Thank You, Next (2024) s01e06 Episode Script


[man] How are you?
[Leyla sighs] How am I?
I'm a big mess. [chuckles]
[spacey, lonesome music plays]
But when people ask, I say I'm fine.
'Cause it's hard to answer that question
even for myself.
I've been overwhelmed
trying to, like, find the right thing.
Even if the right thing exists,
I wouldn't know.
I couldn't find it.
I just want to be happy.
[trunk opens]
I want to shake off
this feeling of being stuck.
[gently suspenseful music plays]
[sweeping emotional classical music plays]
That's why I avoid these questions.
Because I'm scared
of what I may end up sharing.
[shower running]
"How are you?" [scoffs]
I'm running away.
That's what I'll say.
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
[Cem] Leyla!
[sighs restlessly]
I'm constantly feeling on edge.
Waiting for the next mistake.
Because, somehow, failure
always manages to find me.
There's this guy, for instance.
I mean [sighs]
It's not what you think.
It wasn't like that.
Like, nothing happened.
[ringtone plays on cell phone]
Because I got scared.
- Is she coming, Murat?
- She's right there.
- Where did you go?
- I'm here now.
[gentle acoustic guitar music plays]
[van door closes]
[engine starts]
[Leyla] And from the moment I met him,
he really irritated me.
The guy had so many red flags.
So, it was easy to know
that he wouldn't be good for me.
[doorbell rings]
He'll shout from a mile away, and say,
"I will eventually hurt you."
"I'm a big narcissist.
My ego reaches the clouds."
"I'm deceitful."
"I'm arrogant. I'm jealous."
Those red flags say,
"I'm used to getting what I want."
Yes, but?
There are no buts.
It was merely this enticing attraction.
It was something that could be dealt with.
I didn't want to know him
on a deeper level.
Once you know his type,
you avoid getting attached at all costs.
If you were to see
their weaknesses and flaws,
would you still desire them so strongly?
I don't think so.
A relationship should be consistent.
I believe that's what matters the most.
You must share the same problems
with your partner.
Share the same aspirations.
I don't have anything in common with him.
[Leyla chuckles]
I actually figured him out
on the very first day.
He is problematic.
He's gone through three marriages
and divorces.
And they all continue
to be part of his life.
His first wife, second wife, third wife,
they're always in his life.
The guy is truly a collector.
I don't
wanna end up like those other women.
I just can't.
Something like that is simply impossible.
I must have completely lost my mind
to end up as his fourth victim.
That's why I won't get involved with him,
or pursue a relationship.
Guys with narcissistic traits like him
could effortlessly manipulate
their victim.
And just like that, you'd be sucked in.
He'll be able captivate you,
and you'll fall to such an extent
that, before you know it,
you'll find yourself
in front of the wedding officiant.
What comes next is
Your marriage.
No, divorce.
The relationships
around me are all the same.
They always begin passionately.
[sad music plays]
They're filled with many promises
and hasty words of commitment.
Those who are less secure
tend to be the loudest.
"I do, from now until eternity."
"I do, until death do us part."
So, then what?
What exactly happens
after the honeymoon phase
that causes them
to get irritated with each other?
And also start being deceitful?
You know those classic love stories
that we all heard as kids?
- [arguing indistinctly]
- Well, they don't actually exist.
Because none of them
are even remotely close to reality.
[sighs] How is it possible for everyone
to succumb to that same obvious trap?
I don't know.
People get married
to be closer with each other.
But as soon as they get married,
they begin to grow apart.
[captivating club music plays]
None of them are authentic or sincere.
It seems like they have concealed
every wrinkle with plastic surgery.
The world is full of artificial people
with wrinkled interiors
and Botoxed exteriors.
[Funda] Gosh. Couldn't you have worn
a costume that was a bit more cheerful?
I've had the chance
to observe every guy in here.
But no one, even when combined,
seems to measure up to Ömer.
I'm beginning to realize this
more and more.
That's enough, love.
Hear me out, all right.
Exes can't come back.
What do philosophers say?
"Thank you, next."
[man] Funda.
[gasps] Darling!
We're all simply chasing an illusion
in order to avoid saying
that we were wrong.
What about black, or No.
I think you should get this satin one
in nude. It's sexier, huh?
Hmm. Maybe we can see the satin set
in both nude and black colors.
- [Sarp and Funda continue]
- We detach from ourselves.
So as not to be alone.
We then label the relationship
as long-term.
It's a drawn-out dying process,
and nothing more.
Darling, why are you talking about death?
You've only started seeing each other
two weeks ago.
Did you invite him to the party?
Can we finally meet him?
Of course, I didn't invite him.
It's only been two weeks,
so why would he meet you guys?
It would just be in vain.
Oh. Have you at least gotten
a gift for him?
Buy a book or something small like that.
What if he gives you one but
[Leyla] I'm so scared
that I'll settle for something subpar.
- Yeah.
- [Ömer] No rush.
[Leyla] I'm afraid that one day
Thank you so much.
[Leyla] I'll look at my reflection,
and realize the spark in my eyes is gone.
Ripped apart in a blink of an eye
by choices I was completely certain about.
I'm scared of regret.
[Esra exclaims]
- Hey, let's go!
- Ten! Nine!
[all] Eight! Seven!
Six! Five!
[Leyla] I'd rather avoid making promises.
I don't want to take responsibility.
I'll make love with everyone I meet
and then I'll just vanish.
This is how relationships are built.
[upbeat disco music plays]
You see?
There are guys who disappear
without even sending a simple text.
That's what my friends
have always told me.
And women don't go after them, of course.
So, that leaves loneliness
[sighs sadly]
as our only viable alternative.
I miss the time of the pandemic.
Miss the pandemic or Ömer?
No, I don't think that was it.
Everything was different
during the pandemic.
It was like everyone sought
shelter in each other.
As if the end of the world was nearing.
Ömer moved in with you
during the time of the pandemic.
- [man plays guitar in distance]
- [both laugh]
- [Ömer] He's good.
- [Leyla] Whoo!
Bravo! Bravo!
[Leyla laughs]
[laughs] He's stunned.
- [tender music plays]
- Okay, who's going to cook?
[Leyla] A person's reality can shift
based on the circumstances
of their situation.
During that time, we feared
that our hopes and dreams might disappear.
[chuckles] And never return.
Everything was so different
at the beginning.
The whole world was focusing
on resolving a single problem.
Everyone was afraid of the same thing.
We fought against a common enemy,
and that was encouraging.
[Ömer breathes hoarsely]
- [sobbing] Leyla?
- My love.
- I love you so much.
- Oh!
[chuckles] What did you dream about?
To be honest, it felt so realistic.
- [sighs sadly]
- Did I die?
It was your wedding.
[sniffles] You wore your granny's dress,
the one you've always mentioned.
And my hair? Did I let my hair down?
You did.
And Sarp was next to you.
No way!
What made it worse
is that I was your witness.
You should've seen my mouth disappear
every time I tried to speak up.
Then, baby, you looked at me and shouted,
"I do, till death do us part!"
No, but Ömer,
maybe I get to say "I do" to you instead.
I don't want to marry to him.
- Really?
- Of course!
- [chuckles]
- Then what?
[sighs heavily]
You guys kissed.
It was awful, I cried a lot.
[exhales heavily] I got so mad.
That asshole.
Aww, Ömer. [chuckles]
Please stop crying, my love.
It hurts me to see you in tears.
Did that fool Sarp
snatch me away from you?
[both laugh]
I think I must have lost my memory.
How else could I have left you?
[breathes hoarsely]
- I'll tell you what.
- Hmm?
Will you marry me?
So someone like Sarp won't take me away?
No, I'm being serious. Will you marry me?
All right.
Are you kidding me?
- [laughs]
- Yes! [groans]
[coughs and laughs]
Are we actually engaged now?
I need to call my parents right now
and tell them.
The pandemic ends, and so does the dream.
[lonesome music plays]
I know that under normal circumstances,
we would not have made
certain choices just like that,
but at the time, I was still contemplating
our idea of possibly living together.
And before I knew it,
he was already moving in.
Everyone has their own habits
and routines,
but there's a limit to what we can endure.
Passing beyond that
makes things unpleasant.
And when there's only one bathroom
in the apartment,
there's no more room for romance at all.
[laughs] A relationship deals with
accepting everything about your partner.
Only you and Mom can make it work.
And nobody else.
[chuckles fondly]
You have
honestly, set the bar extremely high
for my future boyfriends.
[father sighs]
Are you still deeply in love with her?
It's hard to find the perfect words
to describe our love.
[laughs] Oh, Dad! You guys are amazing!
[both laugh]
- You know what?
- Hmm?
I'm happy we could discuss
what was bothering you.
- I have spoken for a while now.
- Hmm.
Single chit-chatting.
Let's go join them outside.
We're here.
- Ah!
- [Leyla] Buddy, my love!
[Buddy pants happily]
Hmm. Did you finish talking
behind my back?
No, we couldn't start talking about you.
- It took that long?
- Yes, it did.
Okay, it's time for dinner.
The table's set.
All right, we'll be right there.
So, I heard we'd be having a guest soon.
Are you sure? Friend?
Are you kidding me?
No, I'm not. Your uncle invited me.
[father] You can put these on the table.
[mother] Okay, dear.
- Hello, Mr. Cem.
- How are you?
I'll take these.
- Cem, welcome.
- Hello. I haven't come late, have I?
Of course not.
You're right on time once again.
Could that be the famous serial killer?
[Can] Don't mention it. Glad you came.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you, I appreciate it.
Reyhan, dear, Mahir, dear.
Meet our guest, Cem Murathan.
He's our neighbor and one of our clients.
My sister, Reyhan Taylan.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Likewise.
- Thank you.
- [Can] And her husband, Mahir.
- Mr. Mahir.
- Nice to meet you.
- We actually met each other before.
- That right?
Yeah. I met you quite a long time ago,
so I'm happy I was able to come.
Why didn't you tell me about this?
- Uh
- [Reyhan chuckles awkwardly]
- This way.
- Go ahead.
Can, look at these bottles
from the auction.
They're all '72s. That's your birth year.
It really is a great gift.
Thank you very much, Cem.
- You didn't have to get me anything.
- No problem.
I'm glad you liked it.
[Reyhan chuckles]
- [Somer] Cheers, everyone.
- [Can] Enjoy, everyone.
[Somer] Mmm.
Mmm! My gosh, this is incredible.
Come, drink some, Mahir.
So you can taste it.
[sighs] I stay away from alcohol nowadays.
My stomach just doesn't tolerate it
any longer.
- My serving can be for my wife to enjoy.
- I would gladly take it from him.
[men chuckle]
So, could you pick up
where we left off, Cem?
Tell us more about how you and my dad
were able to meet each other.
Hmm. Oh, that's right.
Uh, you said that we had met before.
It was at a symposium held in Milan.
I was studying architecture at the time.
You were excited to work
on your latest project.
It was in '09.
Yeah, it was 2009.
You had explained
the psychology of buildings.
But you were describing it
as if you were referring
to a woman you loved.
Yes, I remember. Uh, hmm.
I don't remember Milan.
No, my love, you wouldn't,
since you were living
with your uncle that year.
You're right, that takes me back
to our very first summer.
My poor heart couldn't keep up with you.
You were an active little kid
who always ran all over the house,
never slowing down.
I was basically your nanny.
[scattered laughs]
And what project was that, Dad?
Uh, I never completed that one
because so many things
continued to go wrong.
Hmm. Oh, I see.
It's a shame.
Honestly, the, uh [sniffs] project
was never finished,
uh, because it was quite challenging.
It was only promising on paper.
So then, uh, Reyhan took a job in Tokyo,
and we moved there.
[sighs] I've always given you the option
to decide whether to go or not.
You could have stayed.
How was I supposed to endure
your absence for so long, love?
[chuckles] You guys clearly have
some stories to share.
[Reyhan] Ah! Yes, a story!
We all have stories to share.
They're all around us.
Our life is a story, isn't it, my love?
- [both laugh]
- Then, a toast to our stories.
[laughs] Cheers.
[all cheers]
[joyful samba music plays]
[guests laugh]
[Reyhan] Aw!
[all exclaim and cheer]
[dialogue fades]
Thank you. Thank you.
[dialogue continues indistinctly]
Come on, don't tell everyone.
I'll blow these out, and that'll be it.
[all cheer]
Thank you all for coming. Cheers.
- Cheers.
- [Can] Drink up!
You've been quiet today.
I don't think so.
[chuckles dryly]
Can we take a walk? I want to talk to you.
Don't worry about the book
that was written.
Our plan is to prevent Ms. Tuba
from officially printing it.
This week, we'll issue a legal notice
to the publishing house.
It wasn't that,
but thanks a lot for helping out.
Your secrets will continue
to be safe with you.
So you can rest easy.
I suppose one secret
was revealed to us tonight.
How come you never said anything
about knowing my dad?
That's right, afterward,
we didn't get to talk much.
You weren't there.
[wistful music plays]
And you were hurt.
I know.
No, you're wrong. I wasn't hurt at all.
I would only be hurting
if I had cared for you.
But I don't harbor
any thoughts of you at all.
And to be frank, I couldn't care less
whether you are around or not.
So, yeah.
I think, um, it's good
that we haven't wasted each other's time.
I'm honestly grateful.
I admit, I got curious
about the attraction between us.
Now, we won't be left wondering.
Um, so that's it.
It wasn't some extraordinary thing.
But a short tryst.
That's why, uh, everything is good.
I won't, um
be devastated. Um, I'll be perfectly fine.
[musical arrangement turns anxious]
You know what? I think I'm done
talking about this with you.
My parents probably need my help.
[anxious music intensifies]
[cell phone chimes]
- [Reyhan] Stop being a hypocrite.
- [Mahir] I'm not the hypocrite.
You're the professional liar.
That's your job, isn't it?
[Reyhan] You love to play the hero
when Leyla's around,
and you don't realize
the damage you've caused.
I've been silent because that is
what you wanted me to do.
I'm okay with exposing our mess.
Then tell her
that you are also a Casanova.
Besides, your father's debt
led you to change your last name.
And what makes you think
I won't let her know?
Be honest and say why you don't drink.
Explain that you went to rehab.
How could you lie to her?
Tell her you cheated on me
with that bitch.
She talks about some bar you've set.
Why don't you show her
just how low that bar could go?
- [plate shatters]
- [melancholic music plays]
You both lied.
Now I know the farce is over.
That is our harsh reality, love.
Hold on. Did you find out
what happened to them in 2009?
My dad had an affair
with one of his female coworkers.
- [Esra] Oh!
- Oh, he did?
So, he told my mom
after feeling remorseful.
He made a rookie mistake.
And she went to Tokyo afterward.
Honestly, she ran off.
- Of course, she would do that.
- I know.
I would have crushed his balls
before he had the chance to leave.
- [Beliz laughs]
- Ruthlessly.
- [Funda laughs]
- [Murat] All right.
[clears throat] Interesting picture.
What did your dad do?
What was the logical thing to do?
My dad left his job and went after her.
And you lived with your uncle
to not get caught
between their disputes, right?
I think
that they couldn't get over that incident.
My dad continues to feel guilty,
and Mom is still so furious.
Besides, even the slightest disturbance
can result in high tensions.
Yet they've been together for a long time.
- They could have just left one another.
- [Esra] Hmm.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Maybe I was the reason
why they stayed together.
I don't see any other explanation.
- [Funda] Aww! I don't think so.
- [Esra] No.
I think that my dad
kept his head down
because he didn't want to let me down.
And it isn't surprising
that my mom doesn't like to fail.
She would rather die
than to end her marriage.
- [phone chimes]
- Hmm.
- Guess who just texted me.
- Hmm, that's your mom?
- [Funda laughs]
- [Murat grunts softly]
"Leyla, dear.
We'll be heading back this Wednesday."
"We'd love to see you before we leave."
"You should let us know
when's the best time to meet."
"So we'll see you soon.
We love you. We'll see you soon."
- Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
- [Esra laughs]
Don't you see?
They still act like everything's fine.
Because they continue to be very prideful.
Love, just forget about it,
for crying out loud.
You know, bringing it up
is like beating a dead horse. Huh?
[Murat] Oh, my God.
Don't keep dragging it out.
They could do whatever they want,
it's their lives.
- [phone rings]
- Sarp, I think your mom's calling.
A-ha. It's now my mom's turn
to give me a call.
- [Esra] Want some salad?
- Excuse me.
- [Leyla] Hmm.
- Mom, how are you?
[Leyla] Thank you.
- In which clinic?
- Did he say "clinic"?
All right, Mom, I'll be there soon.
What is it, Sarp?
Uh my dad had a heart attack
and is in intensive care.
- [all exclaim]
- [Murat] Let's go.
[tense music plays]
- Um, before we go, do I cover anything?
- Huh? I don't think so. Wait.
[Leyla] Life truly is a game.
First, you think you have multiple lives,
but then you realize, you didn't have any.
And when you think the game is over,
bing! You're given another life.
[door closes]
Just when you're about to rebel,
life reminds you of the end
you thought would never come.
["Dünya Dursun"
by Can Ozan & Dilan Balkay plays]
Those endless fights
suddenly seem childish.
And you feel ashamed
of the minute problems
that once seemed so big.
When the heart lacks oxygen,
you experience a sharp, stinging pain.
That discomfort warns you
about the heart attack.
It appears that pain
is necessary for our survival.
[Mahir] Angina pectoris.
Did you know that, medically,
that pain is called angina pectoris?
- I didn't know that.
- Oh, too bad.
"Not arteriosclerosis,
nor nicotine, nor prison,
and that's the reason, my dear doctor,
why I have angina pectoris."
Nâzım Hikmet.
This is what he used to seduce you, right?
With lyrics and sonnets.
Every Wednesday, I would meet him
at this bench at two o'clock.
Mahir took the bus
from his university at ITU to come here,
and I would come after my lecture.
[chuckles fondly]
He would never forget
to go to our favorite place
and buy us sandwiches.
Oh! It'd be a picnic.
- Light on the sauce.
- Lots of pickles too.
- They were hot dogs.
- You're right! They weren't sandwiches.
[all laugh]
- Never changes.
- Then we'd sit here enjoying the company.
We'd read poems and also books.
Sometimes we'd argue
over the films we'd seen.
[Mahir chuckles]
- And always end up laughing.
- [both laugh]
That's how I've seen you guys.
Before this, you
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
I know what you're going to say.
Stop thinking there is a set bar,
all right?
Because a relationship doesn't have one.
It's just about compromise,
and understanding each other.
Having patience.
And also forgiveness.
[tender music plays]
Mmm, having patience.
And also forgiveness.
Leyla, dear,
it's possible to lose interest
in the person
you'll later decide to be with.
You could get distracted,
you could even feel lost,
at any point in your relationship.
And also a bit neglected by them.
It's not easy to love someone.
And it's even harder to love someone
despite their flaws.
[laughs] You ever know
anyone who's flawless?
Who's perfect? Come on. Show me, huh?
[chuckles fondly]
Everything we've
experienced in the last 40 years
has been real.
- Mm-hmm.
- We've accepted this about ourselves.
We don't see this as a game.
It's also not a show.
And we're still together.
Because our love proved to be much greater
than any of our shortcomings.
We're friends.
- We're lovers.
- We're lovers.
My love.
My sweetheart.
Oh, my dear girl.
["Benimle Oynar Mısın?" by Kalben plays]
[Leyla] Dear Ömer,
it breaks my heart that we haven't spoken
to each other
in the past couple of months.
And I understand why.
You're keeping your distance from me
out of respect for your girlfriend.
You're right. It's only fair.
But when I can't talk to you,
the words build up inside me.
So instead of waiting
for the perfect moment,
I decided to write to you.
I've gone through so many things lately.
For example, I got reacquainted
with my parents.
My dad dropped his hero facade
and was vulnerable with me.
Mom showed me her scars
for the first time.
Turns out they're just like everyone else.
[chuckles sadly]
Can you believe it?
[gentle music plays]
That helped me pull myself together.
I created a rundown of my recent years.
And I realized that I made
so many assumptions.
Here, eat some of this.
I never asked, I only assumed.
I never listened,
I just said what was on my mind.
I never understood, I only judged.
And worst of all,
I never fixed my broken pieces.
I just left them lying there.
But they call out to me.
- You see, I'm still at ground zero
- [doorbell rings]
wandering through the wreckage.
I realized I was also to blame
for the damage we left behind.
- Ömer just dropped him off.
- [Buddy pants]
- Thank you, Mr. Dursun.
- You're welcome.
I understand that having
the last word doesn't matter.
And that victories and defeats
are both poisonous to a relationship.
[sweeping melancholic music plays]
[ringtone plays on phone]
[exhales heavily]
When you lose someone,
pain can cloud your mind.
But eventually, it slowly dawns on you.
First, your anger becomes regret,
then understanding.
And finally, longing.
Nothing is worth deliberately losing
someone you love.
I'm well aware of that now.
My dear Ömer,
you're incredibly precious to me.
[imam] Let us pray for Suleiman's soul.
[Leyla] You're both my best friend
and the one I've always loved,
and will always love.
Regardless of what happens to us,
or who we may meet,
I don't want to lose you.
I just wanted you to know.
- Thank you.
- So Buddy could stay with me?
You'll be busy helping Sarp.
I can keep him for a week. Okay?
- All right, sounds good.
- Okay.
- [car door closes]
- [engine turns off]
[lock clicks]
- Buddy! Come on, boy, you're leaving.
- Aw.
[Buddy pants happily]
[Leyla sighs]
[keys jingle softly]
- Oh, come over here!
- Do you want some coffee?
No, thanks, I'm good.
By the way, I, uh, bought these yesterday.
They were cheaper and smell nice.
Oh. [sniffs]
I really appreciated your letter.
I read it several times.
You should have thrown it away.
You can get into trouble.
I really won't.
I don't have anyone anymore.
Really? Then it's over?
Yeah, it is. Because
you're also very precious to me.
[romantic music plays]
My most precious person.
It's like having a photo negative of you.
Because I can't share it,
or have it copied.
You can't duplicate it.
[sighs happily]
[Ömer] Oh, Buddy's waiting.
[both laugh]
- Oh, no.
- Oh, God.
I'm coming, boy. I won't make you wait.
- Aww.
- [panting happily]
[Ömer] Aww.
Okay, let's go.
[vehicle approaching]
[gently suspenseful music plays]
- Where's Leyla?
- [Murat] I think she can explain.
[Ömer] There's nothing more to say.
- [grunts]
- [all] No, Ömer!
- You won't get away with this!
- [Murat] No! Stop it, don't!
I'll fucking kill you!
[Reyhan] Please, just stop!
[Ömer] I will end you!
- [Murat] Stop!
- [Reyhan] That's enough.
[sweeping classical music plays]
I won't accept your lies anymore.
You really are despicable.
Ömer, want to play another game with me?
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
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