Terzi (2023) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

[light, upbeat music playing]
[light, upbeat music transitions
to melancholic music]
[music fades out]
Good morning.
Peyami looks like daddy
when he goes to work.
Peyami goes to work just like daddy.
- Peyami has to leave to go to work?
- No, not yet.
I thought we could, uh,
- eat breakfast together.
- Breakfast?
Mm-hm. How's that sound?
- Right here?
- No, downstairs. With us.
We'll have our breakfast together
from now on.
- [heartfelt guitar ballad playing]
- [Peyami chuckles]
- All right.
- Come on.
Let's go, then, come on.
- [Peyami chuckles]
- Yes.
[Peyami chuckles]
Good morning, Peyami, sir. Mustafa.
Good morning, Özden.
Would you mind setting another plate?
Certainly, sir.
I'll be right back.
[heartfelt guitar ballad fades out]
[doorbell rings]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[Esvet] Mustafa was telling the truth!
Is it It's
It's really you! Kiraz, yes?
- Yes.
- [music fades out]
[door opens]
[message alert chime on cell phone]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
What's Peyami doing?
[door opens]
Ari, is something wrong?
Tell me what's happening.
What's wrong?
[door opens]
May I please have a moment with Dimitri?
Did you see?
[classical music playing]
What's wrong? Aren't you hungry?
Hm? Eat.
[Peyami chuckles faintly]
[slow, dramatic guitar music plays
over classical music]
I'll clean it up.
No, Özden. Relax.
- [slow, dramatic guitar music stops]
- He can eat however he wants to.
This is his home. No rules, okay?
You're not mad?
I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?
- Mm-hm.
- I won't get mad anymore.
- Really?
[Peyami chuckles faintly]
[light, upbeat music
plays over classical music]
How's it look? It's mad Peyam, isn't it?
[Özden chuckles]
[Mustafa and Peyami chuckle]
Hm. But, here's glad Peyam, huh?
Glad Peyam! Glad Peyam!
Glad Peyam.
Now, take glad Peyam
and hold on real tight.
All right.
Now hit the mad Peyam,
and we'll see who wins, all right?
Go on.
Yayyyyyy, glad Peyam wins!
Glad Peyam wins, hooray!
Yes, he did. Glad Peyam wins.
He wins.
That means that the mad one's gone.
- Gone?
- Gone.
From now on, only glad Peyam.
- Only glad Peyam.
- [Peyami chuckles]
You have a very good smile.
[chuckling] You have a good smile too.
[both chuckle]
And the mad one, what happens with him?
Eat him! Eat him!
That's right, eat him.
Make sure you eat all of him,
so you won't ever have to see him again.
[gulps loudly]
[both chuckle]
[Cemre] Whoa, father and son
enjoying breakfast together?
Good morning.
Good morning. I hate to intrude.
If you want, I can go somewhere else.
Come, please.
You always have a place here. Have a seat.
Cemre can eat with us, right?
[Mustafa] She can, she can.
It's an honor to be invited.
I thought I'd be shut out for a second.
- I'm as hungry as a wolf.
- Wolf, wolf.
You know, Peyami,
I'm proud of you for this.
All right.
Did you really expect him
to give up so easily? Huh?
You're right, I didn't.
But I was hoping that, for once,
my son would get something done. But no.
- It's not a big deal, I'll handle it.
- Yeah, like hell, Dimitri.
You can't handle a damn thing.
What are you looking at? Am I wrong?
Have you ever really handled anything?
Including your marriage?
Well, son?
And where was it you found your wife?
- Hm? His place, right?
- [slow, dramatic music playing]
Then what happened?
All you did was follow him around.
Even worse than that,
you sent your wife to his house.
And what did your wife do? Hm?
Answer me.
What happened the other night?
- Father, cut it out.
- What did you see? Tell me, already.
I said stop.
What did my poor son witness
to make him come running to Papa? Hm?
What did my poor,
good-for-nothing son see to make him run
to his father whom he greatly despises.
Would you stop?
- Tell me, what did you see?
- I said stop it, I mean it!
Did you see this?
- Have you read it?
- Father.
Your friend is declaring
war against you, Dimitri.
- Not against me, but you.
- Father, shut it.
What do you think he's gonna do? Huh?
Today it's work, tomorrow it's your wife.
Enough! Stop it!
That's enough, you got it? Just stop!
He'll steal her!
I said enough, cut it out!
- You're pathetic!
- Enough!
- A miserable soul destined to lose,
- Enough! Enough!
- who is powerless to do anything!
- Enough!
Enough! Enough! Enough!
Enough! Enough!
Enough! [laughs maniacally]
Enough! Enough!
Oh my God.
[slow, dramatic music continues]
What's going on?
[Ari] Do you know why
I gave up my position for you?
Do you think you intimidate me?
- Look at yourself in the mirror for once
- Lies!
- Lies! [groans]
- so that maybe you could see yourself.
So you could see
you don't deserve the position.
You don't deserve anything!
Look at yourself!
That's a man who can't take care
of his business or his wife!
Take a look at my greatest failure!
Shame on you!
[gasping faintly]
Perhaps you just needed
some more time to think about things.
[slow, dramatic music continues]
[sobs quietly]
You gonna keep crying like a little girl?
Do you think if you cry
I might ignore your incompetence?
Do you know who cries?
The ones who are fishing for pity.
But it's only the ones that decide
they won't have pity for others,
who make it in life.
Which do you want to be?
A winner?
Or a nobody?
It's time you thought about it
and hopefully make up your mind.
[slow, dramatic music transitions
to melancholic music]
[exhales deeply]
[melancholic music transitions
to somber violin music]
[music fades out]
[sorrowful music playing]
[music fades out]
[melancholic music playing]
- [Sema] Miss Suzan?
- Huh?
- Welcome, sir.
- Thank you, Sema.
- [Suzi] Welcome.
- Good afternoon.
- Are they up there?
- Yes, they're waiting for you upstairs.
[Peyami] Hello, guys.
- Hello, sir.
- Good afternoon, sir.
Hello, Mr. Peyami!
I really appreciate
you all coming here today.
I know it's terrible
how I've treated you all.
That's why I wanted
to apologize in person.
It's okay, boss.
No, it's not okay, Salim.
Please, forgive me.
And if I'm forgiven,
I hope you'll return to work.
It sounds good to me.
- I'd be happy to return, sir.
- Sure, sir.
[Peyami chuckles faintly]
Well then,
next, I must ask you
for your help in solving a problem.
I have to ask for the impossible
from you, guys.
[speed metal music blasting]
[music fades out]
[Suzi] In eight days?
Peyami, we can't do that in eight days.
We don't have anything designed.
- Design, cut and sew over 20 pieces?
- Mm.
That's just too much.
- Actually It's about twice that.
- forty?!
- Mm-hm.
- Seriously?
[Suzi sighs]
Peyami, why don't we have
a talk about this?
There's nothing to talk about, Suzi.
I have the designs, they're in my head.
Sir, you're talking about a fashion show.
[Suzi] Yeah, no way.
Even if the designs are ready,
it's still impossible
to get them all sewn,
and get a show going in eight days.
[inhaling deeply] The show is on the 22nd.
So we'll need to get it done by then.
[Suzi scoffs]
Is there some reason we have to hurry?
You had two months before,
and even that was tight.
We could do it maybe in a month
Eight days though, why?
The 22nd, why is that so important?
[suspenseful music playing]
Mustafa's birthday.
It's all for his birthday.
[melancholic music playing]
[melancholic music fades out]
[Peyami breathes deeply]
Book this venue for the show, okay?
And 25 models, too.
- [sighs] Peyami
- Suzi, what are you waiting for?
I'll have the first design soon.
Salim and the guys can start working.
- [Suzi sighs]
- Suzi?
Trust me.
I promise, it'll be our greatest
fashion show yet.
Whatever you say.
Okay! I got this.
[mysterious music playing]
- [breathing deeply]
- [clicking sound]
[mysterious music continues]
Peyam. Peyam.
Mustafa's waiting for you. Peyam, get up!
[mysterious music becomes very quiet]
[music builds in intensity]
[music plays loudly]
[music fades out]
[dramatic violin music playing]
[muted dialogue]
[music stops]
[ominous music playing]
[music fades out]
You're back.
[Dimitri sighs]
Thanks for the invitation.
I invited you first.
- Even before the investors.
- [slow, dramatic music playing]
I didn't want to forget,
since we were short on time.
Yes, indeed.
It's nearing the deadline.
And why is that?
Why is that? For his birthday.
My father's.
So don't forget to bring a present.
You know I wouldn't forget.
But, picking out a present isn't easy.
Should I get your father a toy car?
Or, maybe a bicycle?
What would he like?
He likes boats.
The remote controlled ones
are his, uh, favorite.
[Peyami chuckles]
Peyami, this has already been discussed.
We've discussed a whole lot of things.
What are you referring to?
Business, obviously.
And selling all the shares that you own.
I'm pretty sure
we didn't finish that discussion.
Is that right?
Yes. I never gave an answer.
I did think about it,
and I'm not selling my shares.
You're going to email everyone,
and informing them
that this fashion show is cancelled.
Anyhow, they probably didn't believe
you'd have a show ready,
without any designs. [chuckles]
That's the thing. We chatted yesterday.
Turns out
they're actually thrilled about it.
They can't wait to see it presented.
[slow, dramatic music continues]
You're going to cancel it, Peyami.
There will be no show.
You got it?
Enough, Dimitri. [exhales deeply]
Come on, you gonna
keep just blabbering on?
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
What's the matter?
Uncle Ari didn't give you enough abuse?
So, you want some from me as well?
I'm sure he said everything,
so there's not much left for me to cover.
So did he start off with,
"You're absolutely incompetent."
Followed by,
"You will never deserve this chair,
I will just fucking take it all back."
Right? Admit it.
But did did he tell you
what to say to me?
Call your dad, tell him to get over here.
I can talk to him for you.
We know each other very well, Dimitri.
But you don't give a rat's ass
about this company or anything.
What's really bothering you?
[slow, dramatic music continues]
I care about the business
Would you cut the shit?
Wanna try again, man?
[dramatic music playing]
[Dimitri screams]
I saw what you did! I saw you
and my wife, you were kissing her!
That's my wife, you dick!
You lying bastard!
There you go. Don't keep it in.
[Dimitri grunts]
Just wait. I'm gonna fucking kill you!
I'm fucking gonna kill you, damn it!
You're fucking so dead! She's my wife!
Goddamn it, she's my wife!
But she's still hanging out
at your place! Still!
She looks more deeply at you than me!
My own wife!
You knew it.
Married her even though you knew it!
I knew what, you asshole?
Go on, tell me what I knew, go ahead!
What did I know?
Say it!
She loves me.
Damn it, Peyami, you are pushing me!
You're trying to get murdered, man?!
Dammit, Peyami! Tell me, why her?!
I loved her also, damn it!
Shut up, Peyami.
Shut up, or I will fucking kill you, man.
- When I loved her she was Firuze!
- Shut up, Peyami!
- Just shut the hell up!
- We've done enough of that already!
Haven't we?!
You need to hear this! All of it!
- I fell for her, okay?!
- Peyami.
It was too late
when she finally came clean.
- [melodramatic music playing]
- [Peyami breathing fast]
[music fades out]
[Peyami sighs]
Why are you laughing, you prick?! Huh?
What the hell are you laughing at?
Come on, you think this is funny? Stop it!
Stop that!
Stop laughing!
Why are you doing that?!
Oh, that's great, man!
Getting that off my chest feels great!
Oh man!
- [screams]
- [slow, dramatic music playing]
[Peyami sighs]
I really loved her.
- Peyami.
- But that was over at the wedding.
What you saw at the table
the other night was a random drunk thing!
She was just drunk.
Nothing more.
[Peyami groans faintly]
What about you?
[slow, dramatic music continues]
My whole life
I've chosen never to betray you.
Not last night, or any other night.
Not for a chair, or a woman.
You need more proof,
I can take off my shirt.
And maybe the scar will convince you.
It's your decision.
Either we can keep fighting,
or you trust me again,
We move on,
and go back to the way it used to be.
You tell me, huh?
So you wanna make peace or war?
[slow, dramatic music continues]
[music becomes more dramatic]
[Mustafa] Yes.
Yes, Kiraz will come back.
Firu will get her.
She will put on the ring
and she will see,
And Kiraz will come back.
Kiraz will come back.
[dramatic music transitions
to melancholic music]
[Esvet] I
- I really cannot do this.
- You have to do it.
How can I keep this from them, especially
now, when they need you so badly.
They don't need me at all.
What they need is a dream, all right?
A beautiful dream that gives them hope.
But I'm telling you, if I get involved,
their lives would be ruined.
You have to promise, please.
They can never know you found me here.
You have to promise. Will you promise me?
Please, not just for me,
but for Peyami and for Mustafa.
I'm begging you, promise me
that you'll keep my secret, please.
Kiraz will come back.
Firu will bring her back.
She'll put on the ring,
and she'll see, and Kiraz will be back.
Are you sure this is what you want?
She won't let it go.
She promised, but I did not believe her.
So, you'll just run?
[melancholic music fades out]
Osman, I'm not ready.
I really can't face them,
I'm not that strong.
- Where are you going?
- I'm not sure.
Somewhere where she can't find me.
Then, I will come too.
I'm not gonna leave you alone. Ever.
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[traffic noise]
[music fades out]
All right, Esvet, I'm listening.
So tell me,
what's so important for me to hear?
How'd you hit your head?
Forget that. I'm listening.
What happened, Peyami?
I saw your husband.
He saw us when you were drunk,
when we kissed.
He wasn't in the men's room.
I told him that it was just the alcohol
and explained to him it was something
stupid that should never have happened.
Doesn't seem like he was convinced.
I'm not sure.
But I told him that
our friendship is what's most important,
and that's all that matters.
[faint dramatic music playing]
Look, Esvet, we can't go on like this.
It was a disaster from the beginning,
it would never have worked.
And we can't keep doing this.
Please stop calling me.
We shouldn't be seeing each other.
I know we had something together.
But it's over.
And I mean totally and completely over.
[sorrowful music playing]
- We're not staying.
- Sure.
Now you have nothing to say?
- Okay.
- Actually, I was thinking.
I was trying to figure out if it was you
or Mustafa I really loved.
And I figured it out.
It was Mustafa.
The pure joy and happiness on his face.
And I thought about that
the whole way over here.
Just how much he would enjoy it.
I think I care for him
more than I care for you.
Probably because he's honest
about his feelings.
I'm not here for you, Peyami.
What's that?
That's your mother's ring.
[sorrowful music continues]
Why did you bring me here?
I wanted one last dinner
before we leave Istanbul.
In case we never return.
Let's say goodbye, all right? Come on.
Let's go, Kiraz.
Why did he give this to you?
To help me with the search.
So I could find her,
and bring her back to him again.
But I can't do it without you.
Osman, what are you doing?
It's time to stop running, Kiraz.
You at least have to try.
Not just for yourself,
but for them too.
[sorrowful music continues]
[sorrowful music continues]
[Mustafa] Kiraz. Kiraz. Kiraz.
Kiraz, stop!
- [Peyami] Mustafa, it's not her.
- [Mustafa] It's her, Peyam!
Kiraz. It is Kiraz!
[Peyami] I said it's not Kiraz!
- It's her! Kiraz!
- You're not going anywhere!
Put me down! Kiraz! Kiraz!
[dramatic music
overlaps melancholic music]
- [Peyami] Relax, do you hear me?
- [Mustafa] Kiraz!
- [Peyami] Shut up! Quiet!
- [Mustafa] Kiraz!
- [Mustafa continues shouting]
- [Peyami] Stop!
[overlapping dramatic
and melancholic music continues]
[music stops suddenly]
[melancholic music playing]
[music fades out]
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