Terzi (2023) s03e01 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 1

[melancholic music playing]
[music fades out]
[people chattering faintly]
[upbeat music playing]
[woman speaking French] We're so happy
to have your collection in our store,
from a designer we've been
following for a long time.
[speaking French] Thank you.
I'm very happy to be here as well.
- Hello.
- Hello. Welcome.
Hello, Mr. Dokumacı. Nice to meet you.
- Please, take a look around.
- Let's take a look.
Mr. Dokumacı, how are you sir?
- Jared, nice to see you again.
- Nice to see you.
How was your trip?
Listen, let's grab our seats
[upbeat music continues]
Women's fashion,
there are a lot of young designers
who are creating
some very exciting concepts,
and I think you are going to be
very intrigued
on checking some of the stuff out.
We are really trying to explore
the emotion of touch.
So, as you see things, pick it up,
feel it, let your fingers
tell you the story.
And just reach out and explore.
Enjoy yourself.
[cell phone alarm ringing]
[ringing stops]
[groans faintly]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[exhales deeply]
[music fades out]
[cell phone ringing]
Hello? Hello? Peyam.
Dad, hold your phone a little
further away. No, further away.
Dad, you're holding it way too close.
- [Kiraz] Wait. Let's put it further away.
- [Mustafa] Hello.
Now he can see how you look.
- See? There you are.
- [Peyami chuckles]
- [Mustafa chuckles]
- Yeah.
There's my son. How are you?
Is this a good time?
I hope we're not interrupting anything.
No, really, it's fine.
It's pretty late here, it's no problem.
- How are you? Are you all right?
- I'm good. How are you guys?
[Mustafa] Good, really good,
but we miss you so much.
- And I miss you.
- Yes, hurry back.
I can't yet.
I've got a few more stops I need to make.
And then I'll return.
Is everything all right without me?
Yeah, it is, it is.
Esvet was here.
[somber piano music playing]
- Oh, really?
- [Mustafa] Mm-hm.
[Kiraz] Yeah, she hasn't skipped a day,
always checking on us.
[Mustafa] She promised me
we'll have dinner when you get back.
[chuckles faintly]
[music stops]
[cell phone ringing]
[chuckles faintly]
Yes, Mr. Dimitri?
[Dimitri] You know what I love
more than anything?
That you've finally embraced technology!
You're not the reason I got a phone.
Come on, you're breaking my heart.
Did you land yet? Huh?
[Peyami] You caught my scent, or what?
I'm talking about technology,
and that's his response?
Suzi emailed your itinerary.
That's technology, Peyami, hey!
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- So, you've been busy tracking me then?
Wow, you have no idea.
And with such longing,
like, I'm calling out your name, Peyami.
Peyami! Peyami, I want you, Peyami!
Come and take me, Peyami.
I'm sorry, my friend,
but you are really not my type.
Hey, that's because you suck!
Peyami is back in town!
- So, what are you doing?
- The usual.
The missus and I
are occasionally living extravagantly
with the cash you've been
squirreling away. [snickers]
Listen, we truly miss ya.
We haven't seen each other for months,
so we are getting together tonight.
Esvet wants to tell you
how much we missed you, too.
Go ahead, tell Peyami
how much we missed him.
Welcome back.
[slow, moody music playing]
[Dimitri] Well, I'm afraid
I have to send you off
with that pathetic welcome.
I'm sorry, man. Clearly, Esvet hasn't
missed you at all, but I really did.
So, tonight we're gonna get together,
and I'm not taking no for an answer.
I'm pretty tired.
Dude, why are you acting
like some limp-dick grandpa?
I don't care if you're tired,
I'm coming over tonight, get ready.
Oh, yeah. By the way,
Esvet and I have a huge surprise for you.
Get some champagne and stuff,
you know, make it special, okay?
Great, ciao!
Peyami's gonna be shocked when he hears.
[slow, moody music continues]
No problem. [chuckling]
He'll be surprised,
and I can't help that, right?
Now I'm gonna catch a big great
white shark just for you. Here I go!
- Peyami, sir, welcome back!
- Thank you, Yadigar.
- Did you have a nice trip?
- Yeah, it was good.
- We missed you, sir.
- I missed you too, thanks.
[traffic noise]
- It's a special gift.
- The car is over there.
Does anyone else at home
know I'm back yet?
I didn't say a word,
they're gonna be surprised.
Well, so how do you like it?
Mm-mmm. Mmm.
It's pretty bad.
You used to make it better.
Oh, no, really? Do you mean it?
- It's great, it's great.
- Oh, boy.
Yeah, when it's Kiraz cooking,
it's always good.
- Mustafa adores holding hands with Kiraz.
- [quiet, playful music playing]
Oh, shame on you, Mustafa.
I felt terrible thinking it was bad.
It wasn't bad. It was great.
- [Kiraz] Hmm.
- [Mustafa chuckles]
- [Mustafa] Wait, one more kiss.
- [Kiraz] Hey, enough, shame on you!
- Not shame, not shame.
- It's inappropriate! Yes, it is!
- Mustafa.
- Hey, Peyam!
- Peyam's here!
- [Kiraz] Oh, wow! Is that my son?
Peyam's here!
Papa Peyam's here! Papa Peyam's here!
- Yay!
- [Peyami chuckles]
- Papa.
- [Mustafa giggles]
[Kiraz] Welcome back, son.
What a nice surprise.
- Aw, thanks, Mom.
- Couldn't give us five minutes' notice?
Then it's not a surprise, is it?
[quiet, playful music stops]
[faint, tense music playing]
- What do you think, Peyami?
- It looks good. Thank you, Yadigar.
[Yadigar] Excuse me, then.
[melancholic music playing]
Uh Oh-oh.
Son, what's that?
It's a special gift.
A colleague of mine
was the previous owner.
- He gave it to me the day I left.
- Why's that?
I was moved by the story
he told about it. Perhaps that's why.
[Kiraz] Mmm, so then what's its story?
[Peyami chuckles quietly]
Once there was a French duchess
who was desperately in love
with a German colonel.
Hmm. Forbidden love?
Yes, forbidden.
Forbidden because her family had
already betrothed her to someone else.
That's when the duchess became lovesick.
And then, a clockmaker who liked her
went to visit with this and explained,
"Duchess, for as long as your love
is alive this clock will run."
He said to her,
"As long as this clock works,
no one can come
between you and the colonel."
Then the duchess wound the clock.
And in the end she married the colonel.
But then what happened to the other man
she was supposed to marry?
I don't know.
I guess he stepped down
after he saw that their love was true.
And the clock kept working
because their love persisted.
But something unexpected
happened with the clock.
If a fight happened between
the duchess and the colonel,
when their love was in need of repair,
the clock would stop working as well.
Until they reconciled.
The clock's timing
worked only when they did.
[Özden] What about when they died?
You know, what happened to the clock then?
Well, it's said,
it keeps finding new owners
who are deeply in love,
and it bonds with their love as a result.
The clock kept going
as long as their love was alive,
and as long as their love was alive,
the clock kept going.
So, it's bonded with you now?
[music becomes quietly tense]
No, it's an old wives' tale.
Believing it would be a waste.
[somber music playing]
[music becomes more dramatic]
[music fades out]
[Dimitri sniffs and exhales deeply]
You look so beautiful today.
[distant bird calling]
- [ticking]
- [ominous music playing]
[deep click]
[ticking continues]
[Özden] Welcome.
[Dimitri] Good evening, my dear Özden.
- Wow! That is such a lovely dress.
- [Özden] Oh, thank you, sir.
- [Dimitri] You look great. Dokumacı?
- [Özden] Thank you.
- [Özden] Yes.
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- [Dimitri] Ah, it looks amazing on you.
- [Özden] Thank you.
[Dimitri] Peyami?
Wow, thank God for this reunion, huh?
[music stops]
Dude, where have you been, huh? Come here.
Come on, give me a hug.
[groaning] You wouldn't believe it,
but I really missed you, my man.
Good to see you.
[Dimitri] Thank you very much,
Mama Kiraz. How are you?
And now a toast to Peyami!
All right. To Peyami and Dokumacı.
And to his big success.
- Our success.
- [Dimitri] Fine, to our success.
Here you go.
Dimitri, Mustafa should skip this one.
Why? Maybe he'd like to celebrate
with us, huh, Papa Mustafa?
- Huh?
- Celebrate.
[Kiraz] Well, no, Esvet is right,
but maybe just because tonight is special,
we could let him celebrate.
Huh, Mustafa?
[chuckling] Cheers to Peyam!
[chuckles faintly]
- [Mustafa chuckles]
- [Dimitri] Ahhh.
[Dimitri] Ahhhh.
Will you leave the man alone?
He's finally reunited
with his son after so long.
Right? So long I bet you started
to think that he didn't love us anymore.
- Huh, Mustafa?
- What's that mean?
You're never around. Traveling all over,
but you can't stop by once?
Mama, your poor son, he's such
a workaholic. He's obsessed with work.
Can you blame him?
I know his work makes him happy.
Oh, come on, Mama Kiraz,
no one's happy only working.
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- How else, Dimitri?
A lady's love. [chuckling]
[kissing loudly]
Never mind us,
but don't you think you should,
you know, like,
learn from your parents, huh?
Look at them. Can't you see
how it changes you and heals you?
And what about Mama Kiraz?
I imagine she'd like to see you take
some time off work and get settled.
When did you turn into such an old man?
"Oh yeah, get married." [clicks teeth]
Oh, I still have a surprise, one sec.
Wait, what? You got me something? Huh?
Kind of.
- Open it up.
- Okay I'll open it.
This is for me?
You got me a pair of shoes? Huh?
Made by me.
[Dimitri] What?
We'll start creating shoes as well.
And we'll sell the shoes
with our dresses, they'll be a package.
No piece will be sold separately.
I'm also thinking
we can do the same with purses, too.
When a woman comes in,
by the time she leaves,
she'll be covered in our brand all over.
You know you're completely
bat-shit crazy, right?
[chuckling] I really would like to speak
my mind here but not in front of Kiraz.
I can handle it.
It's a bit like asking for a steak
[chuckling]and being served dog food.
I mean, it's a brilliant idea, but
[deep breath and quick exhale]
But what?
Esvet, you tell him.
You're the woman here.
- What do you think, huh?
- [Peyami] Nothing to think about.
Just tell me how it feels
once you put them on.
- Come on.
- Why me?
- Are they going to fit me?
- Of course.
You can stop pretending
like you don't know Peyami.
Once he sees your figure,
and he takes his measurements,
that's all he needs.
[Peyami] Allow me.
Try them. Let's see 'em on, honey.
[melancholic music playing]
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
[music fades out]
Walk in them?
[melancholic music playing]
- Esvet, what do you think?
- They're great. Really great.
But [exhales deeply]
- What?
- Feels like something is missing.
- Like what?
- They feel great, look nice.
But it lacks that special touch
that all your clothing has.
[music fades out]
I will work on it.
[Dimitri] I told you.
My wife, she never gets it wrong.
Would you help me to work on that?
[scoffing] How can I do that?
You can inspire him. Huh?
[Dimitri chuckling]
A great plan! Huh?
The experience will be good.
Although we don't have much time,
so you should drop by the shop tomorrow.
Why? What's the hurry?
I told you, man,
we have a surprise for you too.
Well, are we ready, ladies and gents?
Like removing a bandage, right?
I'll just spit it out?
We have decided
that we're moving to New York.
- [clock chiming]
- [mysterious music playing]
What's that all about?
[chiming continues]
Peyami, I've never
seen this before. This oddity?
It's obviously broken.
Why would it chime right now?
[chuckling] Oh, Peyami.
So what's inspiring you
to move to New York?
I thought of Father, and I asked myself,
"What city is farthest from him?"
Bingo. New York.
Everything's arranged,
I've just been waiting to tell you.
I'll take over the store in New York
and The US market,
so the European market will be yours.
You won't need to fly back and forth
to the States, feeling all the jet-lag.
You don't have to be away
from your family so much.
Do you see what a thoughtful guy
your brother
and business partner is being, huh?
Everything's ready.
And the place we rented? Very nice.
And on your favorite street, Fifth Avenue.
[Dimitri chuckles]
[inhales] And we head out next week.
[mysterious music continues]
[music fades out]
[Kiraz breathes deeply]
You missed her, didn't you?
I used to dream
of coming here when I was a child.
Then I did.
The wonderful city I had been absolutely
dying to see was in front of me.
But because I was hurting
so much that day,
even Istanbul seemed lifeless.
Do you know why I came to live here?
You said to run away from Grandpa.
Not only from him. You guys, too.
I thought if I could
just run away somewhere,
it would extinguish the fire inside.
Or at least maybe cool it down.
And did it work?
Did it work for you?
You went to the ends of the earth,
and couldn't really escape it.
[Peyami breathes deeply]
And neither will she.
I don't really think she means to escape.
Why? 'Cause she's leaving
with her husband?
Your father
was also forced to marry another,
but who did he wait for, for years?
Dad never stopped loving you, Mom.
What makes you think
Esvet stopped loving you?
- She's leaving.
- She hasn't left yet.
[Peyami breathes deeply]
[Kiraz breathes deeply]
[heartfelt guitar ballad playing]
[music ends]
- Steam iron this a little.
- Sure.
- We'll deliver it today. Thanks.
- I will.
- Ma'am? Welcome, sir.
- [Suzi] Oh!
Thanks a lot. My dear Suzi.
- Mmm. Welcome back, Peyami.
- Thank you.
- How are things?
- Fine, and you?
Yeah, I'm great.
- Welcome back, sir.
- Thank you. It's great to see you.
It's great to see you back
where you belong, Peyami.
Yes, you, as well.
Thank you. Have a good day.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
[exhales deeply]
- Oh!
- Did you start to miss this place?
I did.
Hey, so did Dimitri like your idea?
Oh, he had a more important agenda.
They're gonna move.
To where?
New York. He and Esvet wanna live there.
I bet Dimitri wouldn't move
if he knew how upset you were right now.
Mrs. Esvet.
- [Esvet] Hello Suzie.
- [Suzi] Hello.
Please excuse me. Call me
if you need any help, all right?
See you.
You're wearing them?
[sighing] Because Dimitri insisted
I help however I can,
So I felt like I should
spend some time in them.
Dimitri insisted,
that's why you came here.
That's right. And I couldn't refuse.
We're otherwise keeping busy
preparing to move.
And, I figured out your problem.
Yeah, what?
They make no sound.
[chuckles faintly]
Sorry, but you didn't figure it out.
Your shoes are meant to be tap-less.
[scoffs] Why's that?
I thought guys liked to hear
the clicking of a woman's shoes.
Not always.
Especially not when
the sound fades with each step.
- [faint tense music playing]
- [chuckles faintly]
Well, That was actually
your very first design error.
You thought only about you,
instead of who's going to wear them.
Women love that sound even
if they're walking away.
Is that all you got?
The click of your heels?
[melancholic music playing]
You said it lacked that "special touch,"
but now you're suggesting
something incredibly common. Hm.
I said your first error.
Not your only error.
Put in a little more detail in these,
so whoever ends up
taking them home will feel very special.
You can't custom make
every single pair, but
you could give them options so they can
pick what's more close to their hearts.
Like, with the color,
or, um
[chuckles faintly] A scarecrow.
[Esvet] I picked this
because it reminded me of Mustafa.
You know how special he is to me.
And Dimitri?
You can guess where I'd like him to go.
Definitely not under my feet.
[music fades out]
So? Was I a useful assistant, Mr. Peyami?
[melancholic music playing]
Whose idea was it to move?
- Does it really matter?
- Yes, it does.
Let's assume it was mine. What changes?
- Why?
- What changes?
Why now?
Why don't you just put
some heel clicks on 'em.
Please stay.
[melancholic music continues]
Don't leave, stay.
[music fades out]
[sorrowful music playing]
[music fades out]
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