That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

The Storm Dragon, Verudora

1 Mommy! What about the bomb shelter? Mommy! Tokyo: Present Day Sure is peaceful I live a totally normal, uneventful life.
I graduated from college, got a job at a major general contracting firm, worked my way up the ladder, and started making decent money.
I'm a perfectly content 37-year-old man.
If there's anything missing in my life right now, it's a girlfriend.
In fact, I haven't had a girlfriend in all my 37 years But not having one doesn't bother me at all, really.
Senpai! Over here, Senpai! Tamura, sorry I'm a bit late.
So, what'd you want to discuss? Hello! I'm Sawatari Miho.
I see you around a lot, but this is our first time speaking.
Oh Hi.
I'm Mikami Satoru.
I know who you are, of course.
You're famous.
What?! Famous?! Yeah, I mean, all those rumors Wh-What rumors?! Easy, Miho.
He's just teasing you.
Go easy on her, Senpai.
Sorry about that.
What is this, anyway? Is he looking for marriage advice? No need to stand around.
Let's talk while we eat.
You like yakiniku, don't you, Senpai? I booked a great place for us.
Jeez, he arranged one of my favorites for dinner? Kid sure knows how to treat his senpai.
It's just up ahead.
Well, I guess I should offer them my congratulations.
Tamura! S-Senpai! Wh-What is this? It's too hot I don't want this Confirmed.
Heat Resistance acquisition successful.
How the hell could I get stabbed and die?! It hurts Confirmed.
Get Stabbed and Die Stab Resistance acquisition successful.
Stab Resistance Continuing Continuing Physical Attack Resistance acquisition successful.
Physical Attack Resistance Acquisition Successful.
We need an ambulance! Quick! It hurts The blood Confirmed.
Pain Nullification Pain Nullification acquired.
[Acquired] Pain Nullification Creating a body that does not require blood.
Creating a body that does not require blood Successful.
Would you shut up already, Tamura? Senpai, hang in there! So cold Cold Resistance acquisition successful.
Heat Resistance Cold Resistance Acquisition of Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance Thermal Fluctuation Resistance results in acquisition of new skill, Thermal Fluctuation Resistance.
Am I gonna die? T-Tamura Take the hard drive out of my computer at home put it in the bath and make sure it's completely wiped.
Huh? Deletion of data via electric current has failed due to insufficient information.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
Consistency not found among theoretical values.
As an alternate measure, Employing Alternate Measure Employing Alternate Measure Employing Alternate Measure Electric Current Resistance acquired.
Electric Current Resistance Attached is Paralysis Resistance.
Paralysis Resistance Acquisition successful.
Senpai Please All I really wanted to do was show off Sawatari to you Jeez Don't worry about that.
Mikami-san Be sure to make her happy.
And take care of my computer.
I never thought I'd die a virgin If I'm reborn, I'll be a lot more aggressive.
I'll screw every girl I see Unique skill: Predator acquisition successful.
Unique Skill Unique Skill Predator Unique Skill Predator Acquired If a guy who's still a virgin at 30 is a magician, then, given how close I was to 40, I would've been a sage.
I could've even made it to the rank of great sage.
Extra skill: Sage acquisition successful.
Extra Skill Extra Skill Sage Extra Skill Sage Acquired Continuing, Sage will transform into the unique skill Great Sage.
Sage will transform into the unique skill Great Sage Sage will transform into the unique skill Great Sage Unique Skill Unique Skill Great Sage Successful.
Unique Skill Great Sage Successful Oh, shut up Just let me have some quiet time Senpai Senpai! I can't see anything.
Episode 1: The Storm Dragon, Verudora Where am I? And what happened? I feel like someone was teasing me about being a sage, or a great sage That's right I was stabbed and Okay, I remember.
It's all right.
This isn't the time to panic yet.
The only time I ever lost my cool was when I crapped my pants in grade school.
Okay, so I was stabbed, and then I don't hurt anywhere.
I'm not cold.
My eyes won't open? I can't see anything! My hands my feet I can't feel them.
My body I can move! So I have sensation.
Are those rocks? Rock Which would mean I'm not in the hospital Then, where the hell am I? Is this some kind of plant? Does my mouth work? My voice Nope.
Huh? It dissolved? Plant Intake It's permeating throughout my body Disappear Surge What's happened to me? Something seems weird.
Humans can't usually dissolve plants, can they? Oh Huh? Eh? Maybe I really did die What happened to Tamura and Sawatari-san? Did he wipe my hard drive? Just what the heck am I right now? Hey, I bounce.
I seem to have some elasticity.
Let's see, my body's exterior is Uh-huh.
I see, I see.
How can this be?! I was such a hot, manly man (self-proclaimed), Manly (Self-proclaimed) but now I've taken on this refined, streamlined form! Yeah, right, idiot! Like hell I can accept that! But I am a slime, aren't I? Yeah.
I'm not human.
It seems like I got stabbed, died, and reincarnated as a slime.
I think it's been a fairly long time since then.
Surprisingly, it turns out this body is pretty handy.
I don't even need to eat or sleep.
So why do I eat plants, you ask? Because I have nothing else to do! There's no point, but I don't feel right if I'm not doing something.
Wait Who am I even talking to? Anyway, I wonder where this stuff I eat is going.
I haven't pooped or Answer.
It is stored in the stomach of your unique skill, Predator.
Th-That voice I heard it when I was stabbed, too! Wh-Who are you? Answer.
It is the effect of your unique skill, Great Sage.
Unique Skill Great Sage In Effect Now that your ability is established, Ability Established you are capable of reacting more quickly.
Reaction Speed Up Great Sage So, um, does "skill" mean my abilities? What is "Predator"? It allows you to ingest objects and analyze them within your body.
Unique Skill Predator Mimicry Skill You can then acquire that object's skills.
Absorb Into Body Analyze Parallel Once the analysis is complete, you can mimic the object, as well.
Oh! The stomach stores the objects you ingest.
It can also isolate harmful objects that cannot be analyzed.
Th-This "Predator" seems like a pretty amazing ability.
Is it really something a slime should have? But, hey, since I do have it As a test, can you analyze the plants I ate? Analysis complete.
Hipokute herbs.
Hipokute Herbs A valuable herb that only grows in areas rich in magicules.
A valuable herb that only grows in areas rich in magicules, used in healing potions.
Used as an ingredient in salves and healing potions.
Magicules? Magicules Magicules.
Magicules A special energetic material found in all— A special energetic material found in all Explain it so I can understand! Magicules Magical Beings They are the building blocks of life in all magical beings.
Building blocks of life? I get it.
This cave must be full of that stuff, which is why all these valuable herbs grow here, right? So I can analyze these hipokute herbs and store them in my stomach.
Does that mean I can create and store salves and healing potions within my own body? Affirmative Precisely.
I see! Okay, then So I gobbled up all the hipokute herbs in this cave and immediately turned them into potions in my stomach along the way.
Potion They could come in handy if I'm ever in trouble but mostly, I just have nothing else to do.
If all those plants are actually some valuable herb you call hipokute herbs, does that mean this rock is worth something, too? Magistone ore.
Magistone Ore Minerals that spend long periods of time in magicule-rich areas take in magicules until they become magistone ore.
It is very valuable.
Really?! Okay, then! Magistone ore's pretty awesome, too! So I gobbled up all the magistone ore in the cave.
And there's a ton of it! It's an all-you-can-eat buffet! Um Did I just fall in water? A lake? So slimes don't float? Am I really gonna die this time? I don't feel like I'm suffocating.
Wait, was I even breathing to begin with? I guess I wasn't But what do I do now? This looks bad.
I know! I'll just ingest some water and Okay! Skill: Water Pressure Propulsion acquired.
— Water Pressure Propulsion — W-Wait I'm going a little too fast! I'm pretty sure I hit that wall, but I don't feel any pain.
Pain Nullification Because you have acquired Pain Nullification, Pain Nullification you will not feel pain.
The physical damage you have taken is 10%.
Notice Physical Damage Taken 10% Species skill Self-Regeneration has been activated.
Species Skill Self-Regeneration Activated So I still take damage, even though I don't feel pain? I repaired the part of me that took damage? This body really is convenient! But I guess I should be more careful.
Can you hear me, small one? Can you hear me, small one? Hey! I know you can hear me! Y-You're talking to me, aren't you? Answer me.
Easy for you to say! How am I supposed to talk when I don't have a mouth?! Hey! Just shut up already, baldy! Oh? You called me a baldy, eh? I see you have guts.
Uh I was trying to be nice since I haven't had a visitor in so long, but you seem to have a death wish.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I had no idea you could hear my thoughts! I don't have a mouth or even eyes, you see It amazed me that you would say such a thing after seeing me, but it turns out you can't see me, eh? All right.
I will give you sight.
Huh? However, there will be conditions.
What do you say? What sort of conditions? It's simple.
You must not fear me when you have the ability to see me, and you must come talk to me again.
That's all.
A good deal for you, is it not? That's all I have to do? Yes.
You see, I was sealed here 300 years ago.
Ever since then, I've had nothing to do, and it's unbearably boring.
What do you say? I'm curious as to why you were sealed, but Okay, I'll gladly do it! Very well.
There is a skill called Magic Sense.
Can you use it? No, I can't.
It allows you to sense the magicules around you.
If I can detect magicules, I'll be able to see? Okay, I guess I'll try it.
Hey, there's something Is this the stuff you call magicules? Extra skill: Magic Sense acquired.
Extra Skill Extra Skill Magic Sense Extra Skill Magic Sense Acquired That easily?! Also, "extra"? Extra? Skills with power and efficiency magnitudes higher than those of normal skills.
Magic Sense Wow! "Extra" sounds awesome! Would you like to use Magic Sense? Would you like to use Magic Sense? Yes! I can see! I can see! I can actually see! Oh, yeah! I really am a slime.
Well? Oh, right! I did it! Thanks so much! D-Dragon?! Allow me to formally introduce myself.
O-Okay I am the Storm Dragon, Verudora.
Storm Dragon? I am one of only four True Dragons that exist in this world.
Hey, you do remember our promise, don't you? O-Of course! I'm not scared at all! Well, I'll come to chat again sometime! Hold it! This is indeed unusual.
Slimes are normally low-ranked monsters that don't think, but you have self-awareness.
Are you Unique? What does "Unique" mean? It refers to a being with extraordinary abilities.
I'm not really sure.
The thing is, I used to be a human, but I got stabbed and died, and next thing I knew, I looked like this.
I see.
You were reincarnated.
Reincarnated So I really was reborn as a slime You came into this world in a very unusual way.
Huh? Unusual? There are occasionally those who come here from other worlds, but you are the first I've known of to be reincarnated here.
Most would be unable to withstand having only their soul traverse worlds.
So you're saying there are people who came here from other worlds, but not through reincarnation? Indeed.
We call them Otherworlders.
I've heard that they gain special abilities when they cross into this world.
I see I guess that's how I got my skills, too.
There might even be other Japanese people here I think I'd like to try and find some of these Otherworlders.
What? You're leaving already? He's pouting! U-Um Maybe I'll stay a little longer.
It's not like I have anything to do Oh, good! Stay as long as you like! So, um, you said earlier that you were sealed here, right? I'm glad you asked that! It was 300 years ago I sort of turned a town into ashes by mistake.
"Sort of"? So someone came looking to slay me.
It's certainly true that I underestimated my opponent a bit.
I started putting my full strength into the battle partway through But I still lost! But you seem really strong.
Was your opponent that powerful? Yes, very powerful.
It was someone known to the humans as a hero blessed with divine protection.
A human hero? Sounds like something out of a video game.
She overpowered me with her unique skill, Absolute Severance, — Absolute Severance — and then she sealed me using Unlimited Imprisonment.
Unlimited Imprisonment Is that shiny stuff her Unlimited Imprisonment? Yes.
The hero called herself a "Summon.
" Summon A Summon? Is that different from Otherworlders? It takes more than 30 mages to perform a ritual that lasts several days to bring one here from another world.
Oh! So there are mages here! This sounds more and more like a game! They're also expected to serve as powerful weapons.
Weapons? Yes, for the Summoner.
Magic is used to carve a curse into the Summon's soul to ensure that the Summon can't defy the Summoner.
What the heck?! That's just cruel! Cruel, eh? I don't know what your world was like, but survival of the fittest is the prevailing truth in this world.
I see So you've been in here ever since that hero sealed you? That's right.
I'm so very bored I felt pretty damn lonely just because I never had a girlfriend in 37 years I can't imagine being all alone for 300 years.
Okay! Why don't you and I be friends? What?! A mere slime proposes friendship with me, the feared Storm Dragon?! I-If you don't want to, I understand F-Fool! No one said I didn't want to! Uh, really? Then what do you say? Yes, well if you insist I guess I'm willing to think about it.
Are you some tsundere?! Yes, I insist! So that settles it! If you refuse, we're through.
I'll never come here again! W-Well, all right.
I'll be your friend.
You'd better be grateful! Just can't be honest, can you? Well, glad to know ya! I-Indeed.
It's a little embarrassing talking about "friends" at my age But that's the story of how I got stabbed, died, reincarnated as a slime, and became friends with the Storm Dragon Verudora.
My totally normal, uneventful life is no more.
How could this have happened? I never dreamed a life like this was waiting for me! Or should I call it a "slife"? I wonder if Tamura wiped my hard drive for me I hope he didn't look at it first.
Never attempt this.
Rest in peace, Senpai.
If I ever have a son, I'll name him Satoru.
Next time, "Meeting the Goblins.
" Meeting the Goblins