Terzi (2023) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

You all right?
I feel a bit I'm a little bit dizzy,
that's all. I'm fine.
Do you need any help?
No, I can go alone,
it's all right, I'm fine.
What's wrong?
I'm fine.
I think I've just had too much wine.
I'm a little dizzy,
but I'll hit the ladies' room.
I can come along with you if you'd like.
No, that's all right.
I'll go with her.
Are you okay?
I think you've had enough. Huh?
I thought we were celebrating.
Didn't you want us to drink?
But it doesn't seem
like you're celebrating.
You have something you want
to tell me there, Peyami?
Like what?
I'm not sure, brother.
You tell me, I guess.
You're nervous.
Why's that?
What, Peyami?
Not telling your blood brother?
Say the fucking thing
and get it out of your system.
My mother.
Your mother?
Last night I learned why she abandoned me.
What are you talking about?
Huh? What mother?
Which one?
Sweetie, look at your face.
You don't wanna go back
to the table like that, right?
Pick one, I have concealer, too.
And a little bit of blush.
Are you really gonna pretend
we didn't just kiss?
Do you think I should
make a big deal about it?
You could be angry,
or you could be jealous,
Or you could
you could've been a lot of things.
Yet you're being so nice to me.
Listen, right now, I'm the last
person you need to worry about.
With that husband of yours? Hey, fix that
right there, I couldn't blend it.
And pick one of these.
Your choice.
So, your mom was ashamed of your dad,
so she skipped town and left you guys.
Was that all?
Is that why you're being like this? Huh?
What's wrong?
That's not reason enough?
Secrets, secrets, secrets.
Another one of Peyami's secrets.
But do you have
other secrets, Peyami? Huh?
Secrets that you've been keeping
from your best friend?
Are you sure?
Well, was she
was she in love with someone else?
Did she abandon you for somebody else?
I'm really not sure.
Can you imagine that?
You should be thankful that Papa Mustafa
was just a half-wit then, right?
Look, if he was all there,
He's likely have shot her.
Or the other guy.
We're baaaaack.
Here ya go, sir,
your wife is already much better.
Ahhh. Wonderful!
Is it okay if we go, please?
I should really get home, I think.
So now you're ready to leave, too, huh?
Okay then, time to go.
We'll stay here for a bit.
Still working on it.
All right, have a good evening.
Cemre, sweetheart.
- Thank you, guys.
- Darling?
Peyami doesn't get a goodbye tonight? Huh?
Have a good night.
Yeah, good night.
- 'Kay, good night.
- Good night, guys.
Enough, all right? Stop now.
- Can I call you a cab, sir?
- We are all right.
You're gonna say something?
You know the best part
of a downward spiral?
You think you're flying
and not falling until you hit the ground.
Have you fallen a lot?
Oh yeah. Plenty, dude.
And if you know
you're falling, then what? Hm?
You're just trying to kill yourself then.
But I'd rather commit suicide than fall.
Yeah, but not your way.
An actual real suicide.
You're falling, Peyami. Seriously.
You think you're killing yourself,
but you're really just falling.
And it's time to make a real decision.
What decision?
To forget all the shit.
To let go and start with a clean slate.
Death is the only way
to forget about some things.
And you'll never let go
of those things, until you die.
Be dead.
I mean, just stop resisting,
stop fighting it. Let go.
The time has come.
It's meant to be, just
Just let go.
Do it.
Yeah! Go on!
Whooo hooo!
Close your eyes, Peyami!
Do it! Let it all go! Whooo!
- Come on, tell me!
- I love him!
Esvet, don't!
You're right here. My dad's here.
My mother's here.
Where is my mother?
Peyam is here. Peyam is
Peyam is here. Papa.
Papa is here.
Okay, now hide! Go on.
Peyam, get up. Peyam, yes.
Mustafa is waiting for you.
Peyam, get up.
Good job, Peyam! Good job, Peyam!
Good job, Peyam, good job!
You're doing a great job, Peyam!
Peyam, you're so great!
Peyam is down! Peyam down!
Peyam is down! Peyam!
Peyam! Does it hurt, Peyam?
You're okay, don't worry, it's okay.
Does it hurt bad?
Falling down is good, Peyami.
You need to know how to fall,
so you can keep on going.
Falling teaches you
to get back up again. Hm?
- Come on.
- Yes, stand.
- Up you go, son.
- Stand up.
There you are.
I thought you'd never come up.
I took my time letting go.
Have you said goodbye?
- I have, yeah.
- Well, all right.
Then you're all good.
That's right.
So, you committed suicide for real.
Are you ready to be reborn, Peyami?
I think I'm ready.
Is it cool if we swim for a while?
The water feels great.
You were right, Father.
About Peyami. You were right.
You had it right.
What'd you do to your head?
Someone tried knocking
some sense back into me.
Did it work?
I think I'm good. So, what is it?
- Dimitri.
- Hmm.
He'd like to speak with you.
That's why you came here?
Send him in
He said he wants you to meet him there.
His office.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
And he specifically asked
that I tell you he wants you over there.
- Welcome, Mr. Peyami.
- Thank you.
Dimitri is in Ari's office,
and he's ready for you now.
Follow me, please.
Mr. Peyami's here.
- Come in, sir.
- Hm.
Peyami, my friend.
Hey, what's with your head? Huh?
What, you get in a fight after we left?
Man, you know I don't do that
if you're not around.
That's smart, I guess.
- Cemre and you fighting, dude?
- Nah. I did it, man.
You did it.
Who won? Huh?
Did you put up a good fight?
You can't imagine.
You won't recognize the guy.
This looks like a pretty serious meeting.
I wish you'd warned me.
I'd have dressed much nicer.
No way, brother,
you look good in everything.
So you still have your dad's chair.
I remember you saying
you'd send him the chair.
Oh, yeah, that's right. Hmm?
Well, I decided
to keep it a while, man.
It grew on me so much that
I might never give it back.
What do you think? Does it suit me?
It's like it was made
for you, man.
You think?
Well, I'm sure you didn't call me here
to ask me how you look in that chair.
I'm listening.
Well, okay.
I decided,
I'm buying your shares in the company.
This is the best way to keep us afloat.
And you'll receive a lot more money
than they're worth, Peyami.
- Oh, really?
- That's right.
This is also ideal for you, Peyami.
I feel like you need some rest.
I realized that last night.
Making you work
while you're in this condition
seems like a waste of time, and it's
really not fair to you, either. Huh?
Not fair, is that right? Hm.
You need to take
some of this pressure off.
You can take a vacation
after you've sold your shares.
You're the artist, Peyami,
But business is our thing.
Instead of ruining yourself
and your reputation,
I think you should
leave the business in our hands.
What you're saying is
you'll acquire my name. Hmm?
Peyami, legally speaking,
the Peyami Dokumacı brand
is co-owned by you
and the Aslanoğlu Family.
Here's the amount offered for your shares.
Believe me, Dimitri made sure
that you get the best possible offer.
Should you refuse,
we can still buy your shares
for a fraction of that cost,
based on the grounds that
you've neglected your responsibilities.
But Dimitri here
But Dimitri right here,
prepared a settlement
that was the best for me, right?
That's great!
One thing
Now that I've thought about it,
you look just right in Ari's chair, man!
Kiraz will come here. Firu will bring her.
Kiraz will come here. Firu will bring her.
Kiraz will come here.
He's been like this for hours. "Kiraz will
come here. Firu will bring her."
He's worn himself out.
I tried to reason with him
but nothing's working.
It's fine, I'll talk to him, thanks Özden.
Firu will bring her.
Kiraz will come here.
Firu will bring her.
Kiraz will come here.
Firu you're here! Firu you're here! Firu!
Where is she? Kiraz is here?
- Kiraz is not here, Mustafa.
- She's not?
She's not.
Oh, but you promised you would get her.
I couldn't do it.
Peyami was right, and it wasn't
It wasn't Kiraz who came here.
It was her! It was her!
Kiraz was here! I know it was Kiraz!
You promised!
You said you'd bring her to me!
And you didn't, Firu, and you lied!
Okay, look, Mustafa,
calm down. It's all right.
Mustafa, I wanna believe you, but I found
out that she was another person.
It was not another person!
It was her! I'm sure!
- Come, Mustafa will show you.
- Mustafa. Okay, hang on.
- Come, Firu, look here. I'm calm.
- Calm down. Wait a second.
One minute. One Mustafa will show you.
You will see. You will see.
All right, look. Look here.
You know what?
This ring belongs to Kiraz, see?
Try to put it on, here.
But it won't fit you, it won't.
You know why, Firu?
'Cause it's Kiraz's ring, Kiraz's.
Kiraz gave the ring to me.
Kiraz gave the ring to me.
She said, "Keep it safe here."
She said give it to her when she returns.
She said to keep it safe, and I did.
Mama and Papa, I kept it safe from them.
- I hid it so I could give it to her again!
- Mustafa. Mustaf
- Mustafa, come on.
- I kept it.
- It's okay, calm down, I have a question.
- Okay.
If Kiraz was here, why did she
leave without talking to you?
She was going to, I saw her, she was.
But Peyam scared her when he came.
Peyam scared her, he did.
Yes, believe me. Firu, say you believe me.
Kiraz was here, she was, I know.
Take the ring to her.
Put the ring on her finger.
Put it on
and you'll see it's her, you'll see.
Kiraz! Please get her, Firu!
Can you get her, bring her back
please, believe me, Firu.
Can you get Kiraz to come?
Get her!
Get her!
My grandfather.
He's gone now.
I learned everything I know from him.
About life. About this job.
Well, I thought I learned everything.
It turns out there's a lot more to learn.
Like what?
You have to be ready
to be reborn, at any moment.
Even if you don't know where to start.
Anyway, please, I shouldn't bother you
with this. Have a good day.
Peyami, sir?
I don't know
if this means anything to you,
but I found it when I was
cleaning around the sewing machine.
My grandfather's.
I think it's one
of the first fabrics he wove.
This is his handiwork.
But why haven't I seen this before?
- Where did you find it?
- Just over there.
I was cleaning here
and I guess it just fell out.
I pulled this out, and there it was.
So he was hiding it.
That's strange.
How come he put it there?
There was this saz builder
from where I'm from.
And he was famous all over the country.
The greatest musicians always
had him build their instruments.
In his shop window he had,
he had this saz hanging.
It was very old,
one of the first he built,
and it, it sounded so terrible.
When people asked him
Why he didn't hang
his other instruments up there,
instead of the old one,
He told them that one helped him
remember why he did his work.
He said, "If I don't remember this,
I could create
the greatest saz in the world,
but its music won't
touch anybody's heart."
You think that my grandfather
kept this for the same reason?
Who knows?
You just said you still had a lot
to learn from your grandfather.
I mean, it could well it could be that.
Or it could be, um
Well, he could have set it there
on purpose, so you would find it someday.
You said you learned your craft from him.
And, well, he could have known that
eventually you would get the machine.
Yeah why not give it to me,
you know, why hide it?
All in due time is what they say.
Everything that we need to know
will come when we need it to,
even if we don't realize it.
Don't you think maybe your grandpa
thought you'd find it at the right moment?
Don't pay any attention to me.
I mean, I don't know the first thing
about your grandpa.
You basically described
my grandfather as he was.
He knew what it meant
to search for something and then find it.
When they reached the other side
of Mount Qaf, only 30 birds were left.
And then finally, they arrived
at the nest of the king of the birds.
And they saw Simurgh,
is that right, Grandfather?
They found it, right?
No. They didn't.
They realized that in reality,
they were actually Simurgh.
I don't get it.
Well, listen.
"Si" means 30, murgh is the word for bird.
So, all together they were Simurgh.
Those 30 birds then came to realize,
that the prince they were looking for
was really them all along.
So it was all for nothing. That's sad.
It wasn't for nothing, son.
Why would it be?
There's nothing that can ever be as great
as finding yourself, my boy.
And, if you should lose yourself one day,
you'll get the meaning.
If I lose myself, where should I look?
In your soul.
In your soul.
What if I can't find it?
You return to where your journey started.
As long as you can find your way back,
then, you'll get there eventually.
All right?
[Middle Eastern music continues]
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