Terzi (2023) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

- Answer me!
- I love him!
Esvet, don't!
- [sobbing] What have I done?
- [dramatic violin music playing]
What have I done?
[mumbling indistinctly]
God, what have I done?
Hello, darling. I'm the nurse.
Are you all right, hon?
Would you like a glass of water?
[Esvet continues crying]
[melancholic music playing]
[music fades out]
[dramatic music playing]
Somebody help!
Somebody help me!
Help! Somebody!
[Esvet] Mustafa!
- What happened?! What?!
- I don't know.
- Mustafa!
- Hold him!
- Come on.
- Careful.
Hold him.
- [Cemre] What's going on?
- [Esvet] Mustafa!
Mustafa! He's not breathing!
- Move.
- He's really not breathing!
No pulse.
[blowing air]
[dramatic music continues]
[Dimitri gasps]
[dramatic violin music playing]
[Esvet] Mustafa!
Somebody call an ambulance!
- [Esvet gasps]
- [Mustafa gags]
[Mustafa coughs]
[Mustafa whimpers]
- Firu?
- [Esvet] It's okay.
- Is Firu here? Firu, you're
- It's okay.
I'm here, all right?
I'm with you, I'm here, okay?
I'm with you, it's fine.
I was drowning.
I almost drowned. And you were not here.
- Are you all right, Mustafa?
- Yes, all right, yes.
You scared the hell out of us.
The boat is lost. The boat's gone.
It's okay, it's fine, it's fine,
you don't have to worry.
- I'll buy you a new one soon, I promise.
- Okay. That's great.
- Smooch him! [giggling]
- Okay.
- Kissed me!
- Don't worry. We'll get you a new boat.
- Okay?
- [Mustafa] Mustafa reached out like this.
But Mustafa couldn't catch it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[breathing deeply]
[music fades out]
[blows out air]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
Thank you.
I have a question.
We've been friends for 25 years.
Esvet knew about him and I didn't?
How come you said he died?
Why do you think?
And that's why Esvet was here?
To take care of your dad?
No, not Esvet.
Up, and down, like this.
Well, I'll go make some food.
His last meal was this morning.
- That's great.
- Firu will help me to eat, right?
Yes, I'll help you,
and we'll do it together.
Yes. Yes.
But first, would you like
some water, Mustafa?
[Cemre] Uh, excuse me.
Don't you think
he's had enough water today?
Buddy, look here,
I have something even better!
Would you like thiiiiis?
- Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
- That's riiiiight!
Uhhhh, no thanks. He's about to eat lunch.
But Firu, I want chocolate.
No, Mustafa, you know that you have
to eat your lunch first, okay?
Okay, I won't.
Oh, come on, the poor guy almost died.
Why don't you give him what he wants, huh?
He deserves some happiness.
He can have his lunch later on,
if that's okay with you
No thank you.
Whatever. It's up to you.
But I think Mıstık
really deserves this today.
Mıstık, please have the candy bar.
[chuckling] Yes!
Mıstık deserves the the candy bar.
Can I have it, Firu?
So what's the deal?
[dramatic guitar music playing]
I mean, with your dad. How did it happen?
[music stops]
He got meningitis as a baby.
Have a bite, it's great, Firu. It's great.
Mmm mm mmmm.
Papa, look, I'm having chocolate, look!
[Esvet] He's okay, thankfully.
And he'll have his lunch soon,
right, Mustafa?
I think you've done
more than enough, Mrs. Esvet.
We appreciate it,
but we'll take it from here.
Nuh-uh. I will eat with Firu.
Well, it's time for Firu to go.
[Mustafa] No, Firu can't leave,
Firu can't leave.
I will eat with Firu.
They have other things to do, right?
No, we've got nothing going on.
[mock gasp]
Oh, wait, you want us gone. Huh?
That's terrible, isn't it?
This guy wants to send
us away without eating!
[Dimitri and Mustafa chuckle]
But swimming makes you hungry!
Isn't that right, Papa? Huh?
Mustafa Papa! Mustafa Papa!
[Dimitri chuckles]
I don't know you, but I'm starving,
and I'm not going anywhere until I eat.
Then Mustafa and I will eat right here.
- Would you like that?
- Mm-hmm.
Why in here? We can all eat together.
Huh? Papa Mustafa
can eat with us. Sound good?
Yes, together. We'll eat together. Mm-hm.
[Esvet] And here comes
another one! Open up!
Incoming, Captain Mustafa!
Now open your mouth, open!
All right, Mustafa!
All right, Mustafa, all right, Mustafa!
[Esvet] And how about
a spoonful of soup, too?
- Here you go, come on.
- No, I'm full.
- Come on, Mustafa, you haven't had much.
- No, I'm full now.
Mustafa? Look what we have!
- [Mustafa] Candies!
[Dimitri chuckles]
- See?
- Uh-uh.
We're having our lunch.
- [Cemre] I can see that.
- So you feel like that's appropriate?
Of course not. Listen, Mustafa will finish
his meal, and then he'll have some candy.
- Right, Mustafa?
- [Mustafa] All right.
[Cemre, chuckling] Mustafa knows
the right order. Just keep feeding him.
Brother, you see that?
The girls are fighting over Papa Mustafa.
Amazing, man.
Mustafa, you're a lucky guy! [chuckling]
Lucky, lucky Mustafa! Very lucky!
I do it. I eat by myself.
I will eat by myself.
Oh, okay, really?
All right then, you can do it.
All right.
Come on then, boy.
[grunts faintly]
Spilled it.
It's fine, really, don't worry.
Come on, let's try again, go ahead.
- Özden, clean it up.
- Sure.
[Esvet] No, we'll clean him up afterwards.
Just in case he spills again.
Come on, Mustafa, one more spoonful.
- You good?
- [Peyami sighs]
[tense music playing]
[Mustafa slurps]
[Mustafa] I spilled.
[Dimitri] You spilled.
Don't worry, Papa Mustafa.
Besides, it's normal
if the soup spills a little bit, look.
- [mock gasp] I spilled it, too!
- [Cemre chuckles]
But I'll do it right this time,
look, watch me.
All right, here we go.
[groans] Damn, I spilled it again!
Özden, clean me up!
Come clean me up, Özden!
[Mustafa] Clean up, clean up, clean up.
[Dimitri laughs] Clean me up!
Wait a minute, I'm being a slob
because I'm wearing your shirt,
but you don't mind, do you?
- [tense music continues]
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- Ohhhhh, bang!
- Mustafa!
- [Mustafa] Look! Clean up! Clean it up!
- [Esvet] Mustafa!
- Mustafa, that's enough.
- We have to clean up here!
- You spilled, Mustafa!
- Come on, clean up now.
- Clean that, too!
- He did it now!
[chuckling] And he's not stopping either!
[Dimitri chuckles]
[tense music intensifies]
- [utensil clatters]
- Enjoy your meal.
[music stops]
[breathing fast]
[slow, tense music playing]
You've had your fun,
take your girl and go.
Come on, relax.
Man, if you think
that I'm making fun of him, you're wrong.
But if you're upset, we'll stop, I get it.
Man you don't get shit!
Then explain it, Peyami.
Come on, let's talk.
Brother, come on.
Please just drop
the caring friend act, Dimitri!
Pity from you is not helpful!
Take your girl and leave here already!
All right. Fine, we'll leave.
But listen, man,
no one's feeling sorry for you.
Not you or your father. You hear me?
Peyami, I get it.
Just drop it, asshole. What do you think
you get?! What do you think you get?!
- Just relax Calm down.
- What do you get?!
- How could you get it?!
- Be calm.
You don't have a dad who can't
feed himself or wipe his own ass!
- So what do you get?!
- Take it easy.
- What the hell do you know?! You saw him!
- Just calm down.
Now you know!
Yeah, You played a really great game
at lunch! But we're done!
- Man, listen!
- Now get the fuck out of here!
- Just fucking listen to me, okay?!
- [melancholic music playing]
Fuck you, and all
your childhood trauma, damn it!
What was it I did?!
Why should I pity you?! Huh?! What for?!
Because your dad's like a child?!
[breathing fast]
Whatever! I played with him, so what?!
Fine, I won't do it again!
You know, I busted my ass
growing up to get my dad to play!
And look at your dad, man,
he's always willing!
Peyami, I am not your enemy here.
I would never do something
to hurt you on purpose.
Damn it, you're like my brother.
Okay, fine,
I went a little too far at the table,
I upset you, I get it, I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
Okay? It's over and done.
But Peyami, I swear.
Really, I mean this, man, if I only
could have had your dad over mine,
I would choose to have yours!
At least, your dad
isn't a piece of shit like mine.
Fine, he's a little slow,
but he's got some guts.
He's not spineless, you know?
I'm serious, Peyami.
If you like, we could argue
about this 'til the morning.
You know I'll do it.
Look, I'm the last person
who should advise you on anything.
Especially not on issues
of dealing with your dad.
But I meant what I said.
You are the only
the only true friend I have,
and you'll stay that way until the end.
I'm not leaving just because
you told me I should fuck off.
Why are you and I even blood brothers?
Is it all for nothing?
Now I'm crying, you dick!
[Dimitri gasps]
Come on.
And don't ever tell me
to fuck off for no reason again.
Because I fuck hard!
[chuckling] You know that.
Peyami, what the fuck is that, man? Huh?
That's so fucking ugly. What is that?
That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen.
Dude, you're a designer,
just throw it out.
What the hell? Do you have an orchard?
Huh? Do you even have crows?
[Dimitri chuckles]
- [laughing]
- Get rid of it, dude, I am begging you.
[Dimitri coughs]
[Dimitri and Peyami chuckle]
How'd the meeting go?
Just great.
I almost convinced
them I was Peyami Dokumacı
But then I maybe kinda
screwed it up at the very end.
Probably 'cause I am better looking, or
[both chuckle]
Peyami. [clears throat]
Since you brought it up,
you need to pull yourself together.
Seriously, I cannot keep coming back here
and makin' out with your dad.
I mean, have a heart. [chuckles]
It's been two months
they've been waiting for designs.
Sure, I talked to them, I did my best,
and I got the deadline pushed.
In fact, I told them
that Peyami Dokumacı
would knock their socks off.
Am I right?
Well, that's it then.
Just give them a collection
that they've never seen before, Peyami.
I would help you if I could, man,
but you know my strength is more
in getting people to do what I want.
And I'm good at it,
you admit it. Admit it.
Well then, is Peyami Dokumacı back?
Are you still pouting? It's a beautiful
day, let's jump in the pool.
- Would you like to swim, Mustafa?
- Swish swish.
Swish swish, exactly.
You wanna go swish swish, Mustafa?
He can't do that.
- Don't you wanna go swish swish?
- No swish swish.
- I don't like.
- How come? It's nice to go swish swish.
What are you doing?
He almost died today in the pool.
Yeah, well, that's exactly the reason why.
He's gotta overcome his fear
so it's not permanent.
- And you'll be with him.
- He hates the water.
He might like it.
Would you like to go swish swish
with Firu, Mustafa?
Uh-uh. No swish swish.
I don't want swish swish.
- All right.
- It's okay, Mustafa.
- I don't wanna.
- Let's go swimming.
Uh, no, we should get going.
[Cemre] Fine, I'll just go lay out then.
Esvet, shall we?
Huh? Firu, don't leave, Firu, don't leave.
Um, Mustafa, I do have to leave.
- [Mustafa] No way, no way.
- [Esvet] Mustafa.
But you promised! You said we would
have fun, and you tricked me!
- Don't leave, don't trick me, Firu!
- [Dimitri] No, no.
It's okay, Papa Mustafa. Don't worry.
Tomorrow I will come back
with my wife, I promise.
Uh, Firu is my wife.
[slow, tense music playing]
Firu is the bride, Firu.
She's yours, huh?
All right, I get it,
she's gorgeous, you want to marry her.
Well, I'm sorry
to break it to you, Papa Mustafa.
- You can't have her, don't forget it.
- Oh, but Firu and I got marr
Actually, Mustafa, we can play
a game. Isn't that right, Mustafa?
Oh, yes, yes, a game!
That's right. I promised him
that we would play, so Mustafa is right.
Come, let's go back to the room to play.
Let's go play, come.
Come on, let's go, come on.
I'll put him to bed and come right back.
Come on, Mustafa, let's go to your room.
Come on.
Come, let's play it, Firu. Come, come.
Now can we go swimming?
[slow, tense music fades out]
Your dad really seems to like Esvet.
It's like he thinks he owns her.
He sure loves her.
He won't eat or go to sleep without her.
What are you gonna do?
It's gotta be tough.
I mean finding someone he'd be
comfortable with, how do you do it?
You got that right. It's hard.
Look, if you want, brother, Esvet could
come work here for you guys again.
[tense music playing]
[tense music fades out]
How can you just lay there
on a day that's as beautiful as this?
- Come on, get in.
- We're fine here, but thank you.
[scoffs] You guys are so damn boring.
A little boring.
Ah! If it isn't the most
compassionate woman in the world.
He's finally asleep. We can leave.
How'd you do it? Did he lay on you?
That's right. It's his favorite.
[melancholic music playing]
See, that's why I married
this great and wonderful woman!
She's just so compassionate and motherly!
I think we should get working on a baby
right away! You'd be an amazing mother.
I'm serious. Huh?
Peyami, don't you think so.
Don't you want to be an uncle?
Ah, just imagine
how beautiful our kid would be.
With her beauty and my intelligence?
Forget about it.
We're screwed
if it's the other way around. [chuckles]
I'm kidding!
I'm pretty, too, so it's fine! [chuckles]
[kissing and chuckling]
[Cemre] I think you should have
a baby right away.
I really love children. [chuckles]
It's what everyone's
expecting from us. Ya see?
All right. Let's get out of here.
Yeah, all right.
Hey, well, please excuse us.
We have to go work on that baby!
[melancholic music continues]
[melancholic music continues]
[sobs quietly]
[music fades out]
[melancholic music playing]
[groans faintly]
[music fades out]
[Dimitri] Now I get
why he loves you so much.
Who do you mean?
Who do you think?
- [sighs]
- Apparently, you're very compassionate.
I have yet to witness it, but
Firu took extra special care of Mustafa.
Mustafa's Firu, is that right?
You tuck him in every night?
That's right.
Yeah, and I didn't just take him to bed,
I used to wash him as well.
You know,
Mustafa never liked taking a bath.
But with me, he started to like it.
'Cause I played with him
while I washed him.
Wow. [chuckles]
[faint tense music playing]
That's so nice.
Oh, and I shaved him too. Every morning.
So that's where you went last night.
On the first night
as husband and wife. Huh?
That's right.
You were just passed out
and I had nothing better to do.
[car horn honking]
[tense music builds in intensity]
[honking continues]
I'm so sorry, my dear bride.
It's completely my fault.
But I swear to you right now,
moving forward, I will give you
all the attention you deserve, all right?
[cars honking]
All right, I'm done! Turco!
[tense music fades out]
[honking continues]
I haven't heard from you for hours,
I thought I should check on you.
[Peyami sighing]
Looks like somebody
needs inspiration from a muse.
I'd love to assist you
as much as possible.
[Peyami chuckles faintly]
[Peyami chuckles]
I gotta work now.
Let's work together.
- [kissing]
- Mmm.
Maybe you can teach me a few things.
- What do you think about that?
- [chuckling]
I wanna be your little helper.
Peyami Dokumacı.
- [Peyami chuckles]
- Hm?
[melancholic music playing]
Is that for someone special?
- Hmm?
- That dress there.
[Peyami chuckles faintly]
[groans faintly]
[melancholic music fades out]
[Peyami] Mmm?
[faint mysterious music playing]
[melancholic music playing]
[chuckles faintly]
Please turn around.
It's pretty modest, don't you think?
Leave it to me.
[coughs faintly]
Turn around, please.
[breathing rapidly]
[Cemre] Shhhh. Shhhh.
It's okay.
In an interview someone said
that every dress is tailored to its owner.
[both chuckle]
Now I wonder where I read that.
- [Peyami chuckles]
- [Cemre] Mmm?
Downstairs, in a magazine.
Maybe, we could
give this dress a little alteration.
What do you think? Hmm? Sound good?
[music fades out]
[exhales deeply]
[ominous music plays faintly]
[ominous music plays loudly]
[scissors clatter on floor]
[ominous music fades out]
Who was that girl Peyami brought with him?
I hope she's not his girlfriend.
[Dimitri] Why do you say that, Mama?
She isn't a good match for Peyami.
Well, I really don't feel that way.
I mean, they're great together.
I really like her for him. And she got
along with Esvet. Didn't she? Huh?
[Lia] Well, I didn't like her
at all. Hell no.
And you should warn your friend about it,
not encourage it.
That girl will give him
nothing but trouble, son.
[Irini] You're so right, sister.
Girls like that know how to trap men.
Imagine if they're married.
It would be a pity for Peyami.
Well, sweet Mother-in-law,
Not everyone's as lucky as I am.
I'm sure he'd love
to meet someone like Esvet.
But there's only one of her,
so no luck! [chuckling]
News, we almost forgot.
Esvet and I talked about it, and we
are going to have a baby soon as possible.
- [Lia] Really?
- [Dimitri] Yes, really.
Today we, um,
we ran into a friend of mine,
and he has this baby
who is absolutely adorable.
Esvet was so caring
and compassionate and attentive.
In fact, the baby fell asleep in her arms.
So I said, instead of putting someone
else's baby to sleep,
let's have our own kid, you know?
Right? Huh? [chuckling]
[Irini] That is wonderful news!
Great idea, both of you guys!
[ominous music playing]
My idea, Irini.
It was my idea, and then Esvet went along.
Hey, Father, be happy.
You'll have a grandchild.
And you can run around with him
when you're retired.
And if I have a son?
Huh? A Little Dimitri!
My carbon copy, imagine that!
And when he arrives,
you'll love him as much as me, right?
[ominous music fades out]
You're not mad at me, are you?
I'm sure you wanted to wait to tell them
the good news until you got pregnant,
but what was I supposed to do?
I got so excited.
I really think that we should start
working on it though, don't you think?
And we have to start tracking
your ovulation and all.
Hmm? Mmm.
Ahhh, we should get an app for that.
I'm gonna download one.
You should do it, too.
That way if one of us forgets,
the other one will have a reminder.
[Dimitri sighs]
Ah, all right.
[inhales deeply]
Wow, someone's lookin' to be
a little bit naughty, huh? [chuckles]
All right.
It's for sleeping.
You know, the pharmacist told me
that just one of these
is enough to put a horse to sleep.
Anyway, this is it.
[melancholic music playing]
I never asked
if it would be dangerous for the baby,
but I'm sure it isn't.
Go ahead.
I can't wait 'til I'm pregnant
with your child.
[breathing deeply]
[music fades out]
[upbeat music playing]
It's late, what are you doing here?
Well, Suzi, what do you think
I'm doing here this late, huh?
[chuckles faintly]
I thought this was done.
You thought wrong.
[Dimitri moans]
Ah, is that right?
[both chuckle]
[Suzi moans]
[both moan]
[exhales deeply]
- [zipper unzips]
- [sighs]
- [music stops]
- [ship horn blows]
[melancholic music playing]
[Peyami groans faintly]
[groans faintly]
[melancholic music fades out]
- [sighs]
- [knocking]
[gasps faintly]
Peyami, sir
What's going on?
Is there something wrong with him?
No, he's all right.
So then what do you need? What, Özden?!
Why are you up here
if you know it's off limits?!
I'm trying to sleep here, all right?
[Cemre moans faintly]
Özden, answer the question already!
M Miss Suzan has been waiting
downstairs for an hour for you, and I
Well is that it?! Is that it?!
[sighs] Tell her to go to the shop
and I'll meet her.
And listen! I don't ever
want to see you up here again! Okay?
[breathing heavy]
[tense music playing]
[music fades out]
Ohhhh! My dear wife is awake, huh?
[in Greek] Good morning, baby.
I see your body's pretty damn strong.
I thought you'd be asleep for three days.
Think there's a problem with the pills?
Better go chat again
with that pharmacist of yours.
All right, buttercup?
I'm gonna take a shower.
Get ready so we can go down
for breakfast. Come on.
[playful slap]
[snickering] Hey.
[ominous music playing]
We'll need to cover that thing
on your neck before we go down.
Well, I hope she's not underage.
That looks like a teenager did it.
The opposite.
And unlike you, she's got a young spirit.
[chuckling] Come on. Get ready.
[door opens and closes]
Oh no, my dear.
You didn't get enough sleep last night?
Don't worry, eat your breakfast.
You can go back to bed
when we leave for work, all right?
- [Ari] I'm not going to the office today.
- [Dimitri] Why not?
I found a designer for us.
So today I'm stopping at his shop
to see his work.
I've talked to you about this, Father.
There is no other designer.
Okay? We'll proceed with Peyami.
What's going on?
Something's wrong with Peyami's work?
There's nothing wrong with Peyami.
The only issue is his unnecessary panic.
Unnecessary, really?
Well, then tell me, have we seen anything?
We still have no designs, do we?
We will, all right?
Just give him some time
and you'll have everything.
Look, Peyami'll work his magic, it's fine.
Peyami isn't going to do shit.
The new designer is working
from here on, and that's it.
[faint, ominous music playing]
[sorrowful music playing]
[car door opens]
[door closes]
- Welcome, Peyami, sir.
- Thanks.
[indistinct chatter]
- Okay?
- Sure.
Welcome, Peyami.
Why did you come
to the house this morning?
The collection, Peyami.
There's no time left.
Ari, Dimitri, and the workshop,
we're all waiting on you.
[sorrowful music transitions
to tense music]
What are these?
[Murat] Well, they're
[music becomes ominous]
[Peyami] What do you think
you're doing here?
Why isn't anyone answering me?!
Tell me what they are!
Th they're sketches.
It was just in your absence,
you taught us so much
and we thought we should give it a try.
- So we did. Well, we tried to.
- Oh, you tried, huh?
And who asked you to step in?!
Mr. Salim?
Zuhal? Murat?
Was all this your idea, Suzi?
Peyami, I asked them to take a shot,
it's just that we were running late.
So I thought we could save some time if we
came up with something worth showing you.
With these here? Hmm?
Garbage. This is garbage.
So is this! This here! And here!
More garbage! More garbage!
This is all garbage!
And this one!
- This this is worse than garbage!
- Peyami!
Shut up and don't you dare interrupt me!
[ominous music continues]
All right. [clears throat]
I appreciate all the very hard work
you've provided so far.
But, obviously,
we won't be working together anymore.
They're all fired.
[ominous music increases in intensity]
[footfalls on stairs]
I told you, never come up here
while I'm working!
But these people have been
working with us for years!
Suzi, get out of here! Get out!
Let them go and leave me alone already!
[ominous music becomes quieter]
[breathing fast]
[sets drink down]
[breathes deeply]
[sorrowful vintage music playing]
[woman singing folksy music
in foreign language]
[men singing in foreign language]
[woman resumes singing]
[angry screaming]
[high pitched ringing and muffled audio]
[choir singing in foreign language]
[woman resumes singing]
[music continues]
[music stops]
[sorrowful music playing]
[music fades out]
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