Thank You, Next (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

#Flashbacking vs fast forwarding

[tender music plays]
[Leyla rouses softly]
[whispers] Leyla.
What in the world is going on?
Did I just spend the night with you?
Did we come here together?
Actually, yeah.
Oh, my God, this cannot be true. It can't!
[gently suspenseful music plays]
- This is entirely your fault.
- No.
- I am getting married.
- Leyla, but
Shh! Don't look.
- Don't!
- I won't.
You ruined everything.
I'm getting married today.
Everything will truly be ruined
if you leave now.
Oh, my God.
- Where did I leave my ring?
- Leyla.
- Where did I leave my ring?
- Leyla.
- Leyla, hold on a sec.
- How could you do this to me? You coward!
- What am I going to do?
- Easy. Calm down.
This is all because of you,
so you can stop telling me to calm down!
- Calm down. Come sit down.
- Now what am I going to do?
Get away! Don't you dare touch me!
Don't get married to him.
You'll be making a mistake.
The biggest mistake was this.
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
- [engine starts]
- Leyla!
You'll regret this.
You'll regret this! Leyla!
[magical musical flourish plays]
[jet engines roar]
Proposing during the New Year's party
is a bad idea.
Darling, you can't propose on that day.
We already talked about this.
Do not go through with it.
You should ask her on a different day.
Everyone is gonna be drunk and obnoxious.
[Funda] He couldn't get her
a gift in time.
Instead, he'll take the easy route
and buy a ring.
[Murat] Buy her some earrings
or a necklace, but don't get a ring.
There's plenty of time for that.
[pilot] Flight attendants,
please prepare for landing.
The plane will be landing soon.
I'll talk to you guys later.
- [dishes clatter softly]
- Thank you very much.
This as well, please. Thanks so much.
- [Leyla] Three-hundred-and-sixty-four.
- [Ömer]sixty-four.
- Three-hundred-and-sixty-five.
- sixty-five.
All right, let's see yours.
- [laughs] Three-hundred-and-seventy-one.
- No!
- Four hundred.
- [both laugh]
Five hundred. And that's it.
No, Ömer, you're just cheating!
It was supposed to be just one note a day.
Darling, listen,
we've made love at least 300 times.
They've made me very happy
and I care for them a lot.
You can't count those.
- All right, read yours first.
- "April 12th, Tuesday."
"Ömer's project was finally approved
and I am so happy for him."
- Mmm, darling.
- Mmm.
- Mmm. Now it is my turn.
- It's your turn to go.
All right. "November 15, Tuesday."
- "I took a day off from work."
- [Leyla laughs]
"Leyla didn't work either."
"I'm so happy, so naturally,
I also wanted to let Leyla
have her happiness
- Ömer! You can't include that!
- "all over the house." What's wrong?
You can't just write
the same thing all the time.
I'm actually very happy right now.
[both laugh]
And I can make you
very happy right now too. Huh?
- Stop it!
- [kissing]
Apartment 11?
[keys rattle softly]
[intercom beeps]
- [intercom buzzes]
- Mr. Dursun, hi.
Did I get anything when I wasn't here?
Maybe a package or something else.
[Dursun] No, something came in for Ömer.
He got it over the weekend.
- But nothing for you.
- [buzzes]
Okay. Uh, thank you, Mr. Dursun.
[intercom beeps]
[melancholic music plays]
[Leyla] All right.
Yeah, we're heading out in five minutes.
Can we bring anything?
All right, see you.
Ömer, you're still not ready.
We're gonna be late.
So far my jar for this sixth year is shit.
That's because you don't write
anything to put in there.
Look, mine is almost done.
I don't enjoy playing
our little game anymore, Leyla.
Okay then, no problem, let's end the game.
If it's no longer fun,
let's just forget about it.
[sighs] Hurry, we have to go.
[sighs heavily]
[line ringing]
[ringtone plays on phone]
[exhales heavily]
You're early. What's up?
- Happy New Year.
- I'm back.
I'll be going out with my friends tonight
and since you usually stay in,
I figured Buddy could stay with you
till tomorrow.
I made plans to go out tonight as well.
Oh? That's new.
I think it would be fine
if he stayed with me.
We'll be at a friend's house.
Right, you have your new friend group.
The new dreadlocks friend group.
Was that all you wanted to say?
I'm not home
and it's starting to get crowded.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Happy New Year, Ömer.
Happy New Year.
["Yanlışım Olma" by Evden Uzak plays]
[camera app clicks repeatedly]
[mellow Latin jazz plays on speakers]
[line ringing]
[ringtone plays]
Princess, how you been?
Do you miss New York?
Yes, I really do.
I saw my mom and dad.
The trip was very therapeutic.
But what about you? How are you?
I'm fine, just working right now,
but I'll be free anytime after midnight.
- What are you doing?
- Mmm.
Uh, my friends are at a party at Yeniköy
and I'm headed over there.
Could it be that good?
People keep talking
about going there tonight.
I know it's going to get
a lot more thrilling once I arrive.
- [both laugh]
- I don't doubt it.
Everything was lackluster
for the last six months without you here.
You're lying.
[Leyla laughs]
Chef, have a happy New Year.
Take care of yourself. I'll see you soon.
Happy New Year, Leyla.
May your wishes for every year come true.
Hopefully. [kisses]
Thank you very much.
[people cheering]
[band plays upbeat rock music]
Let's get ready for the countdown!
[all cheer and laugh]
- [all] Ten!
- [Murat] Happiness!
- A healthy family!
- Nine!
- Eight!
- Health and joy!
- Seven!
- Having peace!
- Six! Five!
- House, house! A new house!
- Money!
- Four!
- [Funda] Hurry, Sarp!
- Funda get engaged!
- [friends laugh]
- Three! Two!
- One! Happy New Year!
- [Leyla] Love, love!
[all cheer]
[band plays "Kolaj" by Athena]
[audio slows and distorts]
[ethereal music plays]
[ethereal music intensifies]
Happy New Year.
- You too.
- [laughs]
Wait! Uh Um, b-before, Beliz
Well, she said
you had already left the party.
So I'm surprised to see
that you're still here.
[magical music plays]
I didn't leave.
By the way, uh, that truck incident
that happened, very sorry.
Believe me, had I known
about her little stunt,
I would've put a stop to it.
Tuba also caught me off guard.
I think it'll be better
if we talk outside.
Did Leyla leave?
- All she said was "love," and she left.
- I saw her. She was just here.
I think she is crying somewhere out there.
[music continues faintly]
[Leyla shivers]
Thank you for this.
[sighs] By the way,
I've been meaning to tell you.
Um, I didn't answer your phone calls
because I was ashamed, to be honest.
Afterwards, it was like you didn't want me
to have any further contact with you.
- Let's not dwell on the past.
- Thank you.
- It's also the New Year. [laughs]
- [man] You're welcome.
Oh! Uh
So Tuba's money,
um, helped build a clinic.
Did you really give it away in her name,
even though she returned it to you?
Mm-hmm. Post-traumatic stress disorder
is very important.
Sure is.
[Esra laughs]
Still no answer. Her phone is turned off.
- Do you think she left without us?
- I really need to pee.
- Do you want me to go with you, babe?
- [Beliz] Funda.
The guy over there is a young CEO.
He's also an eligible bachelor.
[groans] Come on.
- Ah? Mr. Cem is still here.
- Oh!
- [laughs]
- Uh
- [groans loudly]
- [splashing]
[screams] It's happening!
- I'm in labor!
- No!
- Murat!
- I'm in labor, Murat!
- Darling, what happened?
- [Funda] Water broke!
- Stay calm, love, stay calm!
- [Esra] Outside!
- Come on, hurry, we need to leave!
- All right, don't panic. Outside!
[Can] Stay calm!
- [Beliz] Sarp, do something! Get the car!
- Don't kiss me!
- [Sarp] The car?
- [Murat] Get the car, quickly! Stay calm!
Funda, stay calm, okay?
Did you come
here alone? Uh, did Defne
also come here with you?
She's in Los Angeles.
- Uh [laughs nervously]
- [Cem chuckles]
It's nice, isn't it?
- Mmm?
- To know someone for so long.
And still be friends,
even after breaking up.
That's special.
And what about you?
Did you resolve the problem you had?
Huh? I had a problem?
Last time, you were fighting
with an architect at my hotel.
[inhales sharply]
Oh. I am really sorry.
that's another thing
I'm very embarrassed about.
Uh, honestly,
it all just kind of happened.
We have yet to have
a boring encounter with each other.
We can consider this one as our first.
[both laugh]
- [sighs]
- Are you cold?
A little.
Uh, but I'm going to go dance inside.
That will quickly warm me up.
Are you asking me to dance?
Sure. Why not?
[band continues playing]
Ah, Leyla, I've been looking for you.
- What's wrong?
- Esra was taken to the hospital.
- What?
- [Can] She went into labor.
The ambulance wasn't going to make it,
so they borrowed my car.
- What? Move! I'm going too!
- Don't go! You won't make it, dear.
- They're gone.
- I need my phone.
- They left? Which hospital did they go to?
- You missed them, you won't make it!
[Leyla screams] Esra!
Esra. Esra, everything is fine, love.
Don't worry, I'm on my way.
I'll be right there. All right.
All right. Please don't worry.
Soon you'll be hugging your newborn!
I'm coming!
Sarp! Sarp, send me your location.
Send me your location, you hear me?
No, I'm with Ce Uh, Cem Murathan.
You know Cem.
- The car is here.
- My battery's dying! Okay, uh
I'm I'm going to hang up. See you soon.
Oh God, please don't let
anything bad happen.
Don't worry, okay? Stay calm.
[horns honking]
[Cem] Everything will be fine.
No need to worry.
I hope so. It says it'll take 18 minutes.
[sighs] What's going on?
Why aren't we moving?
The baby will end up being born in a car.
[Leyla honks horn repeatedly]
Hurry! Come on, just go!
She'll never make it in this bad traffic.
It's hopeless. What will we do now?
Who's this?
Huh? What?
I have seen many Leylas
since day one. Who's this?
Oh, look, they're finally moving.
Quick, quick, quick, go now.
[Murat] Don't worry, my love,
we've arrived. Come on!
[Funda] You're doing great,
just keep breathing.
- We're with you.
- [Esra screams]
- [Murat] Sarp, can you open the door?
- I'm opening it.
[Beliz] Hang in there.
[Murat] Just give us a second
to get out. Beliz?
[Funda] Just breathe. You can do this.
- [Murat] Darling.
- [Sarp] Everything is fine.
[Esra] Just stop for a sec, be gentle!
- [Funda] Easy now, slow and steady.
- Why isn't he answering the phone?
Where could he have gone?
He's not answering!
Oh, gimme that and just listen!
- Oh God, oh God, oh God!
- [Murat] What's going on now?
What do you mean you can't come?
Time off? Switzerland?
Dr. Nevzat, we've been preparing for this
for the last nine months.
- How could this happen?
- Darling, we're in a hospital.
- He's on vacation?!
- [wails]
- Ah! My water broke and you're not here.
- [Funda] Just relax, relax.
- [all chattering excitedly]
- Be quiet, will you?
I put my trust in you
and you're letting me down!
The only doctor
I want to have is you. [wails]
[Murat] Calm down, my love.
Hello, I'm the obstetrician
on call, Dr. Kerem.
Oh, I'm fine now.
What I meant was,
"It's great he's here for her."
- [screams]
- What is it? What's wrong?
- She's in pain! Do something!
- She's fine.
[boisterous music plays]
Ouch! Uh, they brought
my pregnant friend here.
She's in labor, Esra Cenk Savurgan.
Where can I find her?
- [woman] Delivery room is that way.
- God, it hurts. I can't take it!
- [Leyla] Ömer?
- [groans] Leyla?
- What happened to you?
- [groans] I'm passing a kidney stone.
- How did you know I was here?
- You're passing a kidney stone?
- [Funda] You're doing so well, love!
- Esra?
- Esra!
- [Esra] My God!
[Esra wails]
- [Ömer groans]
- Leyla?
[Ömer winces]
- I found this in the car.
- Thank you.
[Leyla] Esra!
[Ömer moans]
[baby crying]
I've fallen in love.
I've fallen in love with him.
Look at him, guys!
I've done it.
My search is over.
The guy I'm going to marry
has finally been born.
[all laugh]
- Look at him, you're so cute.
- So cute.
- My beautiful baby boy.
- Doesn't the doctor need to check on her?
I'm guessing he won't go
without stopping by. Right?
[watch alarm chimes]
Can't it remind you
to go flirt with someone, too?
Hmm? "Flirt with doctor."
Ah, there it is. [chuckles]
- Here come the vitamins.
- [softly] Stop.
The beauty elixir. What if she doesn't
take 'em? She turns into an ogre.
Seems like you're bored in here.
Go and get some fresh air.
Go see Ömer, huh?
[Leyla]tiny and
[Sarp] Wouldn't want
to interrupt the drum circle.
Uh, do you want to hold him too?
Take him, you'll look so cute.
I'm fine, you can keep him.
Babies scare me. I'll drop him.
Nothing will happen, you can hold him.
- [all chuckle]
- Just hold him.
You'll eventually be holding our baby too.
Come again?
- When did I tell you I wanted a baby?
- Period!
- Oh, wow.
- Ah.
- Esra woke up.
- Yeah, she did.
You're not sleeping?
Hey, don't say that to her.
I swear, you will only scare her away.
- You're "fast forwarding," you know?
- What?
It's like ordering two more hamburgers
while you're still eating one.
Is it like that, though?
- [Leyla] Did we wake you up? Esra.
- [Funda] How are you feeling? Oh!
Papa, I'll keep him if you don't take him.
- Hi, everyone.
- [Funda] Oh!
- Ömer, I hope you get well soon, honey.
- [Murat] How'd it go, man?
Don't ask me, bro. This pain is the worst.
The, dancing jumping around
caused the stones to move.
What? Is this the new Ömer?
Jumping and dancing?
I had two of them and one already passed.
But they want to wait
until they break the other one.
- [Funda] Oh God. I hope you get well soon.
- Oh!
- Who is this?
- Here, here, here.
- Uncle Ömer wants to say hi.
- Aww!
- [Funda] Is he sulking because of Cem?
- How are you? He's so freaking handsome.
- [Murat] Of course. Just like his father.
- Clearly, he's my son.
[Ömer] Well done, girl.
You really did a nice job.
[knocking at door]
[knocking continues]
[Ömer, laughing] Stop, boy. Stop!
You're wet, you dummy.
[Buddy pants happily]
- You're all wet! I'll be right back.
- [Leyla gasps] Buddy! My love, my boy!
How are you? I missed you so much!
I'm sorry, I just had a chance
to go home and take a shower.
But I'm here now.
Why did you wash Buddy when you're sick?
He played in the garden,
so got covered in dirt.
- Come in, I'll dry him off.
- I don't want to bother you.
- Is Balim here?
- She's not here. You're good.
Oh. [kisses]
[exclaims playfully]
[Leyla sighs]
What's that?
It's shrimp.
- You have shrimp?
- [chuckles] Yeah.
No way.
[Buddy pants]
Oh! Ah, ah, ah.
A rowing machine, workout equipment.
Going out on New Year's Eve with friends,
having fun and dancing.
You know something?
Your kidney stone was right.
It was just surprised
by whose body it was in.
[chuckles softly]
This was freshly squeezed. Here.
What's going on with you?
Who is this new Ömer?
[Ömer chuckles]
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Buddy, let's go. As soon as I pick up
my jaw off the floor, we can leave.
[Leyla chuckles]
So you're with Cem now, right?
[sighs] Ömer, I've already told you.
Why are you so thick-headed?
We met at the party by coincidence.
Besides, he just helped me
get to the hospital. That's it.
Well, there could have been.
But there wasn't.
What's this?
Happy New Year.
- Oh. Ömer, I don't
- Take it.
Oh, God.
I really enjoyed
all the games we came up with,
but I'm mad at myself
for not finishing this one.
I'm also angry with you.
When I miss you, I get angry.
When I remember, I get angry.
[tender music plays]
This will eventually pass.
It's not like the first day was, though.
It's getting better.
Whatever happens between us,
and whoever we're with
I want to see you fill up this jar.
[Leyla chuckles]
[Ömer] Okay?
- You promise?
- Yes.
So, you'll have to be in my life,
without causing any more bullshit.
Can you promise me that, Ömer?
How many plants have we killed together?
[laughs] You have my word, I swear.
Thank you for this.
[forlorn musical flourish plays]
[ringtone plays on phone]
Hi, Cem.
I was going to give you a call
but I thought you might be asleep.
No, I wasn't able to sleep yet.
Is everything okay?
The mom and baby are so beautiful.
By the way, thank you again
for helping me last night.
Sounds like both our nights were fruitful.
We delivered a baby girl too.
What do you mean?
[horse whinnies]
[camera app clicks]
Meet Gece.
[phone chimes]
[chuckles] She is really gorgeous.
Her name is almost like mine.
It also means "night."
Maybe one day you would want to come
to the farm and meet your namesake.
["Sakinleştim" by Pinhani plays]
Sure. Why not?
Dr. Kerem now has my number. Ah!
Really? That's great.
[both laugh]
["Sakinleştim" by Pinhani continues]
[dialogue inaudible]
[ringtone plays on phone]
Esra, dear, I still don't want to eat.
And I know I will not eat right now
because I'm not hungry.
- So for the last
- Leyla!
Look up ahead. Do you see
who that is coming this way?
Who is it?
It's him!
Look at the boat in front of you.
Oh, he's coming towards you!
Go! Get in the water right now, Leyla!
[breezy bossa nova music plays]
- Leyla. What's up?
- Oh!
Cem Murathan, I can't believe it.
It's nice to see you on our beaches.
- We haven't seen each other all winter.
- Ah, but I know what you've been up to.
Going to Sardinia to enjoy the island.
Going to Cannes Film Festival
to see your talented girlfriend's film.
My talented ex.
It's done, we're not together.
No way. By now, I thought
you'd be having another wedding.
You're right. Soon,
there will be a wedding.
And you cannot miss it.
- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.
I think that is wonderful,
but you really are quick.
How are you doing? How is everything?
Keeping busy with my job.
Taking a break from dating,
which can't be said about you.
It's like a refreshing detox,
especially after a break-up.
I agree.
Beliz's birthday is today.
Yeah. Everyone came here
to celebrate it with her.
All right then. See you.
[breezy bossa nova music plays]
[groans softly]
See you.
This hasn't been the first time
you've bailed on our plans.
Isn't there someone else in the hospital
who can be on-call?
I swear, this man
really is a serial killer.
He's always ending an affair
and going on to the next one.
He doesn't waste any time.
Every girl he's been with
is incredibly gorgeous.
[Leyla] Yeah. I should give
the new girl my number,
because she's going to need it eventually.
[Esra] Sarp's coming!
Esra, you need to stop
spying on people with those.
That's bad, put them away.
Oh, come on, I was never looking at them.
I'm using the binoculars to see
if there are any dolphins in the ocean.
- Damn it.
- [Leyla] What is it?
He won't be coming.
He told me that he was on-call.
It's okay, love.
After all, he's a doctor, right?
- This is normal.
- [gasps]
I know he's a doctor,
darling, but the hospital is big.
Are there no other doctors
who can take over his shift?
Why does he have to be the one?
Don't get ahead of yourself
and make bad assumptions.
- [all laugh]
- [Esra] Leyla!
- [Leyla] So, what's going on?
- [Murat] Yes?
Tell us.
Actually, uh, Cem told me
that we could have
the birthday party on the boat.
- Oh, cool! That's nice.
- [Leyla] Great.
Yeah, but everything
was already planned out.
What's the fuss about?
Can't you just go and talk to him?
Tell him you'd already prepared
a surprise for her.
- [Esra] Yeah.
- [Leyla] I can talk to him if you want.
No, no. The boat is set
to depart this evening.
There'll be food, drinks,
and all that stuff.
DJ MJ's also booked.
Suzan organized everything.
Wow, she's resourceful, huh?
Beliz was very happy to hear we were
going to have the party on the boat.
You can still propose to her on the boat.
I think that could be nice.
Won't it be more romantic like that?
Actually, my gut's been telling me
that something strange is going on.
I don't know, maybe I shouldn't propose.
- Oh my gosh!
- Sarp, no!
Just propose to her already.
This'll be good for you and for us.
Just go with the flow.
Please give me some wine.
All right, let's go. Hurry, everyone.
Funda, quit sulking
and pull yourself together.
Murat, call the nanny
and tell her to come earlier.
- Leyla, leave that gluten.
- Mmm.
Leave it alone. Nice and easy.
Get up. Up.
Buddy, my love!
How is my sweet boy doing today?
Your son is doing good. Oh-ho-ho, wow!
You're looking stunning, as always.
Ah, merci. Woke up like this.
I called Sarp, but he didn't answer.
Oh, is he with Beliz?
I bet he's worried
I'll make him change his mind.
Maybe he's in a hurry.
You know his dad has been sick.
- Hopefully he gets to see him.
- [Sarp] Leyla!
[Leyla] Everyone is here.
Come say hello to Ömer.
- Oh, Ömer!
- Ömer!
- Ömer! Whoo-hoo!
- Dude! Hey, what's up?
[Feyyaz] Surprise!
[all exclaim]
- [Esra] Champagne!
- [Leyla] What are you doing here, Şeyyaz?
I came here to talk to Cem,
turns out you were here too.
So did Cem also come with you?
- Forget about that. How are you? You fine?
- [Ömer] Have fun then. We'll talk later.
I'm going to give you a video call
when we get to the party. All right?
- Don't worry.
- Then we'll let you go now.
- Sending kisses. Goodbye, Ömer.
- Bye-bye, Ömer!
- Bye, bye!
- [all say goodbye]
- [Sarp] Thank you very much.
- [Feyyaz] Enjoy.
- Beliz isn't here?
- She's on the boat already.
- [Funda] To Sarp's marriage.
- [all toast Sarp]
This bottle here would definitely suit me.
Thank you very much.
- Cheers, enjoy it.
- Cheers.
- Ah! You guys, now I'm really pissed off.
- What's wrong?
Why, love? Just try to put that thing down
for more than five minutes.
All right, but give me two minutes
and then I'll put it away.
[Murat] Only this part
of your head will get sun.
[all laugh]
[Leyla] Was it true when you said
you came here to see Cem?
He offered me to run the hotel's kitchen.
- [Esra gasps]
- Oh, I can't believe it.
He wants to incorporate
Fade In into his hotels.
How did you pull that off?
This sounds amazing.
[Leyla] This really is great news.
Congratulations, chef.
- And he's sleeping. He's asleep.
- Is he really? [gasps]
- Oh! We're free for two hours.
- [Sarp] About time.
Oh. What is this?
Is there another event in there?
That's enough already.
You've had your nose
stuck to that phone all day.
- That's it, we're over.
- [Murat] What?
- [Esra] Uh-huh, it's for sure.
- [Sarp] Don't be like this tonight.
What? I'm not doing anything.
Just putting on my shoes.
- Calm down, Sarp.
- Sure, let him keep his shift.
He can work as long as he wants.
- ["Serseri Meyin" by Athena plays nearby]
- What is this? Is this some
This is our song.
Do you know why they're playing it here?
Let's check it out.
[people exclaim and cheer]
Did we just come
across Cem's next wedding?
- What's going on?
- Father?
- My mom is here, too.
- [Esra laughs]
[Sarp] What are you doing here?
No way this is real.
[Leyla] Oh, wow!
Hello. How are you guys?
- Hello Aunt Filiz. How are you?
- [Filiz] I'm fine, dear, and you?
["Gel Beklediğim Yeter"
by Erdener Koyutürk plays]
[Esra] Oh, my gosh!
What's going on? [gasps]
[Leyla] No way this is happening.
[Esra] No. Did you guys know about this?
I did. We also came here to make the food.
Wow! You tricked us.
- [crowd applauds]
- [Esra] Oh, gosh.
Sarp Korkuter,
will you please marry me?
[friends gasp and exclaim]
Want to do it now?
I'll allow you to have
a ten-minute sidebar to process all this.
[both chuckle]
All right.
I'll marry you.
[all cheer]
[gasps happily]
[all cheer wildly]
["Serseri Mayin" continues playing]
- It's wonderful.
- [Funda gasps]
[crowd applauds]
The person leading the ceremony
is Cem's cousin.
- [Leyla chuckles nervously]
- [crowd cheers]
[gently suspenseful music plays]
So this is what you were talking about.
You could be the next one.
Leyla! We're coming in!
- Leyla! Whoo-hoo?
- [Funda] Leyla!
- Leyla!
- Leyla, open the door.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Leyla.
- What happened?
- [Beliz] Wait, stop. You can't be here.
I don't know where the car is.
Leyla, where'd you park the car?
- You'll find it later.
- Leyla, honey. Hurry, we're here.
- Leyla.
- You know, she might be asleep.
Uh-uh. How could she still be asleep?
We're gonna be late.
- [Beliz] At this hour?
- You're right. Please let me through.
Leyla. [grunts]
[knocks] Leyla.
It's locked.
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
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