here?
What are you doing?
Firuze is back, is that it?
Tell you what.
Let's drink to Firuze, hm?
To her, and everything
she left behind. Cheers.
You think it's been left behind?
Ohhh, no, you can't steal the spotlight
from the bride and groom.
[ominous music playing]
Come on, dance with me
for a little bit. Huh?
Uh, Dimitri, maybe we
should get back to our place.
[Dimitri] Huh?
Come on, dance.
Cemre, one sec, I'll be right back.
[Mustafa humming]
- Mustafa!
- What are you doing out here?
- Calm down.
- How'd you get out of your room?
- Papa, the bride is
- It's okay, let's go back to your room.
- You gotta stop!
- [Mustafa humming]
- Okay, just stop!
- Calm down, Peyami.
- How did he get out of the room?
- I have no clue.
- Özden, Take him to his room. Lock him up.
- I'm really sorry.
- We'll talk about this later!
- Hey, please, just relax.
[indistinct chatter]
[ominous music transitions
to techno music]
Dimitri, what do you mean we're staying?
It means we're staying,
that's what. What do YOU mean?
I'm high as fuck, I'm staying put.
Look, we already upset Uncle Ari.
We really shouldn't push him. Come on.
Uncle Ari can get fucked.
I don't care what he thinks.
Hey, Peyami.
Is it cool with you if my wife
and I stay here for the night? Huh?
Of course.
[techno music transitions
to melancholic music]
[music fades out]
Your room, Dimitri, sir.
Have a good night.
Thank you, my dear.
[mysterious music playing]
We can finally be alone, huh?
[Esvet exhales deeply]
You're tense.
How come, sweetheart? Huh?
You spent lots of time in this house.
Where did you sleep at night?
[Esvet breathes deeply]
Huh? Where'd you stay?
It was a servant's room.
Really, I'm a little bit upset
with Peyami.
Although, he didn't know
who you were back then.
And everything you had to deal with,
[in Greek] my dear. Mm-hm.
[music fades out]
Aren't you going to undress?
[melancholic music playing]
[Dimitri exhales deeply]
Because you have no idea
how long I've waited for this.
What about you? Huh?
Let's get this over with.
[music fades out]
[mysterious music playing]
Well, not tonight.
I'm tired. I need sleep.
[music fades out]
You seem deeply preoccupied.
Hey, let's go.
You really shouldn't
take life so seriously.
None of us will make it out alive anyway.
[slow, tense music playing]
[rattling door]
[Peyami] What are you doing there?
[melancholic music playing]
- Hm?
- Uh, I
[exhales deeply]
I was checking on Mustafa.
What exactly are you checking?
I told you he was doing fine.
And you saw him yourself.
Peyami. I just want to take
a quick look. Can't I
I'm afraid not, Miss Esvet.
We have a rule in this house.
Mustafa doesn't visit with outsiders.
Only with his caretakers, and me.
- No, please don't do this.
- Esvet.
It would be bad
for your husband to wake up without you.
Please, go back to your room.
And you may not return
to this floor again.
You should be in the guest quarters,
with your husband, all right?
[melancholic music continues]
[music fades out]
[upbeat child-like music playing]
Firu is here!
Firu is here!
- Firu is here!
- Easy
- Firu is here!
- Wait.
Wait, come on, you'll knock me down!
You left and Mustafa was sad,
and he cried every day, Firu. [sobbing]
Shhhh, don't worry, it's all right.
It's all right, no more tears. All right?
If you cry, it'll make me so sad.
- See, and I'm with you now.
- That's right.
Come with me now, okay? Let's sit.
[Mustafa chuckles]
Right over here, okay?
- Firu is here with me.
- That's right, I'm right here.
- Firu is here.
- [music fades out]
Mustafa, do you know
what a little bird told me?
What, Firu?
He said that you were barely
eating, and it made everyone sad.
[Mustafa] Mmm.
And I said that you would eat if I came
to visit, because you love me so much.
That's right.
Uh-huh, I said, "Mustafa knows
that if he doesn't eat his food,
then he'll get weak."
So flex your bicep,
let's see how strong you are.
Oh, Mustafa, you were stronger before.
Well, how can we play like this?
I guess the little bird was right.
[Mustafa moans faintly]
[inhales deeply] I see why now.
That's why you didn't want to eat,
there was no smiley face on your plate!
Let's put these right here.
And olives where the eyes would be, yeah?
And here's his nose.
- Right?
- Smiling egg. [chuckling]
My egg is smiling!
That's right, your egg is smiling, right?
- Okay, come on.
- Okay, come on!
- Mmm.
- That's a great job, Mustafa. [chuckles]
Great job, Mustafa!
[melancholic music playing]
[music fades out]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Esvet] Sir, the cheese is near!
We should grab it now!
Listen to me, you! Don't you dare touch
those, they're Mustafa's, you hear me?
Huh, they're mine, mine, Mustafa's!
Put them back now, put them back!
That's right!
Sir, we have to grab them now
before Mustafa eats them all!
- Mustafa, quick! Hurry! Hurry!
- Quick!
Finish before they take it, go!
They're close, come on! Eat it all,
don't leave anything for them, hurry!
Oh, noooo!
We're too late,
Mustafa already ate it all.
That's right, he ate it,
Mustafa ate all of it!
Great job!
Look at that, you beat them to it!
Mustafa beat them, yes he did!
[Mustafa chewing]
[ominous music playing]
Is that the groom?
- [chuckling]
- Oh.
[Dimitri chuckles]
[Cemre] You're up early, hmm?
[chuckling] Yeah.
- Let's go outside and play!
- Shhh!
Mustafa, let's play the quiet game, okay?
[ominous music continues]
My man, what are you doing? Huh?
- Nothing. Mm-hm.
- [Dimitri] Nothing?
- So you were just standing there? Huh?
- Mm-hm.
[Cemre tsking]
Mr. Groom.
Come on, don't treat him that way.
How can you question a guy
this hungover about his actions?
That's true, I think we drank too much,
right? Seriously, what did we even have?
You're hung over, Peyami? Huh? [chuckling]
Hey, come on, man.
Tell me what's in there.
Huh? What is that, a dark room,
or sex dungeon?
Dude, I wanna know.
I've gotta know at this point.
I think we should
check it out, am I right?
[ominous music intensifies]
- [Peyami] Dimitri.
- Huh?
That was my grandmother's room.
[music fades out]
Oh, Peyami.
[inhales deeply]
I'm really sorry, man.
Honestly, I think the booze
is still talking, that's my bad.
Please forgive me, I totally spaced.
It's okay.
- [blows air]
- [faint, tense music playing]
How come you're over here?
Well, I woke up this morning
and my lovely bride had disappeared.
So I was looking for her.
- [Cemre] For your bride? Down here?
- Mm-hm.
Well, you could also check out
our bedroom as well.
Maybe she's in there, huh?
[Dimitri and Cemre laugh]
Listen, we're laughing about it, but
[Dimitri sighs]
You think maybe she bolted? Huh?
I mean is it possible?
We could all go look for her together.
I'm joking, come on, man!
[Cemre laughs]
I'm totally kidding, Mr. Groom.
- Would you relax?
- [Dimitri clears throat]
You stink, she probably just wanted
to get away from you.
I'm starving, guys, let's go eat.
Well, gents, come on!
Come on.
Game over.
That was really great.
[chuckling] Great work, Mustafa!
He was so great.
Now, let's play another game. Here!
- Let's play.
- We can, just not this minute.
Yes, come on,
it's time to play, look here.
[chuckling] Look, I have a boat.
I want to float it with Firu.
Come on, come on. Come on.
- Mustafa.
- Come.
Mustafa, it's time for me to go,
but I'll come back.
Uh-uh. Don't leave here, Firu, no.
If she leaves she never comes back.
I'll come back
and we'll float this together, I promise.
That's a lie, Firu.
Papa did not come back.
And then there's no Mother.
Firu's not coming back, either.
- Please, yes I will.
- Mmmm.
[voice wavering]
Stay please, please, please.
Stay please, don't go Firu.
I promise you, I promise I'll be back.
I'll be back today,
and I'll come back before nighttime.
I promise.
- Promise?
- Yes, I promise.
- So get your boat ready, okay?
- All right.
And when I come back,
we can make it float in the pool.
What do you think?
Okay, fine then.
Okay, fine then. Now, come here.
Come here and let's hug. [chuckling]
She's so nice.
[ship horn blows]
Özden, have you seen Esv
[approaching footfalls]
- Good morning.
- [Cemre] Morning.
Where were you?
I got up early, so I went
for a walk in the garden.
[Cemre] See, I told you.
He woke up without you
and the poor guy was scared shitless.
[Cemre chuckles]
Would you two sit down?
Am I the only one who's starving?
[Dimitri exhales deeply]
[Dimitri exhales deeply]
[lighter flicking and cigarette sizzling]
Looks like a pretty healthy breakfast.
Let's just say I've changed up my habits.
- And how did your night go?
- Well, not much sleep!
And how about you, Mr. Groom?
Don't tell me you were sleeping.
No. No, we were awake
until the sun came up.
But I'm not gonna talk about it with you.
Some things are, what did we
say about that, private, right?
Isn't that right?
[cell phone ringing]
Come on, Pop, get off my back, will ya?
Peyami, dude, you remembered
the meeting today, right, huh?
He can't reach you
so he keeps harassing me.
"Did Peyami finish the designs?
Is he ready?" I said, "Yes, he's ready"
"When have you known Peyami Dokumacı
not to be ready, I mean seriously?"
I think that would have to mean
it's the end of the world! [chuckling]
[slow, tense music]
Yeah, maybe it is, Dimitri, who knows.
Hey, Peyami, don't forget.
Two o'clock at the office.
K, adios amigos. Darling, come.
[music fades out]
You know, at first he seemed empty-headed.
Now I think he's pretty damn smart.
[car starts]
So you'll be leaving today?
[car drives off]
You must have missed it there, right? Huh?
You were there for a while.
How long again? Two weeks! Right?
Enough time to make some nice memories.
You must have some unforgettable
stories to tell me I'd guess. Huh?
Nothing as unforgettable
as you were last night.
[tense violin music playing]
[music fades out]
Are you heading out?
I guess that means I should probably go.
I'll stop by the hotel
and I'll pick up a couple things.
I get sick of wearing the same
things over and over every day.
[distant office noises]
[sighing] I had no idea waking up
married would feel so great.
Was it like this for you, too?
I mean, like, when you married Mom?
You know what, it was probably a bore.
Oh, jeez, now I I'm like imagining it.
Ohhhh! God, forget it, yikes!
Dimitri. Stop being such
a pain in my ass, and behave.
Ah, forgive me, dear father.
- Sir, it's time to receive your guests.
- Uh, don't you mean OUR guests?
- [woman] OUR guests.
- [Dimitri] Thanks a lot.
All right. [sighs]
Peyami is still missing in action.
I thought he was gonna come.
I'm sure he's on his way and almost here.
So calm down, okay?
- Huh?
- You'd better pray he gets here.
[heartfelt guitar ballad playing]
[no audio]
[no audio]
[no audio]
[music fades out]
You said that you had talked to him.
"He's on his way and almost here."
Okay, but Father, calm down.
We got through it.
Got through it?
I guess you weren't listening
to a single word they were saying.
Hey, it's cool! Nothing has changed
and they'll wait for the show.
It's all right, everything is cool.
You're an idiot if you still
think that nothing is wrong.
It's time to wake up already.
It's now two months that I've
been waiting, and still nothing!
He's not improving, and he's not going to.
So now, you are going to find
someone to replace him at once.
- Huh?
- They'll create the collection,
we'll use Peyami's name,
and we'll be done with this.
Come on, Dad, Peyami's brand
is the only genuine thing we got.
Don't throw that away.
I really don't give a damn
if this thing is genuine.
Now my only concern is that
our deal is made. You got me?
So you either go and knock some sense
into Peyami right now,
Or I will be dealing
with this problem my way.
[ominous music playing]
[doorbell rings]
Oh, hey. He's been asking for you
for hours, you're just in time. Come in.
- Peyami's at a meeting, right?
- That's right.
- Mustafa's out by the pool outside.
- Okay.
Move, move, hurry, hurry!
I gotta pee so bad!
Mr. Peyami?
Firu will be here,
and the boat will float!
Hey, come here, come here.
Come here. Come here.
Come now, come here, come here.
- [upbeat child-like music playing]
- [chuckles faintly]
- [gasps]
- What are you doing here?
[Esvet exhales deeply]
- Well
- Just come here.
[melancholic music playing]
Didn't I tell you to stay away from him?
You did.
But I never said I was okay doing that.
You are not welcome here, Esvet!
You don't seem to get it.
Are you sure about that?
Maybe we should ask your father.
- You'll ask him nothing.
- Why not?
Is that 'cause he can't make
any decisions for himself,
Or 'cause you know
what the answer will be?
Peyami, you listen.
If you want to destroy yourself,
I don't care.
I will not let you treat him this way
anymore though. You got that?
And how will you do that? Hmm?
By disappearing
after giving him hope again?
How long will you stay here, Esvet?
Hours, then? Or minutes, I guess?
Say you play with him and he's happy.
What happens when it's done?
You think he'll be content with that?
Maybe he will be today. And then?
Will you keep coming behind
Dimitri's back, when it's convenient?
For how long, Esvet?
Go on home to your husband.
And leave us alone.
[tense music playing]
[breathing deeply]
[doorbell rings]
[melancholic music playing]
Hey, don't go, don't go,
come back, come back! Hey!
Come back, come, come back!
No, come back, come! Don't go, don't!
[tense music playing]
You have no right to do this!
You blame me for everything that happened!
- I'm not looking for a scapegoat.
- That's right!
That's because I'm your scapegoat!
But you should look
at yourself in the mirror!
You're a coward, that's what you are!
You are a coward, because you
can't talk about your feelings
Without hiding behind Mustafa!
You're a coward!
That is because
you can't even tell me you love me,
and that's why you don't wanna see me!
- Please! I do not love you!
- I know that that is a lie!
I do not love you!
[mock chuckle]
You're such a big coward
you can't even tell the truth!
You can't even say it!
You know what? I'm braver than you.
Because that day, I stood up and said it.
I said I loved you, and I
said it right to Dimitri's face,
But you know what you did
about it? Huh? Huh?!
What did you do?!
- [Esvet breathes quickly]
- [tense music continues]
Esvet, I want you to go.
No, I will not be going anywhere
until you answer me.
When did you ever fight for us?
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music transitions
to melancholic music]
[music fades out]
[sorrowful music playing]
[music fades out]
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