Terzi (2023) s03e07 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 7

[melancholic music playing]
[music fades out]
[mysterious choir music playing]
[priest] Jesus' disciples asked him,
"Where do you want us
to prepare the meal?"
Jesus showed them the house
where they'd have their meal.
"Go into the city,
and to that man's house," he said.
"Tell him,
'Our teacher says
his time is nigh.'"
"I will celebrate the Passover
with my disciples, in your home."
They were eating together that evening.
During the dinner, Jesus said,
"I will tell you the truth."
One of you will betray me."
This made the disciples sad.
And one after another, they said to Jesus,
"You surely don't mean me!"
[tense, wave-like noise]
He answered, "It is one of you 12 men
who is eating from this dish with me."
[loud, wind-like noise]
"The Son of God will die,
as written in the Scriptures."
"But it is going to be terrible
for the one who betrays me."
"That man would be better off
if he had never been born."
[metallic door rumbling]
Then Judas said,
"Surely you don't mean me?"
[mysterious religious music continues]
Jesus answered,
"You have said so."
[music stops]
Peyami. Brother.
[ominous music playing]
What's all this, Dimitri?
Why did you ask me to come here?
I already told you. It's a celebration.
With the two people I love more
than anything else in the world.
Ahhh! [chuckles]
Here's the other one.
My dear wife.
[sniffing] Mmmm.
[kissing] Welcome.
What's this, Dimitri?
A surprise!
A surprise, a surprise!
I'm just full of surprises, huh?
You know what they say:
A little surprise goes a really long way.
Now, who do you think said that, huh?
Whatever, fuck it. It doesn't matter.
- And? What do you think?
- [music becomes quiet and tense]
[Peyami inhales deeply]
Why did you bring us here, Dimitri?
I said already. It's a surprise!
Man, look, don't spoil the surprise,
all right? Come on!
Come on.
Guys, right here.
Seriously, are you just gonna stand there?
Hey, what's your concern, huh?
That I am going
to blow you guys up? [laughing]
[quiet, tense music continues]
Come on.
My dear wife.
Here you are.
Peyami, sir, don't just stand there.
If you would.
[Dimitri exhales quickly]
I sincerely hope you guys
thoroughly enjoy this meal.
[Dimitri chuckles]
Oh, I left the door open.
I'll close it
so we don't ruin the ambiance.
And we don't want
to be disturbed, am I right?
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- [Esvet] Peyami.
I don't understand, what's going on?
I've been working on this
place since this morning.
For all of us.
And I worked hard, man, real hard.
But it was worth it.
Right, guys? Huh?
It was worth it, right?
What do you think?
You can tell me.
[quiet, tense music fades out]
What are these for, Dimitri?
They're, well, you know,
they're our audience.
Today's witnesses!
- [Peyami] Witnesses?
- [chuckling]
That's right.
- [quiet, tense music resumes]
- Ahhh.
They all see and hear all of it.
But they'll never speak about it.
Same goes for all of us.
[Peyami sighs]
- Dimitri
- Are we hungry, huh?
I'll bring out the food.
No service staff today?
[Dimitri] Nope.
I will be your
waiter today, guys.
- You are?
- Yes, m'lady.
Anything for you
and my best friend for life.
Wait till you see what I've got in store.
Ah, but it's absolutely nothing
compared to what you did to me, right?
That's right,
I personally made all of the food here.
And I cooked you both
your favorite dishes.
Ladies first, if that's all right?
Sultan's Delight.
[Dimitri chuckles]
And for Peyami's refined pallet here,
the Bosphorus's crown jewel, bluefish.
[Dimitri chuckles]
And for myself, I prepared something
that would satisfy my boorish taste.
Oh! For the drinks, we only have
one choice, I picked it myself.
Red wine.
Because, as you know,
Peyami, it's special for us.
You know what Jesus said,
at The Last Supper, Esvet, huh?
Do you recall?
He said, "This is my blood."
[music become quiet and dramatic]
But he didn't drink it.
I think you're better at this.
You learned it at the orphanage, I'm sure.
What did Jesus say to his disciples?
"From now on I will not"
"I will not drink any wine
until I drink new wine
in the Kingdom of my Father."
"I will not drink."
Yes, nice, honey.
That was correct. [chuckling]
Go on then, start eating.
I want to see
if you like the secret recipes
I found and prepared just for you.
Here's to your health.
[quiet and dramatic music continues]
Why haven't you started?
Can we skip the pretense with the food,
and you can explain to us
what is it we're doing here
and why you cooked this meal for us?
You telling me
you want to skip the dinner?
I worked really, really hard on this, man,
I already told you,
I made it all by myself.
Eat the food.
If you would.
Wait a sec, you guys don't think
I mean, you really don't think
I'd poison you, right? Huh?
Why? Huh? [chuckling]
What for? [chuckling]
Really, I don't get
how you think I'd want to hurt
the two people I love most?
Is there some reason?
I don't know.
Why don't you tell us?
Yes, what reason would there be?
Yeah, what reason?
Okay then.
[breathing deeply]
[quiet and dramatic music continues]
[exhales deeply]
So, guys what do you think?
[slams utensils]
Dimitri, that's enough.
Spit it out.
Whatever you want to say. Go ahead.
[breathing deeply]
How long have you been
fucking my wife, Peyami? Hmm?
[music becomes very faint]
[inhales deeply]
Ahhhhhh. [chuckling]
Got you guys there, right? Huh?
You've been going nuts for days, huh?
I'm sure you've been dying to know
if my father mentioned it.
[music becomes ominous]
Oh he did.
And he didn't just tell me either.
He had all kinds of videos of you guys
at the hotel and on the boat.
Although, we just couldn't agree
on this one thing.
Actually, we talked about it
at really great length.
Of course, by "great length," I do mean,
well, until I killed him.
[ominous music intensifies]
Before my father walked in,
did you have sex, or did you not,
my dear wife?
The morning after the night
I fucked you, did you fuck Peyami too?
Dimitri, stop.
What? Are you embarrassed, dude?
We're smashing the same chick.
- Why so bashful?
- [coughs]
- Huh?
- [sighs]
[ominous music continues]
Dear wife
- Answer me!
- [gasps] He didn't!
That's bad timing
on Dad's part, am I right? [chuckles]
- All right, my silent witnesses.
- [shuddering]
You see that?
We've clarified yet another issue.
Esvet and Peyami did not
make love on that morning!
You hear me, Father? I told you so!
My blood brother
did not sleep with Esvet, my dear wife!
At least, he
- He didn't on that morning.
- [pounds table]
We should discuss this alone, Dimitri.
Let her go.
Why? She didn't finish eating yet.
This is just between us, okay?
Just between us, huh?
'Cause, ya know, from where I stand,
it's a threesome, Peyami.
But, love of my life,
you made out the most advantageously.
Because you got to nail two dudes at once.
So tell me,
who's better huh?
[music becomes tense]
You really should answer me
when I ask you a question.
Now that you've fucked the two of us,
who was better?
I said that's enough!
Whoa. Whoa, all right,
Peyami, mu. All right.
[chuckling] Man, Sweet Peyami
stands up for his lover.
Is this a great love or what?
It's all right, man, it's all right,
you don't need to get mad.
All right. All right.
[tense music continues]
You need to leave, now.
- I said get out of here, Esvet.
- Yeah, and I said no.
of a lovers' spat.
Listen, that wasn't a request,
I'm telling you to get out.
- Nnn No!
- Come on.
Please don't worry. I'll handle it.
This is between us.
- You don't need to worry.
- [whimpers]
- Go on.
- No.
- Go on.
- [whimpering]
[tense music becomes more dramatic]
He locked it, Peyami!
[music becomes faint and tense]
[chuckles] Smart move.
Open the door.
I said open the door.
And Jesus said,
"One of you 12 men
eating from this dish with me
will betray me," he said.
- "The Son of God
- [music becomes very dramatic]
will die as written in the Scriptures."
"But it is going to be terrible
for the betrayer."
It would've been better
if he was never born."
No one's leaving.
Nobody, you hear me?
You're both staying right here, with me.
- [beeping]
- [Esvet gasps]
[Dimitri chuckles]
[Dimitri] Ten minutes.
That's all we got!
Then we'll all get the fuck outta here,
all right? But where?
To the depths of hell.
Our last ten minutes on Earth.
And then Boom!
Kaboom! [chuckling]
All right.
[very dramatic music continues]
The betrayal I've had to feel.
[Dimitri gasps]
[music stops]
And both of you did this to me.
You. I'd've given my life for you, man.
If I had to die for one person,
not my mom, not my pop, not even her!
It's only you.
And how do you repay it?
You smile right here
Right to my face,
all the while fucking my wife!
You know the price for that,
right, Peyami?
Three lives, actually.
Yours, mine, and hers!
All of us die, Peyami!
All three of us will die!
You, me, and her!
All three of us will die!
All three of us will die!
[quiet, tense music playing]
Since you fucked me over,
I'll fuck you guys over!
You're gonna suffer for this betrayal,
while I suffer for trusting you both!
And now we all suffer the consequences!
All three of us are suffering
the consequences!
[sobbing quietly]
[breathes deeply]
- Dimitri
- He's bluffing, don't listen to him!
Ah, maybe she's right, huh?
Let's find out together!
Dimitri, enough of this, please.
Let's talk about it, all right?
We can do anything you want to, Peyami.
If you want, we can talk about it,
or keep on drinking,
or have a fucking threesome, man!
Eight minutes left,
that's it before we all blow up!
Let's talk, let's drink,
let's do whatever you both want,
but I better not hear a thing
about your affair!
It's just too late now.
All right! Okay, you're right!
We shouldn't have kept this from you.
But we were gonna talk to you.
Oh, yeah? When was that, huh?
Exactly when?!
I called you several times
trying to meet up and talk!
Ah, but you didn't!
- I couldn't do it, damn it!
- Oh, you couldn't?
All right, I didn't do it, Dimitri, fine!
[chuckling] Ahhh.
I was going to but then your father died.
Eat shit.
I've had enough already.
Seriously, what would you even say?
How were you gonna tell me that?
"Your wife is all mine now," was that it?
You can't do a damn thing!
'Cause you're nothing but a piece
of shit coward who can't do anything!
Even she's less of a coward!
Because she tried to kill me!
She looked into my eyes,
and told me she loved you!
She said it straight to my face!
And you did what, huh?
You went behind my back,
- and fucked my wife!
- [Esvet gasps]
- Right?
- [Esvet gasps]
Yeah, witnesses.
That's what happened! Double betrayal,
and all by my blood brother!
I bet you're all saying,
"This is fucked!" Right?
Yeah, that's how I feel!
It's fucked, you guys!
Fuck you, you're both so fucked up!
[quiet, tense music continues]
Shh. Look, you see her? Yeah, her.
Hey, what'd you do again?
Huh? What was it?
You slept with a coward!
You fucked a worthless coward!
Look at me!
I'm not a coward like you and him.
I could kill you both now if I wanted to
Or just Peyami!
But no, I'm gonna sacrifice myself,
and you know why?
Because I am not
some cowardly pussy like him!
We will die!
All of us are gonna die, right here,
in this fucking place, it's over and done.
And all this fucking? No!
No one's gonna fuck, ever again!
Dimitri Arslanoğlu is gonna
put a stop to all of this, now!
This is the end!
[Peyami breathes deeply]
Dimitri, calm down.
I'm fine with us dying together.
But at least let her go, please.
Fuck you, asshole.
You're fine with us both dying?
No one's living through this, Peyami.
And that whore deserves to die the most.
Come on, I told you to let her go!
None of us are leaving this place, Peyami.
No one.
[Peyami breathes deeply]
[quiet, tense music continues]
[musical tension builds]
Ah, what the fuck?!
[pounds on door]
- [Peyami grunts]
- Stop making all that noise, you fuck!
[Peyami] Open it!
[Peyami grunts]
["Symphony No. 5" by Beethoven playing]
[Esvet gasps]
- [sobbing] Dimitri, just open it, please!
- Shhhh.
- [music continues]
- [panting]
Give me the code!
Give me the code! I said I want the code!
You have to give it to me now!
- Give me the goddamn code!
- [groans]
- Give it to me! Right now!
- [chuckling]
Say it!
Give me the code!
[Dimitri groans]
Get fucked, you fucking dick.
He's bluffing, I'm sure!
He isn't. He's not bluffing.
[Dimitri laughs]
See? Right there.
You see that right there?
Yeah, he knows me better than you do.
And that's why I love this guy! [laughing]
Where did you put it?
Damn it, where is it?!
You're running out of time. [chuckling]
Is it under the table?
[Peyami grunts]
[Dimitri] Yeahhhh, that's it! [chuckling]
- Way to go, Peyami!
- [Peyami] Where is it?!
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- Peyami panting]
["Symphony No. 5" continues]
Esvet! The mannequins!
[Dimitri chuckling]
Is this really how you want to spend
your last minutes on Earth, huh?
Don't bother, bro.
- You guys are gonna die!
- [Peyami] Where the hell is it? Huh?!
Tell us where!
- [Dimitri] Live in the now! You hear me?
- [sobbing]
Enjoy each second. And create memories.
Huh? Peyami, hey, you're a Muslim right?
You better get over there and pray.
Repent, dude, or they'll stick it
up your ass in the afterlife.
[Peyami] Where the hell is it?!
Where is it?!
Ohhhhhhh, come on! You're no fun at all.
You're just grasping at straws here.
You'll both face the wrath of Dimitri!
Hey, silent witnesses,
look right over here!
It's time to hear from the judge!
We had our trial commence, the hearing
proceeded, and we reached a verdict.
Both of these pathetic sinners
are to be sentenced to death!
Justice will be served
by Dimitri Arslanoğlu!
- [screaming]
- ["Symphony No. 5" stops]
- [tense, dramatic music playing]
- [both groan]
[Dimitri chuckles]
Where is it?! Where is it?
Tell me, damn it! Where is it?!
[groans] It's up my ass.
Do you want to get it?
[Peyami groans]
- [loud hit]
- [Dimitri grunts and coughs]
Let her leave, all right?
But there's no way out, Peyami.
So fucking tell me then! Where is it?!
Where the hell is the fucking bomb?!
Where is it?!
- Die, Peyami!
- [Peyami grunts]
Fuck you!
It's over, you hear?!
You're going to explode
into a thousand little pieces!
They'll have to scrape you off the ground!
- [both grunt]
- Stop that!
- [tense, dramatic music stops]
- [Dimitri panting]
That's it! Enough of this!
- Look at me! Look here!
- [quiet, dramatic music playing]
- Look at me, Dimitri! Look at me!
- [Dimitri chuckling]
Dimitri, tell me! Tell me
where did you put it, Dimitri, hey!
- Ahhh.
- Dimitri.
[sobbing] I'm begging.
If you really love us,
please don't do this.
Please, death is not the answer,
please don't.
I really do love you more than anyone.
Which is why I don't want us
to be separated.
I'd rather we all die here, together.
[quiet, dramatic music continues]
- [sobbing]
- Ahhhhh.
You're really scared to die.
Well, you don't need to be.
'Cause everyone dies.
I'm just moving it along a little faster.
Shhhhh, it's okay.
Don't be scared. It won't hurt.
- I swear to you. I swear it.
- [sobbing quietly]
[Dimitri chuckling]
[Esvet screams] God damn you!
God damn you! God damn you!
- [sobbing]
- [Dimitri chuckles]
God damn you!
- [Esvet continues sobbing]
- [Dimitri breathing deeply]
[whistling song]
[quiet, tense musical note plays]
[continues whistling]
[finishes whistling song]
[sorrowful music playing]
[chuckles faintly]
Peyami, what the hell are you doing?
Stupid vice principal took my grandpa's
scissors, 'cause they're forbidden.
I begged, but he won't give them back.
What a dick! And he's got 'em in his car.
He's just gonna take 'em home.
And they're antiques, so he'll sell 'em.
He stole my watch, too.
They're my grandpa's, I have to get 'em.
[sorrowful music continues]
- What are you doing?
- Don't you want to get 'em back?
Come on,
what are you waiting for? Take 'em.
I got you.
[gasps painfully]
- You okay?
- [whistle blowing]
- What the hell are you two doing?
- Run, Peyami! Just run, Peyami!
You didn't run that day.
Yeah, and I'm glad I didn't.
'Cause, ya know, if I had,
where they had put us,
you would have been scared to death.
[both chuckling]
I think I would have.
What a jerk! He reported us right away.
And my father's been expecting this.
You hear what he said,
that this would teach us a lesson?
[sorrowful music stops]
Peyami, you good?
[Peyami panting]
Peyami, dude, say something.
Dimitri, I
- I can't breathe. We'll die here.
- [contemplative music playing]
- No, we won't. You hear me?
- Oh, yes we will.
- Hey, come on, man, deep breaths.
- We're locked in and there's no windows.
- No air! They locked us underground!
- Come on, breathe!
- Stop and breathe!
- We're gonna die, Dimitri.
We're gonna die! We're gonna die!
Hey, if we die, then we die.
Look, at least we're together.
Right, dude? Hold on to my hand.
I'm right over here.
[contemplative music continues]
Man, you think that death can hurt us
as long as we're together?
Huh? Can it?
It can't.
That's right.
[exhales deeply] What do you think
- happens to us when we die?
- I'm not sure.
But whatever it is,
it really can't get worse than here.
Don't worry,
I am sure we're not dying here.
It'll just be tonight here, that's all.
Besides, this place is nice.
Those jerks from the dorm aren't here.
We can rest easier in here.
- [electrical humming]
- [gasping]
- What's going on?!
- It's all right, stay cool.
There's gotta be a generator,
it'll come on.
It won't turn on, It won't.
This place is like a cemetery!
They locked us up underground!
It's just the wiring.
I'm sure they'll fix it.
Look, dude, it's a police station.
Calm down.
- Peyami, you hear me, bro?
- [music stops]
Peyami, please, listen. We'll get out
of here, don't forget it. We will.
Now just close your eyes.
Just trust me and close your eyes.
Did you do it?
[quiet, moody music playing]
Okay, we're not in here.
It's just us, having fun.
At sea, on my father's yacht.
We're staring at the endless water.
And a song is playing. Your favorite song.
[whistling song from earlier scene]
Go on, do it with me.
Don't you wanna come sailing with me?
[both whistling the song]
[Dimitri and Peyami
continue whistling the song]
[moody music continues]
[Dimitri breathes deeply and chuckles]
[Dimitri sighs]
[music fades out]
Don't you worry.
Because wherever we're going,
it can't be worse than here.
There is no way.
[both chuckle]
Well, it better not be.
[heartfelt music playing]
[chuckles faintly]
What are you two doing?
Are you guys crazy?!
[Peyami breathes deeply]
You're right.
- I messed up big time, brother.
- [music fades out]
It's not her fault though.
She resisted.
I was the one who couldn't help it.
You prick.
[Peyami] I love her very much.
You can't pick who you fall in love with.
I have no regrets.
I know you better
than you know yourself, Dimitri.
And you wouldn't have understood
if I had told you sooner.
You're right, I wouldn't have.
- But I was still going to tell you.
- [Dimitri chuckles]
[Esvet sighs]
Did you even love me at all?
[melancholic music playing]
Are we
Still blood brothers?
Until our last breathe.
[melancholic music continues]
- Let's go.
- [music fades out]
- Come on! Come on!
- [tense music playing]
What are you waiting for?
You guys wanna die?!
It's zero three one eight.
The code is your birthdays. You idiots.
- Come on! Come on!
- Zero, three, 18.
- Come on! Ah.
- [music fades out]
Peyami. Remember my face.
For the rest of your days.
And each time, think about what you did.
So that you never
again have peace of mind.
- Ya asshole! [grunts]
- Dimitri!
- Dimitri, open the door! Dimitri!
- [suspenseful music playing]
Dimitri, don't do this!
Open the door right now!
- Please open it! Dimitri!
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- Dimitri!
- [cackling]
- [Peyami] Dimitri!
- [Dimitri chuckles]
- Dimitri, open the door! Dimitri!
- [pounding on door]
Dimitri, open this door!
[inhales deeply]
- [whistling song from earlier]
- Dimitri, open this door! Dimitri!
Dimitri, stop this!
Open the door, now!
Dimitri! Dimitri!
Dimitri, open the door!
Dimitri! No!
- [whistling wavering]
- Dimitri! Dimitri!
Dimitri, open this door!
- Dimitri!
- [suspenseful music intensifies]
Dimitri, stop this!
Dimitri, open this door!
Open this door, now! Dimitri!
[Peyami's shouting drowned out
by suspenseful music]
[loud explosion]
[music fades out]
[sorrowful music playing]
[music fades out]
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