That Dirty Black Bag (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter Four: Genesis

- Why Italy? - I told you, it's where my mum was from.
Away from this fuckin' place.
Start somewhere new.
Not many people get that kind of opportunity.
- Nothin' scares you, though, right? - Nothin' much.
What about the man who gave you those scars? You shut the fuck up.
I just wonder if that's who you're running from.
I'm looking for a fella carries a Bowie knife with an eye burned into the handle.
Behave properly with their family, and everything will be all right, including your candidacy.
Blaine, in Greenvale, tear their Goddamn sheriff apart.
Today we are rich, my little brother.
Marco this is the beginning of a new life.
How heavy is that thing? 150 pounds of pure gold.
You know what day it is today? Mm-hm.
Mama, rot in hell.
All right, let's move on, tell the boys to take it down.
Christ, it's heavy.
That's what freedom weighs, you lazy fuck.
Hey! - What is it? - It's Blaine.
Rangers less than a mile off.
With about 20 men.
Likely followed us all the way from Old Town.
Fuck! We get 'em surprised, take down half of them maybe, the rest will be easy pickings.
20's too many, even if we surprise 'em.
What other choice do we have, brother? We head for the desert.
They ain't gonna follow us there.
- When's the last time we ate? - Enough.
It's suicide.
And what's taking on 20 men with five, one who can't shoot for shit, no offense, Mike.
None taken and I agree.
Me too.
Blaine? We're gonna do what I said for once.
Get the cross down, take it to the coach.
Hey, Christian, get the carriage ready, we're coming out.
Let's go.
- Carlo! - Yeah? I'll stay, slow them down a little.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Don't end up like a hare in the goddamn hunt.
It's a good job we had some oil.
Okay, ah.
Ah! P-H-A-L-U-S.
It's Alexander the Great's horse.
Who's Alexander the Great? You're kidding? The King of Macedon.
- You're making this up.
- I'm not.
It's what my mom used to call me as a kid.
- Alexander? - No, Bucephalus.
The name, it means ox head.
- Okay, we'll believe you.
- It's true! Well, I guess you win then.
Is that my reward for winning? I wanna hire that man.
I thought we'd agreed that I was gonna deal with this.
Well, you are, I want you to go and negotiate with him.
We're not gonna need him, Isabelle.
- Bill.
- You've seen how good I'm getting - with the shotgun lately.
- It's not enough, Bill.
- Isabelle.
- You're not enough.
We don't know how many cattlemen there's gonna be this year or how long since they've seen a woman.
You know that.
Ah, please no, ow! In the name of the Lord, please don't! - Don't.
- The things we do for money.
Another nightmare? About her? I think she'd be happy knowing you're here with us.
I'm starving.
We're all dying of hunger, stop moaning.
Chew on your belt and pretend it's beef jerky.
Beef jerky, my ass.
If there was a scorpion, I'd eat the fucker, sting and all.
There's one.
Oh, fuck! Hey! What the fuck, hey! Shh, quiet.
Get the fucking horses, he's stealing our coach! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, stop! Hey, hey! Well, get after it.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
What were you doing? It's a thing that cattlemen sometimes do, if they're really hungry.
It was just an ear! Just an ear? S-sorry, Marco.
Fucking imbecile! Fuck, you fuck! - Stop! - I'll fucking stop, when I'm fucking ready! You fuck! What are we gonna do now? We're gonna die, that's what we're gonna do.
We ain't gonna fucking die.
We're gonna walk out of here.
Does anyone have a problem with that? Marco? What about the cross? Get up, idiot.
You got us into this mess, you carry it.
Get up.
I'm looking for a man named Anderson.
Over there in the corner.
Anderson? - Hey! - Hey, what? Are you Anderson? Hm, that depends.
- Well, my name is Bill and I've been sent - Bill! Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy.
You're drunk.
Perceptive little bastard, ain't you? Well, what do you want, kid? I was told you protected people for money.
- Hm.
- But something tells me they may not have seen you in a while.
Can you even stand? Goat fucker.
I can do a better job protecting them myself.
You ever heard the screams of a woman getting raped? And the hooting and hollering of the fellas doin' it? That's half, you get the rest when it's done.
This is still nowhere near what my time is worth.
But hell, I'm feeling chivalrous today.
Hey, how did you know I have women at home? Well, do you? Yeah.
Sobers me up, and I like 'em raw.
You'd best have the rest of that money.
Hey, there's our cart! Oh Christ! There's nothing left.
It's only bones.
You were right, I should've listened to you back at the monastery.
I'll take care of everything.
Ignore the hunger and concentrate on the future.
Once we deliver this cross, we'll be gorging ourselves on caviar and we'll be drinking the best wine money can buy.
Start breaking up the cart.
Why would we break up the fucking cart? At least we'll have a fire tonight.
Let's go, little brother.
A gentleman takes his hat off at dinner.
Please, Mr.
So you're from the South? Yes, ma'am.
Us too.
Really? Course I've lived and worked in a lot of other places since, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado.
Made a lot of money in Colorado actually.
- What did you do in Colorado? - Hm? Oh, killed Injuns.
You see, once gold was discovered there, a lot of them didn't wanna leave, so the government, they sent in me and some other men and by God, by the time we were done, there was no question as to who it belonged to.
You goddamn piece of shit! - What the fuck is wrong with you? - All right, everybody, I think that it's time for bed.
Anderson, you're in the barn.
Get out of here! And give me my money back, you old bastard.
Why don't you come around here, - try to take your money back? - Bill! Mr.
Anderson, go to the barn.
We can talk about all this tomorrow.
All right.
Come to keep an eye on me, have you? - I came to tell you that you should leave.
- Ah, you don't need to apologize.
- I'm not - All right, I accept your apology.
Now please can we just move on? I suggest you tell them to put out the lamps.
A lit house always means women.
And if you're so keen on keeping an eye on me, do it from inside the house.
That way, if anybody comes meaning harm You know what? Forget about it.
They'll think you're the only man? Maybe you're not as mentally challenged as I thought.
Class dismissed.
And then, when I finally got the courage up to propose, she said She said she didn't think of me that way.
It's all about goddamn money to 'em.
Yeah, that's right.
That's all they ever think about.
Yeah, which is why when we deliver the cross, I thought I could ask her again - and maybe this time - Fuck her.
Exactly, you won't even need Cyrian.
That's right, you won't be needing her kind again.
Your worry should be about how to spend all that money.
Why, don't you look pretty this morning, young lady? Hello, young man.
Hey, leave her alone.
Oh, are you two sweethearts? Maybe you should warn her about walking around in such a state of undress.
And what it could do to a man.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Now that's a pretty aggressive gesture, boy.
- Get out of here.
- You're shaking.
Why don't you just put the gun down and maybe you won't get hurt, huh? - Hello, folks.
- Where were you? I went to get breakfast.
I thought I told you to stay in the house, boy.
Who the hell is this, your mama? What's that for? Makes it easier to get your bodies in.
You're James Anderson, ain't you? Sometimes.
The man who's killed over 100 people.
Give or take.
And the Johnson gang? How many of them did you mark on there? All of 'em.
They killed my brother.
Guys, let's get the hell out of here.
The Indians took care of him for a few years and then they left him with us.
Figured he'd be better off with his own kind.
How old was he when his momma was murdered? Eight.
That ain't a pleasant thing for a child to witness.
I mean, even now he has trouble sleeping at night.
And what about you? What about me? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Hey, Ralph.
Rise and shine.
Come on, buddy.
We gotta get going.
- Ralph! - He's dead.
He's dead? - How can he be dead? - I guess he starved to death.
But that doesn't make any sense, I mean That's what happens in the desert if you don't eat.
But we survived.
We're not gonna make it.
Well, you could if you ate.
A single meal is probably all it takes.
You gotta be kidding me.
Or you can wait for your God to save you.
Although it doesn't look like he's here today.
Meat is meat, right? Set an example, little brother.
I've done a lot of things for you in the past, but this? No way.
This is not for me, it's for them.
Didn't you say you felt responsible? This is where you get to make up for it.
Do it, Marco.
You're a piece of shit.
What are you waiting for? Eat.
Once we get to the Red Rocks, it's gonna be even tougher.
Eat as much as you can.
With this heat, he ain't gonna last 'til tomorrow.
Do it again.
Squeeze and pull.
- Ooh! - Hey.
Where are you going? What? You never seen a man wooing a woman before? Yeah, it's just A lie is more accurate than you, Red Face.
- What about South Carolina? - Yes.
- Virginia? - All the way down to Florida.
Wanted men move around a lot, so those who are after them gotta to do likewise.
Have you ever killed someone who used a Bowie knife? That's a pretty common knife.
What about with an eye carved in the handle? Like the one used on your mother? Isabelle told me.
How hard do you think it'd be to find him? Six years is a long time.
Do you know what he looks like? No.
You got a name? - What are you asking me then? - To find him.
Well, with so little to go on, finding any man is impossible.
Even for someone like you? You remember when we used to hunt in Maine? Well, I suppose it's not that different from that.
I mean, granted, I didn't have a goddamn cross on my back.
Except we ain't in the woods now, uh! What the fuck? Oh, fuck! Come on Michael, get up.
I can't.
Oh shit.
What's this? He's been eating rotten meat.
Jesus Christ! We've got to leave him here.
- No.
- Yeah.
I'm not leaving him here.
He can't stand up.
I'm not leaving him here.
All right, I'll deal with this.
Michael, water is for those who walk.
Uh! He would've killed us.
No, no, no, he wouldn't have killed us, he was gonna be fine, he was gonna make it.
- No.
- He was on the way out, Marco.
Shut the fuck up! I had to do it, brother.
Oh yeah? You had to do it? You had to do it? You had to, like you had to do with Ralph? What are you talking about? Ask him.
Ask him what he did to Ralph.
He strangled him, he suffocated him! Is that right? That's right, I did.
And because I did, we are still alive.
I guess that's true.
You're an asshole, you're agreeing with him now? Did you really think we were all gonna get through this? The three of us have always been the strongest, and the three of us are gonna walk out of here.
Take the cross for a while, will you? Give my brother a little rest.
You're fucking insane.
Oh, will you stop bothering me, Red Face? Thank you.
Water? - It's been a while.
- We need to talk.
No, we don't.
I appreciate the food, but please allow me to do my final guard duty in peace.
- How much would it cost me? - Christ! - How much do you have? - Nothing.
Then why are we talking about it then, huh? Let it go.
I can't.
- My mom was real well off.
- So? So there's probably a pretty high bounty on him.
- Probably.
- Yeah.
Or he's probably dead or he's probably changed his ways - or he's probably lost the knife.
- Oh, stop it! I told you, I can't let it go.
Look at you, hm? You live in this beautiful and peaceful place with two women that love and adore you.
You ain't gonna let it go, are you? Ah, fuck it.
All right, I'll do it.
And if I do find him and kill him, somehow I'll let you know, but don't get your goddamn hopes up.
And you'd better start saving your pennies, - because I'm not doing this for free.
- Deal! Hm, and the bounty's mine as well.
I find very interesting that you suddenly don't care so much that I'm a drunk and an Injun killer.
You're a man of your word - and that's enough for me.
- Yeah, yeah, I am, now go fill that with some memory juice.
Go on.
What are you doing? You can't just give her the answer.
I-I didn't.
- He didn't.
- You did.
All right, let's let's play one more game.
Yeah, we'll give Isabelle a chance to get her revenge.
Isabelle, this'll be the last one.
Good job, honey.
You knew exactly what you were doing from the start.
You told me you'd convinced them to take us all.
You fuck, you! You've always been a crazy asshole, but ever since you got involved with those people, you've gone fucking insane.
Everything I've done has been for you.
- Bullshit.
- It's true.
What about the scars on my back, hm? - You wanted to abandon me.
- Abandon you? I'm the strong one, you're the one who's gonna get us out of trouble.
- Get fucking back from me! - Remember, Marco, remember? Get back! Fuck! Listen.
Listen! Listen, listen.
Stop! Uh! - Goodbye then.
- Goodbye.
I'm okay.
Anderson! Anderson! - What the hell are you doing, Red Face? - I'm coming with you.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes! - No! You're making the biggest goddamn mistake of your life.
Marco? Marco! Marco!
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