Terzi (2023) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

Mr. Peyami?
Are Are you all right?
I am.
Don't worry, sir, I'll clean it right up.
Oh, Mrs. Esvet! Mr. Dimitri!
Özden, how are you, dear?
I'm fine, thank you.
What the hell is this, huh? What's wrong?
You didn't leave for New York.
Dude, come on, we couldn't.
Did you think I would leave my brother
alone on a day like this? Huh?
How come you never
told me about this, Peyami?
Dimitri? Son, you're here?
It's the bride! Congratulations.
Where's the groom, huh?
How could you keep
something like this from us, huh?
Tell me, please.
We were in the passport line,
but I was feeling really antsy.
Then I look back at Esvet
and she's, she's sad, too.
You know the bond
between Mustafa and my wife is special.
And I just thought, really,
what difference would a week make?
I know we'd be upset
if we weren't there, so we came back.
I cancelled the tickets,
they were first class, nonrefundable,
and you're gonna cover that.
How could you not warn us, Peyami?
I told you, sweetheart.
It was a very last-minute decision,
and he didn't want to ruin your plans.
That's why he asked us not to tell you.
But when Mustafa insisted
that Esvet had to attend, um
Esvet has to come, how could she not?
That's right, bless you, Papa Mustafa!
And Dimitri should be there as well!
That's Peyami for you, if it weren't for
Papa Mustafa, we would've had no idea.
- Hm.
- Are we no longer friends?
Or what?
Your parents are getting married,
and we're not gonna be there?
Dude, like hell.
- Anyway. Mustafa's marrying Kiraz, eh?
- Ah!
Where will it be?
Here, we're gonna do it here.
What? Right here?
Th That's ridiculous.
No, don't say that, son.
It's not that type of a wedding,
we're too old for that.
We're doing a little dinner,
for the family.
Wait a second here.
Peyami Dokumacı's having his parents'
wedding here. It'll be a small dinner?
Yeah, well, it's better like that.
And besides, both of us will be happier
with it going like that. Right, Mustafa?
That's right, it will just be small
and also nice!
I really don't think that your age
matters, but if that's what you guys want
It's a week away, and we'll set up
something great here, won't we, Peyami?
Well, since you guys have decided
that you'll stay here,
I wanted to ask Esvet
if she'd help me with the preparations.
She will, she will.
Esvet will help us. She will help us, yes.
So in a week, we're having a wedding, hm?
- Why not in two weeks?
- Well, you should ask your father, honey.
I'm not sure, I just thought it.
It just came to you then?
That's right.
Thank you, guys.
But what's gonna change
if she stays longer?
She will. And you will.
She will decide
if she really does want to go.
And you'll realize what you feel
when you face the fact that
you're losing her.
You'll both take time to think.
And you'll have to decide.
That Peyami's a strange one.
He should've mentioned it to you sooner.
Everything you planned was for nothing.
How can you say that, İrini?
I'm so happy to have them here.
Don't get used to it, Mama.
This is a one-week delay.
- Welcome, sirs.
- Thank you.
They're in the backyard.
Here's a guy that's gonna be
as happy about it as you are.
Esvet! Baby!
Welcome back!
Ah, welcome, Dimitri.
I will never comprehend
how you could end up with him.
Listen, just blink and I'll save you
if you were forced into it.
Bon appétit!
Yes, let's eat.
If I knew you were in here, I'd
have called you to rub my back, you know.
Pretty sure the last image I'd ever care
to see is your old, wrinkled ass.
All riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
You know that I freakin'
despise you, right?
One week,
you'll put up with your son and that's it.
And throughout this last week,
you won't do a thing
to upset me or my wife.
But if you keep getting on my nerves,
I feel like you know the kind
of trouble that you will get.
Who are you running from?
Am I the one, or is it Peyami?
Isn't that such a coincidence?
They decide to have their wedding
on the same exact day you're leaving us.
Such a coincidence.
You should've gotten the fuck out of here
when you had the chance.
You should've taken your wife
and fucked right off.
My opinion is it wouldn't have mattered.
However, at least you'd've tried.
You should go now.
Go and hug your lady
while you still can. Hmm?
The days are numbered
and they're gonna go by quick.
Oh, shut the door,
please, on your way out.
- Hello.
- Yes?
- Osman, it's me, Kiraz.
- Kiraz?
Well, I need to talk to you
about something, okay?
Tell me, what is it?
You have the right to hear it.
You're not the reason I'm here.
I am here for Mustafa's wedding.
Don't try to make something
more out of it.
- But I didn't ask you why you're back.
- Whatever.
I just wanted to make it clear.
Now, I'm going to help
get the wedding ready
with Mama Kiraz, like I promised.
And after the wedding, my husband
and I will be going to the States.
Are you clear on that?
Were you waiting over here
just so you could tell me that?
Yeah, that's right. I needed you to know.
I didn't want you to have even
a remote shred of hope again.
- Mustafa, shoo those bees away.
- You stay away from our food.
- Shoo them away.
- All those bees, buzz, buzz, go away!
Bon appétit.
Ah, Peyam, come, come, come!
- Good morning.
- Come sit.
Good morning. Welcome.
Thanks, good morning.
So, Dimitri's not here?
He will come soon.
Esvet and I
were talking about, you know,
the wedding dinner,
and all that wonderful stuff,
and bless her heart,
Esvet found us an event planner.
- Is that so?
- That's right.
You shouldn't have bothered,
we'll handle it.
Oh, that's ridiculous,
we're in this together.
Look, Dimitri and you
are essentially brothers, after all.
So doesn't that just make us
one huge, happy family?
You're correct.
Um, so what else have you ladies planned?
Well, I was going to have
the wedding dress made,
But then I thought,
who would do better than you?
You're the best
when it comes to a wedding.
Esvet's wedding dress
was really something else, Mom.
Honestly, the best wedding dress
I had ever done.
Maybe because you put
so much effort into it.
A lot of time had passed
between the fittings,
and he had to go over everything
one more time there at the end.
Did you like the first one
or the last one better?
How about you?
I hope you don't think that at this age
I'll be wearing a wedding dress, hm?
She'll wear a wedding dress!
- Yes, Kiraz will do it!
- No, Mustafa. No, Mustafa. Huh.
Sorry, Miss Kiraz,
your husband's in charge.
And it's what Esvet wants, too.
Don't worry about it,
I'll design the perfect dress.
Plus, how many people get to design
a wedding dress for their mother?
Well, all right then, but, uh,
what's Esvet going to wear?
I mean, she's really done
so much to help us out.
You should make her a dress
to say thank you for it, right?
Oh, that's not necessary.
I can handle that, really.
Don't bother him with something like that.
No, you have to let him do it.
After all, Peyami is
the absolute best at it.
If Peyami Dokumacı's available
how could we go elsewhere?
My wife should be the prettiest,
after the bride, of course.
Mr. Groom!
Good morning, folks, sorry I'm late,
but I had some errands to run.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Peyami, I'm sure you know my wife's size
like the back of your hand
but I think a fitting is needed.
It's up to her. I'll send it over
unless she wants a fitting.
No don't send it, she's put on
a few pounds since the wedding.
It's fluctuated.
She's changed,
so let's not take any chances there.
It's fine, hon, go with Mama Kiraz
and let him measure you, huh?
It's all gotta look perfect.
All done. You look great.
Do you like the way it looks?
Well, um, we should hear
from someone impartial. Esvet?
What do you think, dear?
I don't have words,
you look absolutely stunning.
- Mustafa's gonna fall in love again.
- All over again?
I did all right, then.
Son, thank you so much.
It's even lovelier
than I could've imagined.
Well, I will take this off, then,
and you can work on Esvet's dress.
I'm so sorry to keep you waiting.
No, not at all.
That's exactly why I'm here.
Yeah, don't say that, Mom.
After all, the reason they stayed
is just to see your wedding, right?
It's a blessing.
But if you can't finish
Esvet's dress in time,
Mustafa won't care about
my wedding dress at all.
Actually, I already
made something for you.
Hmm, great, then we won't
have to waste much time.
You're not even curious at all?
Your thoughts?
It's cold.
It is, right?
Well, I nailed it this time, then.
I tried not to make the same mistake
I made with the shoes.
I didn't think of myself,
I thought of who would wear it.
It's cold at first glance.
But once it's on
That's absolutely amazing.
It'll be gorgeous on you.
Yeah, I think so, too.
But first, you have to put it on.
I will make some tea for us.
We can have it after the fitting, huh?
That's really all right, uh
Yes Mother, Suzi should return
from the fitting soon.
It's no trouble, son.
Have you guys forgotten
that I used to work here, too?
Suzi said Salim and the guys
left me a surprise,
so maybe I'll go see them,
and I'll see you later.
Are we ready to begin?
Yes, I am.
May I?
Do you remember our last fitting session?
Of course.
It was the day you told me
you'd send me off to London.
And you didn't want to leave then.
And you didn't want me to stay here.
That's all you remember?
Like it matters at all.
The past doesn't carry any weight anymore.
You're right.
All that matters is what comes next.
Right over here.
I told you what was next already.
That's right.
You did.
And I didn't respond.
You just weren't
very convincing.
It's completely up to you
to be convinced or not.
Yeah, you're right, I suppose.
So I'm choosing not to be convinced.
Because I can't let you make
the same mistake I did.
[dramatic drum roll.
We're done today.
You can take care of the rest.
Oh. Hello, Dimitri, sir.
Welcome, Mr. Dimitri.
Your father's in a meeting, sir.
Have a good day, sir.
You're in my head. In my head!
You're making me crazy!
I'm frickin' nuts because of you!
You know where I just was? Huh?
Parked at Peyami's store!
And imagine the reason!
It's because I'm consumed with the
thought of my wife cheating on me, Dad!
And it's entirely because of you!
Because of your maniacal,
sick and demented ideas
that you yourself put in my head!
This is all you! Entirely!
But I just won, because I wouldn't go in.
I didn't, 'cause I trust Peyami,
I trust him, and I trust Esvet as well!
You won't defeat me, you can't beat me,
and I definitely won't turn out
the way you think.
Esvet and I will get out of here together!
We will live far away and be happy!
You will not ever defeat me!
So how do you feel about your dress?
Do you like it?
- Will you have another fitting?
- No. I just think we're good.
Yeah, Mehmet, I'm done,
you can come pick me up.
- Can I give you a ride, Kiraz?
- Okay, thanks, sweetheart.
Come on.
That's for Esvet?
Ahhh. Was she happy?
I don't know.
She's really not too open with me lately.
something's missing, I think.
I'm trying to see it.
And you, did you need something?
Uh, will you teach me to dance, please?
That's right.
I don't know how to dance at a wedding,
and Kiraz could want to,
so will you please explain it?
- You mean now?
- Now.
Well, all right.
Mmm How about
Okay then
- Your hand.
- Here.
- This hand goes like that.
- Like that.
- Right here with that one.
- That one goes here.
And now, follow my feet.
- Back.
- Back.
- Back.
- Back.
- To the side.
- To the side.
- And back.
- I messed it up.
- You'll get it, again.
- I will.
- Back again.
- Back.
- Forward.
- Forward.
- And back.
- And back.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- All right.
- That's nice!
- Back.
- And again. Back.
And forward. And back. Back.
Back. Back.
- Again.
- And back.
- Again.
- That's right, that's so nice!
You look very pretty.
And you're very handsome.
Come on, then. Let's go.
Let's go.
- Welcome.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
I'll be downstairs.
- Welcome. I'll be back.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
- Welcome.
Thank you.
Wow, Mr. Groom, you look sharp.
And you look amazing, ma'am.
Thank you. Welcome.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the bride and groom are here!
- Suzan.
- Bravo!
Oh, Thanks.
Kiraz, dance?
You're not wearing it.
I already told you it felt cold.
A boat, huh?
- Is it because Mustafa's a fan of them?
- No.
Because that was where
we had our happiest moments.
I must have forgotten.
Maybe you need to make me remember.
Or maybe you should take me back
to that moment, to that happiness.
Both yourself and me.
Though something's gotta change.
This time, Firuze won't
be there, but Esvet will.
And you know who Esvet is.
Oh, don't mind him,
he's a little, sneaky bastard.
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