Thank You, Next (2024) s01e01 Episode Script


[upbeat jazzy music plays]
- [music stops]
- [sighs heavily]
[jazzy music continues]
[people chatter indistinctly]
[window squeaks softly]
[dog panting happily]
[tense musical flourish plays]
["Zar Zor" by KÖFN plays]
[people cheer]
- [laughs]
- [woman] Leyla! Leyla!
- Leyla! Leyla! Leyla.
- What? What?
- What?
- It's time to go.
- Huh?
- We're going to miss our plane.
When is it?
- We have to leave!
- We gotta go! The plane!
- Hey!
- Well, then, I guess I have to go.
- I'll see you around.
- Can I see you again?
Huh? Uh
Okay, here.
How's that?
See you later.
- My lovely wife.
- Babe, let me rest for a moment.
Did you do it? Yeah?
- Oh, my baby
- [audio fades]
- [sighs]
- [chuckles]
- Oh! And how was our weekend?
- Oof!
Rock 'n' roll!
[woman] You missed
a hell of a party, Sarp.
[man] Oh, and your stalking vic I mean,
girlfriends from that app were there.
- Oh!
- Here, take a look.
Whoa-ho! Check you out.
Looks cool.
Moving on quickly, Leyla.
[groans softly]
What's his name?
- Şeyyaz. As Leyla calls him.
- Yeah.
He's "Feyyaz," but Leyla is ridiculous.
I just met the guy,
I couldn't remember his name.
Şey Şey Şeyyaz, something like that.
So I guess that's his name now.
I wouldn't kick him out of bed
for anything. So good-looking.
[inhales sharply] Hot!
Well, he is.
Thank you.
So did you get lucky?
I don't kiss and tell.
She didn't give him her number.
For two days, he was sneaky-sneaky,
and not fooling anybody.
You can see in every photo,
he's getting closer and closer. [laughs]
But then my girl here
just straight-up ghosts the poor boy.
He won't let it go, I'm telling you.
He's gonna find you.
Bet on it, right now.
- Deal? [chuckles]
- Fine.
- I'll seal it right here.
- Ooh.
- And here. And right here.
- [man] Mmm.
- [wife laughs]
- [man kisses]
[sad music plays]
Sarp, did you hear from Ömer at all?
Has he moved his stuff out?
Mmm. Hasn't been answering
any calls or messages.
So I didn't push him.
[watch chimes]
Water time.
- Yes.
- I'm fine.
- Good morning.
- [all] Good morning.
- [Leyla] Good morning, uncle.
- Oh. What's going on?
Some of you smell like a fire hazard.
I promise! New mom, not drinking.
What a hero.
You've obviously had a busy weekend.
Operation Emotional Support.
It appears the operation was a success.
And you're back in one piece. Admirable.
[kisses] Thank God.
Okay, great. Well, if you're sober enough,
let's go over the week.
What do we have, Funda?
No hearings are scheduled.
Uh, Birkan Holding and their merger
["Zar Zor" plays]
[Funda]handover procedure
will be left to you.
Mr. Cihan will be at the ministry
this week, he'll leave in the morning,
and there's a meeting
with the Qatari group on Thursday.
Wednesday I have talks-about-talks
for that settlement agreement with Taygun,
and Murat's copyright case
is closing soon.
Should be settled by the end of the week.
Excellent. Let's get to the point.
Tuba Tepelioğlu is getting a divorce.
Her husband wants divorce
but Ms. Tuba is the one filing it.
Until my workload eases up,
I'm going to delegate
this case to you, Leyla.
Here you go.
Heads up. She has other cases with us,
so it's a high priority
that she's taken care of.
Of course, I'll keep a close eye on it.
[uncle] Why don't you introduce yourself
to her today?
- I'm sorry?
- [chuckles]
The Tepelioğlu and Murathan divorce case
has just been assigned to you.
Super. That sure is something.
[lighthearted Latin jazz music plays]
- Good morning.
- [woman] Good morning.
Attorney Leyla Taylan, ma'am,
from Taylan-Somer Law Firm.
Ms. Tuba is waiting for you inside.
[man] Miss, it's all right.
We'll take care of it.
[Tuba, angrily] Here! What the hell?
There's another pipe here.
There's another pipe!
Is that [grunts]
Another one here, here, and here!
Pipes everywhere, huh?
[woman] Here, Ms. Tuba
[Tuba] Do I need to hire an architect
just to put in some stupid plants?
Ms. Leyla is here.
I smuggled those seeds from New Zealand.
Cem was infatuated with this plant.
A fragrant flower
with crimson and pink petals.
I put a small handful of seeds
in my suitcase.
I read that they're a forbidden export.
I was nervous at the customs office.
I wanted to surprise Cem.
September's our third anniversary.
I was hoping they'd be grown by then.
Will the divorce be settled by September?
[light comic music plays]
- I
- [sobs]
Um, try to stay strong.
Shall we sit somewhere?
- Oh, God.
- [sniffles]
- [continues sobbing]
- You know what? Let it all out.
Just let it all out,
cry as much as you need.
Poor woman, she's been so victimized.
This man is a habitual marriage killer.
He's had three marriages, none of which
has lasted more than three years.
Married and divorced,
married and divorced.
Yeah, or he's the perfect husband,
there's just not enough of him
to go around, so he marries them all.
Or he's just looking for happiness.
So you wanna hang this
on compatibility issues?
Uh-uh. Love lasts three years, baby.
Narcissistic personality disorder.
These guys are all like this.
- Hey, Leyla?
- Yeah?
Ömer didn't take his stuff yet?
I know. It's pissing me off.
He won't answer any of my calls,
and he has Buddy.
- Oh, right.
- [wolf whistle plays on phone]
- [Leyla chuckles]
- What's that?
- [laughs] Şeyyaz!
- Shut up!
- [laughs]
- That's the Şeyyaz ringtone?
[laughs] You're killing me.
- [Funda] Oh, so he's still there?
- [Leyla] I think so.
- Where does he live?
- No idea.
Did you even talk to the man?
I think their mouths were full.
- [women laugh]
- [phone vibrates]
[gasps] He gets in tomorrow.
- Yes, that's our girl!
- [Sarp] Oh, snap.
Şeyyaz counterattacking
as he drags the ball.
It's still early doors.
He could get the bench.
So you're responding to his first message?
- Butt out, Sarp!
- Don't you dare.
Your ex's stuff is still in the apartment.
Why don't you make sure
that relationship's done?
[key turning]
[door opens]
- [gasps softly] Well, speak of the devil.
- [Leyla sighs]
Why is everybody in our house?
You mean why is everybody
in my house, Ömer.
[whispers] Uh, I think we should go.
What happened with going to Çeşme?
We went. The idea was you would pack
your things before we got back.
I thought you'd get here tomorrow,
on Monday.
Unless it's Monday and I missed it.
- You missed it.
- You missed it.
[laughs softly]
[laughing continues]
[Leyla] Shh.
I'm sorry.
[Ömer breathes deeply]
Leyla, I'm sorry. I had a fever on Friday.
My strength was gone,
and I had this big project to work on.
And then Mom came to look after me.
[Ömer sighs]
Bought Buddy a new bed.
Leyla, I screwed up.
Once again, I'm sorry.
Buddy should come home soon.
[sighs] Yeah, sure.
[tender music plays]
Man, it's funny how the last few years
fit in two suitcases.
You want this back?
I mean, you don't seem to wear it,
but if you want it back, I can
It's yours.
[wolf whistle plays on phone]
Why don't we try one more time?
[wolf whistle plays on phone]
A relationship like ours
is something special.
Oh, really, Ömer?
Maybe you should have thought of that
before you cheated on me.
We were on a break.
We were not on a break.
You took this trip with your old friends
to "think about it."
I figured, "Fine.
Ömer says this is what he needs."
I didn't actually think
it was for hookups.
I didn't plan this trip with the girl.
Whatever, Ömer.
You went there separately,
and hooked up. Same thing.
All of this happened after you called me,
yelling that we were through, right?
- Do you remem
- Yeah, dude.
I guess because you were there
with someone else.
You seemed pretty lovey-dovey
in all those photos on social media.
[mimics kissing]
I guess we have different definitions
of lovey-dovey then.
- It wasn't
- I give up!
I cannot continue this conversation.
You lied, and you're still lying
to try and restore this relationship.
Please don't leave me. Please.
[Leyla sighs]
You know I still love you.
Good God, Ömer.
You weren't even looking at me
when we were living together.
The last time we had sex
there was a single-digit exchange rate.
[wolf whistle plays on phone]
Leyla, I
I do still love you. It's true.
It's late, Ömer.
Keys are over here.
[door opens]
[melancholic music plays]
[suitcases rattle]
["Geçmiyor Zaman" by Nilipek plays]
That jerk-off.
[wolf whistle plays on phone]
[sighs heavily]
FADE IN, 9:00 P.M.
[Leyla] Our guy has married
three times in 15 years.
His first wife was Defne Seyhun.
I think she was his childhood crush.
They married before he graduated
from college,
and they divorced four years later.
Defne is an architect living in the US.
Remarried, Richards is her surname.
She's a very beautiful woman.
Hey, this Cem guy isn't too bad either.
Yeah, he could take me out to dinner.
I'd let him be the dinner.
But it looks like he sat tight
for six years after the divorce.
Fifty shades of single, huh?
- [ringtone plays]
- [automated voice] Sarp is calling.
Oh, my God. Sarp, what is it?
- One hour, twenty minutes.
- Awesome.
Then there's Nil Katmanoğlu,
who was the next wife,
and they were divorced within one year.
And three years ago,
he marries our client.
Ah, man, Sarp is calling, hang on.
Don't answer that.
He's only bothering you
since he can't reach me.
That asshole threw me under the bus
last night with Ömer.
I'll explain later.
[exhales] What about that hot boy, mama?
Ask him how he's doing
after partying all weekend.
Keep the ball rolling, Leyla. Come on.
Ah, damn, Murat's calling now.
I should check in
and see what problems these men have made.
I'll call you later. Bye.
See you at the office.
Talk to you soon, girl.
[camera app clicks]
- [phone rings]
- What now?
- Leyla.
- Şeyyaz is in Istanbul. Help me.
Tuba Tepelioğlu tried to commit suicide.
- What?
- That's why Sarp was calling all of us.
- Uh
- Yeah.
She was medicated fairly heavily
and apparently she'd been drinking.
[bubbly music plays]
[Leyla] Why don't we just pour
ourselves a shot?
To our health. [laughs]
[tuts] Down that! [laughs]
[both laugh]
Don't let anyone in. Let's let her rest.
- Don't tell me she's dead.
- Oh, no. She was in the hospital.
Uh, th they pumped her stomach
and she seems to be okay now.
Sounds like they released her
and she's home now.
Afternoon. Is she upstairs?
- Yeah, she's resting inside.
- Thank you.
You here to finish the job or something?
Tuba doesn't deserve to be hurt, okay?
Mr. Murathan, I've done nothing
to harm to Tuba.
I I think someone else already did
quite a number on her.
I don't know the extent
of what she went through,
how unhappy she was,
however I do know
she relies on meds to survive now.
But I'm sure
we'll be talking some more, Mr. Cem.
It's nice to make your acquaintance.
I'd recommend
you stay in your lane on this.
Just mind your own business. Am I clear?
[groovy music plays]
But you are my business, sir. Mr. Cem.
Ms. Tuba is my business.
- Am I clear?
- [engine starts]
[sighs] Asshole.
[uncle] You're right,
but let's not decide that today.
Let's give it a few days
and we'll talk then.
[Tuba] No, I won't be changing my mind.
There's no need to waste any time.
- Hello, everyone.
- Welcome, Leyla.
This won't be as simple as Cem is hoping.
It can't be as simple
as just ripping off a Band-Aid.
Um, Tuba has made a new decision.
Uh, she's changed her mind
about a pre-trial settlement.
Excellent. Uh, excellent.
Because the we get the best results
striking early and ruthlessly.
Or so I hear.
That's right. We're in no hurry.
And we're in no hurry.
- Eye for an eye.
- Eye for an eye.
We're in a hurry for a check
with six zeros, Leyla.
A simple case
that would've been closed in a month
is now a multi-year soap opera.
- Nice work.
- Uncle Can.
I j She isn't even asking
for the mansion.
She only wants that little hotel.
Tuba Tepelioğlu is clearly not as naive
as you are.
This quaint little hotel
is on the Murathan Range,
prime real estate.
There's no way
he's going to give it to her.
He'd have to look at his ex every day.
Imagine Ömer sitting
in this kitchen every day. Oh, whoa!
I don't need to imagine
anything right now.
- [Funda laughs]
- I need some advice.
Tell me about the dress,
I'm looking for your honest opinion.
Do we think it's too much?
Keeping in mind it's the first date.
- I think it's great.
- You're beautiful, love.
- Don't lie to me.
- Don't let yourself go.
- And don't forget what I said.
- Okay.
Be sure to take some vitamin C
to help you avoid
any fluid retention from drinking.
Ömer was going to return Buddy today.
He's still not here.
Oh, uh I could go pick him up
if you want.
- Oh! Before you go to bed, take some zinc.
- Okay.
When's this guy getting here?
I'm just taking a taxi.
Whoa, whoa.
On a first official date?
- What's his excuse?
- Maybe he doesn't need an excuse.
He said, "Don't bring your car."
I said, "Fine."
We're meeting at the restaurant.
Is he broke? Or maybe just lazy.
- What's his job anyway?
- No idea. Ask him yourself, Sarp.
For God's sake. I barely know him.
I barely get his name right.
They messed around first,
now they're getting to know each other.
Sounds like a weird trajectory to me.
How about we pause this? That better?
I just won't go and we can all relax.
Or maybe we could go together.
Maybe that's
You're so cute. Just relax, babe!
Make sure your phone stays on
the whole night,
and check the group text.
Oh, you know what?
Share your live location with us
so we can follow along.
Live location, huh?
Here we go. Tell me I'm pretty.
- How do I look?
- Oh, my God, you're gorgeous!
- I gotta go. Wish me luck. Bye!
- [Funda] Have a great time!
[indistinct chatter on radio]
[intriguing music plays]
- [cat yowling]
- [cans clatter]
[people chattering]
[woman] I'm afraid I can't help you,
we're fully booked
all through the next month.
Yes, ma'am. It is that full.
Have a good one.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Hi. That's okay.
What's the name on the reservation?
Uh, Şeyya Mmm.
Feyyaz, um
Şey Mister
My name is Leyla Taylan.
- Uh, but
- Of course. Right this way, please.
Thank you.
[mellow music plays on speakers]
Over here.
- Right here?
- Yes, ma'am.
- [Leyla] Okay.
- Enjoy your night.
Thank you so much.
[bell rings]
[softly] Şeyyaz.
Thank you.
- [woman on TV] Let's take a moment
- [phone vibrates]
to allow our awareness to travel
all the way through our physical form.
- Releasing, relaxing
- Oh!
that we're able to.
Ah! Jackpot.
[groovy music plays on speakers]
["Shala-Lala-La" by Waldeck
feat. la Heidi plays]
Thank you.
[mellow jazz music plays on speakers]
[Leyla sighs] I can barely close my mouth.
Everything was so good, thank you.
Hope you've enjoyed it.
Mmm! What is this?
Here, try a sip of this wine.
And this?
A Riesling grape.
It's from Germany.
Mmm! This is so great.
[Feyyaz chuckles]
What can you tell me
about the vineyard owner?
[chuckles softly]
[phone vibrates]
are you here every night?
[line ringing]
Shit. You guys, I fucked up.
I sent a message in the old group chat
instead of this one.
- [all exclaiming]
- What? What did you say?
What did you write, dude?
"Leyla has a lot
she could teach all of us."
"Just dump the ex, find the next man,
kiss him first."
"Then get acquainted,
let him take you out,
have your a-chef-tion."
- Oh, Sarp.
- Oh, wait.
- Sarp, delete the message!
- I tried to delete it.
But, um, I could only
remove it for myself.
It's in the group chat.
I can't take it back now.
Oh! But we all left that group
when we decided to make
Who's even in that group now?
- Like, who's the admin?
- Who's the admin?
- Ömer.
- [gasps]
- God damn, Sarp. You're fucked.
- Fuck me.
["Gel Benimle" by Batu Akdeniz
plays faintly in distance]
[kitchen timer dings]
[water running nearby]
[glasses clink]
That smells wonderful. Good morning, chef.
Good morning.
I can have liters of it.
This came in recently.
Tanzania Peaberry.
This isn't coffee, it's a miracle.
Right about now,
any coffee is a miracle to me.
- This is delicious.
- [chuckles] It's amazing.
You typically get up this early?
I snuck away from bed.
- It's those little touches.
- [chuckles]
- Voilà.
- It's always "Voilà," right?
That's the chef's table thing?
Chef's sandwich.
I'm about to try
the chef's delicious grilled sandwich.
Mmm! What is that?
Mmm. Delicious.
Mmm. We should get going.
My fish guy is waiting.
At this hour? What about the smell?
I pick out my own fish.
Okay, chef.
- Over here?
- [Leyla] Yeah, that's great.
Well, thank you for this fast
and delicious morning, chef.
Maybe a a rain check
on the, um, fish smell.
[chuckles] It's getting late. I should go.
[laughs] Okay, okay. Hint taken.
- I'll see you.
- See you!
[engine revs]
[slow clapping]
[slurring] Bravo, Leyla.
Come on, Buddy, let's go congratulate Mom.
- [groans]
- Why are you here, Ömer?
You wanna know why I'm here?
Is that really the question?
"What am I doing here?"
Ömer, you can barely stand.
I can't believe you drove here.
- Gimme that, please.
- No, no, no.
- Good morning, Mr. Dursun.
- Good morning, Dursun.
Let me say something.
What was it?
"Just dump the ex, find the next man,
kiss him first."
"Then get acquainted,
let him take you out,
have your a-chef-tion."
Ömer, what are you talking about?
Ha! What am I talking about?
I was wondering how
you could just toss me out like that?
I suppose there was a reason.
Oh, my God. This is sad.
We broke up. I'm allowed to make
my own decisions in my single life.
Give me my dog.
- Come on.
- You're a Judas, you know?
I'm not gonna explain to you
all the ways this is fucked up right now.
Will you please just give me
the dog? You're drunk.
No, no, wait a sec. Wait a sec.
I'm just Where is it?
- Oh! My footprint.
- Okay.
- The mud isn't even dry yet.
- Shh! What are you doing?
For God's sake. You're embarrassing us.
- Come on.
- No!
You're doing that pretty well by yourself.
Come on.
You're a cliché.
[clicks tongue]
You really think
a douche like that's worthy, huh?
- Fuck you.
- You're a stereotype.
We're through, you got that? Zero!
You're zero in my book.
[yells] We're through!
Leyla, I'm so sorry!
I swear it was an accident.
And I'm a fool and a moron.
I swear it was an accident.
It was unintentional. I'm a dumbass!
- I'm a dumbass, right? Please
- Yes.
Muah! Ömer decided to show up after all.
Ah, shit.
I thought that could happen.
He sounded pretty pissed.
- [Can] Morning, everyone.
- [all] Good morning.
Mercedes Pagoda, really?
Does everybody know?
- [sighs]
- Can I get you a coffee maybe?
Don't be judging.
[mouthing silently]
First, he bombarded me with texts.
So I felt like I should call him,
and we talked.
Uncle, I didn't cheat on Ömer.
He should have gotten his things
before I returned,
and before I met the guy.
Leyla, Ömer is old news.
Let's just focus on today, shall we?
You'll be meeting with Cem Murathan.
You are to bring him this document
with Ms. Tuba's new conditions.
I do not anticipate that he will agree,
but we should give him
the chance to say that.
[sarcastically] Hooray.
Everything's coming up Leyla.
[comical musical flourish plays]
[lively Latin jazz music plays]
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
Good afternoon.
Is this Mr. Murathan's estate?
Yes, ma'am, it is, but you'll have to walk
the rest of the way.
- Why is that?
- Security protocol.
I guess I'll be walking from here.
[car door closes]
[gate buzzes]
[lighthearted suspenseful music plays]
[exclaims softly]
[exhales heavily]
[car approaches]
[breathing heavily]
[horse whinnies]
[phone vibrates]
[phone vibrates]
[phone continues vibrating]
[sighs heavily]
Hey, Mom.
I'm a bit stuck at the moment.
Can I call you back a little bit later?
So he called you too?
Mom, he's gone totally crazy.
[sighs] No, Mother,
I did not cheat on Ömer.
We'd broken up.
How many times do I have to explain this?
No. We took a trip to Çeşme on Friday.
Mom, we broke up last week.
Ye Yes. Yeah, okay, Mom.
[fast-paced tense jazzy music plays]
Mom, I have to go.
I'll call you later, okay?
Cem, I thought cars weren't allowed here.
You wanna fight dirty,
you're gonna get in the mud.
[chuckles] Eye for an eye, huh?
Eye for an eye.
[Buddy pants]
[knocking at door]
[moody suspenseful music plays]
[knocking at door continues]
[knocking continues]
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
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