Thank You, Next (2024) s01e08 Episode Script


["Bir Yaralı Kuştum"
by Gaye Su Akyol plays]
[Murat] Aslı.
- Aslı.
- [Sarp] Hmm?
Mmm. Mmm, actually, she was my first.
I thought she was incredibly cute,
you know?
Man, the only thing with her
was her pronunciation.
She would say, "buthy beaver." [laughs]
"Thelebrating." [laughs]
She was so cute. Where is she now?
I was younger than her,
so she's probably buried now.
[men laugh]
How old was she, huh?
I never found out, man,
but that girl was really nice.
This needs to be lit up.
Dude, come on, tell me the truth.
Don't you think
this shitty bachelor's party
could've been way better?
I wish we'd gone to Leyla's instead.
[mocking] "I wish we went
to Leyla's instead."
- [talks gibberish]
- [men laugh]
[cell phone vibrates]
[Sarp] Look, he passed out.
He drank too much.
[Esra] Say something to Murat.
Bro, why are you using your phone? [sighs]
[Murat] I was making sure my son was fine.
He said they were off-limits for tonight.
What the heck, man?
[Murat laughs]
[man] Ah, your wives got you all spooked.
- Here you go.
- Mmm.
Our phones are turned off.
- And we can't leave the house.
- [Sarp] Take it.
[Sinan] I wonder
where the guest of honor went.
- Ömer?
- Where'd you go?
- Ömer?
- Why are you always shouting?
- Don't leave us.
- All right, relax.
Tell me something.
Who was the guest of honor's
first conquest?
- Uh, Dilek. Scrawny Dilek.
- Dilek. Scrawny Dilek!
Yeah, you're right. She was definitely it.
Scrawny Dilek. Buried Aslı.
Better check on Ömer.
- Mmm.
- [Sarp] Ömer!
[gently suspenseful music plays]
Ömerito, where'd you go?
[clears throat]
[sweeping melancholic music plays]
[gently suspenseful music resumes playing]
[people cheering]
[people exclaim sadly]
[delicate ethereal music plays]
[inhales sharply] How is it?
[Reyhan] Get closer.
Here, take a look.
- [Leyla sighs]
- Mmm.
You guys haven't said anything.
So what what's wrong with the dress?
Is it okay?
- Say something.
- It must have been beautiful at the time.
Love, it smells like it's covered in mold.
Let's check. [sniffs]
Oh, my God! It smells so old.
- Sorry.
- [Reyhan] Oh, thank goodness.
Sweetie, we just saw
that that's not the one.
You know? It's better
to put it aside than to use it.
Yeah, but my nana's wedding dress
is supposed to be for good luck.
Now what am I gonna do?
I can replicate it without a problem.
Would you like that?
Leyla, love
Oh, come on! Not you too, Beliz.
It was published.
[magical musical flourish plays]
"Han Tumar" comes from Cem Murathan.
"Murathan" was masterfully rearranged
to make "Han Tumar."
[Esra laughs]
The judge told us they were distinct.
We couldn't refute it.
"Narcissists are usually
self-obsessed individuals
with serious mother issues."
"Han Tumar's greatest distress
was his mother."
[Esra laughs]
Have you ever spoken
with Cem's mother before?
Not really. I don't know her very well.
"Tuna practically found herself drawn
to the man's breathtaking body
before she could stop herself."
"Their desire for each other
grew gradually."
"Han had lit a fire, engulfing her body
like a cascade flowing from her groin."
[romantic music plays]
"He made love to his captive,
never giving her a chance to breathe."
"Han was like a roaring waterfall,
and Tuna had entirely submerged
her naked body into that water."
[Cem whispers] Is this real?
Are you mine?
- Leyla?
- [Esra] Leyla!
- [brakes screech]
- [crashing]
- [horn honks]
- [both] Leyla?
[lonesome music plays]
Okay. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Sweetheart, are you all right?
How about you marry me today?
[lock clicks]
Something feels off.
Lately, so many things have gone wrong.
It's all really weird.
Don't get paranoid, Leyla.
Everything's going to be just fine.
But it won't, because I can't wear
Grandma's wedding dress.
They'll be making you a new one.
Also, my car is totaled.
But you'll have my new car.
You're going to Dubai, and you won't
return until the wedding ceremony.
Darling, we'll be together
on our trip. Huh?
Just us.
[sentimental music plays]
- Hmm?
- [chuckles]
I should delay it.
[both laugh]
- If you don't leave soon, you'll be late.
- [wolf whistle plays]
[ringtone plays on phone]
Why is he calling you?
Probably to ask about our menu.
- Mmm.
- Hmm.
Just change that ringtone.
Okay, I will, love.
Hurry! You need to go now.
[chuckles] It's getting late.
[laughs] Ömer!
See you soon.
- You got it, princess.
- [laughs]
[Leyla] As the wedding approaches,
I become more anxious.
Did this happen to you too?
Leyla, dear, you're not feeling anxious.
- You're just excited.
- [inhales sharply]
No, that's something else.
This feels like it's anxiousness.
I'm not sure what's wrong.
I'm fine when I'm with Ömer.
When I'm by myself,
all these different things cross my mind.
It feels like something is missing,
but I just
I don't know what it could be.
- Those jitters are normal.
- I know.
I'm all knotted up
for tying the knot. [chuckles]
I mean, jokes aside,
I have yet to feel
like a fiancée who gets all giddy,
because we split for almost two years!
By being apart for that long, I
Started to have your own doubts?
[wolf whistle plays on phone]
[ringtone plays]
- What's up, Şeyyaz?
- Leyla, why didn't you answer your phone?
I just did. What is it?
[sighs heavily]
Were you planning on going
to the golf tournament?
Uh, no. I'll be moving out.
If you can, try to make it.
There's something
I need to discuss with you.
Oh, wow. What is this about?
It seems like it's serious. Just tell me.
Defne, she's
That seems like it's terrific news.
Uh, why do you sound disappointed?
I swear, if you avoid responsibility,
you'll be sorry.
I only found out because I overheard her.
She was telling Cem about it,
but I'm not sure if the kid is even mine.
Well, how can that be possible?
You've been with her for months now.
No way!
[breezy music plays]
What other reason is there
for Cem's mom to rush over here?
[people chattering]
- Okay.
- We should hurry to get a good spot.
[inhales sharply]
What a surprise.
My uncle insisted.
His name is Can Taylan. Yeah.
Mrs. Murathan, this is Leyla.
She's a friend of ours.
Mmm, hello.
I'm glad I could meet you, Leyla.
Thank you. Glad I could meet you too.
I was also introduced to your uncle.
- What happened? Are you all right?
- Oh, yeah.
It's It's just a little scratch.
The car in front of me
suddenly hit the brakes.
Minor fender-bender.
- Hmm.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Get well soon.
- Thank you. I will.
My wedding will be in three weeks,
and that has kept us busy, so
- [Defne] I heard Ömer is in Dubai.
- That's right.
He's working on a new project.
He's my fiancé.
- Should we go sit down?
- Okay, my dear.
- I'll see you later.
- See you later, ma'am. Thank you.
She's really nice, right?
Have you been okay lately?
Has everything been fine?
Yes, of course. Doing great.
I swear. [chuckles]
That's good.
On that night,
of the hotel's grand opening,
everyone's lives changed.
Whose lives?
Yours, Cem's, and mine.
I wonder what other surprises
we'll get in the future.
I hope you get well soon.
Thank you, Defne.
[lighthearted percussive music plays]
Why would she say our lives changed
on the night of the hotel's grand opening?
- Cem could've slept with her that night.
- There's no way.
What makes you say that?
Well, don't you think the kid
would've been born by now?
[Somer] I don't think
Cem would go that far.
He may be a narcissist
but he respects those close to him.
[Leyla] If that's the case
then I don't get
why would she choose to tell Cem
about her pregnancy before telling Şeyyaz?
Also, why are Cem
and his mother so excited
if the kid isn't even his?
[sparse tense music plays]
They were married for three years.
Both were about to graduate.
[musical arrangement turns melancholic]
Defne was in her third trimester.
We would see her son soon.
Cem worked around the clock
to finish his graduation thesis.
Afterward, they wanted
a break to de-stress.
So they made vacation plans.
Selim also went, and drove the car.
He's the youngest.
[breath trembles]
Defne and I tragically both lost sons
that day.
he mourned his brother and also his son.
He lost it all.
It was impossible for them to recover.
[dialogue inaudible]
[melancholic music intensifies]
[Defne] Being around each other
always brought back the pain.
So I mustered the courage to leave him.
I ended it.
After all that, we were never apart,
because we are a family.
I understand, trust me. Now, I get it.
Cem has only kept this to himself.
His ex-wives also did not find out.
Sadly, no one stayed around much
to hear about it.
Can Şeyyaz be someone you could commit to?
Feyyaz, sorry.
Everything's great.
I'm just not sure what could come up.
We may be done, or go on.
This baby will be mine, Leyla.
[breath trembles]
Getting a second chance was my dream.
[sighs and sniffles]
That's why I first told my family
the lovely news.
I had to tell Cem and his mom.
He means the world to me and more, Leyla.
He's the most honest and kind-hearted man
I have ever met.
He's my best friend.
And will forever be my son's dad.
I have loved him the most.
And will always love him.
What is the rush?
What's this about?
You're getting married
in just three weeks.
So, what's the rush? Tell me.
[both chuckle softly]
Well, it has already been nine years
since we've started going out.
All your marriages didn't last
nearly as long.
[chuckles sadly]
No, they didn't.
[exhales heavily]
The ceremony will be
at Uncle Can's lake house.
We have it scheduled for the 9th.
Please come.
I'm sorry, but I can't attend.
I won't see you in a wedding gown.
I'm going to London soon.
I'll be gone for a long time.
[chuckles softly]
[Reyhan] We still have to answer
the main question.
If he's really the guy Defne describes
- [phone rings]
- then on that morning
Gimme a sec, Ömer's calling.
All right, my love.
We'll be there in just a few hours.
Yes, Mom. [kisses]
Catch you later, bye-bye.
- Hello. Did you get back already?
- [Ömer] I have.
But, babe, I can't pick up your parents.
I'm exhausted.
I still have to get ready
so I'm going home.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll send someone to pick them up.
Cem Murathan sent this.
[Ömer] Cem sent you something?
Looks like it's a wedding gift.
Uh, I'll meet you at the restaurant soon
but I gotta run now, babe.
Okay, but send a picture of it.
All right, I will. Bye, my love.
What would he send?
[all gasp]
[Esra] What's this?
[Funda] Um
- Oh! Kintsugi!
- What does that mean?
Well, it says it means
that imperfections are beautiful.
He's obviously sorry. But why?
Did he leave a message as well?
His driver dropped it off. He said Mr. Cem
wanted to gift it to you before he left.
- Aw, how cute!
- I wonder if he's downstairs.
Is he still here?
I think he's still down there. Sorry!
What's the rush?
[Leyla] "Kintsugi
is an ancient Japanese philosophy
that seeks to elevate the beauty
and functionality of a broken object."
"According to this philosophy,
a break is not a loss,
but a new form of existence."
"Certain events in human life
can leave deep scars,
that may be deemed impossible to repair."
"However, overcoming them,
and fixing the damage
with more valuable and stronger bonds,
is also part of life."
Wait! Wait a minute!
Please, give me a minute!
"Rather than discarding
the broken parts of an object,
they're intentionally accentuated
to make them a part of its history."
"This is a struggle
against fragmentation."
"It doesn't embrace nothingness."
"Instead, it highlights the progress
from when it was first broken."
"Vulnerability is neither denied
nor suppressed,
and no aspect of life
is considered a flaw."
"It is so valuable,
despite not reaching greatness."
It's wise. [chuckles]
Uh, it is.
As far as I understand,
you have two guys
who are currently damaged.
One is completely closed off.
The other one opens up,
and has nine years of history.
[door opens]
- They're here.
- Please, come in.
[Reyhan] Oh, hello!
- Ah!
- [Mahir] Hello.
- [Leyla] Hello.
- Hey! How are you?
- I'm good. How've you been?
- [mom] It's been a while, hasn't it?
[parents continue chattering]
[both sigh heavily]
You're on my mind daily.
You mean so much to me, Ömer.
[dad] I trust you've been well?
- [Mahir] It's good to see you.
- Yes, thank you.
- How are you? It's nice to see you.
- Hey.
[mom] Oh, hello, sweetheart. How are you?
- I'm great. How's everything?
- It's been fine, thanks.
- How's it going?
- [Ömer] I'm doing great.
[Reyhan] That's good.
- Love, what's this?
- [mom] The place is lovely.
- Is this his gift?
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, I think this broke.
Getting something cracked.
It's a bit strange, don't you think?
- [dad] I feel like a VIP. [laughs]
- [Reyhan] How've you been?
- [mom] I've been fine.
- [dad] There wasn't a wait.
[Mahir] It's nice to have
the place to ourselves.
[dad] Delicious! Mmm.
Everything has turned out really great.
Please let the chef know
the meal was lovely.
It's been ages since I've enjoyed
something this much. He's highly skilled.
Of course. Enjoy.
I'll be sure to tell him.
Wait. You know what? Tell him
that we said the courses were average.
- [laughs]
- [Leyla] Come on, Ömer. That's not nice.
So immature.
Are you four years old or something?
Why don't we go to the courthouse after
and just be done with it? Hmm?
[Reyhan] Hey, you've already started.
As soon as she saw the ring,
your matrimony began.
Now, you will hear,
"Enjoy it while it lasts!"
- [laughs]
- [clears throat]
- It was all in good fun.
- [Mahir] Hang on a second.
I think getting married is like going
on a really long journey
that's expected to last a whole year.
It's natural to bring along
a considerable amount of luggage.
But eventually, all your bags
end up getting open,
and you start to go through everything.
It's hard work.
Rainstorms can appear
in the summer as well.
- You know?
- That's right.
Oh, let's not.
You could scare them if you say that.
I'm not bringing my bags
with me this time.
I prefer our hands to be holding
than hauling any luggage.
It would also be great
not to have rainstorms.
We will have many clear days.
I hope we do.
I'll see you at our wedding.
Eh, that's only if I don't get cold feet.
- Ömer!
- Ow!
[laughs] All right.
All right, better return earlier.
- [laughs]
- All right.
[gentle lilting music plays]
Take care, okay?
[both laugh]
[Leyla] You know when you ride
a rollercoaster,
and your heart starts to beat faster
as you slowly make your way up?
[Funda] You look stunning.
[Leyla] You're in your seat,
not knowing what to expect,
so you're filled
with both excitement and fear.
[Beliz] Actually crying.
[Ömer's mom] Don't you think
these are beautiful?
[Leyla] And once you see
you've reached the top,
you close your eyes and say,
"All right, bring it on."
[laughs] That's exactly how I feel.
And you, how do you feel?
We're getting married in two more days!
We'll party like crazy
until the sun rises,
the day after tomorrow.
You still there?
[Ömer] Uh, sorry, babe.
I haven't slept in three days.
I feel like a zombie.
Okay, my love, okay.
I'll let you get some rest.
Arrive early for your flight.
All right, all right. Go ahead.
[Buddy pants]
- [barking]
- [vehicle accelerates]
- [brakes screech]
- Buddy!
How is he?
He's doing well. Just some minor bruising.
We gave him a mild sedative
to take an X-ray image.
But he'll be running around soon, okay?
Thank you so much, Balım.
- Thank you very much.
- No problem.
- Can I go in to see him?
- Yes, of course.
Oh, Buddy, love!
Oh, love. My love.
[Buddy whines]
Is my boy okay?
Is everything okay, love?
No, I won't, Dad.
I'm not gonna tell Ömer about it.
Buddy's doing really well right now
and feeling stronger.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, we're still at the vet.
That's right. I'm having the wedding dress
sent to the lake house.
Sounds good, Dad.
Yeah, it'll arrive tomorrow. All right.
Take care, Dad. I love you.
[kisses] Yes. Bye-bye.
How many more days?
It's in two days.
Then all the best.
I genuinely wish you a wonderful marriage.
I'm glad that the aching is gone now.
It took time to forget him.
Everybody was caught in that storm.
It is understandable, since you both
were intermittently together.
For two whole years,
I glued his pieces back together.
Two years?
I was his emotional crutch, regrettably.
Well, you would hurt him,
and I'd heal him.
When the chef was with you, I was there.
After he saw Cem Murathan kissing you,
he gave me a call as he cried in pain.
Anything happen between you and Cem?
Ömer, you need to stop it.
You're being crazy. Pfft.
Oh, what is this about?
I thought this stuff was over.
He was always in love with you,
in the end.
Plus, you're getting married
despite everything.
This is great.
So great.
My gut knew he'd forgive you.
I knew he would.
[sighs heavily]
[lighthearted music plays]
[ringtone plays]
- Hello?
- [Ömer] Sweetheart.
I'm now inside our house.
- [Murat] The groom is here!
- [men cheering]
Hold on. W-Wait a sec!
- Leyla's on the phone.
- [men yelling]
[all laugh]
- Wait, wait, wait! Careful, my neck!
- [Murat] Here we go!
- My neck! Wait, stop it! Stop it!
- Won't stop it now!
- Stop it!
- [men] Three!
- Two!
- Ahh!
- One!
- [yells]
[all laugh]
[all cheer] Ömer!
[all laugh]
[lighthearted music continues playing]
[Buddy pants happily]
Have you forgiven Dad, Mom?
[tender music plays]
Can it be forgotten?
Is it possible to move on from his affair?
It's not.
[sighs heavily]
Why do you stay with him, then?
[voice breaks] So he wouldn't
stay with her.
[chuckles sadly]
[sobs and sniffles]
Defne outdid herself
with all the arrangements,
but so has Şeyyaz in preparing the food.
Here, darling.
And we had to cover the entertainment.
Oh, I can't wait! We worked hard on this.
You have some great surprises
headed your way!
- It's going to be so fun!
- [Funda laughs]
Look at the photo Beliz sent me.
Your mother-in-law is ready
at the main table.
[both laugh heartily]
[chuckles mildly]
Wait a minute. Will your in-laws stay
somewhere else other than here?
Who knows?
All right. Here you go, your phone.
Nah, I won't take it.
- Turn around, love.
- I'll leave it charging then.
You look so gorgeous!
You are a gorgeous fiancée, love bug!
Honey, you're tired,
but stop feeling so down tonight.
- Because we have to party!
- Yeah!
All right, we'll go and enjoy ourselves.
Come on, everyone.
[Funda laughs]
- [Esra vocalizes]
- Let's go.
["Martılar" by Edis plays]
[Esra] Leyla! Say something to Murat.
[song slows and distorts]
[gasps softly]
It was my birthday when we ended it.
Actually, it was the next morning after.
I'm glad we did though.
I was tired of being off and on again.
He won't find out we talked, will he?
No. I'm not telling anybody about this.
Don't worry.
- And I didn't tell anyone.
- [Edis chuckles softly]
Well, just you right now.
But nobody knows.
[man] Have you seen Edis?
Where could he have gone?
We gotta go now. Find him!
Our flight's leaving soon.
You have to tell me how this ends.
[man] Edis?
Get going.
["Paloma (Psychedelic Mix)"
[by Santi & Tuğçe plays in distance]
- You'll be in touch with me?
- You got it.
Enjoy your flight.
[sighs heavily]
["Paloma" continues playing]
- [Leyla] When's your birthday?
- June 8th.
- It's in June?
- Mm-hmm.
On the 8th.
[tense musical flourish plays]
- Ah.
- Yeah.
- My birthday is four days from that.
- Hmm.
This time he threw me
a nice surprise party at his house.
A-At the new one?
It was so nice. Look!
[Balım laughs]
He invited my close friends over
to surprise me.
All your friends
went to Ömer's to celebrate?
Look, they were all there.
Yeah. It was fun.
Anyway, before he'd leave me heartbroken,
he'd make sure to ease into it.
- Mmm.
- Hmm, each time. He did.
That morning,
he cooked a lovely breakfast for us.
Did he make you some eggs?
[laughs] No, no.
He cooked eggs when he handed me
the keys to his new house.
[tense, intriguing musical flourish plays]
["Paloma" continues playing]
[engine idles nearby]
[trunk opens]
[Leyla] And then?
He gave me a gift.
And went over the issues
of our relationship.
He loved you so much, despite everything.
He said he'd return to you eventually.
And then we parted ways. Hmm.
[shower running]
[Leyla breathes deeply]
Let's resume, shall we?
[Cem sighs]
Did you change your plans
to see the bride, in the end?
- [Cem chuckles sadly]
- Huh?
You did, right? Don't lie. [laughs]
Go on, say it.
Just tell me,
and we can finally settle this.
All right, quit it!
[exhales heavily]
Why did you give up on us?
I didn't give up.
Okay, but why did you disappear?
[suspenseful music plays]
[Cem] Is this real?
Are you mine?
[Leyla sighs happily]
Leyla, look.
All right, back off. Stop it. Let go.
Ömer messaged you that night.
- Mm-hmm.
- What'd he send?
[laughs] Did he threaten you?
Were you scared off? You can say. [laughs]
Only you scared me off.
[Leyla gasps]
Cem is right once more, isn't he?
- Murathan's right again.
- [ring clatters]
- All right, Leyla
- Is this some game to you? Hmm?
- It isn't
- Are you for real?
Be honest, and tell me already.
I make my own choices in life.
- So who are you to make any for me?
- [chain rattles]
Kintsugi, was it?
To fix things and move forward
from where it was broken.
- [laughs]
- All right, all right.
What even is that, huh?
It's difficult
[sighs] to go on after you've been
It's wrong.
- It's wrong.
- Mm-hmm.
[tender music plays]
A liar.
Such a liar.
Ömer always kept a plan B, you know?
He would see her,
and then spend time with me.
Everybody is a liar.
Friends and all.
[musical arrangement turns
sweeping and sad]
You're a coward, though.
[phone chimes]
[man] Oh.
- That Leyla?
- Yeah, it is.
Um, she'll be staying
with a friend tonight,
and she'll be here in the morning.
[wistful music plays]
[musical arrangement turns anxious]
[birds chirp faintly outside]
[inhales sharply]
She won't wear it.
We got the bracelet for nothing.
That's okay.
Besides, we're only adhering to customs.
I want to spare Ömer from feeling ashamed.
We have to ensure that we don't look bad.
- If that's what you want, all right.
- [sighs]
[fast-paced dramatic music plays]
Oh! Isn't that Leyla?
- [engine starts]
- Leyla? Leyla!
Oh, God, Leyla.
You will regret this.
[gently suspenseful music plays]
[ringtone plays on cell phone]
- Can you please take the call?
- [Sinan] Yeah, I'll get it, bro.
Oh, hello, Mr. Altuğ.
Just a minute. Okay, I will.
Hold on.
What's going on, Dad? Right now?
I'm getting my beard trimmed.
Took what?
[suspenseful music plays]
When was this?
When was this?!
Take this off, bro.
All right.
- [Ömer breathes heavily]
- Ömer, what's wrong?
- What was the issue? Did I mess up?
- [car approaching rapidly]
Let's go, man. Hurry, hurry. Come on.
[window squeaks gently]
[Buddy pants]
[Leyla] Buddy.
Hey there, my love.
[inhales sharply, kisses]
[knocking at door]
[door opens and closes]
- Hey, Leyla.
- Hmm?
- You don't have your phone on.
- Yeah.
- You good?
- Hold on. Don't.
What's wrong with you? Tell me.
Leyla, I did another stupid thing again.
[phone chimes]
I sent a really dumb message
that couldn't be deleted.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please, Leyla.
Don't listen to it.
[moody music plays]
Leyla, did you know I saw you first?
It was the first day of school.
That same week,
I had to drag my best friend
to the college party.
I said, "Dude, I've fallen for her,"
while pointing at you.
That jerk swiped you from me.
Leyla, I swear,
last night I was very drunk. Please.
- Huh?
- He ruined it for us.
That asshole doesn't deserve you.
Believe me.
One day before the wedding.
[breath trembles] No shame at all.
How could he risk everything
with you like that?
What an ass.
I did my best not to let
anyone come between you two.
Cem tried to interfere
but I got rid of him.
[message sent tone plays]
- Where'd you go?
- Hmm?
- Been out here.
- Doing what?
[Murat] And where were you?
You okay?
Yeah, we're fine.
- Huh?
- Come on.
Ömer saw you two kissing
at the grand opening of the hotel.
[tense music plays]
He believed you were done.
So he wept all night.
When he knocked out,
I used his phone and begged Cem
to stop coming after you.
I suppose it was you
who sent the photographs then?
You're right.
I'm really sorry I did it.
[inhales sharply] You better leave now.
Leyla, I never meant to upset you.
- [phone rings]
- I didn't want you to split up.
- I genuinely had no
- Just get out.
Please, look at me, Leyla.
Leyla, believe me.
- Get out, Sarp.
- My intent was good, I swear.
- Please, Leyla, I
- Sarp, get out!
[phone stops ringing]
[cell phone rings]
[Leyla] Life has an interesting language,
with all of its signs and codes.
[sighs heavily]
We'd expect to be proficient, but aren't.
Because we learn a new word
when someone enters our life.
[suitcase thuds]
[Beliz] Leyla.
[Leyla] My favorite word was "friend."
[Esra knocks] Leyla? We're here.
[Leyla] The last word I learned
was "betrayal."
- [Can] Leyla?
- [Feyyaz] Leyla, open the door.
[Ömer yells] Leyla!
Ömer, relax for a minute.
- Where's Leyla?
- Hold on, Ömer.
You need to calm down.
- Cem's with her, right?
- Hang on.
- If you just calm down, we can talk.
- Calm down.
There's nothing left to say.
My parents saw everything.
Wait a second, Ömer.
Your mother called me too.
You're wrong about what happened.
Oh, Ms. Reyhan, please.
I'm not going to hold back once I start.
Ömer, stay calm.
They're friends, and that's it.
Oh, yeah?
Were you with them?
[Sarp] I was with you last night, and yet
Balım was there.
[Ömer grunts]
- No, Ömer!
- [all gasp]
- You won't get away with this!
- Ömer, stop it!
- Don't Ömer!
- I'll fucking kill you!
- [Feyyaz] What the hell are you doing?
- [Ömer] I will end you!
[bittersweet ethereal music plays]
[Leyla] If we hadn't gone
to the park that day,
if Buddy hadn't run off and gotten hurt,
if I hadn't gone to her for help
I won't accept your lies anymore.
You really are despicable.
would you like to play a game with me?
If she hadn't spilled everything,
if I hadn't been shown
that birthday photo
if Cem Murathan hadn't returned
one day before the wedding
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
That Showing up here,
you got some nerve!
Come on.
Truth or consequence, Ömer?
You want to talk
about the truth to me? You?
Consequence. Yes.
[gently suspenseful music plays]
[softly] Let's start with 8th June.
Care to tell me what happened?
I swear, I will never give up.
[clicks tongue, sighs]
[Leyla] Life is a long journey,
with many uncertainties,
and moments of relief.
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
Sometimes, you need to take journeys
without luggage,
like a bird,
light, free, and new.
[sweeping melancholic music plays]
But who knows? I just might.
So, who knows?
[chuckles softly] That's just life.
[upbeat jazzy theme music plays]
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