Terzi (2023) s03e02 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 2

[melancholic music playing]
Why should I?
[music fades out]
[slow, moody music playing]
So I'm able to see you.
I thought if I left,
and was away from you,
I'd be okay, and I wasn't.
As soon as I saw you,
I knew what I was running from
was actually pulling me closer.
And what's that?
Huh? What exactly
was pulling you closer, Peyami?
Desire was.
[music becomes heartfelt]
[music fades out]
You see these?
They're a gift that Dimitri got me.
And they're really comfortable.
Just like they're supposed to be.
[quiet, moody music playing]
Dimitri's waiting, so,
Like I said, we've got a lot
to handle before the move.
[chuckles faintly]
I shouldn't make my husband wait.
- [Dimitri] You're heading out?
- Yeah, you know we have a lot to do.
I know, but I really couldn't help it.
I mean,
I felt like if you guys were both here,
well, then I should be, too.
And I'm leaving, so every single second
I have with my best friend counts.
So here I am.
[Dimitri chuckles]
Well, so you're already done?
Not a whole lot to discuss when you know
what you want, so it was pretty quick.
[Dimitri] Peyami, I'm telling you,
brother, this woman?
She's giving us a run for our money.
Isn't she? Different lady for sure.
[quiet, moody music continues]
The admiration I have for her
really grows every minute.
you love her ideas, huh?
Mm, yeah. They're very enlightening.
[Dimitri] Come on, master.
I know that look, man.
You're surprised. She surprised you.
A scarecrow?
That's right.
Part of my advice was to add
some special details for the customer.
But, uh, well, this is special
to who exactly?
Mustafa. And so it is to me as well.
You know how close he is to my heart.
And what about me, huh?
[Dimitri chuckles]
[quiet, moody music continues]
Uh, your friend just asked
the same question.
And I told him that Dimitri has
a far more special place in my heart.
I've got other ideas.
But Peyami should tell you.
I want to hear what he liked the most.
[quiet, moody music continues]
[music ends]
What are you doing here?
Peyam is sad.
He loves Esvet so much.
[melancholic music playing]
If she goes, he'll get sad.
That's true.
Is she leaving?
I don't want her to.
I don't want her to.
[melancholic music continues]
[music ends]
The car's just over there.
Send your driver home, I will drive you.
[Esvet sighs]
I've got some errands.
- Do you mind if I meet you there?
- Of course not, babe.
- [kissing]
- See you later.
[dramatic guitar music playing]
Have you forgotten something, ma'am?
No, I haven't.
- [driver] Where to, Miss Esvet?
- [music ends]
Miss Esvet? Ma'am?
- Anything else for you, sir?
- Hmm?
Can I bring you something else?
No, Özden, thanks.
Okay then, enjoy.
[Peyami sighs]
So, um, how did your day go?
Esvet said she'd come today.
She did.
How was it, sweetheart?
I said I don't want her to leave.
I want her to stay.
Esvet loves you, son.
[chuckles faintly]
[heartfelt music playing]
Maybe she did once. But not now.
Uh-uh, she loves you.
[breathing deeply]
I'm doing what's right.
Is it right?
Yes it is.
It's how it needs to be.
Mom, she's married to my
best friend, all right?
Regardless of how I try to avoid it,
it's the truth.
[exhales deeply]
Well, I have some work to do,
please have a nice dinner.
Son, you wanna know the real truth?
Two hearts that won't stop beating
for each other is real.
And they keep beating
no matter their distance.
No matter the obstacles between them.
[chuckles faintly]
The Arslanoğlu family was
wrapped in silence again that evening.
And only the
two youngsters' beating hearts
could be heard.
[mimics heart beating]
[mimics two hearts beating]
Pure thrill over the prospect
of starting anew.
Oh, come on!
If I didn't know you guys, I'd think
you were sad that we were leaving.
Hey, lighten up, guys!
Come on, look how thrilled
the two of us are!
Get excited with us!
What can I do here? Play a happy song
or something and then we'll all dance?
[Dimitri chuckling]
My only boy's leaving me for the other
side of the world. I should be happy?
Leaving you, what? How can you say that?
Huh? Leaving you?
Mama, as long as I've got
Arslanoğlu blood inside of me,
I couldn't stay away from you if I tried.
At least, I'm pretty sure I'm
your son, it is Arslanoğlu blood?
[Lia] Oh, you cut it out.
- Why ask me something like that?
- [Dimitri] It happens, Mama!
In fact I heard about this story today.
Really, you wouldn't believe it.
They could make a movie,
it's crazy! I'll tell you about it.
There were these two parents,
who had to leave their little girl
with their best friends,
so they could leave the country.
But their best friends end up failing,
and abandon the poor girl
at the front step of an orphanage.
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
They totally betray her parents' trust.
Anyhow, years go by,
and these friends get to be stinkin' rich,
and I mean serious wealth,
and no one knows how!
So what happens next?
Well, years later, the girl arrives
at the friends' house who had ditched her.
And she says, "Wow, you guys are doing
well with all your money and properties."
"You're living the good life!
But how did that happen?"
It's like the perfect
Turkish film, am I right?
Though, nationality doesn't matter.
Really, it sounds a lot like
like your story, right?
I mean, a little bit, don't you think?
[breathing deeply]
I wish we could locate your
your biological parents, huh?
I'd really love to,
you know, be able to meet
my actual in-laws someday.
Listen, don't be offended.
It's just that you're actually
my adopted in-laws.
Hey, Faruk, man,
what do you want to say, huh?
Nothing, Dimitri.
I don't want to say a word.
Uh, sweetheart,
why did you bring up this topic?
Yes, Dimitri, son,
why did you even bring it up?
Of course,
why even talk about it? God, Dimitri!
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I wouldn't want you upset.
Really, you're the last person
I'd ever want to hurt.
I was just imagining
how happy you would be
if you actually could meet
your real parents, you know?
I got carried away, huh!
Anyway, what were we talking about, huh?
Oh! That's right, our departure.
And, Father?
Are you glad that Esvet
and I are going away, huh?
[quiet, dramatic music ends]
Curious is more accurate.
Curious how long it'll take you
to come running here after you ruin
our business in the United States.
- [chuckles]
- [quiet, tense music playing]
Which is why
I'll leave your office as it is.
I know you'll return
sooner than later.
Ohhhh, Father, Father, Father.
You and your your words, filled
with confidence, like you know everything.
I mean, you know, sometimes I would
just love to squeeze this man so tight!
Like, squeeze the hell out of him,
and kiss him! I
Ah, but I won't, obviously.
Actually, I'm leaving so I don't have to.
We shouldn't smother each other
with affection.
Oh, sweetheart, don't you think
that we should have
a going away party, huh?
I think so, definitely.
[music stops]
You guys should have thought
about it before us, but hey!
You guys, too.
You wanna speak up now, Faruk?
You're right, Dimitri.
You're leaving, let's celebrate.
Thank you, great. At least he's honest.
So, what do you think?
One last hurrah
with our families and our friends, right?
We could even get a drummer
and a horn player.
A little folk dance with your son?
What do you think?
[approaching footfalls]
[exhales deeply]
[gasps faintly]
- It's cold out here, hon.
- Dad.
[Faruk groans faintly]
[quiet, moody music playing]
- I'm gonna miss you.
- Me too, Dad.
[Esvet sighs]
Are you positive? Hm?
Are you sure you wanna move
so far away with that man?
He's my husband, Dad, I mean
It is better that we are going.
For who?
All right. You'll stay all alone
with that lunatic.
And you might say,
"Well, he's better now, Dad."
And that's fine.
But do you really think
that leaving, Esvet,
will help you forget about everything?
You think because you're not here,
and you can't see him,
it'll all just go away?
It won't, Esvet.
Sweetheart, it never will.
[quiet, moody music continues]
Well, you know
today, someone said the same thing.
And I also got a long overdue confession.
He said he couldn't do it.
But at least he got to try.
And he did it without giving
a second thought about who he left.
[chuckles faintly]
So I think I should get to try.
And maybe I will do it, you know?
[chuckles faintly]
[music fades out]
- [clock ticking]
- [tense music playing]
[music becomes ominous]
[music intensifies]
[music becomes faint and tense]
[music intensifies]
- [clock stops ticking]
- [music becomes faint]
[music intensifies]
- [clock ticking]
- [music becomes ominous]
- [cell phone rings]
- [music becomes dramatic]
[ringing continues]
[ringing stops]
[Dimitri] Where the hell are you?
[music fades out]
I had stuff to handle.
Dude, fuck your stuff. Look, I'm moving
away, man, you should be here.
Be here in half an hour, or I'll come find
you and burn your place to the ground.
You know I'll do it. [chuckling]
If you do, you'll go to jail for arson,
then you'll be stuck here, Dimitri.
Ah, that's right.
I gotta find someone who will do it.
Peyami, half an hour, or the guys
are coming, no joke, all right?
Where's the band at?
[tense music playing]
[breathing deeply]
[upbeat western music playing]
[Dimitri] So we're checking out that condo
near Bryant Park, you know,
and the guy goes, "Are you sure?"
I said, "Of course, dude." [chuckling]
That idiot had no idea
who he was talking to.
- [Dimitri laughs]
- [people chattering]
- Absolutely, and I'm so impressed.
- I know, right?
[women chuckle]
I don't know what I'm more upset about.
Her moving or us getting dressed
like this and going out in public.
Faruk? Faruk!
- [Faruk] Mm.
- Are you even listening to me?
[Faruk] Sorry, honey.
[music continues]
Esvet, where are you guys staying?
[Esvet] Um Fifth Avenue.
[melancholic music playing]
- [Dimitri] Come on, tell me!
- [Esvet] Yes, I love him!
- [Peyami] Esvet, don't!
- [gun blast]
[body thuds]
- [Dimitri] Peyami!
- [music fades out]
Oh, thank God!
- Welcome, amigo! [chuckling]
- [western music continues]
Dude, what the hell?
"Funeral chic" is not our theme here.
I definitely told you, Peyami! [chuckles]
But, of course,
your brother knows you so well.
Let's see here. Yeah.
All right, sonny! [chuckles]
You are officially
declared the sheriff of this town.
Yep, all right,
now wear this hat All right.
That's really not bad!
No, no, you're good, you're good.
Hey, I picked this location deliberately.
It holds a memory that only we know.
But we'll erase that dark image tonight!
Hey, everyone!
I give you our new town sheriff!
And now that he's here,
the party can finally begin!
[loud cheering]
[western music continues]
You're just gonna sit here?
Guests are asking for you.
Ari, I'm talking to you.
[Ari] I don't intend to celebrate
your son's idiotic
display of his power, Lia.
He's going away.
Can you try to pretend that you care,
just for tonight, at the very least?
Would you just smile for once?
If I knew he'd leave me alone while
he was out there, then I'd smile, Lia.
In fact, I could even handle wearing
these stupid costumes you've got on.
But who even knows what trouble
Dimitri will cause us over there?
Whee hoo!
[Dimitri] Yeah! [chuckling]
- [Esvet] Can I have a whiskey please?
- [man] Of course, ma'am.
[slow, moody music playing]
[Dimitri] Look at me!
I don't want to see a single sober person
here tonight! Everyone's drinking, yeah?
[crowd] Yeahhhhh!
- [Dimitri] That's right!
- [western music continues]
Where's the sheriff?
Sheriff? [chuckling]
Niko, where's the sheriff?
Where's the sheriff of this here town?
Sheriff, somethin's goin' down! Sheriff?
The town has no sheriff!
Sheriff, something's happening,
come on! [chuckling]
I'm right here.
[Dimitri] Wow.
Listen, man, [chuckling]
you're getting on my nerves.
I might take away
that badge tonight, ya hear?
I want you to dance all night!
Come on, dance now!
Giddy up, man!
Yee haw! Woo!
[laughing hysterically]
Come on, Peyami!
Whoo! Ah, heyyyy!
Come on, Peyami, dance!
Do it with me! Come on, now!
Whoo hoo!
[laughing hysterically]
Whoo hoo hoo hoo! Hey!
- Dimitri, sir, the cake is here.
- Huh?
Ahhh, we've got cake. We've got cake!
But, hey, don't think that
that you're off the hook!
I'll fuck your ass up
if you don't dance! Ha!
I'll do it, dickhead! [laughing]
- [gun blast]
- [people gasping]
- What are you doing? Stop it!
- [western music stops]
Dude, it's cool,
it's on theme, it's all right.
Look how scared
all these idiots are. [chuckles]
Guys, hey! Don't worry.
This thing only shoots blanks, I just
wanted to try to get everbody's attention.
Hey, where's Esvet?
- Ahhhh.
- [quiet, dramatic music playing]
There she is.
There's my beautiful wife.
Mmm, all right everyone, come here,
it's time for us to cut the cake!
You're my life and my love
and my everything, hmmm?
Uhhh [clears throat]is everyone here?
Hey, where's my father?
Well, for the love of God,
would you look at this guy?
Just slumped in his corner,
devastated by the departure
- of his beloved, and only son!
- [crowd chuckles]
Come on,
let's give him a round of applause.
We'll cheer him up! Huh? Come on!
Whoo! Come on, Father,
they're all waiting!
Yeah! [chuckling]
- Ari! Ari! Ari! Ari!
- [crowd] Ari! Ari! Ari! Ari!
Look, there he is! Here he comes!
The banker of the town! [laughing]
Well, my lovely wife and I
are beyond excited for our new life ahead,
but it's also really hard
to leave you guys here.
All of our dearest friends,
and families,
and most of all,
my brilliant father right here.
So I have one last surprise
for you now, Father.
Right this way, darling.
Well, this cake is all you.
[quiet, dramatic music continues]
We don't want to forget
where you'll be waiting.
Hey, wait, why did they make you so small?
Where's the pastry chef?
He's already left, huh?
How dare he design Ari Arslanoğlu
so incredibly tiny?
Huh? It's like the chair
will eat him alive!
Hey, don't worry about it,
I'll take care of it.
[groaning faintly]
[mock choking]
I figured I wouldn't get it down.
But it was so small, it went down easy.
[Dimitri chuckles]
I'll personally slice it
just for you, okay, Pop?
All right.
This right here, this is for you.
The biggest piece.
One last time.
Oh, wait a second.
Forgot your chair.
All right, that's what I'm talking about!
If anyone else would've gotten
the chair, I'd have been upset.
Wait, you're not gonna eat it?
But we got the chair just for you.
It's delicious, you'll love it.
- [chuckling]
- [crowd applauds]
[Dimitri] Ohhh.
I'll miss you so intensely, Father.
So very much.
[quiet, dramatic music continues]
That's emotional enough I think, huh?
What's next guys? Bull rides?
Hey, where's the music? Hit it!
- [western music playing]
- All right, everyone, follow me, this way.
Yee haw!
Faster! Faster! I can take it!
Come on, yeah!
Ahhh! Come on, faster,
do it, this is too easy.
- Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up!
- [people cheering]
He's glad that he's going.
That's right.
What time is your flight?
1:30 p.m.
Will you be there to say goodbye?
To your friend.
I'm not great at goodbyes, so
And you?
[sorrowful music playing]
You're leaving without saying goodbye?
To my dad?
I've never said goodbye to anyone.
- Well, you need to start somewhere, right?
- He will understand.
[Dimitri] Whoa!
Whoa! Whoa!
Actually, you're right.
I do have to start somewhere.
And I know, you said
you're not great at it,
but I think we can say our goodbyes.
Goodbye then, Peyami.
[sorrowful music fades out]
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
Goodbye then.
[crowd cheering]
[Dimitri chattering indistinctly]
[dramatic music continues]
[Dimitri] Never mind!
Let's keep it going! Yeah!
[Dimitri chuckles]
[Dimitri] Whoo hooo!
[crowd applauding]
[dramatic music continues]
[music fades out]
[melancholic music playing]
[in wavering voice] Peyam.
[sorrowful music playing]
[sobbing faintly]
[music fades out]
[Dimitri] Okay, Mama.
All right. [exhales deeply]
Take care, sweetie.
Oh, come on, stop being so dramatic, guys!
It's not like we're moving
across the world.
Actually, we are.
That's okay.
We'll always have video calls.
Oh, Father,
I won't call after we land, don't worry.
All right, fare thee well!
Let's go, I'm getting bored.
Have a safe flight.
[Lia] Goodbye.
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
Come on in, Suzi.
I have tons to do.
I have to design new outfits
for all of the shoes.
After that, I'll design bags to go
with the outfits and the shoes.
And we'll sell them as a collection.
Please contact all the best purse
manufacturers in the market.
I want private meetings with all of them.
Okay, you got it.
I know that goodbyes are hard.
But if it happens at the appropriate time,
well, it's worth it then. You'll see.
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
[car doors close]
What's wrong? Did something happen?
Don't leave, Esvet.
You can't do it.
Don't leave, you can't.
[quiet, dramatic music fades out]
- [quiet, tense music playing]
- [doorbell rings]
[quiet, tense music continues]
- [driver] Here you go, sir.
- [Dimitri] Thanks.
[Dimitri sighs]
Come on.
[quiet, tense music continues]
[music becomes quiet and dramatic]
[music becomes quietly tense]
[sorrowful music playing]
[sobbing quietly]
[clock chiming]
[clock continues chiming]
[clock continues chiming]
[music stops]
[sorrowful music resumes]
[music fades out]
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