Terzi (2023) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

Father, well
Well, I gotta wonder what is so important
that you had to come all the way here?
I'm really curious.
Now what do we do?
Peyami, please, just say something!
What can we do?
I don't know, I'm beside myself!
Ari's already headed there,
and he's gonna tell Dimitri everything!
You need to talk to him!
And say what to him, Esvet?
Tell me, 'cause I'm lost!
Just say anything before Ari tells him!
Dimitri shouldn't have to hear it from
his dad, who he hates. It's not right!
We are too late now.
Let's run. Let's take your parents
and run, Please, let's go, we've got to.
We're not going to run.
It's not happening.
We'll handle the consequences.
Where are you, Dimitri?
What happened?
He's dead, man.
My father. I killed him, Peyami.
I murdered my father.
What the hell are you
talking about Dimitri?
It's my dad. I killed him.
Oh, my son, what happened?
Is he alive?
Uh, yeah, he is inside, yeah,
yeah, uh well, he's in surgery.
What? I don't Surgery?
Because of his head because
his head hit all that blood, I
What happened to his head?
An acci An accident.
An accident! An accident!
Accident? What accident?
I don't understand!
The, the, the ranch, the ranch, the ra
Yeah, the ranch, he
Why was he
I don't get why he was at the ranch!
Oh, son! Just tell me what happened!
It happened at the ranch.
It happened at the ranch.
How's he doing?
Did they tell you anything?
They haven't said anything yet.
Doctor! Is Ari okay?
We admitted your husband
with a brain hemorrhage.
There was trauma caused
by a blow to his head.
He's still in surgery.
Will he survive?
It's too early to say now.
Excuse me.
Son, please.
Someone explain this.
What accident?
Why is everyone so quiet?!
Lia, I'm really not sure
what happened either.
But just look at him.
He needs to calm down first.
Mr. Dimitri, the police are here,
and they'd like to have a word with you.
The police? What's going on?
I'll handle it.
I'll talk to them.
Listen, um, you can see
that Dimitri's still in shock,
so if you could
Would you allow him some time
to calm down before he gives a statement?
Could You please?
That's fine. I'll wait over here then.
Thank you for your understanding.
Dimitri, are you OK?
No I'm not, Esvet.
I'm not OK.
I always held back.
For years and years,
I held everything in because I wanted
to avoid being sucked in to his games,
but this time I didn't.
Esvet, it's all my fault, it's my fault.
Why, Dimitri?
How was it different?
What caused you to lose it?
Dimitri, just tell us. What happened?
Esvet, please leave us alone, okay?
- Dimitri, I'd like
- Esvet!
All right then, let's talk.
I killed him, brother.
What do you mean, Dimitri?
He's still alive, isn't he?
Yeah, but he'll die.
He's gonna die.
Why, what did you do?
Knocked him over.
He said a bunch of bullshit.
He told me some ridiculous things.
Like what?
What did he say, Dimitri?
What does it matter, Peyami, huh?
What does that matter?
- I murdered my father!
- 'Cause it does, damn it!
Something made you lose it to go there!
What did he say to you?
Peyami, I can't handle prison.
Look, you're my friend,
and my blood brother,
please, man, you have
to do something here, Peyami.
Please, Peyami,
you're my only chance, I need help.
You hear me?
You're the only person I can trust.
Man, you have to help me, Peyami!
I can't go to prison!
My life would be ruined!
I'll die in there, bro!
Please, I'm begging you,
help me, I'm so scared!
- Peyami, I'm so scared!
- Shh! All right, calm down.
Calm down, all right?!
You're not going to prison!
How though, Peyami? How couldn't I?
Look at me, now! Look at me!
Listen, okay? You're not going
to prison, I swear to you.
But you have to relax.
Just focus, all right?
And get your head straight.
Now tell me, what happened,
and who saw what.
Uh Uh
The stableman.
Yeah, and his wife, they saw it all,
all of it, Peyami,
everything, they saw me, man!
Peyami, could you talk to them, please?
You could convince them
not to say anything, please?
Maybe then, Peyami
Would you please give it a shot?
Peyami, come on, would you please?
- Ah.
- The driver?
No, he's okay.
He'll stay quiet.
I'll talk with him. I will.
You have to help me.
Dude, I'm begging you, okay?
- Peyami?
- Oh.
- So, is Ari
- Don't worry, he's in surgery now.
Let me know if there's anything you need.
Thanks, Suzi. Just leave your phone on.
Miss Suzie
Hi, Esvet.
Do you know what floor they are on?
They're on the sixth floor.
Um, okay, I'll tell them
you went to get a cup of coffee.
Hey, where are you going?
What did he say? What's going on?
He's really scared.
Now that he's faced reality,
he's very worried about Ari.
All right, but what does he know?
I'm not sure. He didn't mention anything.
But he'd act differently if he knew.
You're positive?
We're talking about Dimitri, you know.
Esvet, I don't know
what to think, I really don't!
Because he didn't mention
anything at all, nothing!
Then why would he say he killed him?
How did that happen?
An accident.
He feels responsible
'cause he couldn't stop him from falling.
Dimitri, listen, I'm so sorry.
I know that Ari will get through this.
Believe me. All right?
Oh, doctor!
How did the surgery go?
We did our best
to stop the inner bleeding.
For now, he's stable.
Thank God.
Hey, did you hear that, sis?
He's stable now.
- So the surgery is over?
- That's right, it is.
When will he be awake? Can we visit?
I'm afraid not. He's in intensive care.
Right now we're not sure
if he'll wake up or not.
The only thing we can do
is wait at this point.
Why is this happening to me?
If he doesn't wake up
Dimitri, sir, they have a whole floor
arranged so you can rest.
You can head up there any time you want.
You called us, sir?
How's Mr. Ari?
'Cause we still haven't heard.
He's all right?
They're still not sure.
The doctors are watching him closely.
He'll be in our prayers for sure.
He employed us for years.
He's almost like a father to us.
Well, that's actually why I came here.
Over the years,
you've served Ari and his family well.
And I know that you would
do anything for them.
And right now,
they really need your assistance.
Esvet, my
It's all right, it's okay.
It's all right.
Come sit down and rest,
don't wear yourself out.
No, no. I don't want to sit down.
I I don't want you to see me like this.
Come on. Dimitri, here.
Look I've got you, all right?
Thank you.
Is that better?
Don't worry, all right?
Your father is strong, Dimitri,
he's gonna pull through this.
Really? Is that what you want? Huh?
Of course. How could you ask that?
Well you know what he,
he did to me, and how I've been treated,
And you still want him to be okay?
Isn't that what you want?
I'm not sure anymore.
With everything that he's done, and,
and that I had to endure,
I don't know anymore.
so what if he's okay, huh?
What changes?
You think I'm gonna forget
what he said to me?
Nothing will stay the same after that.
I don't understand. Why?
Dimitri, sir, the police are waiting,
It's time to give your statement to them.
Wait right here for me. I'll be back.
So everything's clear, right?
Any questions?
And so, if anyone asks you what happened
Dimitri was in front of the horse.
And the horse got restless
when Ari came up from behind,
So it started kicking.
That's right.
Don't worry, I kept my word.
I turned to look
when I heard their voices.
Dimitri was trying to calm the horse down,
and Ari was right behind the horse.
My father was scared
and he tried to move away
from the horse, and he fell.
And when he went down,
his head hit those bars,
the ones on the fence.
So I I calmed the horse down
and ran to him.
But he was lying there, all bloody, sir.
My client, with his driver, rushed him
to the hospital immediately, detective.
So the driver also saw what happened?
Yes, that's right.
But what about the ranch hands?
So did they.
They saw it all.
Thank you. I knew you'd do
the right thing by the family.
You know that it was an accident.
But still
Absolutely. We know Mr. Dimitri well.
He would never do something like this.
But when they then started to argue,
that's how it went.
Do you Do you know why they
were arguing?
What was it about?
Please, it's okay.
What did you hear?
Well, Mr. Ari, he was yelling
about you really loudly.
He also mentioned Miss Esvet.
But Mr. Dimitri,
he was constantly yelling "No, no!"
- Hatice.
- Please, let her speak.
There's nothing to hide at this point.
Listen, I trust you guys,
and you can trust me.
So don't be scared. What did they say?
Uh, Dimitri, he was yelling,
"Enough. I had enough of your lying."
- "I won't let you get away with this."
- And then what?
Well, I didn't hear the rest.
- If you heard
- I swear I didn't.
I already told you everything I heard.
I started to walk away immediately,
but it was getting
intense so I turned to look.
Uh, Mr. Dimitri was really furious.
And of course you know
what happened after that.
[quiet, ominous music fades out[
What happened?
Are you okay?
I am. I'm fine.
How did it go?
It was good.
My love, don't worry. Everything's fine.
Because I said it was an accident. Okay?
That's all it was, huh?
The horse got scared,
and my father fell and hit his head.
Ah, and if you're worried
about anything I said
while I was still in shock, I
Really, that was what I figured.
Mm, Esvet, you trust me,
in spite of everything?
Sure I do.
Why Why wouldn't I?
Uh so, w what's gonna happen now?
Is it over, case closed?
No, they have to speak with the guy
that runs the stables, and his wife
and, oh, the driver.
A prosecution officer's gonna call,
and yada yada, you know the drill.
That's great.
You know that
they'll tell the same story you did.
And there's no reason to worry.
Now you can officially relax.
Dear wife of mine.
I don't know what I would do without you.
I'm so lucky you're mine.
I am. Hmm.
Having you by my side gives me strength.
I'm so sorry to disturb you now sir, but
We did everything we could.
But I'm sorry, we couldn't save him.
Aren't you here to talk, huh?
Well, go ahead, say what's on your mind.
I don't know how to tell you this.
How does a father say
something like this to his son?
Wow, okay,
now I'm starting to get worried.
When you start to bring up all that father
and son stuff, I know it's important, huh?
Oh, but wait.
I know that if it's this upsetting to you,
it must be affecting you as well.
Right? Am I right?
Not just me, son, but our entire family.
- Our family's honor.
- Enough.
That's it. I've had it.
I've had all I can take of your lies
and your slander. That's enough!
Do you even know?
Do you have any idea
what Peyami and Esvet are doing?
Even if you don't have proof,
I'm sure you can feel it somehow.
How are you not getting this,
huh? I said that's enough!
It is not gonna work, you cannot do it,
I will not let you
get in my head this time!
I told you this from the start,
but you didn't listen.
But now it's time
that you accept the truth already.
Man, you just resent me so much.
Me being happy upsets you.
Right, Dad? Huh?
You just really want to hurt me.
Because you can't stand the fact
that someone loves me,
can you, Master Ari?
I'm your father, first and foremost.
I can let a whole lot slide,
but I refuse to let you bring shame on us,
or to our family's honor
and future, it won't happen.
That woman can't be allowed
to bear my grandchildren.
We cannot have her,
her tainted blood mixing with the blood
of our family, and our future!
You got that?
Father, listen.
I don't give a shit about your family,
and fuck your honor!
Got that?
I'm finally leaving this place.
I'll get rid of you for good.
And whatever you say,
oh, well, I don't give a shit!
Your insults cannot hurt me anymore ever!
It's not happening!
You know, Dimitri, I wonder.
Once you finally
can see the truth for yourself,
I wonder what you'll deny then and how.
I'm dying to know.
Now watch right here.
See that?
Who's lying to you?
Your dad, or your best friend
and your dear wife?
What, don't have the guts?
All right, well,
your father is gonna help you then.
So what do you think they did together
at that fine hotel?
Oh, that's right,
your highly advanced mind is telling you
they just met at the hotel to talk.
Or some other bullshit like that.
All right, then look right here.
Dad how could you do this?
Why do you ask me that question?
It's them you should be asking.
Hmm? "How could you do this to me?"
"How could you look at me
straight into my eyes
and pretend that nothing is happening?"
That's what you should ask them!
You're loving this.
You really love ruining me, don't you?
I was gonna get out of here.
I was gonna get the fuck
out of here with Esvet
and leave everything else behind!
Then you show me this video?!
- How could you?!
- Damn you!
I'm laying out the truth for you, crystal
clear, and that's all you have to say?
Huh? This is how you handle it?
You just run away!
You avoid confrontation!
Because your greatest fear
is being alone, isn't it?
Well there you go!
You don't have a best friend anymore!
Now you can sit here and cry like a baby,
while your father,
once again, does whatever it takes.
Don't you worry about me at all, Father.
For the very first time,
you'll be proud of your pathetic son.
And you won't be here to see it.
But soon, you and I will be reunited!
And I'll fill you in
on every little detail.
And you will hear about every
single awful thing I've done
to make the two of them
pay for their betrayal.
Rest in peace,
my dear father.
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