Terzi (2023) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

Go on, Kiraz. Your son is waiting for you.
Go on.
You knew all along, didn't you?
Since day one.
You knew that I was looking
for you and you still remained hidden.
You tricked me
into believing you ran away.
And why?
Why are you here right now?
'Cause she caught you, Esvet.
Mustafa told her,
Esvet believed it.
And if Esvet hadn't found you,
you wouldn't be here.
- You had no choice.
- Son
Do not! Do not ever use that word with me.
I don't get it. Why would you
Why would you come into my life
as Kumru just to keep hiding?!
Because Kumru wasn't scared.
- Scared of what?
- This moment.
And struggling to communicate.
And upsetting her son with the truth.
Upsetting me?
Is that the best you've got?
Son, please
I told you never to call me that!
This is absurd.
Really, I mean, this is completely absurd!
I don't want to hear a single
word you have to say to me!
Keep doing whatever
you've been doing until now.
And I don't ever want
to see you again. Got that?
My mother
was ashamed of her son, and her husband.
She abandoned us. She ran.
And then she died.
You played with me and you knew who I was!
And you tricked me for months!
Were you ever honest?
None of us were, Peyami.
Not me, not you, and not her.
But we all had good reasons for that.
Judging is very easy, but
listening is a whole lot more difficult.
You're leaving without this?
It's hers.
You're gonna take the easy way out?
I've got one question.
Why, after all these years,
would you show up now? What changed?
Your grandmother. Sülün
She died.
Come on.
Where were you?
There was one more thing I had to do.
It's over now?
It's done.
Yes, what?
If you owned everything here,
then what would you do with it?
Everything that we own here.
The company and all of our wealth
If they were all yours, what would you do?
I'd be scared.
Scared that I would end up like you.
You come out of there
when I say it's okay.
Please go get a fire extinguisher!
You don't wanna play?
You gave this to Firu.
So she could bring Kiraz.
Do you really want her here?
- What if she doesn't want to?
- She does!
Mustafa knows Kiraz loves him.
Mustafa loves Kiraz too.
But she abandoned you.
You, and me.
She ran away.
She wouldn't.
Kiraz wouldn't do that, no.
I was sold for money.
I was supposed to get pregnant.
Your grandparents wanted a grandchild.
She was scared. She was scared of Mama.
Mama is very scary.
She made Kiraz sad.
She made her very, very sad.
But that didn't happen.
I couldn't get pregnant.
I couldn't fulfill the task I was given
in exchange for the money my family took.
They didn't believe me.
Your grandmother stood over us, watching,
each and every night for weeks.
Finally, she was convinced.
And then
Kiraz! Kiraz!
Kiraz! Kiraz!
Don't leave me, Kiraz! Don't!
Don't go!
Don't go!
Don't go!
Don't go away!
- Don't go! Don't go, Kiraz!
- Hey.
Don't go!
No, please stop this, Mustafa, all right?
Stop it, please.
Don't leave me.
Don't leave me, Kiraz, please don't.
What are we supposed to say
when we miss each other?
That was God's plan.
And after they sent me away,
I discovered I was pregnant with you.
If I told them, they would
have taken you away from me.
I was scared.
So I never told anyone about it.
But they still found out.
I loved him.
His heart
and his childish mind.
But it wasn't love they wanted.
Peyam will bring Kiraz here?
All right.
- This open part here looks good.
- It does.
Salim, I think we should make it
a little more open in the back.
- Like this? Mm-hm.
- Exactly.
I think we can take it out
right here a bit
so it's a little looser on the waist.
- Okay, got it.
- Excellent.
- Just a little more straight.
- Right.
Okay, I'll just pin it here.
- Have a good day, Zuhal.
- Thank you, sir.
- No.
- Good morning.
Thank you, Suzi.
- Morning, guys.
- Thank you kindly, Peyami, sir.
- Everything's going great, don't worry.
- Hmm.
I just got the venue booked,
and here are the models.
Let me know who you like
and we'll go from there.
All right.
And, well
These are pretty dull.
You should probably sharpen 'em, huh?
Maybe it's time for some new ones.
That's wild.
You're usually such a creature of habit.
We've been stuck in the past, Dimitri.
Time to move on.
Where've you been? Huh?
Don't you need
to concentrate on your show?
Time's running out.
- I was working.
- Ahh.
You know
to create something,
you really have to be
able to clear your mind,
or else, you fail.
Yeah, and we definitely don't want that.
Well, I'm with you on that.
Today I cleared my mind too.
Let's fuck them all.
Let's fuck them, Peyami.
Let's fuck them so hard,
they remember us every time they sit down.
- Is everyone ready?
- Tape over here!
Everyone's ready.
She's coming. She's up next.
Peyami, she's good,
let's go, all right? Okay, okay.
Okay, ready.
Here we go.
She's ready.
- Okay, she's ready.
- Ready.
- Hm, all right.
- Excellent.
How are you?
I got you something. They're floaties!
They're ready for ya.
You'll be able to swim with these.
Ahhh, no swish swish! No Swish swish!
Hey, swimming is so fun.
It's nice, and relaxing.
You can't be scared forever.
I'll tell ya something.
I used to be scared of the water, too.
Then I realized it was fucking nonsense!
- Try these out, huh?
- Both of us?
- Maybe later!
- Mm-hm.
For now, I'm done with my mission. Shhh.
The last piece.
Are you ready?
I'd like to say a few words,
if you'll allow me.
I know giving a speech
after a show's not common,
But tonight is close to my heart.
I learned this art
from my late grandfather.
And all my life I thought
I owed everything to him.
And yes, he did get me into this business.
However, the one who kept me going
That's someone else completely.
Someone utterly different.
The person who made me.
My childhood.
My dreams.
My courage.
My friend.
My father.
Come on.
Don't worry.
And in front of you all,
I'd like to offer appreciation
that's long overdue.
Happy birthday, Papa.
- Are you ready to see your present?
- Huh?
Right there.
You're here.
I am.
According to a myth,
a French duchess
was hopelessly in love with a colonel.
And a clockmaker, who was fond of her,
comes to see her
with this clock, and says,
"My duchess, as long as your love
is alive, this clock will run."
What happened to the man that
the duchess was supposed to marry?
And Jesus answered,
"One who dips his bread
in the dish with me
will betray me."
The son of God goes
knowing it is his destiny.
But he has no idea
what will happen to the betrayer.
It would've been better
if he was never born.
I love you so much!
How could you look me
in the face and deceive me?!
I'm scared, Peyami. I really am.
Our last ten minutes on Earth.
And then, boom!
- Don't leave, Esvet.
- What's wrong?
- Did something happen?
- You can't leave.
My blood brother, and my wife
Enough with the games!
- Where is it?!
- Fuck you!
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