That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Meeting the Goblins

1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime So, what do we do? Episode 2: Meeting the Goblins Hmm? About the Unlimited Imprisonment seal that hero put on you.
I feel bad knowing my friend's been sealed here for 300 years.
You Don't give me those puppy dog eyes! It'd be one thing coming from a cute girl, but a dragon? If you have a way to get me out, I'd appreciate it.
Th-The thing is I wouldn't have lasted another 100 years before my magic ran out.
I keep losing more and more magicules So that's why this cave is so rich in magicules, and there are so many valuable herbs and ore.
What happens when your magic runs out? It's not a huge deal.
It's not? I'll just die, that's all.
I I see After all these years of isolation, you just die, huh? Might as well try this.
Great Sage, use Predator to consume the Unlimited Imprisonment.
I guess it won't be that easy.
See? It's impossible.
Isn't there anything we can do? Examining the possibilities.
Hey! Don't just keep talking to your own skill! Old man Examination completed.
Possibilities include Uh-huh.
I see, I see.
It's only a possibility, but She says if we can analyze the Unlimited Imprisonment from both inside and out, we might be able to remove it.
Oh? Wait, but I can't analyze it from the inside.
My skills are sealed along with me, so I can't use them.
If you can just give me the data, I can analyze it out here.
But that could take some time.
Are you sure you want to stay in here that long? W-Well, not that I mind, but Good point Since I'm here, I'd like to search for others from my homeland.
I see So here's a suggestion.
A suggestion? Want to get in my stomach? I'll use my skills, Great Sage and Predator, to analyze Unlimited Imprisonment while you try to destroy it from the inside.
You'll be quarantined in my stomach, so you won't disappear.
What do you say? That sounds interesting! Please, do it! I'll entrust my entirety to you! Are you sure you want to believe me that easily? Of course! It sounds more fun to break through Unlimited Imprisonment together than to wait here alone until you come back! Right Better two than one Sounds great! Yes! O-Okay, I'll use Predator to— W-Wait a moment! Before we start, I'll give you a name.
You can give me one, too.
Huh? It will engrave onto our souls the fact that we are equals.
It'll be what humans call a "family name," but the name I give you will grant you divine protection.
You are still nameless, so you'll become a monster with a name.
A monster with a name, huh? That sounds good! Doesn't it? Give me a cool name! Same to you! A cool name Let's see The Storm Dragon, Veldora Storm, huh? And what's another word for a storm, again? Storm sounds kinda weird.
Tempest! What do you think of "Tempest"? What?! Tempest, you say?! D-Don't like it? It sounds fantastic! As of today, I am Veldora Tempest! Y-You like it? And I will grant you the name "Rimuru.
" Rimuru Not bad.
You will be Rimuru Tempest! At that moment, something changed deep in my soul.
Rimuru Tempest The name "Rimuru Tempest" had become engraved upon it.
I am Rimuru Tempest.
Rimuru Veldora Tempest Okay, I'm going to eat you now.
Break out of that Unlimited Imprisonment already! Leave it to me.
I will see you face-to-face in no time! All right! Unique skill: Predator! That ended far too soon.
I was just talking with him a moment ago Unlimited Imprisonment Would you like to analyze the unique skill Unlimited Imprisonment? Yes.
Please do it.
A great tremor rocked the world on this day.
The disappearance of the Storm Dragon Veldora, a Catastrophe-class monster, was confirmed.
The cave where Veldora had been sealed was in the Great Forest of Jura.
In the area of the Great Forest of Jura are several countries.
The Eastern Plains The Western Provinces Barren Lands Great Forest of Jura Canaat Mountains Kingdom of Falmus Kingdom of Blumund Sealed Cave Lake Siss In one of them, the Kingdom of Blumund \h\hKingdom of Blumund\h\h Minister Baron Veryard You've heard about the Storm Dragon Veldora, yes? Of course I have.
Guild Master Fuze I should have expected as much of a guild master.
So, can you tell me what measures the guild intends to take? We have no plans to take any particular action.
The disappearance of Veldora is predicted to galvanize the monsters! There is a chance that the Eastern Kingdom will advance through the previously impassable region that the Storm Dragon was sealed in.
If they get through that forest, the provinces surrounding the Great Forest of Jura will fall under the empire's rule, in the blink of an eye.
You look tired.
Are you getting enough sleep? As a favor to an old friend, I'll conduct an investigation personally.
I'll look into the state of the Great Forest of Jura and the kingdom's movements.
Thank you.
Please see to it.
The chaos in the surrounding countries since noticing that Veldora disappeared was like a disturbed hornet's nest.
Of course, Rimuru had no way to know this.
How many days has it been since I ate Veldora? I wandered around everywhere, trying to get out of the cave.
I gobbled up all the herbs and ores I came across to store them in my body.
Water Movement Skill: Water Movement acquired.
Acquired — Water Blade — Skill: Water Blade acquired.
The acquired skills Water Pressure Propulsion, Water Movement, and Water Blade Water Pressure Propulsion Water Movement Water Blade Water Blade Water Pressure Propulsion Water Movement Water Blade Water Movement Water Pressure Propulsion Combine combine to evolve into extra skill, Water Manipulation.
Water Manipulation Evolution I tried out lots of things and gained some new skills.
And then I found the one! The one bound to me by the red thread of fate! Except it wasn't.
Black Serpent Appeared This looks bad.
I doubt it's gonna let me escape.
But wait This is nothing compared to Veldora, is it? Maybe it's not as scary as I thought.
I can do it! Water Blade! That's a much stronger technique than I expected.
I'll have to be careful who I use it on Wait If I use Predator to eat this snake and analyze it, wouldn't I be able to take its abilities? Right! Eat it whole! Blech! I can't taste things, but still! Blech! Analysis complete.
Skills: Poisonous Breath and Sense Heat Source acquired.
Poisonous Breath Sense Heat Source Poisonous Breath Acquired Sense Heat Source Acquired You can now mimic Black Serpent.
You can now mimic Black Serpent.
So I can breathe poison and sense heat sources? That could come in pretty handy.
Man, Predator sure is useful! All right! I'm gonna acquire a lot more skills! Armorsaurus Appeared Mimic Black Serpent Take this! — Poisonous Breath — "Body Armor" Acquired I'd better not use Poisonous Breath anymore Evil Centipede Appeared "Paralysis Breath" Acquired Black Spider Appeared Water Blade! Water Blade! Water Blade! Water Blade! "Sticky Thread," and "Steel Thread" Acquired Giant Bat Appeared "Drain," and "Ultrasonic Wave" Acquired A red water strider, A-I-U-E-O! Little shrimp swim in the algae! Using the organ that the bat used for its Ultrasonic Wave, I was finally able to speak.
We are aliens.
Then, after several weeks of wandering around that cave At last This is probably the exit, right? Well, now what? Can I cut it up with Water Blade? It finally opened.
It's so rusty, the keyhole's falling apart.
That's no surprise.
Nobody's come in here for 300 years.
We won't be attacked out of nowhere, right? Of course, if it comes to it, we can always use Escape The first humans I've seen I don't know what they're here for, but I guess they're adventurers? Wait, I can understand them! Intention Magic Sense The use of Magic Sense turns sound waves that carry intention into comprehensible words.
The use of Magic Sense turns sound waves that carry intention into comprehensible words.
So that's why.
Thank goodness! I was never good at English.
And by producing sound waves that carry your thoughts, you can converse.
Oh! But I'm a slime now.
It would suck if I talked to them and they immediately attacked me.
All right, I'm gonna activate my Stealth Arts.
He called that skill "Stealth"? You could peep all you wanted with that.
What a disgraceful creep! I'll have to make friends with him later! Are they gone? What is it? I thought I sensed a monster Was it my imagination? So I left the cave.
How long has it been since I walked in the sunlight? There's been no sign of Veldora since then.
It seems like he vanished for good, but I know that's not true.
I promised, after all.
I'll have to build up a lot of funny stories to tell him about next time we meet.
Ah, I haven't seen the outside in so long! The air tastes so sweet! Not that I can taste.
Goblins Appeared Hey, Veldora It looks like I'm about to have one funny story to tell you about already.
Scrawny bodies, beat-up weapons Strong one, do you have business here? Strong one? Wait, me? I just need to produce sound waves carrying my thoughts? Okay! Right, so, hello! I'm a slime, and my name is Rimuru! We're well aware of how strong you are, sir! Please, quiet your voice! Maybe I thought too hard So, did you need something? We sensed a powerful monster, so we came here as a precaution.
I don't sense anything like that.
Surely you jest! Even if you face us in that form, we won't be fooled! I guess he really does mean me.
Strong one, having seen your power, we wish to ask a favor.
Then I was led to the Goblin Village.
It sure is a shoddy village, though.
I bet Veldora could blow it away with one snort.
Welcome, visitor.
I am the elder of this village.
Hi, nice to meet you.
So, what favor did you want to ask of me? Have you noticed that monsters have been unusually active of late? No Our god disappeared one month ago.
As a result, monsters in the area have been continually harassing us.
Their god? Does he mean Veldora? The timing fits.
I guess he was keeping monsters away? We tried to fight them, but we lack the numbers S-So we hoped you would help you out, huh? But I'm just a slime.
I doubt I can do all the things you expect of me.
Please, don't be modest.
Don't be modest.
A mere slime would not emit such an intense aura.
You are quite a famous monster, are you not? Aura? What's he talking about? I don't have one of those.
Great Sage, change Magic Sense's perspective and let me look at myself.
Changing perspective.
Whoa! I've been emitting an aura this whole time! I feel like I've been walking down a major street with my fly open! This is bad! So that's why the Goblins were scared of me! Leave it to the elder to notice.
But of course.
You cannot hide the formidable air about you.
I see So you figured it out.
You guys show a lot of potential.
Oh, I sucked it in.
Ah Have you been testing us? It's fortunate that so many of us were frightened by your aura.
Y-Yeah, that's right! You've got potential if you can talk to me without fear! What potential?! Come to think of it, how did those humans in the cave not see my aura? Are those guys okay? Thank you so much.
Ah, as for the favor we wish to ask According to the Goblins, wolf monsters, Direwolves, attacked them from the east, and many Goblins died in the ensuing battle.
Apparently, Direwolves are so much more powerful than Goblins that it takes ten Goblins to even have a chance at beating one Direwolf.
And there was one warrior among them with a name, who served as their guardian.
Even that warrior was killed, leaving the village in peril.
There are about 100 Direwolves in total.
How many do we have? Including females, we have about 60 who can fight.
That's a pretty devastating difference in strength.
It's like an impossible video game.
So did that Goblin warrior fight them knowing he couldn't win? No That warrior gave his life just retrieving information on the Direwolves for us.
The warrior was my son, and his elder brother.
I see Forgive me for asking that.
Elder, tell me one thing.
Y-Yes? What will I get in return for helping this village? What can you guys give me? I'm not actually looking for compensation.
I just need to put on a bit of a show.
W-We will offer you our loyalty! Please grant us your protection! If you do, we will swear our loyalty to you! We will swear! This looks familiar.
Senpai! Just this once, please! Oh, all right.
When all is said and done, I just can't say no.
Th-The Direwolves! This is terrible! We're done for! We'll all be eaten! Let's run! B-But where? E-Everyone, please calm down.
There's no need to fear.
We're going to defeat them.
Y-You mean In lieu of the Storm Dragon Veldora, I, Rimuru Tempest, will grant your wish! Thank you so much! We are your loyal servants, great Rimuru! You can count on me.
And that's how I became the Goblins' leader, their guardian.
Next time, "Battle at the Goblin Village.
" Battle at the Goblin Village