That Dirty Black Bag (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter Three: Alliances

Give me permission to push him harder.
All right.
I want water for the whole town.
You're gonna have a new mama soon.
Does that make you happy? Why didn't you tell me Nathan asked you to marry him? Does it matter? He isn't good enough for you.
Thank you, Lord, for our new friends.
Come by tomorrow.
I can't.
At least tell me you'll marry me.
What do you want from me? You are a gift, Bill.
Wakey, wakey.
You can't do this.
Please, come on man.
Fuck! Fuck.
Please, just let us outta here, please.
I'm begging you.
Is it burning already? Yes.
Salt takes its time.
Come on man.
What you're feeling now is only a mild discomfort.
But later on, it will.
Later on it'll feel like, now how can I put it? A terrible, unending fire.
A terrible, unending fire.
Oh shit, come on, please don't do this.
We'll burn alive.
That's right.
Now get up and get in.
Move, I said.
Hey, what happened? Ah, you mother fucker.
You mother fucker! Hello.
Hey, where are you going? Get us out of here.
Come on man.
You can't just leave us here.
Don't go.
Wakie, wakie.
Rise and shine.
Are you feeling any better? Oh, I'm sorry.
That was for stealing my horse, and for thinking I was dumb enough not to catch you.
I'll buy you a new fucking horse.
Do I looks like I need money? Do you need money? Nope, can't say I do, Mac.
The only payment I'll accept is to watch you hang, in front of a crowd, and the right way up this time.
Jesus Christ.
Is that the first thing you think about when you wake up? You are so fucked up, my friend.
Let's go, Mac.
No, hold on, he's missing his buddies.
Are you missing your buddies, is that what it is? All right, here you go.
Reunited at last.
Let's go.
You owe me a trial.
A trial? We owe him a trial.
All right.
You stand accused of horse theft from a county official, I pronounce you guilty and sentence you to death.
Given how pathetic you are, I'd say I'm doing you a favour.
Now let's go.
Are you still unconvinced? Eve.
Business here is already going pretty well.
I can see that.
As soon as you set foot in town it's clear it all revolves around you.
Your girls are the most beautiful I've ever seen, not to mention the erotic experience that they offer.
But, the Lady of the Water deserves better.
Do you know that's what they call you? Of course I do.
Buy an advertising space in my guide, then.
Make sure all of America knows who you are.
Let me think about it.
What's there to think about? We take a couple of pictures of you to start, posed in all your elegant fineries.
And then The water's just arrives.
They're gonna kill each other today.
I need to deal with this.
Would you mind waiting? Sure.
Get Symone ready, I want her to come with me.
And then, could you please come back and take care of our guest? You have to tell them, Steve.
About what? About Thompson.
About the threats.
Yeah, I will.
I just need to find the right moment.
We wouldn't wanna scare them away now that Dorian's finally made a special friend.
Where are they anyway? How many times have we told you not to go over there? It's dangerous.
That's the boundary, do you understand? Sign that you understand.
Steve, you're overreacting.
I haven't reclaimed that field.
Last year one of the horses was killed by a viper.
I'll see you back there.
Where'd all your paintings go? Are you broke, Thompson? Don't worry about that.
I want you two to go to Steve's place and remind him that his land will soon be my land.
Calm down, move back.
You want some more? Where is McCoy? He ain't back yet.
It's all under control, Eve.
Your water's already been loaded.
It'll be there by evening.
I want the people's rations increased.
And it'll have to come out of yours 'cause I can't do without mine.
I'm sure you have more than enough.
- You can't do that, Eve.
- Of course I can.
When McCoy's not here, I'm McCoy.
And you know it.
You like being in charge, don't you? Give them the water they want.
I don't want riots in town.
You know, McCoy ordered us not to ask for her anymore, on account of her and my cousin being in love and wanting to tie the knot.
They're not in love.
Ain't you in love with my cousin, sweetheart? Well, Nathan's sweet and I'm fond of him, but no, I'm not.
My loyalties will always be to Eve, in any case.
Good day, Henry.
I need to piss.
Go ahead.
You see those bushes up there, with the thicker branches? Yeah, what about 'em? I need their roots.
- Why? - For the medicine.
Boy's sick, Kurt.
You ever heard of White Tongue? It's a native practice, they use it to get fucked up.
What do you know about native practice? Ha! Are you a native, is that what it is? 'Cause if you are, you should know that it's here they chop, not here.
I need those roots.
Forget it.
So you can build up your strength to kill us, the first damn chance you get? No chance.
Now there's anything else that Sir wants, or can we get going? Water.
Oh water, yes of course, how could I forget? Now do you remember the rule I made up back in town? It still stands.
Now let's go.
I ain't the only one who's fucked up, Sheriff.
It starts in the centre and it's gonna go all the way around the perimeter and connect to the barn and house.
So when it rains You'll get water.
If it works.
It'll work.
Cover that back up.
You haven't asked me nothing.
About what? My past.
Where we've come from.
I figure it wasn't my business.
What kind of man follows another on nothing but a promise? One with faith? We've been on that damn cart three years, give or take.
About a year ago we, uh we ran out of food.
We all got pretty sick, and my son I'm sorry, Jack.
But I'll tell you something, God was not there when he died.
Not then, nor any other time.
Not even once.
He wasn't here either, for a long time.
Do you really hear him? Yes, I do.
And one day you will too.
I'm sure of that.
Now pass me that spade.
Everything okay, Tony? As long as I can see your smile now and then, everything is perfect.
Are you in love? I already answered that.
Doesn't mean you weren't lying.
Why would I lie? I think, if I was, I'd have found a way to keep Nathan close and continue to do what I do.
Something you should have done with Steve.
Excuse me? Well, how you feel for him is so goddamn undeniable.
My feelings for Nathan don't even come close.
He chose someone else.
And you still think you can't make him change his mind.
If it were me, I would at least try.
And if I got bored, I'd just send him home.
You're such a child.
Or maybe I'm just bored.
Finally, here you are.
Where the hell have you been? I thought the Petersons caught up to you in the end.
They did, in the end.
Boys, this is the man we are looking for.
Never left a job undone.
So, Trainor here has just finished telling us an amazing story.
Mind if I get him up to speed? Not at all.
He and his buddies ambushed this federal bank coach out in the desert, killed every one aboard and ended up with a pretty impressive booty.
Before they themselves get ambushed by a couple of lawmen of all people, and a a kid? Uh-huh.
And lost the booty they just managed to get their hands on.
Now Trainor here was the only one who survived.
Being shot in the throat, he played dead.
Passed out.
- Excuse me? - Passed out.
Passed out? And apparently dead.
He was buried with his buddies, so the weight of the earth somehow compressed his wound while the deepness of the grave helped him breathe.
Unbelievable, right? Once they were gone, he crawled out and walked the seven miles to Crimson, where he got some medical help, and jumped on the train to get here.
Just to tell me how miserably he failed in the simple task he was given.
It was an ambush.
You know that some people die of common cold, while the bullet in your throat couldn't kill you.
Remember that rancher in Juarez? I don't actually recall much about Juarez.
Remember, 20 bullets in his body and still he's standing.
Well they say a cockroach can live for up to a week without its head.
Are you a cockroach? No, I'm not a cockroach.
He is not a cockroach.
I'm just saying we're all living creatures and sometimes nature can be surprising.
I know what their sheriff looks like.
I can find him for you.
Killing a man ain't easy.
With a single shot even less so.
Well, it's always been easy for me.
You still haven't figured it out? It's time to start running.
Run, run.
So you realise what we have to do.
I can't believe this.
Our first guest arrives tonight.
Get Caroline to clean this up.
Tell her to use the French vanilla soap.
Lawmen robbing bandits.
What's the world coming to? He said it happened in Greenvale.
A shithole in the middle of nowhere.
Take a train to Beaufort, Frank will meet you there.
I'll tell him to expect you.
He'll point you the man we're after.
You should leave now before it gets dark.
And watch out for the rangers.
That was federal money, keep your guard up.
Blaine, tear that goddamn sheriff apart.
Fuck! I told you from the start that this - was a stupid fucking idea.
- I know.
Let me think.
Think about what, huh? It's gonna take us three extra days.
Let me think! Three days is too long, Kurt.
- Listen to me.
- No, fuck you.
- Come on, Kurt.
- No.
- Oh no.
- I know you last your friends but you're the only one who knows his way through the mines.
Come on, you've done it a thousand times.
You know this is the only way.
So we're abandoning the horses.
I'm not abandoning the horses, I'm freeing them.
I'm sorry your horse died.
What are you doing here? What if he ain't coming back? It's already been two days, I mean, what if that crazy fucker got the drop on 'em? Is that what you've been doing here, obsessing about this bullshit? You don't think it could happen? 'Cause, if it did, you and me are gonna to take over.
'Less you wanna leave that woman in charge.
I'll be at Symone's, if you need me.
Nate, I need to tell you something.
Eve, slightly to your left.
A little more.
This place is like something I've never seen before.
With this image you'll be captured and treasured in this place, forever.
What? Fuck! What the fuck? These goddamn whores are freaks.
What the fuck? Alfred, I want my fucking money back, you hear me? I want to see all of you.
Every last inch.
Look at me.
Let's leave this place.
Just you and me.
A few hundred feet more and we'll have earned our place in heaven.
Who's that? Let's take a break.
Go back to the house, I'll be right behind you.
What are you doing here? I needed to see you.
So you come to my home? Goddamn it, Eve.
Why did we never left this place like we promised we would? Go back to Greenvale, I'll come find you later.
Come out to Treson lake, we can talk about it there.
Now, you have to go, you have to go.
Why? Why?! In case she sees me here? To hell with her.
She gets to wake up with you by her side every goddamn day of her life.
I'll come and live here.
I'll break my back.
I'll breathe your dust.
I'll help you protect your gold.
Why was it you told me about it, but never her? Were you afraid it would corrupt her the way it did this town? Or was it because you knew, I'd give up all of it, just to be with you.
It's not possible for us, Eve.
Why not, if I'm the one you love? I found the gold on the day you and I decided to leave.
And that was the first time God ever spoke to me.
You know what he told me? That you were my greatest sin.
And that I had to renounce you.
I'm the guardian of the fucking gold, Eve.
That's why That's why I have to stay here with my family, to stop anyone using it.
It's the only way it's ever gonna rain.
It's a choice that breaks my heart, but it's the one I've made.
What are you doing here? Susan let me in.
It ain't true, what you said to Henry, is it? You only said it 'cause Eve was there.
- Nathan.
- 'Cause she pushed you, right? I'm afraid it is true.
I don't wanna marry you.
I'm sorry, it's just, Eve's done so much for me and the Ladies are my family, Nathan.
She's waiting for you, you know.
Who? Mary.
You wouldn't believe how excited she is.
I told her how kind you were how pretty.
She even convinced me to help her bake a cake for you.
To welcome you to our family.
I can't be a mother to your daughter.
Surely you understand that.
I've never wanted a child, ever.
My God, I wouldn't even know where to start.
You can start by giving this up.
- What? - Whoring.
That's where you fucking start.
I know, you wouldn't agree, Pops.
But this really is the only way, you know? It's the only way.
- Nicole.
- Nicole.
- Nicole.
- Nicole.
Where'd you get these matches, honey? Off two men.
They said I had to give them to you.
Where's Steve? It's okay baby, it's okay.
What am I now, Eve? What am I? And what does he want? - My land.
- Why? - I don't know.
- I don't believe you.
He's crazy.
He wants all the land in Greenvale.
I know I should have told you about him.
You were afraid we wouldn't have stayed? Well now we can't.
I'm sorry, Steve, I've already lost one child, I'm not gonna put the rest of my family in that kind of danger.
You should come with us.
No thanks.
He isn't here, you know.
Who? God.
Yeah, he is, Jack, even if you can't see him.
- Some more? - No.
We mustn't get drunk, Mr.
We have work to do.
Here's to our future.
And you're okay to wait for my investment? As long as I don't have to wait too long.
And what about the others? Well that depends on what kind of welcome they receive.
You behave properly with their family and everything will be all right, including your candidacy.
After all, they've taken days to get here.
It was about time they get up off their asses.
I'm familiar with your enthusiasms and eccentricities, and I like them.
But I don't know that everyone else does.
Let me show you where they'll be accommodated.
Maybe that will put your mind at rest.
Now leave the glass here.
And I'll also show you something else.
Well you've added to your collection.
Is everything real, is it authentic? Do you have to ask? You see, I'm far from an expert, but when I walk through here and I touch them, I believe that I feel and understand them much more than those who study them all their lives.
Mementos, conquests, artifacts.
I haven't finished arranging them, but I will.
What's this doing here? What are you talking about? You know exactly what I'm talking about.
This symbol cannot be connected to us in any way.
That's just a souvenir, for God's sake.
It's a holy symbol and you know it.
I think I like you a lot better when we're talking about the future.
Remove it immediately Bronson before you bring down everything that we've built.
What the fuck took you, Frank? Gentlemen, are you ready to go to Greenvale? Get your fat ass back on the wagon.
Hey, Kurt.
How'd you end up like this, Red? A sheriff denied me water.
I'm serious.
Daddy hit you too hard when you were a kid? Momma abandon you? Did you watch her die? I bet you had her longer than I had mine.
I set sail when I was just a kid.
Since we were so poor, I mean, you know dirt poor, like hungry poor.
I reckon she I reckon she forgot about me the day I left.
But, it's hard to find someone who's not lost someone these days, right? Who gives a shit.
We're all gonna die at some point.
Jesus Christ, I'm wasting my breath.
- What the hell are you doing? - They need to be identifiable.
Identifiable? You are crazy son of bitch.
You're worse than that goddamn cannibal.
How many men have you killed, Sheriff? And how often do you see 'em? Hello.
Are you her? Are you my new mom? Shh.

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