Thank You, Next (2024) s01e07 Episode Script


- Champagne ♪
- I love it ♪
- Living in the fast lane ♪
- I love it ♪
- Cash game ♪
- I love it ♪
- Million-dollar campaign ♪
- I love it, love it ♪
- Yacht club ♪
- I love it ♪
- Bubbly in a hot tub ♪
- I love it ♪
- Money, we got lots of ♪
- I love it ♪
- I always get what I want and you know ♪
- I love it ♪
[club music continues playing]
[Defne] He sent him some messages.
What kind of messages has he been sending?
He sent all these photos
of you two together,
saying, "This is my family album."
So this must be why Cem ran away.
All because of Ömer?
Leyla, come on.
The only reason you haven't heard from Cem
is he's stuck in London.
- Leyla, what's going on?
- Hang on, Mom, just a second.
I need to speak with Cem Murathan.
Leyla, honey
I know! You have something
to say about it, I know.
[automated voice] The person
you are calling is not available. Please
- Is it almost time for Edis? Go check!
- [Esra] Okay, let's see.
- Let's go get her. Leyla!
- Leyla!
- Hurry up, come on.
- Come on!
We did so much work on this!
Okay, hold on.
- [Reyhan] Leyla, dear.
- [Leyla grunts]
Let's go.
[Funda] Whoo!
It's the moment all of you are waiting on.
Let's set down our glasses, please,
and put your eyes up here.
[Funda] Leyla,
we wish you a lifetime of happiness,
but this wedding gift is yours alone.
["Martılar" by Edis plays]
[crowd cheers]
- [Edis continues singing "Martılar"]
- [screaming]
[Funda screams]
Leyla! Say something to Murat!
["Zar Zor" by KÖFN plays]
[dialogue inaudible]
[gasps happily]
So, did you and that ex come
on vacations to Çeşme as well?
- Are we doing this again?
- Never.
- I was just wondering, that's all.
- Stop wondering.
- [waiter] These are on the house.
- [Leyla] Ah.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you very much.
It's nice to see you
back again, Ms. Leyla.
Thank you, it's good to see you too.
Okay, okay, VIP. Who'd you bring here?
I thought we left this in the past.
If you really want to get into it,
though, I may have a few notes as well.
Well, I mean, we don't all lead
such colorful lives like you do.
What was it?
"Dump the ex, find the next."
"Kiss first, then meet,
take him on a date."
"Have your a-chef-tion."
Something like that, wasn't it?
That happened after we broke up.
Not like you, darling Ömer,
and your lady friend.
[Sarp] Hey, look at that.
Are they fighting?
- Where?
- Are you sure? Where?
We were still together
when you two hooked up.
Then you were with her
for one-and-a-half years,
18 months exactly.
Never mind. Mmm, dropping it, dropping it!
I won't bring it up again, I promise.
Maybe we should just talk about it,
get it all out in the open.
- Be done with it.
- Ömer, I'm begging you.
The mood was so nice
until just now, please.
No, no, let's just talk.
We're not gonna be able to stop this.
Babe, can you try to stop this?
[Sarp] Let me capture this.
Let me take a photo of you.
- [Murat] Great idea.
- [Sarp] Smile. Yeah, that's it.
- Can you smile?
- Cheese! Good, good. Look up.
[all exclaim approvingly]
- Magnifique.
- Gorgeous.
Okay, get one with all of us.
- That's fun! Kerem! Come on.
- Everyone, let's get in the light.
- Let me fix my hair.
- [Funda] Get over here!
Okay, this one? This photo's caption
is "Make love, not war."
You got us out of the danger zone, Sarp.
Nice work.
- Whoa!
- [Funda] Oh, hey, good timing.
Murat, you're double-fisting?
What are you, 20?
[all cheers]
- Esra, it's all for you, my love.
- Do you have a drink? Hey, babe?
- Oh, you're still working on that one?
- Man, I really don't get you guys.
You're all so involved
in each other's lives.
- This is who I am and who my friends are.
- Don't, Funda. Stop it.
I'm not into that kinda shit.
- [Esra laughs]
- [Murat] So hot!
[laughs] Why can't you just relax
a little? Let's go!
[friends chatter indistinctly]
Let's go to the water.
Everything has to be a group activity.
- Can't I just do my own thing?
- Quick dip in the ocean. Let's go!
- Let's go, let's go!
- Stop it. I'm not up for this.
- Stop!
- Kerem, let's go!
[laughs] Come on!
[all cheer and laugh]
[Ömer] Hurry, hurry, hurry!
- [all laugh and exclaim]
- [splashing]
[Sarp] Hey! Whoa!
[Murat] Come on! Jump in!
- [Sarp] Wow! Hey, uh
- [Funda] You look great.
- [Ömer] That was Sarp.
- [Funda] Who's paying?
[Murat in sing-song] Pay my drink bill!
- [Kerem laughs] Stop, stop!
- [all laugh]
[Leyla and Esra vocalizing]
- You
- I could do a belly dance tonight!
[Leyla laughs] Please do!
- [Ömer] Do it.
- You want that?
- [Leyla] Please do it!
- [Funda] You should!
- [Esra] Anything for my hubby.
- [all laugh]
But never mind that,
are we swimming tonight, huh?
- [Leyla] For sure!
- [Esra] You don't sound committed.
And I have an idea to make sure
we don't get cold.
- Huh?
- What was the name of that game again?
The ping-pong ball,
you throw it in the cup
[screams] Tequila pong!
Tequila pong! We have to!
[Sarp] No way!
Leyla, why don't we just drink it?
[Esra] I'd prefer for my prey
to be alive tonight. Did I mention that?
[Leyla] Come on!
- [Murat] Esra!
- No, no, no, wait! Listen up, listen up!
Truth or Consequence!
Shh! That's a bad idea.
Why is it a bad idea?
- Yeah!
- We could play anything else.
[women] Consequence! Consequence!
- [Ömer] Okay, I'll go. I volunteer.
- I'm up first?
Okay, start with me. I'm not worried.
- [Sarp] Okay.
- [Ömer] Truth. Go.
[Sarp] Have you ever cheated on Leyla?
- [Esra scoffs]
- [Sarp vocalizes ominous melody]
[Murat] Huh. One second, sorry.
Just grabbing this.
Sarp. Sarp!
Is there any limit to your stupidity?
[Beliz] Seriously, that's where
you start things?
- This is the nature of the game!
- You proud of that, Sarp? You happy now?
What can I do? You know what I mean?
[tender music plays]
- [man 1] Oh, Ömer is here.
- [man 2] Welcome.
- This spot is amazing, man.
- [man 1] Come here.
Bring it in, dude. Welcome.
- All the broken ones are here. Come on.
- [Ömer laughs] Right?
- What's up, man? Ömer.
- I'm a mess, brother.
[both grunt happily]
- Balım, come here.
- Hey. How's it going, man?
[man] This is my childhood friend
I've been talking about.
Balım and I go back to high school.
- [laughs]
- We already know each other.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You really had no idea
Balım was going to be on the trip?
How would I? We'd barely spoken.
To me, Balim was just Buddy's vet,
that's it.
[chuckles dryly] She's not Buddy's vet.
She's an assistant.
But okay, then, if you say so, Ömer.
You remember our old vet moved
to Bodrum during the pandemic
and then we had to find a new one.
I remember that, yeah. Okay.
You didn't know she and Sinan
were friends back in school?
Baby, I swear on Buddy's life,
I had no idea.
Buddy stays out of this part.
So then?
[intriguing music plays]
- No way.
- Crazy.
- Buddy is one of my favorites.
- [Sinan] What are the chances?
- How are you?
- Good.
Nice to see you.
[chuckles awkwardly] Sure.
[Leyla] Okay, all right. All right,
skip this part. Get to the real stuff.
How did you two get
so friendly all of a sudden?
She and her guy had also broken up.
What do you mean "also"?
We hadn't broken up yet, Ömer.
Can I please keep telling the story?
Okay, I'm sorry, you can keep going.
But we hadn't broken up yet,
so tell the story right.
her four-year relationship had just ended.
I woke up one morning
and just wanted to run and run.
[Ömer] She told me about how she felt
worn down in the relationship,
how she'd lost her confidence in it.
Stuff like that.
Pretty familiar territory.
While she talked about it,
I told her about myself.
But you couldn't just leave?
Not at first.
What's the matter?
I don't think I'm happy.
I feel
[inhales sharply]exhausted.
I know.
Oh, my God. She was a predator
in the deep forest.
I'm serious, let me finish.
[inhales sharply] Explain all you want.
Just how could you not see
that this was a trap, Ömer?
When it was right there in front of you?
She spotted you from afar
and picked you out.
She baited you with her story.
You don't have to be fine.
[Ömer] I don't think
it was a calculated move
just to bang or anything.
[voice breaks] Thank you.
I'm not sure.
It was nice to be desirable.
I'd forgotten what it was like
to feel wanted.
I think she felt that too.
And things took off from there.
The same night, huh?
That same night, you cheated on me, Ömer.
"Took off from there."
We couldn't keep kidding ourselves.
[Leyla sighs]
Our relationship was done.
Come on.
Can't be serious, Ömer.
Remember the evening
when I proposed to you?
That was That was our turning point.
Nice, nice, keep going.
I'd love to hear all the stories
that you'll make up about yourself
just to justify sleeping around.
It's not a story, I went through this.
This is what I experienced.
Remember, things were good at one point.
Weren't they?
Then the pandemic happened.
Losing my job, then moving to your place.
We shouldn't have moved so fast.
Oh, so it's my fault we broke up.
Of course not. It's not your fault.
It's just that
it wasn't time yet, for us.
[ethereal sentimental music plays]
It couldn't have been easy.
Suddenly, I'm there
like some foreign entity that's invaded.
Make sense?
I thought about that
after the fact as well.
It all quickly got super messed up
between us, didn't it?
Moving in was inevitable,
it was just the timing.
Timing wasn't great.
But I still would've proposed eventually.
I just needed
to get my shit together first.
You supported both of us.
Meanwhile, I got a loan from my folks.
When that was the situation
couldn't get it up, you know?
[both chuckle]
It was kinda humiliating.
[both laugh]
- No libido left.
- Yeah.
Your bad moods certainly made sense.
You were justified.
I was unhappy.
I know, babe.
It was obvious.
But I felt insufficient, I guess.
I didn't know what I could do differently.
I began withdrawing from you.
And then we stopped talking,
so I withdrew more.
And then you were even more distant,
and it went on and on.
- On and on to the forest. Right, Ömer?
- [chuckles]
Okay, I'm not telling you anything else.
- Wait, wait, hold on!
- Come on.
Let me ask you one thing.
Balım, what happened there?
[musical arrangement turns cheerful]
You never ended for me.
That's what happened.
Let's stop keeping secrets
from each other.
I can agree with that.
Before you get sick of this, anyway.
[chuckles] What are you doing?
- No, Ömer, it's too cold. Come back!
- I'll keep you warm. Come on!
[Leyla laughs]
That's why my ears were burning
this weekend.
I wondered who was talking about me.
We definitely talked about you.
[mellow jazzy music plays]
Nothing else was left unsaid.
So, you've set the table again.
That's good. A reset can be a good thing.
[Leyla sighs]
What's wrong?
I'm fine. Don't worry about it.
- I guess I ate too much of your menu.
- [chuckles]
But this is exquisite, chef.
- [Feyyaz] Mmm.
- Mmm!
Please, enjoy.
You're amazing at this stuff.
[chuckles] I am
officially and completely
under your command.
- Wish you the best.
- [laughs] Thanks.
Okay, now that
we have attorney-client privilege,
- Mm-hmm. [chuckles]
- tell me about Defne all ready.
She's good.
[laughs bashfully]
Chef, what's that smile?
Your eyes sparkled
once you heard her name.
- [laughs]
- Chef, tell the truth, are you in love?
You left a hole and, um, Defne snuck in.
I've never seen you this happy.
Looks good on you.
I am. I'm really doing great.
That's great to hear.
Does Cem Murathan have anything to say?
I don't happen to really mind if he does.
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes repeatedly]
Sorry, I have to take this.
- [phone beeps]
- Ömer?
[Ömer] Do you like it?
What am I looking at?
Sinan found this place, I might rent it.
What do you think?
Four bedrooms, two bathrooms,
one guest bathroom.
There's a fireplace,
plus a garden, and a terrace.
- [gasps]
- And close to the city.
- It's gorgeous.
- That's nice.
- You need to move there right now.
- That's an awesome place.
One step at a time.
He didn't bother asking me
if I wanted to move in.
He just asked me if I like it.
Well, I don't think
he's there to take a shit.
- Sarp!
- [groans]
So, he's probably going
to ask you to move in.
Ah! The doc canceled again.
Anyone wanna take that bet?
I wasn't gonna say anything,
but what is up with that guy?
- Seriously!
- I made an effort last weekend.
[Leyla] We tolerated him.
[Esra] Okay, who cares about that wang?
Ömer's got the house. When is the ring?
- We're there now?
- What do you mean now?
They've been there for nine years, Murat.
Seven and a half years
plus the separation
adds up to nine years.
- Nine years!
- Nine years.
[Sarp] I bet you anything
he proposes on her birthday.
Shh, stop it! You know something.
What do you know?
No. If it were me, I'd give her
a ring for her 30th birthday.
- [exclaims]
- [Murat] We're already
- [Leyla] It's way too soon for that.
- [Sarp] Too soon? [scoffs]
- [gasps softly] Babe, what's wrong?
- [Leyla] Everything okay?
I'm getting really tired of this,
you know?
I swear to God,
I cannot deal with this guy.
He's so bizarre!
You mean Kerem?
- [Sarp chortles]
- Shh, shh.
Tonight, we were supposed
to finally have dinner with his parents.
Now, he has work!
- Well, what about the weekend, though?
- [Esra] Well Yeah.
They're supposedly going
to Izmir this weekend.
He always has excuses on excuses.
He works these night shifts
just to get out of introducing us.
He's avoiding me!
Leyla, where are we
with Tuba Tepelioğlu's book release?
Court granted a temporary injunction.
An expert's going over it.
She's opened up a photo exhibition.
- Huh?
- What?
Same title as the book,
Living With a Narcissist.
[Leyla] What?
- [Funda] Wow.
- Let me see, Leyla.
Cem Murathan know about this?
His phone's been off
and he wasn't at the hotel.
- Would you track him down?
- I'm on my way.
- [Can] Thank you.
- Okay. Beliz phone is being dialed.
Beliz is already at the crime scene, sir.
I'm going. We'll talk about this, Funda.
I should write a book
about being with a doctor man-child.
- [laughs]
- Not funny, Murat.
- [Funda] It's frustrating.
- [Sarp] Guys, on the phone.
- Go talk in the other room!
- [Murat] Go in another room!
[funky music plays]
- Psst.
- [gasps softly]
Do you have an aspirin or something?
Because I'm about to have
an actual heart attack.
I would ask you to try and calm down,
but that doesn't seem possible, so
They're only asking them
questions about Cem.
[Tuba] Narcissism is
What could Cem Murathan have done
to all these women that's so awful
they had to come after him like this?
A narcissist starts
with patterns of intense love,
showering his targets with affection.
[tense intriguing music plays]
He puts on a show and mesmerizes you
with passion until he has you.
And then it all stops. He draws back,
making the victim doubt themselves.
He is a master manipulator,
altering your reality,
making you feel inadequate.
[Nil] He never reveals his true self,
only showing as much as is convenient.
Most of all,
the narcissist fears public exposure.
He's afraid for his weaknesses
to get out there.
With this exhibition, we're saying
that the narcissist is exposed.
We can all see you!
These are for you. Congratulations.
[whispers] Ballsy.
[groovy music plays]
Hey, Leyla.
You totally turned that around.
What better way to show them
you're not that guy?
That single move was so powerful.
You turned this around.
- [laughs]
- [ringtone plays on cell phone]
Can Taylan is calling.
I forgot to call him.
Hello. Mr. Taylan?
- [clears throat]
- You're very quiet.
Yeah, well, still surprised.
Your response might have been
a bit too much.
You still don't know me well.
I know. That's why I plan
on buying that book.
Great move, by the way.
I guess you may have taken
the wind out of their sails a bit.
But did it say, "I'm not a narcissist"?
Not so much.
Ask me, all of this was a masterclass
in a narcissist's ego.
[clears throat]
You're still punishing me, aren't you?
[chuckles dryly]
With an immediate narcissist's response.
Denying your personal guilt,
and reversing it
to make the other feel guilty.
A typical attitude.
I'm just saying what you already know.
[clears throat] Just summing it all up.
- So you know.
- [phone chimes]
Pardon. [clears throat]
Mr. Taylan says hello.
Shall we go to the office together?
- Yeah, I'd be up for that.
- I won't be going, but thank you.
Ömer is picking me up soon.
- We're going to be house hunting.
- Super.
- See you later.
- See you.
See you.
- They're back together now.
- Really?
Mmm, yeah, for a while now.
It's been two months.
[Ömer sighs]
[sighs] Today has been quite a ride.
I've been running around all day.
And then this incident.
God, I'm exhausted.
I'm not surprised,
but Cem is a complete sociopath.
The man's incapable of contrition.
He could be Teflon-coated.
Everything goes over him,
nothing sticks to him.
Oh! Funda and Kerem broke up.
Did you hear?
- What?
- We didn't talk yet, I've been busy.
Does he know about me?
- Who?
- Cem, Cem Murathan.
I told him you were coming
to pick me up, but I'm not sure.
[engine starts]
[melancholic music plays]
This is the place.
[engine shuts off]
So, let me ask you something.
What are you asking me about?
Anything happen between you and Cem?
Ömer, you need to stop it.
You're being crazy. Pfft.
Oh, what is this about?
I thought this stuff was over.
I'm sorry, that was the last time.
[gentle bittersweet music plays]
I'd rather not fill
the place up with furniture.
Maybe a couch over there.
Get a TV in front of it.
And nothing that's too old. I know that.
See you tonight.
Drive safely, okay?
Come on, boy.
[sighs] Come on.
Let's go.
Maybe there's something special he's
waiting for before asking you to move in.
[all] Mmm.
[clicks tongue] It could be
that money is still a factor.
Wasn't that the case before?
He's doing okay right now.
Been going out on dates a lot.
Spending money on gifts.
- And the sex is good.
- Ah, shut up.
- [both kiss and knock wood]
- This girl is bad!
You're not in a hurry to get married,
though, that's a good thing.
- [phone rings]
- Ah, sorry.
- Back with Kerem?
- She's back with Kerem.
Hey, honey, we're here.
You should come over.
Oh. Okay, no problem.
See you at home, lovely.
- [clicks tongue]
- Don't bother, babe.
[both chuckle]
[Funda] Anyway, what was I saying? Oh.
So, it's not like you're rushing
into getting married.
- That's what you wanted, right?
- He can't help himself.
Where does he get all these women?
Is there a catalog just for him?
- "Him"?
- [Esra] Mmm.
[sighs happily]
[Esra clears throat]
Good evening. Nice night for it.
- Nice to see you. Uh
- [both chuckle awkwardly]
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- It's nice to meet Cem's friends.
- Thank you.
- [Esra] Have a nice night.
- Same.
- Enjoy the company.
- Enjoy yourselves.
[Esra laughs awkwardly]
What's going on, Leyla?
You're making things up now.
I can promise you, Cem Murathan
is the furthest thing from my mind.
- [Esra] Guilty conscience, maybe?
- What do I have to feel guilty about?
I I suppose I haven't told Ömer
about anything yet, but
[lighting crashes]
Wait. I didn't say anything
to you about him either.
[boat thuds heavily]
What the hell?
[magical musical flourish plays]
[romantic music plays]
I would like to talk about this issue.
Me and you have no issue.
Nothing to be discussed.
Why did you go back to him?
What did I do wrong?
This isn't about you.
I love him. [echoing]
[Cem] Truth
or consequences?
I don't want to play this game.
Ömer is who I love.
Yet you can't seem to stop
letting me into your head, Leyla.
[breath trembles]
[sparse, sanguine music plays]
[Buddy pants happily]
Buddy, get off of me. Go.
Over there. Go over there.
[ringtone plays on cell phone]
I'm going into a hearing.
Can I call you back later, babe?
[Ömer] I'll keep it short.
Let's have dinner tonight.
- Okay, who with?
- Just us.
- I booked us a table at Faberj.
- Faberj sounds amazing.
Yeah, I have something
to talk to you about.
Um, that'll be great.
Uh, I'll see you tonight, babe.
[mellow jazz music plays]
What's the occasion?
Just wait a moment.
That'll be fine.
Thank you so much.
That's good.
[Ömer grunts softly]
[sighs heavily]
- [Ömer chuckles softly]
- [mock sighs]
Since I managed to secure
that project with Queen N Crown,
Mr. Ahmet is asking if I'll be partner.
[both chuckle]
- Ömer, is this for real?
- I know!
Yeah! [chuckles]
You got the Queen N Crown project?
And partner? That's great!
This is incredible news!
Ömer, my love.
- Congratulations.
- [laughs]
[Ömer] Oh!
You're amazing.
That's such great news to hear.
We finally made it.
And you'll be partner!
Your talents are getting recognized.
A toast to me.
- Cheers to you.
- [laughs]
Congrats again, dude.
Yeah. Well done.
[Kerem] Congratulations.
[Ömer] It's really cool.
So, you know, I'm thinking
about buying the place.
Might talk to the landlord. Huh?
Well, you don't lack options.
You could buy this house, or one anywhere.
[Kerem] Let me know
if you're leaving your old place.
It's closer to work. Be good for me.
[Murat] Although, you know what?
Even if you start looking
a little bit outside of the city,
the prices change dramatically.
[Ömer] Hmm. Well, yeah.
Kinda makes sense. I could move easily.
I'll be working alone,
just drawing blueprints for a while.
So, commuting wouldn't be an issue.
Ah, damn.
If this place had a bigger yard,
I could make an annex
and be able to build an office space.
Buddy's happy with the yard here,
so I think he'd love that too.
I dunno.
It's really nice to have you all here.
- Of course.
- Anytime.
[Ömer and Sarp laugh]
He's moved into his own house now.
He's making a really good living
as partner.
What was that thing he said?
There's a right time for everything,
just gotta wait.
It's fine. I'm not upset or anything.
I also feel like we're not ready
for marriage just yet, but I'm not
I guess, lately, he seems to have changed.
They aren't all bad changes, though.
I must admit, he's been
more attentive than ever before
- [watch chimes]
- and giving a lot in our relationship.
She can't even criticize him, that's love.
- Good morning, kids.
- Good morning.
Good morning, Judas.
What's going on?
"You're not lacking for options, bro.
Go live in the sticks."
Whose friend are you really?
Be very careful.
You better choose your words carefully,
or you won't be getting a birthday gift.
My birthday is
on Monday, 12th June, Sherlock.
- [gasps]
- [Sarp chuckles]
Unless we're doing it this weekend?
- [Can] Wow, bravo. How does she do it?
- Nice going, Sarp.
In my defense, she would have known
once she saw the lake house.
[groans excitedly] Oh!
And everyone's going, right?
All of my favorite people?
Ömer organized it, as a surprise for you.
That's no problem,
I'll just wipe the memory clear.
- No problem.
- Eh?
First comes love, and then, eh? [kisses]
Stick that somewhere else.
[Can] Let's get our meeting started.
Sound good?
- [Leyla and Can] All right.
- Okay.
["Martılar" by Edis plays]
[dialogue inaudible]
Oh! Birthday cake's here!
- [Can] All right!
- [Funda] Oh, here it is.
- [Leyla] Gorgeous cake!
- Coming through.
- [Esra] That's right. You see the candles?
- [Can] Ah! Okay.
"Thirty, really?"
[all laugh]
- This is my hair, isn't it?
- [Ömer] Yes, it is!
[all laugh]
One more thing, one more thing.
I have a little surprise,
just one more gift for you.
- Can you get
- Yes!
- My love.
- Yes, Ömer?
I tried really hard.
I was going to get a hologram,
but I couldn't do it.
Even so
- Look. See?
- [Can] Oh, of course.
[laughs] Ah!
- Happy birthday, Leyla.
- Happy birthday, sweetie.
- Wow, it's Mom and Dad.
- [Mahir] Love you.
- Both of them! What a nice surprise.
- [Esra] Aw.
- You wanna say hi?
- How are you?
[Funda] Hi, Leyla's parents!
You guys sit here.
- All right.
- Mmm.
Now that you're both seated,
I'm going to try to blow out the candles.
- Go for it.
- Okay, yeah.
- [Funda] Make a wish!
- [laughs] Fine, I will.
[Esra and Leyla laugh]
That's it!
[women laugh]
[ethereal music plays]
Everything was so great, thank
you all for, um
But something was missing.
[romantic bossa nova music plays]
How about it?
[sighs happily]
[Ömer] Leyla.
[Ömer chuckles softly]
- [Ömer] Leyla.
- What?
Ömer, what are you up to wearing that?
Your breakfast is ready.
Come on, get up.
This is one way to wake up.
[growls playfully] Just get up.
- [groans]
- Okay, fine.
Get up now.
- Ömer!
- Come on, get up.
It's way too early for this.
Come on, come on. Breakfast.
[sighs heavily]
- [Ömer] Want some coffee?
- [grunts]
No, maybe just tea.
[Buddy pants happily]
Not in a good mood today?
Today's your birthday for real, though.
Psst. So happy birthday, my love.
The most beautiful woman.
Ömer, please, for God's sake.
We celebrated the whole weekend.
Isn't that enough?
Birthday embargo starts now.
What's going on?
Did I do something wrong?
Are you mad at me?
Why would you think that?
I'm not mad at you at all.
[breathes deeply]
I've just been feeling uneasy,
I don't know what's going on.
Maybe I should go back to my place.
Start packing.
Right, Bud?
Yeah, okay.
You go to your home.
What's going on?
Since the party, you've been distant
and won't talk to me.
[breathes deeply]
Okay. What is your plan with me?
Like, can I expect to be
Uh, are we just going back and forth
forever with our belongings?
Nomadic lifestyle,
just between two places?
And Buddy's been liking
your place more than here.
He wants to be there all the time.
So, let's do it.
[tender music plays]
We'll move in?
- Yeah.
- [clicks tongue]
I'm so glad we're ready
to talk about living together again.
I'm all set to go.
I thought you'd prefer
to wait a little bit.
Yeah, living together in this place
was hard, of course.
But, you know, it's
The new house is so nice.
[music stops]
I thought you might ask me to move in
before you moved there.
Hmm. What else you been thinking?
I'm distracting you. You gotta eat
your egg before it gets too cold.
Come on.
[tender music resumes playing]
- [chuckles]
- [gasps]
- [laughs]
- Truth or consequence?
- Consequence.
- Consequence.
I dare you to live with me.
I dare you to be our children's mother.
I dare us to grow old together.
[laughs] I do. I'd love that.
[Leyla exclaims]
[both laugh]
[Leyla] Ömer, would you like
to play a game with me?
[suspenseful music plays]
[chuckles, inhales sharply]
What is this about, Leyla? Hmm?
[chuckles] I was going to surprise you
at the wedding table.
But we're already dressed up here,
so we can just do this now.
Truth or consequence, Ömer?
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
That Showing up here,
you got some nerve!
I just need you to pick one for me.
You want to talk
about the truth to me? You?
[sweeping classical music plays]
Come on, Ömer.
Okay, truth.
[softly] Anything you'd like to confess?
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
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