Thank You, Next (2024) s01e03 Episode Script


[Leyla] You ruined everything.
You destroyed my life.
[Cem] Everything will truly be ruined
if you leave now.
[Leyla breathes heavily] My ring.
Where's my ring?
[Cem] Leyla, Leyla. Please, take it easy.
- Just calm down for a minute.
- I'm not going to calm down, coward!
This is entirely your fault!
- Calm down. Come sit.
- What am I supposed to do?
Get away, don't touch me!
Don't get married to him.
You'll be making a mistake.
It was a mistake to see you again.
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
You can't answer the phone?
What's your problem, Ömer, huh?
Uh, Leyla [scoffs]
Look, let's just talk. I wanna talk.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Leave me alone. It's really late.
I sent you a huge text message,
a paragraph or more,
explaining the situation.
"Okay" is the only thing you had to offer.
And then you proceed to stalk me.
You're flying your drone over us
like a maniac.
I wasn't stalking you.
You could've harpooned us both
to that hill. That's attempted murder.
Do you realize
that if charges were filed tonight,
you would get arrested
and put away immediately?
Just ask me if you have a problem.
Talk to me face-to-face.
If there's some issue,
don't go behind my back.
[fridge opens and closes]
[exhales] I'm not really interested
in talking to you right now.
Then just please stop stalking me, Ömer.
I was already there. You showed up later.
What? Just out for a stroll
with a spy drone? I'm sure.
[Ömer] Why are you hanging around
with that asshole?
And Buddy didn't need to be there.
Nothing happened.
I'm good with my choices.
I'm sorry he's alive.
[sarcastically] Oh, an admission of guilt.
Bravo, yeah?
You really are making a case
for yourself. Bravo.
Calm down. I promise you
I had no idea you were there.
I needed the drone for a project I'm on.
I was using it to survey the roof
and the general landscape in the area.
While I was doing my work,
I happened to spot you there. That's it.
Look, Leyla, make your own choices.
You're a grown-up, do what you like.
Just leave Buddy out of it,
that's all I'm asking.
Huh? Buddy's my dog
and he'll be with me wherever I go.
[chuckles] Oh, I see. Buddy's your dog?
Leyla, Buddy has always been my dog.
He's your dog, my ass!
[sighs] Okay.
Well, who begged to get him
in the first place?
You were all, "I don't want
an animal in the apartment."
Who had to practically drag you
to the shelter?
I didn't have much trust for you yet.
Thought I'd be the one taking care of him.
Do you take care of him?
What is it you do for Buddy?
Tell me one thing.
What do you mean? There's lots of things.
I feed him, walk him, wash him. That good?
But did you ever take him to the vet?
How heartless.
You were always saying,
"Let me! Let me do it!"
"It's too crowded on weekends and I'm free
during the day. I'll take him in."
- You really have an answer for everything.
- That's right.
Okay, then remind me.
Where's Buddy's vet located?
[cheerful folk music plays]
Can you just write it down?
Yes, please, Ömer.
If you just put down the address,
I can take him there.
His record's in my name.
Yes, it was made quite clear
you've decided to be an asshole.
Nice work.
Considering your new guy friend,
you must be an expert.
You're always so high and mighty,
aren't you?
I only have to file
for a restraining order
and you'll never see Buddy again.
I could file a complaint.
I could say that you've been keeping
my dog captive against my consent.
Okay. Okay, Ömer, you do that.
Leyla, just watch, I will take him.
[Leyla] Go on, do it. Do it.
You don't think I'll do it, do you?
[softly] Her hair kinda reeks.
How are you, sweet boy?
Sweet boy. Come here, honey.
Come here, good boy. Here, here.
Come here.
Didn't you miss me at all, you jerk?
Can I just give you a hug?
Go and hug Ömer.
[keys jingle]
[sighs and sniffles]
[automated voice] The person
you are calling is not available.
Please leave your name
["Zirzop" by Fatima Spar
and the Freedom Fries plays]
[sighs heavily]
Turns out Ömer's next project
is Cem Murathan's hotel.
Yeah, he's working
for Defne Seyhun-Richards.
Seems pretty bizarre.
That's a pretty wild coincidence.
I'm not sure that it's a coincidence.
I think he accepted the job
just to piss me off.
I already spoke with him.
He said he had no idea
that we were involved in a lawsuit.
He wants to control you, that's all.
- [laughs]
- That's right.
He mentioned you said something
like his new girlfriend's hair was smelly.
- [all laughing]
- [knocking]
Watch it. He might take it all out on you.
Yes, Uncle Can?
Well, Ömer called me.
Uncle Can, if you could stop answering
every time he calls,
maybe he'll leave you alone.
- Well
- I couldn't sleep last night.
- I was so pissed.
- Please, calm down.
Okay. What did he say?
Did he complain about me?
He wants custody of Buddy
and he's suing you.
Huh? Unbelievable how low he'll go,
just to take Buddy from me.
This is insane. It's outrageous!
Bothering all the people we know
with our personal lives.
Listen to me. I think you need
to settle this as calmly as possible.
He could take Buddy from you
if he really wanted to.
No, he can't, Uncle Can.
Not happening. There's no such thing.
He can't possibly argue this.
We were never even married
so what kind of custody could there be?
Recently, a similar case
was ruled in another man's favor.
They, too, were just partners.
The woman didn't let the man see the dog,
the man sued the woman,
and took her to court
to prove the dog was his.
Ömer isn't messing around!
He did his homework.
Unfortunately, the outcome
of the other case sets precedent.
[lighthearted jazzy music plays]
Why are you bothering me?
Why did you take this job
with my client's hotel?
Isn't your client his soon-to-be ex-wife?
So if anything, you're on enemy territory.
You know, I think you did this on purpose.
You accepted this job to get in my head.
The same reason
you've been trying to take my dog away!
[power tool whirs]
[tool stops]
Because you didn't want to move on,
you just needed to be immature.
Just acce
[power tool whirs]
[tool stops]
[softly]accept that we're done,
and leave me alone.
Buddy is not ever coming home with you.
Forget it!
You think everything
is about you, don't you?
This is the type of thing
that drove us apart.
It's always "me, me, me" with you.
You forget that a relationship
is a pair. I'm in there too.
Keep being stupid
and Buddy is out of your life for good.
Look, Leyla, I was unhappy.
[tense, melancholic music plays]
I was unhappy because of you.
You get me?
You won't be taking Buddy.
- Thank you.
- Sure thing.
I know it must hurt.
But it gets better in time.
Occasionally, you can even
become good friends.
So just be patient.
Uh-oh. The attorney is back again.
The woman who's here
more than her own office.
What's this about?
I, um No real updates.
No new updates.
You came here to tell me that?
[Defne] Cem?
Do you have a minute to approve something?
[Cem] Hmm.
I'll see you around.
[clears throat]
An agreement seems unlikely.
We're suing your client.
Good. You can file, but we plan to win it.
I'll file the petition
at Şişli Courthouse at 11:00 a.m.
Take your time in your response.
[cheerful Latin jazz music plays]
Hi, Tuba.
Leyla, hello there.
Is it true that you tried
to burn down the hotel?
Or that you hired somebody
to hack into his home network
and then corrupt his data?
Accidents occur.
I might've seen a candle or two.
But the computer?
- Defne Seyhun-Richards.
- Mmm.
Is it true that you attempted
to sabotage her business affairs?
May I discuss this with you later?
Ms. Tuba?
Ms. Tuba, this could hit the media
sooner than you think.
Tomorrow morning, his attorney's filing
with the courthouse.
Cem's bluffing.
So So what exactly is your plan then?
His lawyers have concrete evidence.
We could be looking at prosecution.
You could get a sentence.
Cem is a narcissist who won't be involved
in such a public incident.
He's bluffing.
Uh, okay.
There's still a little time
to discuss things before tomorrow morning.
Call me anytime tonight.
[Esra] We blamed him for nothing.
I told you, that woman is crazy!
- [Funda] Yes, obsessive and fixated.
- [Esra] Right?
[Leyla] I'm self-centered, he says.
- [Funda] Burning down the hotel is nuts.
- Oh, God, I know!
He claims he was unhappy. Asshole.
Let's recap.
- Cybertheft, arson, damage to property.
- Yes. Yep.
She's basically a terrorist.
Asshole! Asshole.
He's posting all these photos
with Cem Murathan and Defne
just to piss me off.
Defne must've told him about this morning.
So humiliating.
- Defne told who?
- Cem Murathan.
I already looked bad, thanks to Tuba.
I don't need him
mixed up in my personal life.
- It keeps getting so much worse.
- This is all over Cem Murathan, yeah?
It's not only about Cem Murathan.
It's about everything!
First Ömer, now Tuba.
It's about my dignity.
I made a fool of myself.
[Cihan] Come on, ladies, table's ready.
- Oh, thank God. I'm starving.
- Let's go.
[Can] I've got this.
[Funda] Forget about it.
Why do you care so much?
[Esra] She's right.
- [Esra and Funda exclaim]
- [Funda] Look at this table!
- Smells so great, Uncle!
- [Esra] Oh, it looks so good.
- [Can] Ah!
- [Leyla laughs]
[Leyla] This is excellent.
I'm sure it's not as spectacular
as whatever
Chef Charming's been feeding you.
- Will Chef Charming be here?
- Uh, I didn't invite him.
Why's that?
Tonight's Cihan's spaghetti night.
Ah, call him over here,
I'll challenge him with my spaghetti.
Call him. Leyla, come on.
- Okay, I'm calling Okay.
- Call him.
- You have such a crush on him.
- I'll open another bottle.
- I'm putting this here.
- I'll sit over here.
[automated voice] The person
you are calling is not available.
- Please leave
- [Sarp] All right.
[Can] Here, try this. You'll see.
How's it going?
Any news from your woman friend?
She hasn't responded
and may have deleted her account.
[groans] She hates sex now.
Nicely done, my friend.
You don't know
what she's missing. [kisses]
- [Can] Table's ready.
- [Funda] Come on.
Funda, come here real quick. Just come.
What is it?
Could you call Şeyyaz's restaurant
and ask to make a reservation?
- My God, you want me to do what?
- Just do it!
- Why?
- Here, here.
- Sarp, you do it. Just grab the phone.
- What am I doing?
- [line ringing]
- [Funda chuckles]
[clears throat]
- [woman] Good evening. Fade In restaurant.
- [whispers] Chef's table reservation.
- Hi, good evening. Uh
- What's going on?
How can I help you?
This is Cihan. Uh
Could I get a reservation
for tomorrow night, ten people,
at the chef's table?
I'm sorry, but we're only accepting
reservations for next month.
Really? The chef is in that much demand?
- Don't
- [all laugh]
- I'm afraid the chef isn't
- [Can] What's going on?
[Sarp] Uh, I'm sorry. One more time?
I said I'm afraid the chef
won't be here for some time.
Ask her if her boss is on vacation.
- May I ask you if he's on vacation?
- [laughs]
- Is Mira there?
- [Sarp] What?
I can give you a reservation for the 24th.
But you'll need to call next month
for booking the chef's table.
- Mira, is she
- Miro
Uh, hi. My apologies. Is this Ms. Mira?
I'm Tuğçe. Mira is also on vacation.
Mira is.
For what day would you like
to make a reservation?
- Okay, fun's over. Let's eat.
- [phone beeps]
The chef's table.
- Well, it could be
- [Can] What's up? Is he coming?
He's not coming.
He sounds busy or whatever.
I don't know.
You told me to call and I did.
[Can] Okay, let's eat.
[indistinct chattering]
[Funda] Right? It's about girl power,
that includes Murat.
["Uzun Uzun" by Deeperise
feat. Jabbar plays]
Drink alone then. [chuckles]
[dialogue fades]
[all exclaim happily]
[all applaud]
[Funda] I guess the wine's finished.
- Is there any more wine left?
- This one's empty. Want another glass?
- [laughing]
- [Leyla] Mmm.
- Everything I touch just gets screwed up.
- [Sarp] Need anything?
[Leyla] Ömer, Şeyyaz,
Tuba, Buddy, what else?
It feels like my life
is tumbling down like dominoes.
Just [mimics clacking]
I'm gonna throw up.
- Okay, come on.
- [gags]
- [Funda exclaims]
- [coughs]
- Here, take some tissues, Leyla.
- Okay.
Here, honey. Oh, don't fall down.
Here, lean on me.
[Leyla grunts]
[Funda] Buddy, come.
You know, you've really gotten yourself
together these last few months, Leyla.
You managed to end
that crappy relationship
that was on life support.
- That's true, I did.
- You did.
That was a pretty important decision.
But I'm not responsible for it.
I didn't make this happen,
that girl with the dreads did.
All these men behave the same.
Basically like monkeys.
They don't let go of one branch
until they find another one to grab.
Ömer grabbed on
to that, uh, crunchy new girlfriend.
Damn your unfaithful ass, Ömer.
Take a deep breath, okay?
[exhales slowly]
[Funda sighs]
He was unhappy.
Did you hear about that?
He stayed silent.
And decided not to say anything.
And then goes blaming me for it.
Well, I've
[yells] I chose making you happy
over going to America!
Do you remember that, huh?
I almost dropped out of law school
to move to the US.
- Nearly dropped out but then this man
- I'm happy you stayed.
Unbelievably, I stayed here for this guy.
[automated voice] The person
you are calling is not available.
Please leave your name
and a message after the tone.
A charming chef is not answering
his phone, I guess.
You didn't even get that other shoe.
It's a pretty bad bargain.
[Funda] Here, darling.
God knows another woman
has the other shoe. [laughs]
[Esra] He probably has a closet
full of them in his house,
all organized, in every size.
But now I'm worried
that something happened.
That's why he can't talk.
Bad news travels fast.
If anything bad happened,
we would've heard about it by now, babe.
[sighs] That's right.
This is basic ghosting. Trust me.
I have a degree in the subject.
Try to drink it all before it gets cold.
I think I'm gonna be sick again.
Let me help you up, then. Come on.
No. [sniffles]
If you want to be with me,
treat me as though you value
the time we spend together.
And if your mind has changed,
for a good reason or not, don't ignore it.
They're not looking for connection,
they're looking for some detachment.
[all laugh]
- [laughs] That's true.
- [Funda chuckles]
I know. They're just spoiled guys
flaunting opportunities.
All these six-pack, gym rat, rich guys?
- Showing off is all they really want.
- Uh-huh.
All the dates,
and then there's presents and weekends.
It's like this ego parade. But that's all.
It's not about love.
They'll never really be in love.
A horrible force comes
and takes away their love.
Leaves behind the shells of shallow guys.
I feel like Cem Murathan's different.
[tender music plays]
Oh, dear. That name again.
What's going on, Leyla?
Six-pack talk'll do that, I guess.
- [both laugh]
- No.
[sighs heavily]
I was just thinking.
You know
he told me that What was it?
I think he said
he'd been disappointed
to learn about the real Tuba.
And it was excruciating for him.
You said nothing about his side of things.
You said he was a prick
to you that first day.
[Leyla] No, thinking back,
I think he must have been worried
that, as her lawyer,
I'd automatically be all gung-ho
for Tuba to plot her revenge.
You know what he said to me
on the first day that I saw him?
He asked that I don't harm her.
And since Tuba has turned out
to be kind of awful,
I can't stop thinking about what he meant.
Good for him getting out.
That's the truth.
Tuba still hasn't responded.
- Maybe I'll call Tuba real quick.
- [both] No!
No, you said what was needed.
- Let it go.
- I told her the important stuff.
[shower running]
[breezy bossa nova music plays]
[gasps softly]
You think about me a lot.
Come and join me.
[ringtone plays on cell phone]
[ringtone continues]
Hi, Tuba.
[Tuba] She's been in our lives
since the very beginning.
Slowly, surely, she intoxicated
and tainted our marriage.
[gentle folk music plays]
She poisoned me.
Turned me into someone else.
I started to doubt and be jealous.
Cem, I think, is probably going
to give her a baby.
You'll see.
Hell or high water,
she'll have Cem's child.
I lost.
[breathes deeply]
I know that we've lost.
Let's put this to bed.
[sighs heavily]
You gotta stop biting your lip.
Okay? It's over.
Be ready to close the deal.
I just hope there's no surprises.
All the cards are on the table.
They already know about everything.
It's as smooth as it gets. No surprises.
Oh, there she is.
[clears throat]
[wistful music plays]
"Belgin"? No, it's Beliz.
Ah, shit.
No way!
[musical arrangement turns cheerful]
- Good morning.
- Hello there.
Good morning.
I can introduce you. Um
Cem Murathan's attorney, Beliz Temur.
[Sarp] Mmm.
This guy is my colleague, Sarp Korkuter.
We've been working together on this case.
I know.
Mmm. I see.
Sure. Mmm.
I'll get some water for us.
[Sarp] Well
This just in
Sarp's Fingir match, Belgin,
might actually be Cem's lawyer Beliz.
I'm guessing it wasn't really
because you stopped being interested.
You didn't disappear for that?
[chuckles] On the contrary.
Okay. How about we make a fresh start?
I'm Sarp Korkuter.
I'm an attorney
with Taylan Somer Law Firm.
[whispers] They just shook hands.
I don't think I've ever seen her
smile before now.
- I'm 5'11" and I'm a Libra.
- [chuckles]
- I can comprehend basic instructions.
- [laughs]
- I'm Beliz. Good to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
Okay, I'm watching.
Ah, I'm being summoned.
I'll talk to you later. Okay, bye.
[Leyla clears throat]
[Sarp] No surprises.
Thank you.
Let's wrap this up.
- Sounds good.
- After you.
[sighs] I'm really hoping
this is the best for everyone.
I guess we'll see each other
in two weeks at the hearing.
It's important both parties
are present at the hearing.
- I'll be there.
- We don't need any mishaps.
Of course, of course. Not a problem.
All the best, Ms. Beliz.
- You too.
- Look forward to seeing you.
- See you soon.
- I do hope so.
[softly] Let's chat tonight.
[automated voice] The person
you are calling is not available.
Please leave
Uncle Can, this doesn't make sense.
She's obviously screwing with us.
I don't understand
how she just disappears without notice.
I called, I emailed her,
and I made sure her secretary knew,
but she's gone.
We'll look pretty incompetent
if she doesn't show up to court.
No, I won't be in the office today.
I believe so.
Be there in the morning. Bye-bye.
Where did your stupid father
put your health report card?
[lighthearted Latin jazz music plays]
[line rings]
[busy tone pulses]
I swear to God, Şeyyaz, you'd better
[phone beeps]
Hey, chef, you're being really rude.
Just call me or something.
Be nice to know you're alive.
- Well, that was pathetic.
- [wolf whistle plays]
All right. At least there's a sign
of life. I'll take it.
Buddy, how about you and I take
a walk somewhere?
Gonna need a new health report for you.
Isn't that right?
I know! You wanna go outside, don't you?
Come on, then. Okay, then, Buddy.
Let's take a bag.
Let's get keys. Let's go!
I think this is it. Okay, come on.
Oh, yeah?
You must be the only dog that gets
this excited about going to the vet.
- Isn't that right, Buddy? Hello.
- Welcome.
Oh, hey, Buddy!
- Buddy must be popular around here.
- We love him.
How you been?
No Daddy today, huh?
Is Ömer coming?
No, but I'm the mommy so we'll be fine.
- My name's Leyla Taylan.
- Oh.
I lost his health record.
I came to get a new copy.
- Of course, we've got all Buddy's records.
- Oh, you do?
- Uh-huh.
- Super, thank you.
I was hoping we could get
his chip changed if possible.
Sure thing.
Seeing as I'm the owner, my information
should be current on the record.
Certainly. Let's see.
Hey, there, Buddy!
Oh, hello, Buddy. How are you?
Oh, come here! Come here.
Hi, Buddy. Good to see you.
How's it going?
[cheerful music plays]
Buddy! Come here, Buddy.
Come here.
Come here.
Don't say my name, you wannabe Bob Marley.
You really had this whole thing set up.
You took Ömer from me,
why not take Buddy as well?
You guys didn't break up because of me.
[scoffs] Of course not.
No, of course, we didn't. Let's go.
A good relationship
can't be disrupted by one person.
Thought she's a vet.
Didn't know she picked up love coaching.
Walk. Walk! Ungrateful
You backstabbed Momma for a chompie, huh?
You'd sell me out for a simple dog treat?
You just prefer Ömer, Buddy, I know.
Why don't you go live with him, then?
[clicks tongue]
Leave, just like all men.
[tender music plays]
Don't you go and leave me too,
you promise?
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
I believe you owe me a shoe.
[door buzzes]
I'm coming up.
It's your last chance to hide the harem.
[Feyyaz] There's nobody here, come in.
Oh, wow.
Chef, you seem kinda depressed.
Are you okay?
Oh, I'm fine.
Getting ready for the Venice Biennale.
Oh, you've had company over,
at the very least.
So is this bachelor pad
for all your women?
It's not what you think, Leyla.
[scoffs] Like I never heard that.
I haven't been seeing anybody else.
It's like your ex's name
still on your doorbell.
I was positive
I got rid of everything, but
You don't owe me an explanation.
[chuckles softly]
[gentle romantic music plays]
You might as well stick around for a bit.
Chef, maybe you could hop
in the shower for me?
[both laugh]
I'll be right back. Get comfy.
- They broke up five years back.
- [Funda] Mmm.
- I guess it got pretty ugly.
- Oh?
He never heard from her.
One day, the ex-girlfriend shows up.
That's what we call "submarining,"
you know?
- What's that?
- Thank you so much.
So that's when the ex lurks in the deep,
undetected, waiting, waiting, waiting,
and then suddenly emerges
like a kind of submarine.
- [Leyla and Esra agree]
- [watch chimes]
[Esra] And?
Uh, well, Feyyaz is kinda mixed up
right now.
Did he tell you that you deserve more?
Mm-mmm, just that he needed some distance.
- [both laugh]
- [Funda exhales]
He's afraid that everything that happened
with Zeynep will happen with me, so
They all lie so easily, don't they?
Oscar-worthy performances.
I don't know
how much of it is really true.
But he does seem
to have issues with his ex.
I don't know.
At least the man has a pulse.
Mmm. Have you heard from Ömer
after the run-in at the vet?
- Oh, maybe a little.
- Oh! So tell me. What did he say?
[Ömer] I'm telling you one more time.
But I really don't care at this point
if you believe me.
Until you said,
"This relationship is over,
we're through,"
I was not seeing anybody else.
[tender music plays]
Really. I just kept asking myself,
"How do I fix things with Leyla?"
That's what I wanted.
Our relationship didn't end
so that I could start another one,
it didn't end because of some woman.
It ended because we wore it out.
Please let's not make life harder. Please.
Man's right.
Well, as it was put
by Defne Seyhun-Richards, "In time!"
"Sometimes, you can even be good friends."
That is correct.
And just look! These shoes are amazing.
[Funda and Leyla laugh]
Okay, I'm packing his vitamins,
his treats, and an extra bone.
And there's his favorite toy.
I bought all that stuff. Don't worry.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, be good for Daddy. I'll see you.
[kisses and grunts]
Come on, Buddy. Let's go.
Doesn't "Balım" mean "honey"?
That's what you name a cat, Ömer.
[chuckles] Come on, Bud. Let's go.
["Kazandım" by Nükhet Duru
& Zeynep Bastık plays]
- Welcome.
- I made it.
Tuba Tepelioğlu, Cem Murathan.
My client agrees to divorce on the basis
of the provided divorce agreement.
We hope that our demands
are considered as well.
- [judge] The court has a verdict.
- [gavel bangs]
["Kazandım" continues playing]
- Sarp, get over here.
- [Funda exclaims]
- [Murat] Come on. Leyla!
- [Funda] Come on, Leyla!
[Esra] Mmm!
- [all] Cheers!
- [Funda] To our health.
Can you try to cheer up a little?
Taylan and Somer Law Firm is happy,
Cem Murathan is happy,
Tuba got her check, she's also happy.
We're good.
But she's thinking about returning it.
Oh, don't worry. She's not as stupid
as she wants you to think.
She didn't make a fuss for nothing.
Whatever, let's celebrate. Let's drink.
- I'm drinking. [kisses]
- Okay.
[Beliz chuckles]
We did this, you know? You and me.
That's right.
Although to be honest,
sometimes I just feel bad for her.
Um, could I have a tequila, please?
Poor thing. She wasn't entirely wrong.
Oh yeah? How?
Cem Murathan and Defne are having
some kind of affair. That's real.
Thank you, sir!
[Leyla] I'll be right back. Excuse me.
[Sarp] Do you need anything?
Tuba, listen to me.
You should be keeping the money
from the settlement. You deserve it.
[Tuba] It's too late.
Stop the transaction
first thing tomorrow, please.
Don't give back the money.
Leyla, it's on its way as we speak.
[melancholic music plays]
I'm not typically as involved
in the landscaping.
That said, up there Blue pine
is what I would stick with there.
Your call at the end of the day.
That was where we planned
to put the walking trail. Is that right?
[musical arrangement turns
jazzy and intriguing]
[Defne] What?
Stop, stop, stop!
[air brakes hiss]
Tuba's delivery.
[coin rattles]
Were you seriously behind this prank?
Payment has been received, apparently.
- [phone rings]
- [Tuba laughs]
[Leyla sighs]
- [phone rings]
- [Leyla] Go away.
- Leyla, I'm sorry, I really didn't mean
- Get out, Sarp!
- Listen, p-please
- Sarp!
Go away.
[phone continues ringing]
[sad sweeping classical music plays]
[sighs heavily]
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
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