That Dirty Black Bag (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter Five: Justice

Fuck! - If I were to renounce you - Why? If I'm the one you love.
It's the only way to run away.
Give them the water they want.
I don't want riots in town.
- I don't want to marry you.
- Whore! I know you lost your friends, but you're the only one that knows his way through the mines.
Today we are rich, my little brother.
Behave properly with their family, and everything will be all right, including your candidacy.
Tear that Goddamn sheriff apart.
- Agh! - Are you my new mom? Shh! Nathan? Nate? - Hey.
- Hi.
- Where's your dad? - Mom locked him in the living room.
- Your mom? - Yeah, my new mom.
She came to visit last night.
Nathan? Hey, honey.
He's still asleep and we don't wanna disturb him, all right? So, Mary what's your mom look like? What do you want? I've just gotta speak to Steve a minute.
It's out of the question.
- Please.
- You're not welcome here.
What's going on? Oh, Steve, thank God.
- What happened? - Nathan.
He smashed Symone's face in.
The sheriff's men found him with his throat slit.
And Eve didn't come home last night.
We haven't been able to find her anywhere.
I need your horse.
Steve, where are you going? - Steve! - Hey! Steve! Remember the first time you brought me here? Back when the water still ran? That was the happiest day of my life.
And then everything changed.
Look at me.
Did you kill him? Did you kill him? What are you doing here? I'm gonna take you away.
I'm gonna take you away.
And I'll hide you until McCoy gets back, okay? We're gonna hide you until McCoy gets back.
And you'll stay with me? Will you stay with me? - Then why are you even here? - To help you.
I'm here to help you.
You made your choice.
You made it.
Go back to your wife and your farm and your fucking gold.
If you don't leave now, they will they will kill you for what you've done.
Do you understand that? That's what's gonna happen.
Do you understand that? They will fucking kill you for what you've done.
Thanks for leading us here.
- Get out of my way, Steve.
- No, no, no.
- Move out the fucking way.
Move! - No, no, no, no.
You can't fucking touch her, you know that.
- Stay where you are, Steve.
- You can't fucking touch her.
You can't fucking touch her.
You can't you can't We should get going.
Give me half an hour.
You said that half an hour ago.
Well, a lot seems to have changed since I was here last.
There was a river down there that led directly to the mine.
Well, there used to be gold.
There used to be water.
There used to be a whole lot of things.
Then we went mad.
That one went mad all on his own.
You look like a piece of shit, you know that? It's the roots.
You should've let me eat 'em.
Oh, the roots.
Of course.
Tell you what, I could do with some roots right now.
Come on.
No, you'd be crying like a baby.
Come on, bring those pretty little heads of yours.
Let's go.
but, you get bored every now and then.
Right, and he would take he'd collect all the cow shit in there, right? And the he would mix it with whiskey and just sniff it to get high.
It was like some weird fuck Shit.
There it is.
Christ, I swore I'd never set foot in here again.
You wanna go home, don't you? Come on.
No one knows these mines better than you, Kurt.
Bronson, the guests are arriving.
Give me some advice here.
Solid authority? Or faith in the future? Faith in the future, every time.
- Yes.
- Come on, I like you when you smile.
You deal with the first guest, and I'll join you in a second.
The guests can wait.
It's only been three days since the last injection.
We said we inject you once every fortnight.
That was three years ago.
It's not enough anymore.
Let's calm down.
If needs be, we can change the formula.
Give me another one.
You could have a hear attack.
And in any case, increasing the dose doesn't Fill that syringe and do what I pay you for, or I swear to God, I'll tear it out of your fucking hand and bury it in your head.
Do it.
Yes, well, maybe maybe, maybe 10 CCs more.
You hear them, Henry? They've come for me.
Are you really gonna hang me? You brought it upon yourself, Eve.
You saw what he did to her face.
And he deserved to die for it? You should've come to me.
And I'd have punished him, cousin or not.
I'd have taken away his badge and compensated you for loss of earnings.
Instead, you chose to take away a young child's father.
She's better off.
No, she isn't.
And that's why you deserve what you're gonna get.
This is my town.
- Was.
- Is.
Mine and McCoy's.
We made the rules.
- Yeah.
- Everything has a price.
That way everything stays in balance.
So, what's yours? - Some things can't be reduced to that.
- Like what? - Like duty.
- Spare me.
Duty to what? - The badge? - That's right.
And the man you murdered, you fucking Nathan and I built those gallows together, you know that? Kind of fitting, don't you think? Hmm.
When you're done with me, I wouldn't bother taking them down, Henry.
Is that right? Because, when Mac finds out, it is you who'll be the next to swing.
Well? Got as far as the canyon.
The bridge has collapsed.
And also the horses are wandering about there.
Well either they were crossing the bridge when it collapsed, in which case, they're dead.
Or they went through the mines In which case, they're dead.
We shouldn't jump to conclusions.
You don't wanna do anything you're gonna regret.
Morning, folks.
What happened here? The mines were flooded, when Thomson diverted the river.
Killing everyone stuck inside.
Let's hope we don't end up like them.
Give me Give me a sign.
What are you doing? What is this place? I'll explain everything to you later.
Are you going to her? I can't just do nothing, Michelle.
She killed a man.
I'm sorry.
So, Frank, the Sheriff who stole Bronson's money.
What's his name again? McCoy.
And just to be clear, I'll lead you to Greenvale and point that fella out and that's it.
I have no intention of putting myself in his line of fire.
This man is fast.
Where do you know him from? Well, I do business everywhere with anyone.
And I know every single businessman and every single lawman from Beaufort to the border.
Yeah, and you seem to be a good judge of character.
Why do you suck on them? It generates spit, so you don't need to drink as much water.
Well, we can discuss it further when you've finished your water.
We've got company.
State Rangers.
All right, all right now, I'll take care of this now.
It's one thing killing a sheriff, but you do not fuck around with these fellows, all right? Oh.
Good morning, gentlemen.
For what it's worth in this hell of a place.
- Where are you headed? - Ah, Greenvale.
See if we can do a few business deals.
Greenvale ain't no place to be doing business deals.
Well, maybe we can make it one.
I can be pretty persuasive Best in the country.
We're investigating a recent robbery of the Crimson Federal Bank coach.
You know anything about it? Why? Why the fuck did you do that? They were leaving.
Christ, now we'll have the whole goddamn army down our backs.
- I see no witnesses.
- Oh.
I'm a businessman, goddammit.
I can't afford this bullshit.
It was me that told Bronson about that federal coach and all I've gotten for it since is agitation and strife.
You're not a businessman, Frank.
You're a former jailbird degenerate with clear food-related issues who thinks he's one just because he managed to sell a couple of cans of beans.
- Well, that's all - You know what I think, Frank? I think maybe, you tipped off the sheriff as well as Bronson about the Federal Bank money.
What do you say? Do I just blow your brains out now, so we don't have to worry about it anymore? Or do you take us to that sheriff right now? Let's go! I want that money by sundown.
Looks like our main guest is arriving.
You have made every preparation, haven't you? Of course.
And try and look a little pleased to see him.
He is the richest among us, and he can destroy your run for governor with one word.
Welcome, Mr.
Yeah, it's a prototype from Germany.
I'm financing a kid in Detroit who's gotten it into his head - to build them here as well.
- Very nice.
You should try to tell him to make 'em stink a little less.
Let's get some of that dust off your face.
I want to show you something.
This way.
These goddamn tunnels all look the same.
You need to keep an eye out for details.
Cracks in the rock, distinctive ridges.
So, Red, is that story about the bullet true? What story? About you killing a man with a bullet but without a gun.
You tell me.
Ah, come on, it's bullshit, right? - I mean, how is it even possible, when - Hey, Kurt, quit talking shit, will ya? Just passing the time, Mac.
What would you rather I talk about? All the men who died in here when the river burst? I'd rather you didn't talk at all.
- You know their bodies are all still here.
- Yes, I do.
And unless you wanna end up with them, I suggest you concentrate on finding us a way out of here.
It's yours if you let her go.
There's more.
Enough to turn your life around.
You of all people.
You know, I remember your sermons after the priest left.
You said that this This had ruined everything.
That it was evil, and could only ever lead to corruption and violence That we should learn to, what was it? Oh, yeah.
We should learn to farm again.
And you know what? I agreed with you.
I came to this town thinking that gold was the answer.
But you you son of a bitch, you persuaded me otherwise.
And now you come here and try to bribe me? Christ Just when I thought this shit hole couldn't get any worse.
So leave.
Huh? Leave.
Go somewhere new.
I'll give you all the gold you can carry.
If I let her go? That's right.
I could give you a couple of hour's head start.
After that, every sheriff from here to the state line is gonna know who you are.
You'll be fugitives.
And I mean for the rest of your lives.
I don't care.
All right.
Make it quick.
- This is crazy.
- No, it isn't.
It's what I've been denying, - and now I'm ready - Steve.
You're not made for that kind of life.
We won't last.
They'll track us down and kill us.
And it'll be worth it for every moment we have until then, 'Cause I love you, Eve.
Say it again.
I love you.
I love you.
What are you doing? What's right.
What? What are you talking about? - What are you doing? - I can't be the reason you gave it all up.
Gave what up? Gave what up? You have to stay.
You have to make this place beautiful, just like you imagined.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Open the cell.
Henry, open the cell.
Open open the fucking cell! It's her decision, Steve.
Why are you doing this? Promise me that's what you'll do.
Promise me.
You'll never stop fighting for what you believe in.
Sooner or later, it will rain.
Everything is all right.
We've been this way already.
What are you talking about? You see this mark? I made it a goddamn hour ago.
Kurt, look at me.
Tell me we're not lost.
- Son of a bitch.
- I'm sorry, Mac, but it wasn't me - who wanted to go this way it was you.
- I know.
- I fucking told you - I know! Listen to me, Kurt.
You survived this place once before, right? Am I correct? So you can survive it again, you're gonna get us out of here.
We need to follow the air.
I'm not going in there.
I'm not gonna die in here, Sheriff, are you? I tried everything.
But, uh she wouldn't This is your inheritance.
You can do whatever you want with it.
When? Tonight.
She asked only one thing.
Don't come.
Stealing his horses.
Burning crosses and still he just goes all like nothing's happened.
It ain't working, Thompson.
And now you want us to risk having our asses blown to hell with this stuff? I mean, come on, Thompson, this - Jesus Chris.
- Relax.
It needs a fuse.
Yeah, well, what that farmer needs is a bullet.
I already told you, we need his signature first.
Or don't you care if your share of the mine is legitimate or not? Are we thinking yet? I'm thinking.
I'm thinking, when are you gonna start paying us some of what you owe us? That's right.
'Cause I'm getting doubtful we're ever going to find any gold.
Well, how about this, then? You can be patient a little bit longer or you can take the few dollars I owe you and go off the same two losers you were when I met you.
Well, which is it? Did you do the thing I told you to do in town? Nope.
There was too much going on.
They were hanging that Eve.
That bitch who runs the whorehouse.
Where you going? Here we have some pieces of art - from all over the world.
- Impressive.
- Here we are.
- Oh, I had some advertising men from New York put it together along with an illustrator at the Herald.
Those votes are already ours, yet, you leave nothing at all to chance.
Attentive to every detail.
- Yes.
- Your house is the same.
I must say, the hospitality you've provided so far has been impeccable.
- You're surprised? - Well, considering the first time I saw your face on a poster, it had a number with several zeros printed below it, I'd say you've come a long way.
You like reminding me of my past, don't you? I'm teasing Mr.
You're forgetting that before your special relationship with Helen, we were your sponsor.
We had the bounties on your head rescinded.
We facilitated your involvement in the Wolfcreek aqueduct.
Yes, yes, yes.
I know where you're going with this.
And I promise you that, my share of the investment is coming.
The investment isn't the problem.
The problem is that in all these years, I've never once heard you say "thank you".
Thank you.
Morrison, thank you.
You're welcome, Governor Bronson.
"Follow the air", he says.
Where the fuck is it? You'd better pray this is the right way, Red.
Whoa! My heads! - My heads, my heads! - Get him his goddamn heads.
Billy? Billy.
Shh Mum? Mum? Hey, wake up! Wake up! Come on, kid.
You're not going anywhere on me, you understand? You ain't going anywhere on me.
You said you were gonna get me out of here.
So that's what you're gonna do, you're gonna get me out of here.
That's right.
- My heads - No, no, no, we've got your heads.
We've got all your heads.
Your heads are just fine.
You did it, kid.
Hey, Old Timer, it's okay.
What's going on? Hanging.
Can you water and feed our horses? Keep the change.
Good man.
Derek, you take the high ground and shoot the sheriff on my mark.
Frank, you tell me which one is McCoy.
And, let's only use these if we have to.
We have gathered here today to witness the sentencing of Eve Margaret Hoover.
She has been found guilty of murder in the first degree.
And so, Eve Margaret Hoover, you have been sentenced to death for the willful murder of the public official Nathan Jared Longinus.
Today, you will be executed of Eve.
according to the law of Greenvale, and the United States of America, with the approval of the Honorable Judge Albert Cowel.
Executioner, prepare the prisoner.
Is there a statement you'd like to say? All right.
By the powers vested in me, I do hereby order the Executioner to fulfill his duty.
Eve Margaret Hoover, may God have mercy on your soul.
72 hours.
Leave her there as a warning.
Steve? What are you doing in here? The door was open.
That doesn't mean you could just walk in.
You're right.
I shouldn't be here.
Steve should be here.
But he's in town weeping for his whore in front of everyone.
You think I'd ever have humiliated you like that? Please go.
There's gold beneath us, Michelle, whether you believe it or not.
It could be ours.
Come on, Red.
One last push.

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