That Dirty Black Bag (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Chapter Six: To Hell

Lawmen robbing bandits.
What's the world coming to? Tear that goddamn sheriff apart.
Don't end up like a hare in the goddamn hunt.
Everything I've done has been for you, brother.
What about the scars on my back? Nathan, I don't want to marry you.
Whore! Shh.
It's yours if you let her go.
I can't be the reason you give it all up.
Steve should be here, but he's in town weeping over his whore.
I plow the dry earth every day so that I'll be ready when it rains.
Tell me who gave you those scars.
Tell me who gave you those scars.
Why do you care? 'Cause I've been searching for that son of a bitch for most of my goddamn life.
Don't make me skin you alive, Sheriff, 'cause I will.
Believe me.
All right.
Let me get up.
As you can see, I'm uncomfortable.
It just makes me If you make a move All right.
I know, I know.
All right.
Tell me.
Tell me his fucking name! Bronson, you fuck! Drop it.
You know, Martin, Thompson was right.
So was Steve.
You see? In the end, it came.
Go on.
You do it.
Go on.
We'll try it together.
Okay, here we go.
One, two, three.
Go on, go see.
It might take a few minutes.
Go play, I'll come get you when it happens.
Go on.
I've wronged you.
I know.
Like the worst kind of man, I've offended you, and betrayed you You've been betraying me for years, Steve.
You think I never knew? It was a price I was willing to pay to stay with you because Dorian needed a father, but, Jesus Never would I have thought you'd let us sweat, and starve, and despair like we have, while, all this time, we've been sitting over a goldmine.
- That gold is evil - Stop! I'm tired of listening to your hypocrisy.
It wasn't so evil you couldn't use it to try and save that whore from being hanged! You know, it's only now I see you for what you really are.
Do you think you're some kind of martyr? You're as hateful as the men you oppose.
You should have asked us for permission to make us live like this.
Shouldn't you be outside working, Steve? What can I do for you? We're here for the Federal Bank money.
Well, as you can see, this ain't a bank no more.
Let's approach this a little differently.
Where's McCoy? I don't know who you are or what you want from him, but if you ain't up and out of that goddamn chair by count of three, I'm gonna Drop it.
Where is McCoy? We we haven't seen him in days.
He was out the far side of the canyon, but the bridge has collapsed.
If he's still alive, my best guess is he'll be coming back through the mines.
The mines? Where where are the mines? Not too far.
Take the path east of town and pass the abandoned house in Condor, you'll be there.
Nice, huh? How much do you reckon it would be worth? Let's go get this fucking sheriff.
Less than two hours and we're home.
How long ago did he give you those scars? Oh, shut up, Red, for Christ's sake.
Look, at least just tell me where it happened.
I just wanna talk to him.
You know, I grew up in a place called Abbey Town.
I've never heard of it.
Hold her! Take it easy.
Easy now.
It's just a woman.
Footsteps coming up the stairs, and then her screams, as he cut that mark into her, Sheriff.
- Just like he did to you.
- Please, leave! Leave us alone! Please, leave.
In the name of God, please, no! Ah! But deeper.
Please, stop! She saw my face? The things we do for money.
I was eight.
You were just a boy.
It's Thompson.
There's no need to be scared.
Looks like little brother's got himself a taste for dynamite.
Remember how this town used to be? Finally, we'll get back to being that City of Gold.
So, that's why you've been going around the country chopping people's heads off.
I guess you can say that.
You wasted your entire life searching for an asshole.
- 15 years.
- 15 years.
In all that time, how close you come? Well, now I know his name.
That's right.
I guess you do.
We wanna talk to you about the money! The Federal Bank money! Fuck! Good luck.
Red! Don't fucking move! I'm empty.
Kurt, I'm empty.
Aw, shit! Reloading.
Hang tight, buddy.
I'm out.
Marco? Blaine.
Oh, shit.
I can't wait to see your brother's face.
I have to tell you, I imagined you as a businessman, a cowherd, a family man with a string of ugly brats.
I even imagined you as a priest, for Chrissake, but never, never a fucking sheriff.
Well, you never struck me as a man with a great imagination.
How did you find me? Your damn deputies told us which way you might be coming.
It doesn't take much imagination to guess what happened next.
Marco, you know how we are about witnesses.
But I am sorry about your friend.
If he had family, they will lack for nothing.
Will you look at that? Generosity and kindness.
You've changed.
I was his only family.
And what about the third? There were three of you.
Excuse me? You heard me.
Mind your own goddamn business.
He was my prisoner.
Blaine, I would never have taken that money had I known it was yours.
I know that.
Now why don't I go and get the money, and I clean up this mess? There is no mess.
There's no hurry.
You and me We're celebrating our reunion.
Listen, you fellas might like to do that, but I think it's near time we put an end to this mess.
That money's on an abandoned farm.
I can go myself.
Yeah, right, like you think we're gonna let you go alone? Are you gonna let him talk to you like that? - You've changed.
- I'm still Sheriff, Blaine.
I can't be seen with the men who murdered my deputies.
All right.
Let's just you and me go together then.
Catch up on old times.
You know, I gotta say, it's nice that you two are so close, but I ain't running the risk of going back to Bronson without that money.
If I killed you right now, there's not a soul on this Earth that would give a shit.
Especially not my fucking brother.
Shoot the mouthy fuck, or put the gun down.
This is the Marco I used to know.
Blaine, I would rather come with you.
Don't worry.
Let's go! We'll be back by dark.
We're not gonna make it by dark.
Besides, don't wanna pass too close to Greenvale, not after the mess you guys caused.
I suggest we take a different route.
So? So tomorrow.
All right.
We'll see you here tomorrow morning.
Ah, of course.
You'll choke on those balls one day.
Symone, what have you done? I couldn't leave her there.
I couldn't.
Gather the girls, Susan.
I wanna change her hair to the red.
Go and get it.
We can't, it's still wet.
She's fine with this one.
The red one, I said.
The red one's her favorite.
Do you understand? I know! Laura, get the wagon ready.
Wanda, wrap all the jewelry in rags and hide the money.
Is that it? We're just gonna run away? We've already discussed this.
With all this money, we won't survive till sundown.
- This is our town.
- Really? Look at what happened.
They did this to her and nobody lifted a finger to stop it.
It was her own fault.
She should have waited for McCoy.
She wanted to avenge you.
And to protect us.
She was stupid.
Why don't you shut your mouth? She was angry 'cause Steve rejected her.
She was weak.
She did the very opposite of what she's always been teaching me.
Not that you ever listened.
What? She warned you about Nathan.
She tried to make you understand that you were playing a dangerous game with him.
But no.
The bored little whore had to play at being a princess.
- You know, fuck you! - All right.
Eve was right.
You're just a spoiled brat, Symone.
Well, her death is on you.
Susan Marco.
He's gonna be governor, Marco.
And when that happens, everything is gonna change.
New rules.
New opportunities.
Yeah, right.
You wouldn't recognize him now.
If he wasn't drenched in blood, I probably wouldn't.
Your brother loves you, you dumb bastard.
He spent a fucking fortune trying to find you.
He ever tell you why we parted company? No.
Why don't you tell me? Believe me, you don't wanna know.
Well, at least tell me why you would order the hanging of such a sublime beauty.
What are you talking about? The name was Eve Margaret Hoover.
She's dead? Shit.
You didn't give the order? Apparently she killed the only remaining deputy we didn't take care of.
I'm sorry, Marco.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You're too late.
They've taken everything.
I know who you are.
What were you looking for? A very bad guy.
Like always.
And did you find him? Not yet.
But today I'm closer than I was yesterday.
And where will you look for him? Ain't you got nothing better to do, kid? No.
Some place more normal.
Some place the bounty register's actually used.
- McCoy hates bounty hunters.
- I know.
And where's a more normal place than this? Far away.
Look, just stop following me, all right? And how will you get there? 'Cause, if it's a train you re looking for, you're going to need a ticket.
That way.
You're exactly the same.
You're always running away, or hunting someone down.
You still his errand boy? Fuck you.
I'll give you half.
It's more than enough to live like a king till you'll die.
Come on, you don't want to do this forever.
Always looking over your shoulder, waiting for the day you see that bullet with your name on it.
I've found my place, Marco.
I finally stopped running.
What the fuck have you found? You know what this is? - Christ, Blaine - No, wait.
They only give this to you - when they're ready to let you in.
- Those fucking little bastards! You're insane, you let 'em inside your head.
- They fucking keep tabs on you - You're not listening.
- Where you piss, where you shit.
- I spent 15 fucking years - waiting for this! - Do you know what my brother did?! Do you know what my brother did?! What? Tell me.
Tell me.
When we parted company, he murdered them all.
Christian, Michael, Ralph.
For what? So that psycho bitch could have her go on the cross, that's what.
What are you talking about? I'm telling you the truth.
Stay away from those people.
Those people? Those people can change my life.
Those people can make me a free man.
You and your money, Marco, you don't have that power.
You know, it hasn't rained here in years.
It's a miracle.
I ain't coming with you.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
No, I'll pay back every last cent if that's what it takes.
But I hope, that our past friendship means, you won't tell my brother you found me.
It's too late, Marco.
The men would have already wired Bronson.
I am sorry.
Yeah, so am I.
I know you are.
Now, let's go.
Your brother is gonna be so happy to Feels like we're getting stronger every year, doesn't it? Can I talk to you? You're worried about tomorrow? Hellen, I gotta leave.
- What are you talking about? - My brother's been found.
- Your brother? - That's right.
I'll be back in two or three days, and once I am, we can celebrate my nomination To hell with the nomination.
- We're here for something else.
- Yes.
Yeah, which we do every year.
What's the problem my missing it this once? Have you forgotten the vow that you made? Nothing matters outside of us.
Marco matters.
- He's my family.
- But he abandoned you.
I'm your family.
I freed you.
- I took care of you.
- Yeah.
Carlo, I know you.
Yeah, that's all true.
So you know what this means to me.
My boys have found him near a place called Greenvale, and I'm gonna go get him.
Your "boys?" You sound like a goddamn bandit.
That's right.
If you don't return before that carriage arrives tomorrow, you'll lose everything.
Bronson! You need to think before you challenge me.
I need a ticket to Trenton or Southspire, today.
There is nothing for today.
There is one for tomorrow afternoon.
Yeah, that's too late.
- Sorry.
- Relax, I ain't gonna hurt you.
Get me the ticket.
You got any peyote? Concasse? Ayahuasca roots maybe? Top shelf.
For the herbs the ticket for the door.
Thank you.
Good day.
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