Terzi (2023) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[sorrowful music playing]
We have to leave immediately.
You can't be serious, leave here?
If you stay, what's next?
Do you know what they'll do
if they find out?
How will they find out if we keep quiet?
Are you kidding me? [scoffs]
Even if we find a way
to hide your growing belly, then what?
How are you planning on hiding the baby?
We have no other choice, Kiraz.
We can't just stay here,
right under their noses.
No. No, Osman, I'm not going anywhere.
Why not?
You've been rejected by your family.
What's left for you here, huh? Nothing!
Yes, there is! You already know what.
[melancholic music playing]
[music fades out]
[contemplative music playing]
Did you come back?
Look, Kiraz.
Mustafa is right here!
[contemplative music transitions
to melancholic music]
Kiraz came back.
- Kiraz came back!
- Wait, wait, it's not Kiraz.
- You're confused.
- Kiraz. Kiraz, it's her.
- No. Let's not make her uncomfortable.
- Kiraz. Kiraz. Kiraz!
- Go to your room. Özden, come here!
- Kiraz. Peyam.
- Mustafa, it's not her!
- Look, it's her, Peyam!
Look, Peyam, it is Kiraz!
[melancholic music continues]
Kumru is her name, Mustafa.
- No, that's Kiraz.
- No, to your room, let's go, back inside.
- It is her Peyam!
- Come on, move it.
- Mustafa, I keep telling you it's not!
- Peyam, look!
- That's not Kiraz!
- No! Kiraz! No! Kiraz!
- I said it's not Kiraz!
- That's her! Kiraz!
- Kiraz! Kiraz!
- It's not her, do you hear me?! Shut up!
[indistinct shouting]
Kiraz! I want to see Kiraz!
- Put me down!
- You're not going anywhere!
- Kiraz!
- It's not!
- That's not Kiraz, do you hear?!
- Kiraz!
- That's not her!
- That's Kiraz!
- It's not her!
- That's Kiraz!
- That's Kiraz!
- Just relax! Do you hear me?!
You're not coming out of here!
- Kiraz!
- Come here.
- Kiraz! Let go!
- Quiet! Stop!
- I want to see Kiraz, Papa!
- You're not going anywhere!
- Papa! I want to see Kiraz!
- Stop it!
- [dramatic guitar music playing]
- [sobbing] I want Kiraz! I'll go to her!
Kiraz, no, come back!
- Now try and see her!
- I'll see her! I want Kiraz!
Let me go! Kiraz!
I want to see Kiraz!
[grunts and sobs]
- [Özden] Mustafa!
- Kiraz! Let me go!
I want to see her!
Papa, take it off! Take it off!
I don't want it, Papa! I want it off!
Keep his door closed,
I don't want to hear him.
[Mustafa] Papa! Papa!
Take it! Take it off! Take it off now.
- [sighs]
- [music stops]
[Peyami] Miss Kumru?
[sighing] I'm sorry about that.
I hope we didn't scare you.
It's okay.
- Please, it's fine, don't apologize.
- No, it's not.
I could see that you were agitated.
But now you're fine, right?
I wasn't scared.
I have a family member like that.
So I felt for him, that's all.
[breathing deeply]
I see.
You lost him, I guess.
Who is that? I mean, are you related, or
Just an employee's older brother.
He's living here,
because he has no other place to stay.
Oh, is that right?
[melancholic music playing]
They've got a beautiful heart then.
Your employee
didn't abandon their brother.
Some people cast them aside out of shame.
But your employee is like an angel.
Anyone who sees that, and still
takes the person under their wing,
well, their goodness
will be shared, and it's a blessing.
And you,
You've given him a home, even though
You're not related to the man.
You're a good person.
[melancholic music stops]
I went to the garden to pick cherries ♪
I went to the garden to pick cherries ♪
My love is hard to get ♪
My love is hard to get ♪
Get out! You are a bad Peyam.
Mustafa is angry.
You hurt Mustafa.
- Look, I'm sorry.
- [whimpering]
But you left me with no choice.
Let's take these off.
[sobbing] Kiraz is gone.
Mustafa didn't get to see her.
Just like Mama and Papa.
You made her leave, she left.
- [slow, dramatic music playing]
- [Mustafa continues sobbing]
Mama and Papa, what did they do?
They didn't want her?
- Mm-hmm.
- And they made her leave?
I was crying Mustafa.
Kiraz was crying too,
she was crying Kiraz.
What are you saying?
Kiraz didn't want to leave?
She had to go, Mama and
Papa said, so she did.
Why? Huh? Why did they say that?
Why you did?
Kiraz was here, and you sent her,
like they sent her.
Look, I didn't send Kiraz away.
I know you thought it was her,
but that's not her.
- Yes it is. It was Kiraz! It was!
- Her name is Kumru.
Kiraz is gone.
I wish she were here.
But she's not.
- [sighs]
- It was her.
Kiraz was here.
I saw her. Kiraz is gone.
[groans faintly]
[mysterious music playing]
[lively Middle Eastern music playing]
Over here.
Welcome. Your table, sir.
[music transitions to suspenseful music]
I've had enough of the games
we've been playing here.
So, I am only gone ask you this once.
You're right here. My dad's here.
My mother's here.
And you know her.
I think you know
exactly what happened to her.
So tell me,
where is my mother?
- [suspenseful music fades out]
- [ship horn blows]
I really appreciate you coming.
He's been going on and on
about Kiraz since yesterday, nonstop.
Kiraz? Why's that?
[Mustafa] She was here.
Kiraz will come back. She will come.
Kiraz will come back, right?
She can. Kiraz can return, yes, she can.
Please? Can she? Yes.
[Esvet] Mustafa?
Firu! Firu!
Firu, come, come, Peyam didn't believe me.
- He said it's not her, but it was.
- Shhh. All right.
It's all right now, Mustafa,
relax and let's talk.
What is it he doesn't believe?
Kiraz, I saw her.
He didn't believe it was Kiraz,
so she's gone.
Okay, Mustafa, relax, all right?
- But I don't understand.
- What?
Isn't that Kiraz right over here?
- Kiraz?
- Isn't that Kiraz?
Not that. The real Kiraz was here.
The real Kiraz was here,
Firu, the real Kiraz was here.
The shop was closed, I've called
you and you're not answering.
Where is everyone, huh?
Have you closed without me knowing?
[sighs] Peyami gave them the day off.
Is that right?
Peyami just gave them the day?
Come on, Suzi, be honest, what happened?
He let them go.
Let them go? What happened?
Peyami is
Let's say he's been having
a hard time. Hm?
[sighs] And, his majesty is where now?
At home.
He's where?
[Dimitri breathes deeply]
He had me move everything there.
He said he's gonna work from home.
He's trying, Dimitri, he's trying so hard.
But he's stuck. He's a mess right now.
He's lost everyone,
Plus he was left with his dad,
and after that
[suspenseful music playing]
What's that?
And then, Suzi? Huh?
- It was just a lot for him to handle.
- Suzi, Suzi, Suzi, Suzi.
Listen to me.
I'm aware you're very loyal to Peyami.
And I appreciate it, so it's cool.
But I'm also aware
that you know what went on
with Esvet and Peyami in that house.
Come on.
Don't you think you should tell me
what happened between the two of them,
once and for all, huh, Suzi?
[suspenseful music continues]
[music fades out]
[lighter clicking]
Mustafa and I talked.
He said that Kiraz was here.
[melancholic music playing]
And I know you don't believe him,
and you think he's talking gibberish
- But
- But Firu believes him, right?
[chuckles faintly]
Mustafa's Firu.
Our family's guardian angel.
Firu understands him.
She trusts him,
and Peyami does not.
[takes deep breath]
But, you wanna know what, Firu?
The truth is, you really don't know shit.
[sighs] Leave me alone, all right?
[breathes in deeply]
What if he's telling the truth?
You don't know her,
and you've never seen her.
You told me
you don't even have her picture.
Mustafa knows her for sure.
And more importantly, he loves her.
So much that his scarecrow
was named after her,
and he's called out her name for years.
Peyami, think about it.
He hasn't called anyone Kiraz until today,
why do you think that is?
Look, that woman is just a maid
who came here to work here, period!
She saw Mustafa, and she ran!
I was here, I saw everything.
I saw terror and pity in her eyes,
that was all! I witnessed it!
[music fades out]
Mustafa is not normal, okay?
You need to accept that!
Get it through your head!
He thinks a scarecrow is his runaway wife,
that's how his mind works!
And he's dumb enough
to confuse her with our new maid!
Accept that! And deal with it!
Please get out of here, go on!
[breathing fast]
I went to see him.
Last night.
She ran away.
[sorrowful music playing]
She always despised him.
He made her sick.
She was forced to marry him.
She was just She was sold like property.
And then when she had me
She had given them what they wanted.
So the first chance she got, she ran away.
And that's my story.
[sorrowful music continues]
And then, just like me,
she was embarrassed.
And to break free from it,
she went away as far as possible.
She left so she could be done,
with him, and with me.
[Osman] You really think this is better?
Well, at least
he doesn't have any hope now.
[sorrowful music continues]
I had always
convinced myself
that she was forced to leave.
I knew I'd find her someday.
She'd say she had no choice
but to leave me.
But all I found out is I was unwanted.
[inhales deeply] So, that's why I know
Mustafa is not correct
and it wasn't Kiraz.
Couldn't be.
Because my mother wouldn't come
anywhere near Mustafa
or me, I'm sure of that.
Kiraz abandoned both of us
years ago, all right?
[sorrowful music fades out]
Why would she return?
That wasn't her.
And she will never return.
You see now?
[melancholic music playing]
Can you please leave me alone now?
I can't, Peyami.
I can't let you
beat yourself up like this, I won't.
All right, she didn't even want you, fine.
Maybe she ran because she was embarrassed,
But neither of you can be blamed for that.
Please, you can't keep doing this.
You need to get it together.
You have to do it.
Why, Esvet? Why though?
For the people who love you, and need you.
For your dad. For me.
[melancholic music continues]
[exhales deeply]
[melancholic music fades out]
[melancholic music resumes]
No more.
This is wrong.
We can't do this.
[Peyami exhales deeply]
I really think
that you've done the right thing.
You would regret it later.
You're not that person.
[music becomes mysterious]
[mysterious music becomes very faint]
Honey, what
What's wrong?
Did something happen?
- Papa Mustafa did something to you?
- [sniffling]
I'm just really tired.
Why are you here?
I'm here to give you a ride.
All of you, actually.
[mysterious music fades out]
It's all right,
I'm sure she will understand.
Who will understand? Huh?
[slow, dramatic violin music playing]
You all right? You don't look so good.
What happened here?
My wife is upset, too. Huh?
Nah, we're cool.
Peyami's having artist's block.
[Cemre chuckles]
[violin music fades out]
[tense music playing]
You're okay, right?
Nothing's wrong, is it?
See? Your wife's totally fine, too.
We didn't upset her, really, don't worry.
Dimitri, um, we were trying
to decide what to drink first,
but come on, you decide, what'll we drink?
- [chuckles] Mm.
- [music fades out]
Well, if no one's gonna make a decision,
you'll have to live with my choice!
How come you're here so early?
You miss your wife? Hm?
Well, that's an understatement. [kiss]
But not the only reason I'm here.
- I came to pick you up.
- To pick us up?
That's right. We are celebrating tonight.
- Celebrating?
- Are you guys gonna keep repeating me?
"Pick us up?"
"Celebrating?" Yes, celebrating.
Don't ask me why, it'll ruin the surprise.
Come on, get ready.
It's an important day
for Esvet and Dimitri.
- [chuckles faintly]
- [slow, contemplative music playing]
[upbeat lounge music playing]
What are we celebrating? Tell us already.
[Dimitri] Wow, someone's impatient, huh?
Look at Peyami and Esvet.
Do you hear them asking?
[Dimitri chuckles]
I'll get that. Here, let me pop it.
Give it here, I'll do it.
- [waiter] Enjoy.
- [Dimitri] Thanks.
All right.
Hey now, come on! Where's your enthusiasm?
All right.
Ladies first.
Sure, thanks a lot.
I've got wonderful news here,
and no one's excited.
Peyami? I'm gonna get offended.
So, what's the occasion?
Does it matter? I mean,
you drink to celebrate every shit lately.
[Dimitri clears his throat]
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- [sighs]
Okay, here's the deal.
Ready, guys?
- [Peyami] Mm-hm.
- Are you ready?!
Yes! Let's go! Say it!
Okay, sweetie pie, I'm just building
some anticipation here!
All right, now that you're all so excited,
Effective immediately,
I will be taking over for my father.
- [ominous music playing]
- [Dimitri] Hmm?
[Cemre] So, what does that even mean?
What it really means, sweetie pie,
is that my father has retired to his home,
to peacefully await his death.
I'll send his chair to him, though.
He can sit in it at home. He's got
a weird, special connection to that chair.
So you're taking over the company?
Ah, I finally got your attention, Peyami.
Cheers, welcome back.
And Ari just
gave up the company like that?
Ahhh, Peyami, man,
you're breaking my heart.
Of course not.
Nah, he's thrilled to be a grandpa.
[chuckling] A grandpa!
He got so excited when we told him
that we've decided to have a baby
that he said he should retire,
so he can chase his grandkid around.
Honey, we, uh, we really
shouldn't put it off at this point.
It'd be a real shame
if dad died before you're due.
It's finally happening now, brother.
No one can stop us now. Salud, huh?
[ominous music fades,
lounge music resumes]
Oh, and now you don't need to worry
about that problem of yours, okay?
Just consider it done.
Stop playing dumb. Esvet told you already,
you know everything. It's cool.
Ahhh, you don't like that Esvet told me
she spoke to you about everything.
So tell me,
why are you upset about it? I'm not.
Of course she told you,
it's normal, I know that.
Stuff happens in every family.
This is so like them, Cemre.
They love to, you know, plot things
together, and make secret plans.
I mean, there's always some enigma,
or some secret
they're coming up with together.
But they love each other.
[slow, dramatic music playing]
Very much.
[Dimitri chuckles]
Peyami, am I wrong here?
You love each other. Huh?
But I know why
they love each other so much.
They have someone in common
that they both love.
It's me, ya know? [chuckles]
I'd be jealous,
but one of them is my blood brother,
and the other one is my wife.
So being jealous is silly! [chuckles]
I imagine you're wondering
why the hell I'm telling you this.
Well, you're new to the group,
and it could be hard
to get why they are the way they are,
and I don't want you
to stress over nothing.
[slow, dramatic music continues]
Hey, Peyami, come on, quit staring!
Look, your girl should know everything
so you guys won't fight about it later.
Peyami told you, right?
About the time they were secretly
living together at his house, didn't he?
- Dimitri.
- Dimitri what?
I think she's entitled
to know everything, wouldn't you agree?
In a relationship,
honesty is so important.
Otherwise, what happens?
You know, right? All of us saw.
So, Cemre,
my wife here,
before the wedding I mean, uh,
like before the first planned wedding,
she ran away.
And where did she run?
Peyami's house!
But she hid as Mustafa's caretaker!
[Dimitri chuckles]
Dimitri, just put it to rest.
Yeah, I gotta agree with him.
This is getting really old.
I thought we were just gonna drink
and celebrate your job.
All right. [chuckling] Fine, that's fine.
But [chuckles]
All right.
I swear this is the last thing I'll say.
After this I'll be done. All right?
Cemre, Esvet, over here,
This one,
shot Peyami
With a gun!
I swear! Bam!
[Dimitri chuckles]
But she was actually aiming for me!
But my blood brother jumped between us,
and he was the one to take the bullet.
And, well, that's how Peyami
got shot by Esvet, so booyah.
[Dimitri chuckles]
So I guess now you know how much
- I mean to the guy, huh?
- [slow, dramatic music continues]
My brother would give his life
for me in a flash.
Isn't that right, Peyami?
[Cemre] Well, that's great. Good for you.
Awesome, let's make a toast
to the blood brothers,
and let's just move on, please,
is that all right, okay?
And what is it you said
before you fired, Esvet?
[slow, dramatic music continues]
Just before you shot at him,
you said something.
Do you recall that? Huh?
Because I can't seem to recall it.
Say it, go ahead.
I said, "Yes."
- I said, "Yes."
- [sighs]
[Dimitri] That's right.
"Yes" is what she said.
But, of course, you're unaware
of what the "yes" was to.
Well, should I explain? Huh?
My husband
asked me if I loved Peyami or not, right?
Like, as in, romantically.
And I told him I did.
And then I pointed the gun at his heart.
But who came to the rescue
that day and protected it?
[melancholic music playing]
It was my best friend,
and blood brother, Peyami.
This heart, right here.
You never know who you'll find in there.
- [chuckles]
- [music fades out]
Now, let's drink as much as we can.
And I've gotta go and take a leak first.
Then we will drink
until the cows come home
[breathing deeply]
I think that's enough.
[tense music playing]
[breathing fast]
[tense music transitions to ominous music]
[forced chuckle]
[upbeat lounge music playing]
I think we should get out of here, huh?
[chuckles faintly]
Is that right?
Peyami knows exactly when to leave.
Is it time for you guys to leave, Peyami?
Maybe we shouldn't talk
about this here, Esvet, huh? Yeah?
[breathing deeply]
You know,
it's just, Dimitri left something else
out of the story he just recounted.
Well, actually it's something
he doesn't know.
Before I said to Peyami that I loved him,
we kissed each other.
Esvet, just stop it.
Yeah, it was right after he said that,
that he would send me far away.
And obviously, it was mutual.
- But what we had was wrong.
- [sighs]
[ominous music playing]
He had me on one side,
and his best friend on the other.
So he wasn't in the wrong, it was me.
Is that right, Peyami?
That's what you said today as well, right?
Right after we were upstairs,
and you kissed me again.
"Wrong, this is"
"This is wrong."
[Cemre] I think we drank too much tonight.
Why don't we go freshen up
in the ladies room? Come on.
[music becomes tense]
[Cemre] Whoa, whoa, you all right? Yeah?
No, I've always been wrong.
But I never got the chance
to properly thank you, Peyami.
Thank you so much for always stopping me
from doing the wrong thing, Peyami
[music becomes dramatic]
[dramatic music stops]
[sorrowful music playing]
[music fades out]
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