Terzi (2023) s03e08 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 8

Dimitri, let's go back.
They'll know we left school.
We'll be fine. Come on.
My dad paid a fortune for this.
Dude, your father's gonna get so mad!
Unless he has a stroke when he sees it.
He figured being locked up
would knock some sense into us.
How's that for sense?
You're an accomplice now,
there's no escaping!
Who's up there?
Who's up there in that room?
Oh, my scarf!
What are you doing?! Just leave it there!
No way! It's a gift from you!
- Master Dimitri?
- Good evening, Mr. Samet!
- Hey wait!
- Run!
Say hi to my dad for me, Mr. Samet!
Tell him his son missed him
so much, he came to visit!
Did you see the look on Mr. Samet's face?
He was totally shocked.
"Good evening, Mr. Samet!"
Man, you told him to say hi to your dad.
By the way, your dad
is gonna get really mad this time.
Dude, I really don't care.
You hear me, Ari Arslanoğlu?
You don't scare me at all! Not at all!
Think they've even noticed we left school?
What does it even matter if they did?
- What?
- I love you, man, you know?
In fact, you're my favorite person
in the world.
We're friends, right? Forever friends.
We'll never be apart.
- Till we're dead!
- Till we're dead.
Hey! Do you hear?
It's your favorite song! Come on, get up!
Tell you what.
If one of us dies, the other will play
this song at his grave, okay?
- What do you mean "die"?
- Dude, we all die, eventually.
And there's no way
that we're gonna die on the same day.
I bet I'll die before you.
How would you know that?
Hey, don't stress about it now.
I'm talking about
when we're wrinkly old men.
Not soon, all right? But we're not
gonna live forever, you know.
It's all right, man! Either you or me.
Whoever goes first, the other one
plays this song at his grave. Promise?
Did it really have
to be this way, Dimitri?
It should have been you visiting me.
You always did what you wanted though.
Even in death.
What am I supposed to do now? Huh?
I can't believe
you just left me here, Dimitri.
What do I do?
- What's this?
- They're flowers.
Some guy asked me
to put them on this grave.
Wait, who?
Hey, wait, come back!
I said wait! Stop running!
What's wrong?
- What's that?
- An address.
An address?
An address to where?
What do you think
is gonna come of all this?
I guess we'll see.
How much farther is it?
It's close, just be patient.
Are you positive
that no one's gonna find us?
No one can find this place
unless we want them to.
Relax, my dad
will never think of this place.
Only I know about it.
And now you too.
Dude, what's wrong?
Are you already scared?
Don't worry, I'm here. We're all right.
Let's go.
Welcome to Dimitri Arslanoğlu's
secret, private property!
Come on in, man!
What is this place?
Why are we here?
Our childhood.
How long will we stay here?
We can't go back home, or back to school.
Everyone's waiting to punish us.
So, we'll stay here as long as we want.
But they're gonna get worried.
So let 'em. It's better.
Better than getting in trouble.
Listen, don't just stand around,
we need some fire wood.
And what do we eat?
What do you think
those boy scout camps were for?
Don't worry, all right?
Didn't you grow up on a farm?
Well, if only you guys know
about this place, is it him?
Esvet, he's dead.
Remember, both of us saw it happen.
What is this then, Peyami?
He must've planned
all of this before he died.
I bet he arranged everything.
All right,
let's imagine that you're right.
Why would he want us to be here?
What's special about this place?
What's wrong? You're bored already?
Over here, I wanna show you something.
What are they?
Every time I come here,
I bring something important to me.
It's a place
where I can run away from my dad,
and I'm giving the house
some gifts for hiding me here.
Whaddaya think?
Oh. They're so pretty.
Whoa! When did you take that?!
You know this, huh?
It's my father's favorite.
This is both of our hiding place now,
so I thought we should have
something valuable here.
Now we'll have shared memories.
And this place belongs to us both.
Just think,
when we're grown up, we can live here!
Wouldn't that be awesome?
This is new.
I've never seen it before.
Asshole. If you're reading
this, then you've already buried me.
Damn you, Peyami.
How the hell are you going to live
in that fucked up world now that I'm gone?
I hope you're bored
to death there, all alone,
so you'll remember me every single day.
Dude, you know that you were the person
I loved the most, don't you?
You were the only one who made
this world I hate so much bearable.
Goodbye, my friend and blood brother.
Don't ever forget me, because that is
the only thing that could ever hurt me.
I don't give a fuck about anything else.
And take good care of Esvet, all right?
I really messed up with her.
I hope she forgives me.
Hm? What's that?
What do you have there?
That's Ari and Lia, isn't it?
It says, "For Esvet."
He left that for me?
I don't understand.
Do you think that this is real?
It is.
The people in that photo
are your biological parents, Esvet.
Dimitri found out who they were.
Wait, these
They're the stockholder certificates
for the Arslanoğlu Enterprise.
If those documents are genuine,
your biological parents own everything.
Peyami. That was fast.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
It feels like hours have passed.
Mmm. Hey, what's that delicious smell?
Oh, no! The tomatoes!
- Oh, thank god, they're fine.
- Well, you see?
If you're gonna give up
being the big boss,
and live like this, these are the types
of things you'll be worrying about.
I'm very happy with the way things
are going, as well as our lives together.
However, if you're regretting
leaving your brand behind,
Peyami Dokumacı
You know, actually,
I really didn't think
that I would miss it.
But I feel like I do, Esvet.
I get it.
It's about time, actually.
If you really miss it,
then let's just go back.
I had you going, didn't I?
Let's live here forever.
I never want to leave.
Yes, you can come, yes.
My parents?
Yes, you can come, of course yes, why not?
Your granddad can take
you here, right, Osman?
Of course we'll come.
Yay! That's great!
Yay! Did you hear that, Kiraz?
Ömer is gonna come here!
Yes, Mustafa, I did,
I'm very excited to hear it!
Hey, Peyam?
Osman, how's it going?
Hi there, Peyami.
Hello, Uncle Peyami!
Okay, guys, it's time for us to go,
or otherwise he'll be late to school.
Bye, Grandma, and Grandpa Mustafa.
See you later!
Have a really good day at school, Ömer!
Hey, did you hear that, Peyam?
Ömer's gonna come visit us!
I heard, and I see
you two get along really well.
You love him like he's your own grandson,
and you miss him when he's gone.
You're right.
Kiraz is not his grandma
and she loves him, isn't that right?
Of course.
Yeah, and plus,
when Peyam and Mustafa weren't there,
they were there for my sweet Kiraz.
And I'm glad they were.
Ah, well, I hope we'll have some
of our own grandchildren to love soon.
- Yes. I hope so.
- Hmm?
I will love them so much.
I'm gonna love them the most.
- Yeah?
- I do want grandchildren.
Peyam will make us some, right?
Yeah, that's the hope.
Guys, our breakfast is ready.
- Hey!
- Let's go.
Oh, wait, I have to pick us some peppers.
- Kiraz will come with me.
- Go pick peppers.
- I'll pick some peppers. Come on!
- All right, go ahead.
- Come on, they are so ripe.
- Okay, wait. I'm coming.
Wow, they look so nice.
Here you go, you want a basket?
Yes, yes, bring a basket.
It's so wonderful to see him so happy.
Yeah, and you too.
And you're happy too, right, Peyami?
I am.
Although it wasn't easy to get here, I am.
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