That Dirty Black Bag (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter Two: Prisoner

- Who the hell are you? - I'm Red Bill.
We don't like bounty hunters around here.
I'm lookin' for a fella carries a Bowie knife with an Eye of Gorgon in the handle.
And I'll have the gold and you'll die of thirst waiting for your God to make it rain.
I'm not leaving.
When you leave town, I'll give you back your gun.
You're beautiful, powerful, and I've never seen you give up on anything.
You and I are destined for better things.
That's a robbery gone bad.
Where's my horse? This your horse? Fuck you! We're probably turning around, we've been here for hours.
Come on Kurt, just a little bit further.
Oh come on, Mac.
Forget about him.
We've got more pressing things to care of.
Once a man breaks the law, he's gotta be brought to justice.
What law is that? Stealing from another man.
Mac, you and I both know, the further we are from that money, the more likely it is someone will to stumble across it.
I love that horse.
More than money? That's what I thought.
Paranoia, that's it.
Paranoia does not make you smarter, Kurt.
It just makes you look like you wanna shit yourself all the time.
Careful, it's supposed to be a straight line.
He says you have no imagination.
Really? You know a better way to farm? Come here and show me.
Come on, come and show me.
Here you go.
Here we go.
You know a better way to farm, hah? All right, children, that's enough.
Who you calling child, hah? Who you calling child? Hah, who you calling child? Get back to work.
Go back to work.
Where is your crucifix? I don't know.
I must've lost it.
Here, take mine.
Your prayers have more power anyway.
That's not true.
That is not true.
Look, the settlers are coming.
They are headed from Greenvale.
She'd use the knife.
All right.
Up to the corners then, right the way she did.
Here you go.
So, you going have a new momma soon.
Does that make you happy? Will I like her? Of course you will.
You and her have so much in common.
Like what? Well, she's really kind and she's really pretty.
Would you like to meet her? Yeah? - When? - Know what? This very day.
This ain't gonna work.
You're a defeatist, Wanda, it'll work.
What's a defeatist? Surprise.
What's going on? - It's not my birthday.
- It is a special occasion.
You don't know what I'm talking about? Yes I do, but as I recall, that was a little before your time.
But that doesn't stop her from telling us about it twice a week.
That's because it's so thrilling.
You kicking that vicious asshole out of here and taking over yourself.
Humiliating him the way you did.
If I had my way today'd be national holiday.
- And what's this? - It's a gift.
- Well, thank you, girls.
- Open it.
Remember the day at the store? I do.
We knew it was love at first sight.
Now, aren't you the sly ones.
So, Eve, given we got Barnaby to lower the price of his water last night, and since it's a special occasion, why don't we take the day off? Take the day off? Yeah, celebrate.
Have dinner at the restaurant in Charming, maybe.
Or go to that fancy hotel like the last time.
Or even just stay right here and get drunk and stay up all night.
Not today, I'm sorry.
Why not? The settler convoys are due.
That's a month's potential earnings in two or three days.
- It's not possible.
- Oh, come on, Eve.
Bring the water inside.
What are you doing here? Where's Symone? We're a little busy this morning.
- I just need a minute.
- Who's there? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, what the hell? - What's going on here? I just wanted a little time with Symone.
I know it's early, but.
- It's okay, Eve.
- No, it's not okay.
Get the hell out of here.
What? We're closed today.
I'm taking the girls out of town.
And in future, when one of them tells you to get out, you obey her.
Excuse me? You heard me.
Now go.
Who the hell do you think you're talking to? The only reason you get to do what you do around here is 'cause of this, you understand? Take your goddamn hand off me, Nathan.
I made no agreement with a piece of tin.
Or with you.
My arrangement is with McCoy.
He ain't gonna like this.
Well, when he gets back, we'll see if he does or he doesn't, but until then, stay away from here.
I say we head for the bridge.
This whole thing about pride.
And I ain't overly keen on getting killed for it.
You're scared.
You should be too.
He's a fucking nut job with nothing to lose.
Whereas you and me, we're risking hundreds of thousand of dollars.
We're gonna cross that bridge.
Are you fucking kidding me? Where are you going? I'm going back to town.
And if you ain't back by tomorrow, I'm taking my share.
You don't touch that money, you understand? Hey.
You stop, that's an order.
Oh really? From who? The Sheriff or the outlaw? That makes no difference.
The penalty for disobeying it'll be the same.
You son of bitch.
You're scared by the boy with the bag, and you pull that thing on me.
You have seen enough death, Kurt.
I bet you remember every one.
That look of bafflement on their face, their eyes squinted towards the sun.
What do you want from me? You don't know what you missed, Bill.
It was really tender.
Maggots have more goddamn sense.
And you would have regained some much-needed strength.
Tell me what you want.
This is tribal medicine, right? Yes? Did you live with them? Fuck you.
You are a gift, Bill.
Fate has brought you to me.
You and your beautiful, beautiful bag of heads.
Tell me, I have to know how many you have inside you.
Do you see them when you sleep? Why would I see 'em? Do you hear their voices? Mine live inside me.
I hear their laughter, their tears, their conversations.
They're my family.
And this blood belongs to the last one who joined us.
So, how many, Bill? Fuck you.
You're all gonna be one great big family, Bill.
Steve? I need someone to hear my confession.
Could you do that? I think only priests are allowed to hear confession, honey.
Well, you're the nearest thing to it here.
All right.
I find that I'm frightened a lot these days and angry.
But, mostly, what I believe feeling a lot of the time is despair.
I find myself wishing we could join one of those convoys and head south to a land that doesn't break our backs and our spirits every year with its refusal to provide us rain.
And, I've begun to feel as though God has abandoned us because I can't feel his presence any more.
It's okay.
- It's not.
- it's okay.
It's not, I feel so unworthy.
Listen, listen me, listen to me.
God is wherever suffering is.
And your doubt only reinforces his presence.
Do you understand? I'm gonna fix this, Michelle.
All of it.
This is gonna be great.
I plan to be drunk from the start of this day - to the very end.
- Here we go.
Why did you speak to Nathan like that? Why didn't you tell me he asked you to marry him? I need to know when these things happen.
Well, now you do.
- Are you thinking about it? - No.
He isn't good enough for you.
Why not? He's young, handsome, makes all this a little bit enjoyable.
Where are you going? Taking the girls to Treson Lake.
The most beautiful place in the world.
I'll talk to him.
I'll convince McCoy to get you your horses.
No, no, no, there's no need.
Everything's clear to me now.
I'm gonna try and recruit some labor in town, among the settlers.
There's gotta be someone willing to help.
I'm willing to help.
Come by tomorrow.
I can't.
I have to go.
They say your life flash before your eyes the moment you die.
Is that what happened to you back there? Nothing scares you, though, right? Nothing much.
What about the man who gave you those scars? just shut the fuck up.
You're a runner, Mac.
You came to Greenvale on the run, and now you try to run away again.
I just wonder if that's who you're running from.
You don't know what you're talking about.
No, I don't.
I've heard about every shitty thing in your life.
But those scars of yours, not a goddamn word.
Because for three men can keep a secret, two of them have gotta be dead.
May the eye bless all those who see through it.
May it light their way.
"To retire is not to flee.
"There is no wisdom in waiting when danger outweighs hope.
" We're just about the only two who could read in that town of illiterates.
That was always your favorite book as a child.
No wonder you found your own Don Quixote.
You know your neighbor Mr.
Hagan, he's about to sign his land over to me.
Didn't even double my offer, unlike with your husband.
Are you aware he came to confront me in my own home? He's a man of faith.
He's more determined than you could ever imagine.
I have a kind of faith too.
In science.
So you two do have something in common, you both have faith in something invisible.
Not entirely invisible.
I have surveys and they show that we have not run out of gold.
And what has he got? Stealing my husband's horses isn't gonna persuade him to leave this place.
Just as it wouldn't persuade you.
So give me permission to push him harder.
All right.
All the suffering he's put you through and you still have to think before you answer.
Dorian, Steve and I are a family, Charles.
And once I get him away from here, he'll remember that.
So where can I find him? I found this place for us.
Let's go for a swim.
- Swim? - Yeah.
A swim? Was there really water here? Oui.
That's right.
He's pumping away, his monkey paws on my ass.
And he starts moaning his wife's name, - "Oh, Sarah, oh, Sarah.
" - Oh shit.
And I'm just thinking, Jesus Christ, if you've gotta fantasize about your wife, why don't you just go home and fuck her? Be cheaper.
Look, Symone's got the best of us anyway.
None of 'em register compared to her beau.
- Maybe.
- Is that right? How is he in bed, Symone? Is he hung like a stallion? What a question, Jesus.
- Come on.
- Tell us.
He's the only one who's ever made me come.
I don't know maybe it's the kisses, the gifts, the promises he made me.
And what about when he comes? Does he look you in the eyes? He shoves your face away so he doesn't have to.
Which is all men like him want.
It's been a while since we hung someone.
I'd sure like to se Eve swinging.
Then we'd see who's in goddamn charge around here.
I mean, what the hell makes her think she can talk to me like that? Listen to me, you ain't gonna do a goddamn thing.
Now, I feel for you, cuz, I really do.
But what you did to your wife, that can't happen again.
- Fuck you, Henry.
- You need to calm down.
I'm not always gonna be there to get you out of trouble.
And you got a daughter to think of, Christ sake.
You got Mary.
All right.
All right.
Let's get this done.
I know you see 'em at night.
I don't see shit.
And I killed 'em for money.
No, no, no.
There's gotta be more.
There ain't.
Some people throw up when I do this.
What the hell are you doing? Others, beg me to crush their skulls to stop the pain.
Because your eardrums are gonna burst and your blood's gonna spill from out of your eyes.
Come sundown, your meat'll be tender and that's when I'll allow you to die.
Now, let's see if this helps our conversation.
What you've seen so far might not seem promising.
I know you've suffered already, I know you're tired, hungry, broke.
But on the other hand, God brought you here.
I'm just a farmer making a simple offer.
How many of you are going to Wildseek? One, 2,000? Well, we've been offered a 160 acres.
Well, I've seen a lot of people return, disappointed, embittered, broken.
Just tell us what it is you're trying to sell.
I'm looking for laborers.
Men and women of faith.
What I can offer is land, right here, right now.
Whatever you grow on it, it's yours.
As long as you're willing to die of thirst.
You know there's no water here.
Mind your own business, Thompson.
Well, it's the truth.
It's gonna rain, tomorrow, maybe even today.
And how do you know that, Steve? Well, go ahead, tell 'em, how you know it.
God told him it would.
He gave him visions of a lush and fruitful Greenvale.
My father was born here.
He adopted me, and that gave me the right to study.
What I learned, is that nothing will grow here because the soil has no phosphorus.
That's right.
Even if it did rain, it'd be pointless.
You're listening, folks, to a man so desperate, he ignores the laws of nature in the expectation of a miracle.
Is this who you want to follow? Excuse me, Sir.
Sir, I think I might be interested in taking you up on that offer.
All right.
I'm Jack.
What are their names? Well you got Steve, his wife is Michelle.
And little boy man is Dorian.
They're very generous people.
Hey, I asked for a sign and they appeared, okay? Okay.
Oh you shouldn't have.
Not at all, it's the least we could do.
Well, thank you.
Go and put this over there, thank you.
You see? Let's see if your medicine loosens your tongue? How many men have you killed Bill? Why do you do it? How many, Bill? How many men? How many, Bill? How many men? The things we do for money.
How many, Bill? How many men? Hundreds.
Because I need to.
Because I like to watch them die.
And darkness opened the blind man's eyes.
You see, we're all sinners.
Condemned to make the same mistakes, over and over again.
But you and me, we're something more, right? Our nature, and our duty, is to kill.
Because this is hell and we're the demons.
My goats haven't wandered off and done some damage or something, have they? We're looking for a man who may have passed through here.
About this height, and probably riding one horse and leading another? - No, I can't say I've seen.
- May we come in? Sure.
Sorry about the mess.
I don't get too many visitors out here.
Which is why I'm pretty glad you called by.
Especially since you being lawmen.
Drink? Why especially? Well, I've always had a keen interest in men like yourselves.
I know your kind of work can be very dangerous.
Yes, it can.
And violent.
- You lived here long? - Only my whole life.
This was my grandpa's house.
He left it to my father.
And my father left it to me.
So, how are things in Greenvale? Are there more or less sons of bitches there these days? Less with me in charge.
And how many men have you killed? You'd think that, you let this rot in a barrel? Oh, well, I can offer you something else.
No What's that smell? Yeah, that's one of my goats.
I'm sorry, she's sick, I have to keep her inside the house.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I hope she has a speedy recovery.
Thank you, thank you.
Sure you didn't see anybody? Nope.
Now you wouldn't lie to us, would you? I'm not only good at killing people, I'm pretty good at reading 'em too.
Well, I'm telling the truth, Sheriff.
No one comes by.
All right, then.
I don't see any reason to stay any longer.
Thank you for your hospitality.
You're welcome.
Mac? Son of bitch.
Can you feel it, Bill? A relief? A passing on? Nothing will save you now.
Their souls no longer belong to you, my friend.
Becoming part of my family.
Can we talk? Well? Why did you have to belittle me like that? You belittle yourself by being so childishness.
It hurts.
But women can't survive in this world without power.
That's what you wanted when you first came here and that's what I've delivered.
But there is a price to pay.
And now you're starting to see what it is.
I love you, Symone.
And if you change your mind and want to be a deputy's wife, a common woman, I wouldn't stop you.
- I know what I want.
- I'm not sure you do.
You need to have a long, hard think about it.
Let me in.
At least tell me you'll marry me.
We thank you, Lord, for this food, this shelter, for our new friends and we thank you for the rain which is promised us and which will fall heavy on this ground.
Wakie, wakie.
Looks like the solitude got to him.
There he is.
The Great Red Bill.
The Great Red Bill, with his ass hung up.
Hey, Kurt, how much was that box, the Frenchman had, makes the pictures? - $200.
- Hah.
This makes quite the picture.
You make me sick.
Sheriff! Maybe tomorrow.
Maybe she doesn't like me.
What are you saying? She really likes you.
You're the best little girl in the world.
So she doesn't like you? You didn't yell at her, did you? No.
No, no, she likes me too.
And by tomorrow evening we'll all be here together.
We will stay here all together.
You promise me? I promise, honey.
I promise.
I told you so, Kurt.
A whole fucking day we lost.
Horse thieves don't deserve to ride.
I hope you can keep up, Red.

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