Thank You, Next (2024) s01e05 Episode Script


[message sent tone plays]
[mysterious music plays]
[rouses gently]
[sighs happily]
[softly] Leyla.
What in the world is going on?
[suspenseful jazzy music plays]
[crowd cheers in arena]
[referee's whistle blows]
[Sarp] Okay.
[Murat] Aww!
- [women] Bravo!
- [glasses clink]
- [all cheer]
- [Can laughs] Bravo!
[Beliz taps glass]
I found the ring in his jacket
by chance months ago.
- [gasps]
- [Funda and Esra] Aww!
I promise I don't usually go
through your pockets,
it really was an accident.
Naturally, I panicked when I realized
[Feyyaz] Here, you try this yet?
Oh, my God. That's delicious.
The cake for your wedding
will be even better.
But don't ask me to wait that long.
Come on. Just make it for me, then.
Bet you won't be waiting long.
Heads up, everyone is staring at you.
Well, Sarp, do you want to say anything?
- Yes, of course!
- Come on!
[chanting] Give a speech! Give a speech!
Sounds like they need a speech.
[women laugh]
- Uh, well
- [Funda] This'll be good.
I'll be honest,
I'm just kind of processing this.
I am stunned.
Uh I love you, Beliz.
[Esra] Aww!
- [applauding]
- [people exclaim happily]
- [man] Bravo!
- [woman] So sweet.
- [Beliz laughs]
- [Esra] Babes!
Oh, by the way, special thanks
to Chef Şeyyaz, for the excellent cake.
[Esra] The cake is
exquisitely made, Şeyyaz.
- Give it up!
- [all applaud and exclaim]
[people] Bravo!
[cheering continues in distance]
If you're crying, I'll leave you be.
Can't imagine you're up for a wedding.
Probably still hurts.
Of course, darling.
I'll set off early in the morning.
Plan on meeting in Bodrum.
Oh, pardon. I'm so sorry.
Wedding? Hmm.
Sure. I'll tell you, it's pretty nuts.
Me too.
Oh, Defne, take the plans with you
and we'll check on the land.
Okay. See you.
["Juliet" by Karsu plays]
Why are you leaving?
I just thought you had a call.
I believe I was promised a dance.
It's no longer living here ♪
Don't bother ♪
That'll be clear ♪
Carelessly yours ♪
I ain't anymore ♪
I needed this dance so badly
Beliz got a wedding out of it.
[both laugh]
That explains a few things.
[Cem chuckles]
This has been quite a night.
I think it's just begun.
Suddenly, it's
I'm getting cold, with all the wind.
Defne was talking
about a project with you?
[sighs softly]
Let's not.
I don't want to discuss business.
That's fine.
That has to get hard with her family.
Always going back and forth
between Istanbul and L.A.
Must get pretty exhausting.
Actually, it's even harder for her husb
They divorced.
- Huh.
- Mm-hmm.
She tried for a while
to leave her husband.
They finally broke up this year.
That's great.
It must be a relief.
She's single,
and you're single,
that should be exciting.
- Oh, sh
- Oh!
- You okay?
- Uh-huh, I'm fine.
Thank you for checking. So good.
Defne and I aren't together.
You're allowed to have a thing.
That's okay.
I'm not involved with anybody.
Nobody's ever gotten close to you,
have they?
Especially not if they're a woman.
Especially your exes.
They're just distractions.
Nothing else to you, right?
Distractions from that first,
unattainable love.
Oh, but look. You're both single now.
Defne's a pretty good match, isn't she?
I do hope it goes well.
'Cause I'd hate to see another woman hurt.
- [wedding guests cheer]
- [folk dance music plays distantly]
I owe someone a dance back there.
[chuckles] Guess I'll see you.
[chuckles softly]
[Sarp] Leyla.
- Leyla!
- One second, please.
Why did you let me get married back there?
Sarp, I'm in a mean place right now,
and I will take it out on you.
The plan was to propose, and then,
we could just hang out for a while.
That's what people do.
You don't just do it immediately!
That's nuts.
You could've said something!
I didn't get a chance.
Who throws a surprise wedding?
How's it going?
[Can grunts]
Tuba Tepelioğlu has dismissed our firm.
Excuse me?
Sarp married the enemy. What else?
Oh, look at that.
[Can] She saw the wedding photos
on social media, and lost it.
Um, could you hand me my purse, please?
- She must've gotten envious.
- [Can] Envious of whom?
- Nothing.
- Do you know something else?
No, of course not. No.
- No, but?
- Uncle Can, there's nothing going on.
Nothing at all.
- [Can] Huh.
- [Leyla] She called so many times.
[Sarp] Can I have a whiskey? Rocks.
Okay, double's good, yeah.
["Dipsiz Deniz" by Genç Osman plays]
[doorbell rings]
Buddy's here!
[Buddy pants happily]
Come in!
- [sighs] I'm so late.
- Me too.
- [grunts]
- Oh. Will you be there Thursday?
I might be tied up with something.
It's the hotel gala. The hell?
I'm going to be working in Ankara.
That's okay. Won't be until the evening.
You're not gonna abandon me, are you?
[ringtone plays on cellphone]
How about your girlfriend, is she coming?
[Ömer sighs]
You can answer the phone, you know.
[Ömer] Don't worry about it.
This is my first hotel opening,
and it'd mean a lot to me
if you were there.
Trouble in paradise?
We're through.
Oh, no.
That didn't last long.
Petered out. [chuckles sadly]
So, did you hear what happened?
She asked him
where their relationship was going.
So I guess she scared him away.
It's a normal question
to be asking your romantic partner.
Sometimes you just want to know
where you stand.
- [woman] Good morning.
- [all] Good morning.
[laughs] It's always the same with men.
Once it's over, it's over.
Maybe now, you two could have
a romantic reunion.
- [gasps]
- I would love that so much.
Esra, stop it! You're being so ridiculous.
I just got that man
out of my system for good.
You're allowed to keep him on hold.
- [laughs]
- For a rainy day.
No, thank you.
I'd prefer to minimize drama.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Oh! Beliz?
What could she be doing here?
- Hey, folks, good morning.
- [all] Good morning.
I have great news for everyone.
- [Funda] Hmm?
- I guess we're all here.
Murat's not here, childcare duty.
- [Can] Just fill him in later.
- [Esra] Of course.
Happy to say, attorney Beliz Temur
is coming on board with us.
- [Esra] Oh, that's great!
- Uh, Beliz Temur Korkuter.
- [Can] Mm-hmm.
- Glad to be working with you.
- Thank you so much.
- Well, this is perfect, congrats.
Congratulations, Beliz.
From now on, our firm will be in charge
of Mr. Cem's representation.
- Oh, really?
- That's great.
Such fantastic news to start the day.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- [Funda] Best wishes, Mr. Cem. Thanks.
- Wherever you'd like. Of course.
[Funda] This really worked out!
- [Sarp] Sure, we'll see.
- [Esra] Oh!
I'll be seeing you fairly regularly.
- I hope we can be of service.
- Thank you, Leyla.
[mellow music plays]
[Funda] Tonight, we toast to Beliz.
Once again, welcome Beliz.
Thanks so much.
Given that Cem Murathan is my boss now,
I guess that makes you all my lawyers.
- [Funda] Absolutely.
- To our growing family then! Whoo-hoo!
Has it occurred to you that all the men
in your life are working for Cem Murathan?
- [Feyyaz] Okay, Leyla?
- [Sarp] Let's toast.
- [Funda] To the future of our firm.
- To our future.
[Sarp sighs]
You're not drinking tonight?
- What?
- Is there one more surprise for us?
- Are you pregnant? Are you pregnant?
- [Funda] Ah!
[Esra gasps]
That's not really true though, huh?
What if it is true, Sarp?
Oh, I cannot believe it.
Are you really pregnant?
Don't act so shocked. You were there, too.
[scream and laugh]
- [Esra] This is amazing.
- [Funda] I can't believe it.
- [Esra] I'm so happy for you guys.
- Looks like Sarp will be a dad!
- [Beliz laughs]
- [Leyla] Another toast!
- Thank you again.
- Of course.
[both] Have a good night.
Stop sulking, you're going to be fine.
It's not even a sure thing yet.
She must be pregnant, with my luck.
Hey, you were recently married
to the love of your life, Sarp.
Be thankful! Just show her your love.
- She'll appreciate that.
- Enjoy your life.
Some of us can't even find
someone to love.
[Feyyaz] Leyla.
Do you need a ride?
Oh, no. I can just ride with the girls.
I miss you.
Şeyyaz, we practically see
each other daily.
We work together, you're part
of the gang now, a big part.
No, no, no.
I miss us.
Zeynep for you.
I'll call her back.
You said it was over with her, too.
[Funda] "You said it was over with Leyla,
but you're still with her."
"You are a liar." That's what she meant.
Mira was told that she was the only one.
Mira has always been a part of his life.
Shocked, I'm sure. Typical.
They call this "benching."
They keep all these women
on ice like a backup.
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
We give these men all of this confidence.
They have too many options
and there's high demand.
If we keep indulging their behavior,
then of course they'll keep treating us
like we're disposable.
[wolf whistle plays on cell phone]
[gently suspenseful music plays]
- [clicks tongue]
- [phone chimes repeatedly]
- Good morning, kids!
- Hey, there.
- Leyla!
- Huh?
Sarp invited Beliz to the group chat.
Ah, damn it.
That's the end of our fun, I guess.
No problem, I'm already on it.
I've made us a group chat without Sarp.
[Esra] Of course.
- Good morning!
- Good morning.
Good morning, lovely.
Leyla, did you ask Beliz?
Is she really pregnant?
- I haven't seen her since the party.
- Come on! Daily check-in.
- All right.
- [Funda] Oh!
You're so gorgeous today.
Oh, stop.
[Can] We have to get
the client's approval on this one.
[Leyla grunts softly]
[light comic music plays]
[Somer] Okay, we start the week
with two major foreclosure cases.
The difficult case
of Terman Holding and Faysu Holding
goes to our newest associate, Beliz.
[Beliz] Of course.
I also have the bankruptcy case
for Gaspar Communication.
Good, that stops foreclosure,
and pauses the bank's collections.
[Beliz] We'll put a hold on the sell-off.
- Uh
- What have you got?
I'm headed to the courthouse
tomorrow morning,
and I'll be there almost all week.
- I'll be there until Friday evening.
- [Can] Good.
We've had a request for legal counsel.
The CEO of Juno Chemistry
would like to meet on Friday.
[Sarp] Very well.
Leyla, my dear, are you available?
- Of course. I'm happy to do it.
- Mmm.
[Murat] On my end, I've taken
over Esra's Fiju Jewelry trademark case.
So that's still handled.
[Esra] Unfortunately, this week,
my only case is childcare.
[Murat] You know,
I had that case last week,
and I don't remember
calling it "unfortunate."
[Can] Okay, sounds good.
Eh, Sirena Winery?
[Beliz] That's my client.
There's an auction tomorrow
but I can't make it.
- [Murat] Mmm, I'm commuting between
- [mouths silently]
[Can] Hmm.
Leyla, my dear, you're open.
Sirena Winery is yours, then.
Okay, that sounds good.
- [Beliz] Thank you so much, Leyla.
- Sure, anytime.
Oh, uh, this is
- Maybe I'll I'll pass on this.
- What for?
Mr. Cem has an invaluable collection.
He's been waiting for this auction
for some time now.
Defne discovered
there'll be an auction for 3,000 bottles.
She hopes to surprise Cem.
The auction's in Urla.
Cem Murathan won't be there?
No, Defne will go with you.
[sighs] That'll be okay.
Thanks again, Leyla.
No problem.
Afternoon, please take a seat.
Sure. Sure, I've certainly been
to auctions before,
though I'm less familiar
with wine auctions.
I have to rely on you for any expertise.
Thank you so much. I'm on the plane now.
Where are you? Are you coming?
Don't worry, I'll keep you informed
on all the details,
but I'm afraid I can't be at the auction.
Why not?
Turns out that Nil Katmanoğlu
is going to be in attendance.
Who is Nil Katmanoğlu?
Oh! His second wife.
That's correct.
We're not very fond of each other.
She can't even stand to hear my name,
if we're honest.
If she sees me,
she'll just bid up out of spite.
You're on your own for this one.
["Habanera" from Carmen by Bizet plays]
[Leyla] But doesn't she know
that Cem Murathan owns Sirena Winery?
[Defne] She wouldn't.
Sirena is a new company.
The application forms only contain
the name of your firm.
Leyla, whatever it takes,
you must win this auction for Cem.
I'm counting on you.
Do keep an eye out for Nil.
She's ambitious and assertive.
She'll do whatever it takes
to get what she wants.
Your challenger today
is Nil's firm, Habanero Winery.
Don't forget that.
Take care not to let on who you work for.
She has a nose for these things.
[people chatter indistinctly]
Good afternoon.
Uh, hi.
Leyla Taylan, am I right?
Of Taylan and Somer Law Firm?
You represent Cem.
You see, Cem isn't the only one
with friends around here.
I have some, too.
Let's not toy with each other.
You know very well who I am.
I do. Glad to meet you in person.
- Likewise.
- [chuckles softly]
[man] Dear participants, allow me
to open this long-awaited auction,
for Kofoğlu Winery's
IWC gold medal-winning,
legacy 3,000-bottle wine cellar.
We'll start the bidding shortly.
Best of luck.
["Habanera" resumes playing]
Opening bid is 15 million liras.
With an immediate starting bid
from Sirena Wines.
Do I have another bidder?
Habanero Winery says 19 million.
Any higher bids?
Twenty-one. Çatanga raised it to 21.
Do I have another?
And Sirena with 23.
Twenty-five, thank you.
Twenty-eight. Any higher bids?
Thirty-two million liras, any higher bids?
Thirty-five, thank you.
Do I hear higher? Thirty-eight, thank you.
Forty million liras. Forty-three!
Forty-four. Any more bids?
Mr. Güneş says 45.
Thank you, Güneş Bülentoğlu.
Any higher bids?
Going once for Mr. Güneş
Habanero Winery with 47.
Going once for Habanero.
Do I hear higher?
Sirena says 48, going to Sirena.
Any higher bids?
Habanero Winery with 49 million.
Thank you, Ms. Nil.
This long-awaited, rare,
and exquisite wine collection,
going to Habanero Winery
unless I hear higher?
Going once.
Going twice. And
Look at that.
Fifty million!
Esteemed wine collector Güneş Bülentoğlu,
bidding 50 million, dear participants.
Any higher bids?
Going once, going twice.
And sold! Congratulations, Mr. Güneş.
- [Nil sighs]
- [all applaud]
That got pretty intense.
A loss for Cem is always a victory for us.
Why did I bother coming here?
We'd nearly won.
Why not stick the landing?
[Defne] Don't worry, we already won.
The last bidder was ours, too.
An honorable victory.
Nicely played.
Leyla, I'd like to introduce you
to Mr. Güneş.
I don't appreciate dishonesty.
You played a supposed ally.
Leyla, had you known,
you might've let something on.
You lied, Defne, and Beliz lied,
and both of you just used me.
Beliz had no idea.
You really put me in a spot back there.
This is unbelievable.
I've never felt
so completely and utterly duped.
He and Defne made
a fool out of me today, Esra.
My God, I can't even see straight.
Maybe Cem didn't even know,
maybe she wanted to surprise him.
There was no surprise!
I'm positive Cem was behind all of this.
It's out of his playbook.
How else could that woman drop
this kind of cash today?
Ugh, God. I feel so stupid
falling for this. How could I?
- Why take it so personally, though?
- Mmm.
I don't understand
why it's making you this upset.
Because it's an unprofessional way
to do business, Funda.
Right? This is pretty much just fraud.
This man's been lying to me all along.
Defne's still clearly a part of his life.
I see. So it's about him?
- Funda!
- I know.
[sighs] I know what you're implying,
but this isn't
what's happening here, okay?
- Stop, stop. Uh, how 'bout this, Leyla?
- [Funda exclaims]
You stay there for a few more days,
try to relax a little bit.
- How does that sound?
- Yeah!
[sighs] Might finally lose my mind.
This guy might be the end of me.
- What is the big deal over Cem Murathan?
- [Esra] Look behind you.
- She always seems to wanna
- Leyla.
bend over backwards for this man.
Arrogance! I mean, the man is so cocky,
even the wine he buys is a whole thing.
- Always acting like he's a big deal.
- Leyla, uh
Cem Murathan's right there.
- He's behind you.
- Huh?
[Funda and Esra laugh]
Just don't try to apologize.
Don't open your mouth.
I don't need your excuses.
I'm not sure why I should be apologizing.
You don't feel any remorse?
Okay, so I happened to win
something I wanted.
And what Cem wants is all that matters,
am I right?
Bravo, then. I suppose you don't change.
How did this make you so angry?
You do this so much I should expect it.
I guess I just didn't see it.
It was the same thing with your ex
during the divorce.
You lied to Tuba.
You and Defne are obviously made
for each other. You're so alike!
- [Funda] Calm down. Okay.
- [Esra] Leyla, that's enough.
[call disconnects]
You'd go behind anybody's back
to get what you want, wouldn't you?
I don't think you know me at all, Leyla.
[romantic music plays]
I didn't lie when I told you
Defne and I aren't together.
Let go.
I was madly in love
with each of those women.
I never cheated on anyone,
I didn't lie to anybody.
Okay, but let go of my arm.
You turn on a dime so quickly,
I don't know
how to approach you sometimes.
Try staying away from me.
I can't do that.
I'm really into you.
Once again, he tries to use the flirt card
rather than talk.
[Cem chuckles]
Fair enough, that's true. I am flirting.
But I'm not making a move,
so let's be fair.
The wine is getting put on my plane.
Be flying in an hour.
Come on.
I think I'm good.
I'm just going to stay here.
There's a huge storm on the way,
I can't just leave you behind.
Come on.
All right.
It's up to you.
I'd never force you.
[wind gusts]
[Leyla sighs]
[romantic music continues playing]
It might not sit well. I think I'll pass.
never had a 17,000-lira wine before, so
You don't want to taste
the spoils of victory?
[Leyla inhales sharply]
Wine can be nice, but don't think
I'd put down that much money for it.
I guess I am curious.
Oh, my God.
Am I forgiven, then?
Let's get through this bottle first,
then maybe we can talk.
Thanks for coming along.
Wait to thank me
until after you see the bill.
How about that?
I won't be coming up.
It's late.
- [laughs]
- [Cem chuckles]
You weren't invited up anyway.
See you soon.
Not too soon.
Hopefully, not until the hotel opening.
So, you are coming to the opening?
Good to hear.
[ethereal music plays]
[musical arrangement turns funky]
[band plays upbeat jazzy music]
[camera shutter clicking]
[Esra] Oh, he's so sexy.
- He has magnetic charisma.
- Mm-hmm-hmm!
What would you do if he told you
one tenth of what he says to Leyla?
- [inhales deeply]
- I know what I'd do.
I'd drive him crazy.
- [Murat] What was that?
- [laughs]
Darling, I miss you
even when I'm with you.
- Our son is asleep now.
- Let me see my boy.
- [Funda laughs]
- Aww, he sleeps.
- [softly] So cute, the baby.
- Leyla's here.
[magical music plays]
- Wow! She's gorgeous, isn't she?
- [Beliz] Beautiful.
[Esra gasps]
[jazz band continues playing]
- I thought you'd abandoned me.
- [chuckles]
Looks like I made it.
Excellent work, Ömer.
This place looks outstanding.
Technical aspects were mine,
the design is Defne's.
Leyla dear, hello. I'm so glad you came.
Ömer extended the invitation.
I called you over and over.
You didn't return my calls.
I assume you're still angry at me.
Yes, I am.
You're too sweet.
Uh, Ömer, dear.
- They're asking for us.
- Of course.
- Have fun tonight.
- Thank you.
Don't go anywhere. I'll be back.
See you next Tuesday.
[Feyyaz] Well, now we can start the party.
- [chuckles awkwardly]
- You look lovely.
[chuckles dryly]
How are you, Mr. Feyyaz?
When did we get so formal?
Don't read into it.
Anyway, I'd love for you
to taste this week's menu.
- Of course.
- Hopefully, I'll see you.
- All right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Come here. Here, here, here!
- [Beliz softly] Gorgeous!
Bitch, that dress!
- You look fabulous, Leyla!
- Thank you, thank you.
She has a man at every step.
- How lucky is this one?
- Shut it!
Cem Murathan couldn't stop
looking at the door.
The guy is crazy about you,
I'm telling you.
- Shush!
- Why should I shu
Oh! Uncle Can.
Completely unprofessional.
Think through this,
and remember how you've felt
about this man since day one.
Nothing is going on, Uncle Can.
They're just messing around.
I've said all I have to say, Leyla.
[tapping glass]
This can't possibly get any worse.
Welcome, everyone.
I'm glad you're all here.
This hotel
is my home.
I am one of many.
One of many in this family
who have both lived
and entertained here for generations.
This hotel is my family's history.
My grandpa was born upstairs,
in a little room
just to the right of the stairwell.
My dad and my mom
were engaged in this very hall.
The two of them were married
just over there,
by the large garden
out in the family's vineyards.
So, this hotel is my family album.
I remember the bustling meal services.
I recall they were joyful.
[intriguing music plays]
I remember my mother's laughter
filling the room.
- [man 1] Ms. Nil, how are you?
- [man 2] Ms. Nil, welcome!
[man 3] You look stunning!
That is why our hotel is so important.
- Important to me, personally.
- Something's going on.
[Cem] The building has aged
over the years.
Uncle Can,
something's happening over there.
- [man 3] Nil Katmanoğlu is here!
- [man 1] Ms. Tuba! Ms. Tuba!
[man 2] Ms. Nil, can we get
a quote, please?
Why are you here?
[Cem] But it has held my family together.
And I'm confident it will continue to.
Welcome back, everyone.
- [man 1] Ms. Tuba, over here.
- [man 2] Are you promoting something?
I wrote a book.
Along with Nil, that is.
[chuckles] Releasing soon.
[man 2] What is the title, Ms. Tuba?
[Sarp] They called it
Living With a Narcissist.
- Oh, God.
- [Funda laughs]
They really pulled focus
for the rest of the night.
Nil's getting revenge.
[Beliz] We can sue them.
We'll file an injunction
against the publisher.
"Cem Murathan's harem," eh?
- [Beliz clicks tongue]
- [Esra and Funda laugh]
Not my words, just reading the tabloids.
Who knows what kinds of stories
they made up about Cem?
I'll rip them apart.
Rip them, babe.
["Zaman" by Jülide Özçelik
plays on speakers]
[vehicle engine starts]
- Mmm, send that to me.
- [chuckles]
Esra, we should go
before the baby is awake.
You seen Leyla?
She was just here.
- Honey?
- Mm-hmm?
- Let's just go now.
- [laughs] What's the hurry?
I've got plans for you.
I plan for us to be in bed by one.
- But we won't be asleep before five!
- Oh, really?
Well, just, uh, call the cab
and let Leyla know, okay? Bye.
I mean Let's go.
[horse whinnies]
I thought I could meet Gece.
[horse whinnies]
Leyla, Gece.
[Leyla sighs and chuckles softly]
Aw, you're so gorgeous, aren't you?
Such a gorgeous, pretty girl.
Her name means Leyla.
So, tonight was pretty successful.
You said this hotel is
your family's album, didn't you?
Your exes are also in that album.
No matter what people say,
it's really something
that you still talk to all of them.
[horse whinnies]
Me and you
you really think it's a bad idea?
I feel like I know how this story ends.
[ethereal music plays]
Truly no hope, then?
[sighs] No.
[chuckles sadly]
I won't insist then.
[ringtone plays on cell phone]
Uh, Esra.
Okay, hang on.
[horse whinnies]
[Cem sighs]
[gently suspenseful music plays]
There's a key in the door. It won't open.
[Funda] Oh, God.
- Leyla!
- [Feyyaz] Someone call her.
[Esra] Leyla, are you all right, honey?
[Funda gasps]
[Esra] Leyla?
What about your dress?
This one's more suited to me.
It's like me, you know?
Torn up in spots.
Damaged to hell.
[man 1 in distance] Leyla!
- [Can] Let's go.
- [Funda] One second.
[man 1] Leyla!
Leyla, what makes you say those things?
- [glass shatters]
- What's going on?
[man 1] Showing up here,
you got some nerve.
[man 2] Let's all try to calm down.
[man 1] Where's Leyla?
[man 2] I think she can explain.
[sighs heavily]
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
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