That Dirty Black Bag (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Chapter Seven: The Plan

Tell me his fuckin' name! The things we do for money, my little brother.
Red! Don't fuckin' move.
- Marco? - Blaine.
'Cause I'm getting doubtful we're ever gonna find any gold.
- All this time we've been sitting over a gold mine.
- That gold is evil.
How much do you reckon it would be worth? We just gonna run away.
With all this money, we won't survive till sundown.
This is our town.
We'll see you here tomorrow morning.
My brother has been found, and I'm gonna go get him.
Nothing matters outside of us.
Marco matters.
Now you know his name.
Stupid boy.
Fuck are you doing here? - My mother.
- Your mother what? Wait here.
How else am I supposed to entertain myself? Try me.
Look who's here.
You the new sheriff, buddy? No.
But you say you gonna entertain me? Let go of me.
Well, I have a game you might like.
Well, if I like it, I might just let you live, my friend.
But if I don't Are you going to protect us now? - Are you kidding? - Why not? We have been terrorized for days, and you look like someone who can take care of this madness.
This ain't my town.
It's yours.
Here, take care of it yourself.
But you killed our sheriff, right? You owe it to us.
I did not kill your sheriff.
And I don't owe you nothin'.
Go away.
Michelle, Dorian? Dorian, look, look.
That's beautiful, huh? Hey, that's beautiful.
Here you go.
I want a sample exactly like this from every other hole we made in Hagan's land.
- Right away.
- You want.
You want, you want.
Excuse me? No, excuse me, asshole.
I'm getting tired of you talking to us - like we're a couple of mangy dogs.
- Hey.
You better pray you find that great vein of yours tomorrow, because if by then you haven't made good on the work we done for you, well, I'm afraid we're gonna have to start treating you like the bankrupt, worthless, goddamn piece of shit that you are.
Don't you know it's dangerous to sneak up on an armed man? I wasn't sneaking.
What do you want now? Thought you chopped everyone's heads off.
Only the people who annoy me twice in the same day.
You should've given the gun to me.
I need to protect my mother.
I can learn.
Maybe if I practice enough, I could be like you.
- What's your name, kid? - Tod.
Well, Tod, there are better men than me around.
But you stole the sheriff's horse.
There ain't no one better than you.
- Did you kill him? - No.
Then do you think he'll come back? I mean, what are we gonna do if he doesn't come back? - I mean - Look, kid.
I'm not the right person to get you, - McCoy, or anyone else out of trouble.
- Why not? 'Cause I've got a job to do.
I need to find someone I've been looking for for a very long time.
And there's nothing I can do for you.
Now, for Christ's sakes, would you just not say anything for a couple of minutes? All right? Are you lost, little brother? Don't be scared.
Ah, remember the fun we had with Blaine? Too bad we don't have that anymore, right? - Shut up.
- But don't worry.
The only reason I'm here is to help you.
Leave me alone, I don't need your help.
Don't need my help? Don't you remember who found you? My men.
On my orders.
So I could come and take care of you like I always did.
Keep away from me, you piece of shit.
Oh, Marco, you're gonna be all right.
Just remember the good old days.
The things we did to survive.
I told you.
Pointless looking, he ain't coming back.
And I say we can wait a little longer.
Did you know about Bronson having a brother? And? You never asked him about it? Christ.
You never give a shit about anything, do ya? - I was told - What? You worked for Buffalo Bill's Circus.
Is that true? Yeah.
It's true.
Why are you asking? You're interested in joining? Know the best way to find a needle in a haystack? Burn the whole fuckin' thing down.
One bale at a time.
You destroy everything, 'till it's by itself.
And when you find the man that killed your mama, and you kill him, you'll be the last man standing.
All alone.
He was pointing a gun at me.
Let go, let go of me.
Goddamn it.
He came up behind me.
He was armed, it's not my fault.
It's not my fault.
Why did you give him the gun? I didn't.
He just wanted to protect me.
That's all.
I said where's our sheriff, you goddamned murderer? Where's our sheriff? You know when you find the man that killed your mama Leave us alone.
You'll be the last man standing.
All alone.
Come on, Red.
One last push.
Hey, hey, what the hell you doing? I'm gonna get your fucking sheriff for you.
I told you, we only set up a couple of months ago.
We haven't made a single dollar yet.
Ain't that a coincidence, my friend.
'Cause I'm having a pretty tough time with money too.
So, if you'll extend a helping hand and some credit for some possible supplies that may come in handy, like some bullets, some whiskey, and maybe a decent horse.
There's a mare in the stable, but I need it.
- Gloria's gonna be givin' birth soon - I need it, Oliver! I need it for this particularly hard time in my life.
I need the horse.
I'm still the sheriff of Greenvale.
So you told me, sir.
But I don't see a star on your chest.
Excuse me? Look, if we're gonna talk about this, I don't think we need her in here, do we? No.
I'm sorry.
Good luck with the birth.
A Winchester, huh? That's right.
If my memory serves me correctly, pretty reliable gun.
Let me ask you this, are you quick enough, son? 'Cause that pretty young lady in there doesn't look like she's ready for widowhood.
It wouldn't take more than two or three days.
All we got to do is hop on a wagon train bound for St.
That's not a bad idea.
Kansas? You serious? Sure.
Once we're there I'll buy a herd of cattle with Symone.
We'll triple our share in no time.
No, Symone is coming with me.
We're opening a wedding dress store.
What? Symone agreed to help me, didn't you? She's the only one who knows arithmetic, and if we can't count money, we can't do business.
I agree.
Where are you going? I'm gonna give the horses some water.
If they die of thirst, we'll be stuck here the rest of our lives.
I think our only plan, for now, should be to stop at the first big town we come across, - clean all this dust off us.
- Sounds good.
Dorian, that's enough.
Please, Michelle.
I'm not gonna leave until you come out and see for yourself.
It's an ocean of green.
And it's so beautiful.
Please, Michelle.
Michelle? You have every reason in the world to hate me.
I promise, it's not forgiveness I'm looking for.
Just come see what I have to show you.
Huh? You gonna shoot me, Sheriff? Take another step and I will.
- I only wanna talk.
- Talk about what? You can put that down.
I ain't putting nothing down.
Thank you very much.
I bet you feel all smug.
You know, just like a million dollars, while I look like a piece of shit.
This is not how I thought I'd find you.
I thought you'd either be dead or filthy rich.
Not stinking drunk and alone.
I'm not drunk.
And I'm certainly not alone.
Why did you come back here? That town of yours is tearing itself apart.
That town of mine? That town of mine.
Well, I don't give a flying fuck.
They can all go burn in hell for all I care.
I never liked any of 'em anyway.
Actually, that's not true.
Mm-hmm, there was one girl.
Eve, was her name.
Clever bitch.
I liked her.
Although, she She left me for a farmer, can you believe that? Farmer Steve, Farmer Steve.
Now I asked her why.
And she said I wouldn't understand.
And you know what? She was right, I didn't understand.
But she's dead now, so it doesn't matter.
- Hmm.
- And of course That's enough.
Now, sit down.
It's all your fault, Red.
If it hadn't been for you, I'd be sitting on my boat, half-way across the world counting my money.
Why did you come back? I already told you.
Oh, come on.
Greenvale can't be that important to you, can it? It isn't.
But they need you.
Well, I don't give a flying fuck.
All right.
- See, I missed my train for nothing.
- What train? The train to Trenton and South Bar to see if there's a more reliable sheriff - Oh, I see.
- who actually uses their bounty board.
You're trying to find out how much Bronson's head's worth? Goodbye, Sheriff.
It ain't worth shit, you wanna know why? 'Cause there's no bounty on Bronson's head.
You wanna know why? 'Cause there ain't no bounty out there 'cause it's all in here.
Wanna make a deal? No trickery.
No double-crossing, I'm serious.
And on my terms.
Fuck your terms.
You hungry, Red? Sorry, kids.
I've got another favor to ask.
My friend's just showed up and would you mind terribly if you could cook us some dinner? Oh and Do you have a shirt? My size? Well, I must say, I'd expect the future governor to drive with at least a butler.
Luxury coach.
Private train.
Butlers, why? The wheels of bureaucracy are slow and train seats, they hurt my ass.
Well, here we are again.
The old gang is back together.
We're gonna have some fun.
The old way.
The old way? Welcome home, Bronson.
Can you believe it, Vonnet? My brother.
Hey! I'm sorry.
Oh, right.
I'm sorry, I should've shot it in the head, but it was too far away.
How far? 80, a 100 yards maybe.
I gotta thank you.
For not shooting a desperate man.
- You have married a good man.
- Oh, we're not married.
Or not yet, at least.
You should be.
What I'm trying to say is When you meet a person, the right person What I'm saying, this is, uh the best damn venison I've ever eaten.
That's a nice thing to say.
You got it from the Sheriff's, didn't you? What? The gold.
I mean, who the hell carries nuggets that size around with them anyway? It hasn't even been worked.
So? Is there more? Well, even if there ain't, I think I'm owed a part of that one, what do you say? I did risk my life to find that sheriff for you and I have not seen dollar one for my troubles.
Now that's not unreasonable, am I right, Nolan? - No, sir.
- No, sir? And given the size of the thing, we'd all do pretty well out of it.
What you find doing a job for Bronson is Bronson's.
All right, I get it.
Well, can I at least see it? You know, there's a lot of people still not convinced that all Greenvale's gold is gone.
Nolan here's something of an expert.
- That right, buddy? - My uncle.
His uncle was a goldsmith.
Maybe he could tell us if it's been newly mined or not.
Oh, come on, it's not like I'm gonna steal it.
Yeah, like a bunch of little pet dogs.
Fuck it, keep it.
Wanna pass me those plates, Nolan? The beans are ready.
All right, we've eaten.
Tell me what you're thinking? Would you smell that? Hmm, hmm, hmm.
It's not rained here in years.
One downpour and everything has changed.
What's your point? When'd you last have a meal like that? Huh? Made with the love of a woman.
No guns on the table.
Drinking not to get drunk, but as a prelude to love.
Get to your point.
My point is There is no bounty on Bronson.
He has very powerful men in high places that make sure of that.
You think he's just sitting around waiting to have his head chopped off? No, no, no, no, no, Siree.
So like I said before, we could help each other.
- I don't need your help.
- Oh, Red, Red.
I'm afraid to say that is not strictly the truth.
The money.
The Federal money that I That was Bronson's money and those men he sent, they're gonna kill me.
If truth be told, I don't stand a goddam chance, so Well, that sounds like your problem, not mine.
Well, if you help me deal with them, I'll take you straight to Bronson.
- I know where he lives - Don't fuck with me.
It's a great big beautiful mansion in California.
Why are you telling me this now? I need your help.
And I've never met a man who hates him as much as I do.
Everything okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
I can't believe this.
Everyone's already here, look.
But tonight when the wagon arrives, he will be the only one missing.
You bet on the wrong horse.
Not necessarily.
We mustn't let it throw us.
He's disrespected us, Hellen.
And he will pay for that when the time is right.
Why not now? One word from me and he'll be dead before he ever reaches the border.
I told you later.
Nothing must take precedence over tonight.
We must prepare the crypt.
Tonight's welcome must be impeccable.
This is our land.
Ours alone.
You done? Christ, this is getting old real fucking fast.
I've found it.
Don't you recognize gold when you see it? This is the proof I was looking for.
Their fields, they run into each other.
Hagan's land is just the anteroom to the motherlode.
So where is it? Under Steve's land, like I said.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it it wasn't right beneath his goddamn house.
All I can see is a yellow sliver.
So we're done, then.
What? And now you know where the gold is you can pay us what you owe us.
Open the safe.
Open it.
Open it or I'll bury you in that graveyard you visit every day.
Right next to Daddy.
You really don't believe me, do you? What you want, congratulations? Some praise? You better get it somewhere else, 'cause we're just about done with your bullshit.
That's fair enough.
But you know, a pat on the back every now and again never hurt anybody.
In fact, some people say, it's extremely good for the soul.
Horses are nearly ready.
We're not taking the horses.
Terrain's too rough.
Besides, we're not going that far.
You know, you're gonna have to let go of this bag at some stage.
Are you awake? Come, come, come, come to me.
Oh, you are so beautiful, Matilde.
Oh Do you know what this is? They told you, didn't they? Now, tell me what day tomorrow is.
Let me hear your voice.
Tomorrow is the new day.
Keep going.
In which the demons will gather.
In which the darkness will open the eyes of the blind.
Because we are all sinners.

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