Thank You, Next (2024) s01e02 Episode Script


[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
[engine starts]
Leyla. Leyla!
[sighs] You will regret this.
[sighs heavily]
[window squeaks gently]
[Buddy panting happily]
[mellow music plays]
[knocking at door]
[door opens and closes in distance]
Hey, Leyla.
[shower running]
[Leyla] He pulled out all the stops
just to see me humiliated.
Playing mind games
like a complete narcissistic jerk.
Everyone who works there acts
as his little agents.
Nothing is said there
that he doesn't know about.
The protocol basically remains unsigned.
- [men laugh on phone]
- Seriously?
- [chuckles] At least he went through it.
- [Can laughs]
I'm glad this is amusing.
Working with him is really impossible!
How does he expect us
to not give him conditions?
- This will turn into a bigger mess.
- Surely.
[Leyla] I'm afraid so.
[both chuckle]
But in the end, I'll just need
to clean up after those two.
[Funda] Mmm.
You know, that is why women
get so upset with them.
[Murat] What?
Pay attention to that table, Funda.
Those guys on the other side.
Notice that he's ignoring the calls.
Clearly, his girlfriend
is blowing up his phone.
Of course he is,
because he's now on Boyfriend Island.
That guy could've told her
he'd be playing soccer,
but actually came
to hang out with his friends.
Without a doubt.
He has 90 minutes to call her back.
- [women laugh]
- But then what?
Won't she move on to video call him
if he continues to not answer?
I'll shoot you, Murat,
even if you've just died.
Answer the phone, you hear?
I do not care
if you were left for dead in some ditch.
- Do you understand?
- Take this, love.
[wolf whistle plays on phone]
[all] Şeyyaz!
- [Esra laughs]
- [Leyla chuckles]
- What is it?
- All right!
A woman tells you
how much she enjoyed last night,
and this is how you reply?
- [Esra] What does that even mean though?
- [Funda laughs]
[Esra] What an idiot. A total idiot.
It's as if nothing happened at all.
How shameful.
Actually, you know what?
Besides that text, has he called?
Maybe something happened to him.
Ah, yeah, exactly.
Something must have happened,
like his apron catching on fire.
[Funda and Esra laugh]
You look gorgeous.
- Really?
- Yeah!
[Funda] Anyway, he helped you
forget Ömer's shitty behavior
in just a day. That's something!
So you think
it's all just forgotten, darling? Huh?
It's still so raw.
The pain hasn't hit her yet.
Soon it'll hit her.
I won't feel it
because it is honestly over.
[Esra] We'll see.
- Look. Look at him. Sarp.
- Oh, Sarp! Sarp, come.
- [Murat] Come! Sit right here.
- [Esra] Tell us.
[Leyla] How is he?
- Miserable.
- [Esra] Oh.
- Gonna get worse.
- Can I get a glass of water, please?
- Hurry, tell us already.
- [all exclaim]
[Sarp] Give me a sec,
I'll tell you everything. Thank you.
He brought Buddy over at night,
and he happened to see my message
at that moment.
- [Esra] Oh, the message.
- [Murat] Ah, the message!
- That message. All right, God!
- [laughing]
I'm sorry, go on.
Then he was at your door
waiting till you came.
I apologized a thousand times,
told him it was a joke.
Now he's saying that he will never
be able to forget that moment.
Listen, you should've told him
that's how I felt
seeing him kiss that other girl.
[Esra] Well said, Leyla.
I did nearly tell him.
[Leyla] That's the pot
calling the kettle black.
Darling, all of this is just the fallout.
We've also been through it.
We know you'll be fine.
That's right.
Heartbreak always comes with disaster.
- It's unavoidable, always happens.
- [Sarp] What's going on?
[Esra] Is that?
- [Esra gasps]
- Unbelievable! These guys are all alike.
- Are you sure they're not just friends?
- Leyla, where are you going?
[Funda] No way they're just friends.
["Zamparanın Ölümü (İkinci ve Son Bölüm)"
[by Teoman plays]
Happy birthday, Mira ♪
What's up, Şeyyaz?
Hey, happy birthday!
[camera app clicks]
- How are you, baby?
- [keys jingle]
Men these days are really dumb.
Why didn't you tell me that?
Honestly, so ridiculous.
Except for you, though.
You're a good doggie.
You are actually my one true love.
My beautiful Buddy.
All right, come on now.
Come, come, come, come, come, come.
[tudum sound plays]
[lonesome music plays]
[sighs heavily]
I want you to wear this,
especially to school,
to chase away the girls.
[laughs] Oh, my God.
But I didn't get you anything.
No biggie, you don't have to.
I just felt like getting it.
I thought we weren't going
to do anniversaries or anything.
It's called being a fool, darling.
[clears throat]
Oh! What's that?
[romantic music plays]
- [laughs]
- What fool put that thing in there?
Ömer, you didn't forget.
Mmm, I'll always remember our anniversary,
no matter what. Here.
[both laugh]
You got it?
Okay, let me see.
What's on it?
"Je t'aime."
"Je t'aime."
Thank you for this.
[both laugh]
[dramatic musical flourish
plays and echoes]
- All right. All right!
- ["Martılar" by Edis plays]
Won't go down that road!
Come up! Get up, come on. Gimme that!
[Leyla] We're in this mess
because of you, you know?
Forget about everything else,
but not that.
Okay? Always remember that.
I'm so mad at you.
Really mad at you.
You gained access to every vault
when you infiltrated my life.
You completely consumed me.
Buddy! [exclaims]
Buddy! [exclaims]
Buddy, what are you eating? No.
I really considered you
to be my best friend.
I trusted you enough
to let Buddy stay with you.
We lived together, this was our apartment!
We also shared seven years together.
What am I supposed to do now?
From now on, how can I trust in anyone?
So be accountable, and tell me
what to do in this situation.
I've been like this since the day you left
with all your stuff.
Don't you dare put the blame on me.
Don't feel sorry for yourself, just don't.
This didn't happen because of me,
it happened because of you.
It really hurts, but
[sighs] I don't wanna go
through this pain.
I want it to stop
so let's just say it's over.
[phone chimes]
[lonesome music plays]
[phone vibrates]
[Leyla] Women encourage
this type of behavior.
Men send their location with pictures,
say they're alone,
then do whatever they want.
And why didn't you call him out?
I just didn't bother replying to him.
Well, at least Feyyaz let
you know about it.
Don't accuse him right away.
Remember, he said he left the party alone.
Also, Mira said that they were friends
and nothing more.
You should see the messages
he's been blowing up my phone with.
Sending photos in the morning
at the fish market around four,
and then by five, he's sending pictures
of that coffee he's so proud of.
There's also the "good mornings,"
"good afternoons."
Hold on, someone's calling me.
I'm hanging up.
- Bye-bye. See you.
- [Funda] Bye.
- [phone beeps]
- Hello. Who's this?
Okay. Okay, I'll be there.
All right. See you soon, thanks.
Ms. Beliz?
Good morning.
I made it.
Thank you for agreeing to come.
Glad I could meet with you.
Got here as quick as I could.
You wouldn't believe the weird meeting
I had with Cem Murathan,
so I didn't think he'd want to sign.
I'm surprised but also very happy.
"Weird" meeting?
I mean
My lawyer will now be
your point of contact
in order for us to avoid
any more weird encounters.
- That's why you're meeting her today.
- I see.
I only ask that you proceed
in a civilized manner.
Quietly, of course.
The protocol will need to be signed,
so that we can issue the gag order.
- [waiter] Here you go, Mr. Cem.
- Thank you very much.
Good luck.
- See you, Beliz.
- See you.
So Ms. Tuba and Mr. Cem are both
in the public eye due to their work.
So we will need to keep the media
from having a field day with this case.
Certainly. Once the protocol is signed,
then we can move to
Your client will need
to rethink her request,
because we will never agree
to her getting ownership of the hotel.
But then how are we going
to come to an agreement like this?
My client only has one request
and that's the hotel.
I'd advise her to settle.
Ms. Beliz, my client doesn't even want
to have a divorce.
The reason for her failed marriage
remains a mystery to her.
And yet, she's still in love.
She's disappointed, her pride is hurt,
and her heart is broken.
Quite honestly,
unless my client receives the hotel,
she won't be receptive to any settlements.
I believe accepting this deal
will be in Tuba's best interest.
That is sounding like a threat.
Very well. Open the case for a divorce.
Maybe this way, I'll see what my client
will be accused of by Cem Murathan.
This can all be settled
without the court, Leyla.
I swear.
It's what's best for us both.
[Leyla] I think you should consider it.
Okay. Okay.
Besides that,
we can file the lawsuit for you.
Let's fight them
for an amount that's much bigger.
I don't care about the money.
I just want him.
Uh, you see, if we don't file for divorce,
then they will do it.
By doing that, they will need
to present concrete evidence.
That process could be more upsetting.
Exactly. Let us be the first to do it,
and we will provide our reasons.
We will discover why
they're in such a hurry to get divorced.
You will finally know what they're hiding.
I will not be saying that woman's name.
- I do not Who's that?
- Uh, that's Who is that?
It's about Cem Murathan's first wife,
Defne Seyhun-Richards.
- You said that she's still married?
- That's right.
Although she lives in the States,
she's always travelling back and forth.
Cem Murathan never ended
his relationship with her,
according to Tuba's statement.
Also, she claims that his second marriage
ended because of this woman.
You will never guess
who is in charge of renovating the hotel.
[both] Defne Seyhun-Richards.
That's why she was so determined
to get ownership of that hotel.
Problem wasn't him, it was with her.
[Esra] Her jealousy wasn't in vain.
It's a shame what she had to endure.
Guys like him are collectors.
They just want all their women
to remain by their side.
I think this guy is
This man is a bastard.
I can only imagine the tricks
he plays on these women.
It's a shame how Tuba puts him
on a pedestal.
[Esra exclaims] Who knows
what the guy's like in bed?
Cem, hey.
- [button clicks]
- [whirring]
I came to tell you
that she did not accept your offer.
And to see how the renovation is going.
[suspenseful music plays]
Defne has nothing to do with this. Got it?
Well, if she's the reason
why your marriage is over,
then I'm afraid she will be
in the middle of it, Mr. Cem.
"Defne is my childhood,
she's the one I care about
right after my mom,
she's my best friend."
My client has heard this
throughout her entire marriage.
As you can see, this traumatized her.
So Ms. Tuba just
has turned into my biggest disappointment.
[pensive jazz music plays]
I really hope you succeed, Leyla.
Let's stop this from getting even messier.
[Sarp] You know, women always say,
"I want an honest man,
honesty is the best virtue."
And when he says it's over, it's over.
Then he's a bastard.
How does that even make any sense?
It's always the man's fault.
It is! You were just very impulsive.
So you give up too easily.
Exactly. Men find a new woman
at the first sign of trouble.
You're swiping through women
on the phone right now, aren't you? Mmm?
Be honest, Sarp, are you on the app?
[Murat] You know what? Why would
Tuba Tepelioğlu continue to resist?
The marriage is completely broken.
This isn't love, it's an obsession.
[Sarp] Man, tell me about it.
That's the type of woman I fear the most.
She should just move on. She has it all.
Gorgeous and rich.
- She has opportunities!
- I know, right? "Thank you, next."
- [Esra] Exactly.
- [Funda] That's for sure.
Speaking of moving on,
did you know, Leyla,
that, uh, Ömer
[both mouthing]
uh, that he actually moved
into your old apartment?
You knew that, right?
Good job.
Well, one floor below yours.
- [exclaims silently]
- You must be lying, right?
It'll be fine.
Plus, getting Buddy to him will be easier.
[tense music plays]
[phone chimes]
Let's go, Buddy. Come on.
Go ahead, go in.
Buddy, stay.
This one too.
[utensils rattle]
Party time.
["Martılar" by Edis plays on speakers]
[music stops abruptly]
[ringtone plays on phone]
- [grunts]
- [ringtone continues]
[ringtone stops]
[Şeyyaz] I'm not sure
which one is your doorbell.
[suspenseful musical flourish plays]
[chord resolves cheerfully]
What is this?
I wanted to see you.
Didn't I see you the other night?
- [barks]
- So who's this?
Huh? Is your name Ömer?
- [laughs]
- Buddy.
- Buddy.
- Mm-hmm.
Pleasure meeting you, Buddy. Who's Ömer?
He's the ex-boyfriend.
So, it's recent, right?
I'm guessing it was a long relationship
if he's on the door.
Look, I made the bread you really like.
[gentle music plays]
We have foie gras.
This is black cherry jam.
some cheese.
- [exhales]
- [chuckles]
I know you put
a lot of effort in preparing this,
but you could have at least called
before deciding to come.
I did. I called.
I'll get that.
You're gorgeous.
Um, uh Wait. Gi Uh, gimme a moment.
Hold on, are you still angry with me?
Why would I be mad?
It's only been two days.
What's wrong?
Well [sighs]
I'm a bit confused right now.
It's all a mess.
[tender music plays]
Everything is so fresh, I just
I need some time to pull myself together.
I know that I haven't been acting like it
since we met,
but I just got
out of a long-term relationship.
I thought I was getting married
until I was cheated on.
I don't want to act impulsively
and do something out of anger.
That really wouldn't be fair to you.
All right.
When you're with me, I wouldn't want you
to be thinking about someone else.
It would be great
to try it when you're ready.
And if I'm hanging around,
we can work something out.
- Sounds good.
- [chuckles softly]
I really like you a lot.
[Leyla chuckles softly]
I always remember this
every time I think about you.
[Leyla chuckles]
[Buddy pants]
Are you starting to get tired?
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
[Leyla] Come on. Come here.
Good boy.
I visited this place often
when I was little.
My summers and winters
were mostly spent here.
But to be honest with you, I now come
on the weekends when the house is empty.
My gosh, this place is nice.
It's so quiet here!
Can Taylan has expensive taste.
[Şeyyaz chuckles]
- The kitchen?
- This way.
[breathes deeply]
My family really isn't that big.
I was actually born in Copenhagen,
since my mother's
a foreign affairs officer.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Bispebjerg Hospital.
[both laugh]
The photos help me
to hold on the memories.
For years, we moved
from one country to another.
Our situation kept us
from staying too long.
So then, had enough,
and I didn't want to leave.
Wanted to stay here with my uncle.
We finally lived together
when I began attending college.
Your uncle Can is your father's brother?
Mom's. Now you know
why our surnames are the same.
'Cause my father actually took
Mom's surname when they married.
- You're joking.
- [laughs]
- Are there any men like that still around?
- I know!
- [chuckles]
- Bar is set pretty high.
[sighs] My room is this way.
[in cooing voice] Hey, my boy.
- [Buddy pants]
- [chuckles]
I guess I'll have to sleep
in the guest room.
- Let's go. I'll give you a quick tour.
- Yeah.
Why did you decide to become a cook?
I can say you're a cook, right?
I am. Although I did study engineering.
Oh, that's cool.
While doing my master's degree in Berlin,
I became obsessed with street food.
I dropped my masters
and wandered the streets.
[Buddy barks distantly]
Sabri must be out, giving Buddy a walk.
[Şeyyaz chuckles]
[Sabri] Stop, Buddy, stop!
Not this, or this.
[Buddy barks]
What? Buddy, my boy.
What are you doing here, huh?
Mr. Sabri?
Sorry, Ömer, I didn't know
they would be coming.
Did you know that wine has
an important secret about its aging?
Most wines aren't even aged,
and if they are aged,
usually, it's not even a couple of years.
They should be aged longer.
Ninety percent must be consumed
within a year of production,
and 99% within five.
That's interesting.
I think it's like a relationship.
It's just in their nature.
Like an organism, you know?
Some can get better as they age,
similar to my parents.
Then they can go sour.
Mine have always turned sour.
[laughs] I get that.
- Cinderella, for instance.
- Hmm?
Has Cinderella ever had a story
after her union? Not really.
- She must have regretted it.
- She definitely regretted it later.
She must have gone crazy
for marrying a guy
she only danced with once.
You know what was worse than hers, though?
- What?
- Uh Sleeping Beauty.
[tense musical flourish plays]
That story was so bad.
How does one get away
with kissing someone unconscious?
No one does that.
That is literally sexual assault.
You're sweet. [chuckles]
You need to see me when I'm cheated on.
I would never.
Mmm, do not lie.
This is how it starts.
[tender music plays]
Sweet-talking, grand gestures, surprises.
Also love confessions, love bombing.
[breathes deeply]
But eventually
the guy who you would always sit next to
on the couch and cuddle up with,
suddenly moves to the other couch.
Then he goes to the table,
from the table to another room.
And to other cities.
Gets to the point
where he's going on camping trips,
supposedly "male-only."
You see, that lazy guy,
who won't even get himself
a glass of water at home,
suddenly decides to climb mountains.
If you believe that.
I've never been a fan of camping.
You know, I don't like walking.
I have a car.
- I can go anywhere. No problem there.
- [laughs] You're so cool.
[drone whirring]
[funky music plays]
What's that?
God, go away! Are you crazy?
- Getting closer. [shudders]
- Go away!
[Leyla] What the hell is this?
[both] It's coming!
[Leyla shrieks]
There are no houses that close to us.
We didn't see any children or teenagers
flying a drone.
They spoiled the romantic atmosphere.
I know.
Probably some drunk campers
were near there.
- This came for you.
- It's for me?
- What is it?
- A shoe. Oh, my God.
"For my one and only princess."
- God, it's so beautiful, isn't it?
- [Esra] He's such a romantic.
Did he only send one?
Maybe she'll get the other one
on their next date.
Learn these tricks!
Baby, I got what I wanted. Ouch!
- [laughing]
- Don't hit me! I bruise, I bruise.
Good morning, guys.
[all] Good morning.
Ah, arriving with a smile
makes me think that the date was nice.
It wasn't nice, it was fantastic.
- [chuckles]
- [Funda] Good for you.
Good morning, everyone.
- [Leyla] Taylan and Somer!
- [all greeting]
- You visited the lake house.
- Did you see him over there?
- Sabri?
- Your ex.
[Can] Uh, did Mr. Sabri tell you?
[gently suspenseful music plays]
Thank you, Mr. Sabri.
Sorry for putting you
in a difficult position.
I wish you guys could return
to your senses soon. Bye, Ömer.
[Can] Since his apartment
was being painted,
I suggested he stay in the lake house.
He didn't want to because of the memories.
Mr. Sabri ended up letting him stay
with him for a few days or so.
[Can] He had a big project,
so he locked himself up
to finish it on time.
Ah, Ömer, welcome.
- Have you finished the revision?
- It's finally done.
That's the architect, Ömer Cenker.
Cem Murathan, owner of the hotel.
- It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
- Likewise.
- [phone chimes]
- I'm sorry.
[line ringing]
[dial tone pulses]
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
All right.
[Defne] So if we take a look right here
Hey, Leyla.
- You don't have your phone on.
- Yeah.
You good?
Hold on. Don't.
What's wrong with you? Tell me.
Leyla, I did another stupid thing again.
I I mean it.
It wasn't intentional.
I beg you, don't open it, please.
You make no sense.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't listen to it.
I'm sorry.
[upbeat jazzy theme music continues]
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