That Dirty Black Bag (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Chapter Eight: The Great Duel

The things we do for money.
My little brother I need to be there when you find him.
You're making the biggest Goddamn mistake of your life.
I'll take you straight across.
- I know where he lives.
- Do not fuck with me.
- I'll need your help.
- I found it under Steve's land.
This is our land.
Ours alone.
Tomorrow is the new day in which the demons wake up, in which darkness will open the eyes of the blind, because we are all sinners.
All right.
Next stop New Orleans.
The problem is, gotta travel through the red zone to get there.
What's that? That's an area rife with every kind of bandit and goddamn reprobate there is.
Assholes that'll shoot you as soon as take a shit.
So from here on out, I'm gonna need you to keep a special watch.
You understand me? Sure.
- Sure, you sure? - Yep.
Okey dokey, you can start to relax.
Not that you've been particularly vigilant anyway.
You know what potato means in Italian? - No.
- It means a woman's hoo-ha.
No it doesn't.
I swear to God.
Have you tasted one before? No.
Well, it ain't for everyone, I guess.
A head weighs less than a body.
Did you ever think about that? I'm not gonna stop, Anderson.
Do you feel that, Pop? You were right.
There's still gold in this land.
You can be proud of me now, Pop.
This goddamn place is about to become what we always dreamt of.
The city that bears our name.
They called us mad men murderers.
But time has proved us right.
Where'd you learn to kill like that? Like what? With a tomahawk.
Well, I was raised by the Natives, but I was schooled by a bounty hunter.
"Schooled by a bounty hunter.
" Yep, raw-potato-eatin' alcoholic who lived in a cart.
What about you? Huh? - How did you end up - We are the same, Red.
We're exactly the same.
Still don't explain this.
Oh, this? This is all me.
It all depends on how good you are.
You know I used to collect these when I was a boy.
Of course they were not as detailed as these, - with the pistons and the couplings.
- Get outta my house.
Go fetch your wife, Steve.
I said, go fetch your wife.
- How much is that bag worth? - Huh? - How much the bag, how much it worth? - A lot.
And what we talking? Enough to get to California.
And some.
Tell me more about that girl.
- What girl? - The smartest girl in Greenvale.
Someone who deserved better.
Best thing about that town.
You know I never thought I'd say this, but I think you were the thing holding that town together.
Well that's mighty kind of you, Red.
Why did you come back? 'Cause what happened to you - happened to my mother.
- A long time ago.
- You remember his face? - Of course I remember his face.
Look at me.
Everything is gonna be all right, - I promise.
- Oh, Dorian, your daddy doesn't really know if everything's gonna be all right.
See kid there are two possible outcomes here, one of them is is good, and the other is very bad.
Okay, let's just talk, you and me all right? No, I'm tired of talking.
Sign it.
So you're gonna give me your land and in an exchange you'll get nothing.
No money, no share, just his life.
- Stay where you are, Michelle.
- Please, Charles, let him go.
I know you don't wanna hurt my child.
All I want is the land.
- Sign it.
- Steve please.
Surely, we can come to some kind of agreement.
It's too late for that.
- It's not, it's not too late.
- Gently! Hey, hey.
We already had an agreement.
Oh yeah, hmm? Why don't you tell him? Tell him.
- Yes.
- Yes.
See? And you used to be so beautiful.
Did you ever really love her? Now you tell him.
Tell him to sign.
Tell him! We're never leaving.
Oh, Michelle.
Wait a minute, wait! Thompson wait! I'm signing, okay? Thank you.
Thank you for this wonderful gift.
You wanna see it? What? - Thought there were more of 'em.
- No.
They're the two you need to worry about.
- You see the one on the right? - Uh-huh.
He can shoot you between the eyes from a mile off.
Trust me.
Trust you? What about the other one? Crazy as fuck.
Just be careful.
Yeah, don't you worry about me, I've killed all kinds.
You be careful.
We made a deal, Sheriff, that means you don't die.
You are perfect.
Are you hungry? You can have anything you like.
Of course.
Good to see you, Symone.
- How are you? - Hungry.
- The usual? - Sure.
Keep your money.
It's on the house.
So why did you come back, honey? Without Eve and McCoy, this town is doomed.
Well, I thought I might take things over myself, Tony.
Thank you for your attention.
We're looking for someone to take us to Condor.
We are not bandits.
There's no need to be afraid.
And it's a matter of great urgency.
So I'm willing to pay $100 to whoever provides the service.
Never seen so many starving folks spit on so much money.
You know the area? You come.
- No, I'm sorry, sir.
- Yes.
But I cannot leave the saloon.
- These have been a real hard few days in town.
- Sir.
For a matter of such urgency, you're offering less than you paid for your boots.
I didn't ask for your opinion, kid.
I'll take you there.
For $200.
The last fella you tried to double your money on gave you that? The fella who gave me this died with his throat cut.
It's 200 'cause you ain't gonna find anyone else to take you there.
They're all too scared.
But you're not scared? You need to go there, and I need the money.
Tell me something, is this the first time you've negotiated with someone like me? I bet someone else sets the price for your little body.
All right kid, you got a deal.
Lets go.
John, give the young lady a horse, - and stay here in case he comes back.
- Will do.
Easy buddy.
The sheriff.
- McCoy? - McCoy.
How well do you know him? - Pretty well.
- Good.
So you can tell me all about him on the way.
Are you planning to kill him? To kill him? I knew I was right.
I've always known.
This is what you wanted? Dorian? Dorian.
Hey! Dorian! You're late.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I got held up.
Blaine? Oh, Blaine.
Yeah Well what with the rain, and the floods.
As you know, Blaine can't swim, so The money? Well, that can't swim either.
You shouldn't play it like this McCoy.
Two against one is a hand you can't win.
It's not exactly two against one, you see? I brought my friend.
Nothing to worry about a boy with a bag.
A friend? Yesterday, a prisoner, today already a friend.
It doesn't have to be this way.
I'm gonna ask you and I'm gonna ask you once.
And you'd better think real hard before answering.
Bronson's order was to recover the money, but nothing was said about not killing his brother.
What exactly are you asking me? Where is the money? It's gone.
Ah yes.
The rain.
Where's the money? Well Ah! Bye, Sheriff.
Oh yeah, oh shit.
You're still alive? I think so.
Goddamn thing went right through me.
So you're his brother? And you said nothing.
I've spent most of my life trying to forget that he is my brother.
What was I supposed to say? That I'm a thief? I know you're a thief.
My brother's a goddamn psychopath? That killed my mother.
I know you might find this hard to believe, I hate that son of a bitch more than you do.
Yeah? And now you're gonna prove it.
Lemme see.
Yeah, you'll be fine.
Let's deal with these wounds and get outta here.
I was so close to getting on that ship.
So close to crossing that ocean, getting out of this shit.
And yet you came after me.
We're always running, McCoy.
I'm not coming.
- We had a deal.
- Ah, the deal.
I told you where he was.
I told you how to find him.
That's the deal.
I ain't got a dollar to my name.
Now give me that bag.
Can't do that.
Things we do for money, eh Red? The things we do for money.
What did you say? I was there.
I saw you under that bed.
You were so scared.
Just a little boy.
I saved you then, just like I did when you were hanging upside down with your ass hanging out.
So the least you could do is give me that goddamn black bag.
Red, promise me one thing.
If you are the last man standing, make sure my brother ends up in that dirty black bag.
Dorian! Dorian! Dorian! Come on.
These things have nothing to do with us.
You did the right thing.
He threatened to kill our child.
We bury him here.
And then we bury this place.
Agreed? What are you reading?
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