That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Battle at the Goblin Village

1 The Storm Dragon Veldora was sealed by Unlimited Imprisonment.
Unlimited Imprisonment To break that seal, Rimuru ate Veldora.
They both began the process of analyzing the seal, Veldora from the inside and Rimuru from the outside, with the goal of setting Veldora free someday.
After gaining several new skills and leaving the cave, Rimuru met the Goblins, and he ended up vowing to protect them from an attack by Direwolves.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 3: Battle at the Goblin Village Looks like I shouldn't expect to find many who can fight Direwolves.
They all look too scrawny and beat-up.
Talk about pressure Everyone, do you understand our situation? Yes! We are prepared for a life-or-death battle! No need to get all worked up.
Just relax.
Think only about doing the best you can.
I didn't mean to sound that cool But first, take me to where the wounded are.
We did all we could for them, but That's deeper than I'd imagined.
Did their claws and fangs do that much damage? Well, might as well try it Wh-What are you doing?! Huh? I'm Y-Your wounds They're healed! I guess it never hurts to try! I never thought eating him and throwing all those potions in my body at him would be so effective! These healing potions really work! Next! And next! Since I ate all those hipokute herbs, I've got plenty to spare! I'll heal 'em all! Y-You are magnificent, Great Rimuru! That's the last of the wounded.
Now, then We'll build a fence.
Fortify the village's defenses! Right.
Great Forest of Jura It's a fine night.
Veldora's protection has vanished from this forest.
We have nothing to fear any longer.
Tonight, we will destroy the Goblin Village and create a foothold here in the Great Forest of Jura! We will rule this forest! Our claws can tear apart any monster, and our fangs can chew any monster to pieces! Hah! What good will such a flimsy fence do? Father A slime? Turn back now, and we won't take any action.
Leave this place at once! Insolence! No mere slime can order around us Direwolves! Trample down that fence! Spill the blood of those lowly Goblins! Threads? That's my skill, Steel Thread.
— Steel Thread — This is your doing? That's right! A puny monster like you dares do this?! I will squash you! Father! Great Rimuru! That's Sticky Thread.
— Sticky Thread — This won't hold me! Skill: Water Blade! Hear me, Direwolves! Your boss is dead! I'll give you the choice: submit or die! Yikes What if they go the "We'd rather die than submit" route and attack all at once? I wish they'd just turn tail and run Oh! Predator! Analysis complete.
Acquired ability to mimic Direwolf.
Acquired ability to mimic Direwolf Direwolf species skills Supreme Sense of Smell, Thought Communication, and Menace acquired.
Thought Communication Supreme Sense of Smell Direwolf Species Skills Menace Right! — Mimic — Hear me! I will let you go just this once.
If you refuse to yield to me, I will allow you to leave this place! — Menace — Come on, run away already! It's not working? They still want to fight? Our pack yields to you.
Huh? They could have just run away U-Um D-Did we win? Yeah, looks that way.
It's good that there's no need for fighting anymore.
Yep, yep.
Nothing beats peace.
And so the battle at the Goblin Village ended remarkably easily.
But What now? Who's gonna look after not only the Goblins, but all these pups, too? I guess their numbers are about the same.
Then Okay, listen up! So, I'm going to have you all pair up and live together! Pair up? Do you understand? Great Rimuru, what does "pair" mean, exactly? It means to form groups of two.
Groups of two? Good! Yesterday's enemy is today's friend! You're all to work together and get along as friends from now on! Got it? Yes, sir! Help each other out, and make it work.
That settles things for now So, um What's going to be important now is food, shelter, and clothing.
We should form teams to hunt for food, build houses, and strengthen the village defenses.
We'll start with What was his name again? Wait, do they even have names? Hey, what are all of your names, anyway? We monsters do not normally have names.
Even without names, we can still communicate our thoughts to one another.
Oh, really? But it's more convenient to have names, so I'd like to name you all.
Is that okay? N-Name us? A-Are you certain? S-Sure.
Why are they so excited over something as simple as getting a name? Okay, we'll start with you.
Hmm, let's see What did you call the son you had who died in battle? Rigur.
Rigur, huh? Then you'll be Rigurd.
Rigurd! Thank you so much! Rigurd! I am so moved! R-Really? I just picked it because it had the same sound You'll inherit your brother's name: Rigur.
Yes, sir! I'm so grateful that my son has been allowed to inherit Rigur's name! Thank you so much! Where the heck are these reactions coming from? You're Gobta.
Y-Yes, sir! Thank you, sir! You're Gobchi.
And you're Gobzo.
These names are getting more and more careless I feel bad seeing them so happy.
Um We truly do appreciate you giving us all names, but We are aware that your magical power is immense, but are you sure it's all right to give all of us names at once? Well, I don't see any problem.
Well, if you are certain Who's next? You'll be Haruna! Okay! That takes care of all the Goblins.
Next is He's the son of the Direwolf boss, isn't he? I wonder if he holds a grudge against me Actually They don't seem to be holding any grudges at all.
Hmm Wolf, fangs Wind Storm I know.
I'll give him my family name.
Tempest Tempest Fang Storm Fang Ranga Oh! Ranga! I like that! All right! Your name is Ranga! — (Storm) (Fang) — Ranga I think he likes it.
Wh-What's going on? My body Great Rimuru?! Everything is getting dark Great Rimuru! Please stay strong! Warning.
Warning Magicule reserves below minimum limit Internal magicule reserves have fallen below the minimum limit.
Entering sleep mode.
Estimated time to full recovery: three days.
I used up too many magicules? How? I couldn't move, speak, or sense my surroundings, but I was conscious.
It must have been because he named so many of us at once Apparently, giving names to monsters uses up magicules.
I guess that's why Rigurd was so worried.
Is that common knowledge among monsters? You should've said so! Then, three days later Full recovery! Oh, Great Rimuru! Good morning! Y-Yeah You seem to be all better.
Who's this? I'll go get Elder Rigurd.
Uh, okay.
Did this village have a girl that cute in it? Great Rimuru! Have you awakened?! Oh, Rigurd! That woman who was just Who are you?! I am Rigurd.
What happened in the last three days?! It's because you gave us names! Just from that?! Becoming a monster with a name raises one's rank as a monster and causes one to evolve! I-I see So that's why you were all so happy just to be getting names.
No wonder that sucked my magicules dry Master, allow me to express my utmost joy at your recovery! That horn The star on your forehead You're Ranga, right? Yes! Great Rimuru! There's Rigurd And Rigur And Gobta Well, you didn't change much.
Great Rimuru! Great Rimuru! It's not so much like they evolved.
They're like totally different monsters.
The male Goblins have evolved to Hobgoblins, and the females to Goblinas.
Ranga, if I recall, you were the only Direwolf I named so why did all of the Direwolves evolve? Master, all of us Direwolves are as one.
Our brethren are all connected.
Therefore, my name has become our clan's name.
Huh So your entire clan evolved through a shared name? We are no longer the Direwolves.
We are the Tempest Wolves! Tempest Wolves Well, good for you! Master! Can't you show a little consideration?! I-I'm so sorry! You can change your own size?! That's handy! Well, the evolving isn't so bad.
The problem is what to do about food, shelter, and clothing to sustain both the Goblins and the Wolves Master! Right, it took five minutes for all of you to quiet down.
They didn't get my best joke?! Great Rimuru, what did you mean by that? F-Forget about it.
As you can see, we're a huge family now.
So to avoid problems, I think we should set some rules.
Rules? There are three rules.
I'd like you to uphold them, at the very least.
First, no attacking humans.
Second, no fighting amongst yourselves.
Third, no belittling other races.
That's it.
Sir! Yes, Rigur-kun! Why aren't we allowed to attack humans? H-Hey! Rigur! It's all right.
The reason is simple.
It's because I like humans.
That's it! I see! Now I understand! Huh? You understand? Really? Um, so, listen Humans live in groups.
If you mess with them, they could retaliate in a big way.
And if they came after us in earnest, I doubt we could handle them.
Besides, getting along benefits us in lots of ways, anyway.
Any other questions? Me! Gobta-kun! What did you mean by "no belittling other races"? Well, you've all gotten stronger by evolving, right? It means you shouldn't let that get to your head and push weaker races around.
Don't make the mistake of thinking you're better than them.
You don't want them getting stronger themselves and retaliating someday, do you? Got it, sir! That's about it.
Do your best to follow those rules.
Yes, sir! Also Elder Rigurd, I declare you the Goblin Lord.
The lord of the Goblins! Lord?! Lead your village well.
Yes, sir! I, Rigurd, accept this responsibility on pain of death! Good.
I'm counting on you.
Frankly, I was just dumping the job on him.
I didn't expect him to be so moved.
I then gave jobs to all the Goblins.
I assigned a team to keep watch on the surrounding area and a team to gather food.
It doesn't look like there'll be any problems with these two.
The problem is The team that builds houses, and the team that makes clothes.
The "shelter and clothing" part of "food, shelter, and clothing.
" I wouldn't call that a house.
I can't do any more than basic handyman stuff, but I worked in general contracting, so I know good from bad.
And this You don't need to be a general contractor to figure it out.
This is most embarrassing.
Forgive us.
And as for your clothes I-I think they're a little too revealing! That's not necessarily a bad thing, but There is no one here with the skill to make them.
Huh? I-If you can't make them, couldn't you get some from somewhere? There are some with whom we have attempted to trade a few times.
Aside from clothing, they are also quite skilled, so they may know how to build houses, too.
Hmm Well, we're getting nowhere this way, so maybe we should go see them.
Who, and where, are they? They are the Dwarves, and they live in Dwargon.
Dwarves! You mean the famous masters of metalworking?! Now I have no choice but to go! I'll try going to Dwargon.
Rigurd, can you look after the village while I'm away? Yes, sir! Leave everything to me! All right, I'll see you later! Goodbye! Safe travels! Come back soon! And so I left the village to go and meet the Dwarves.
I'm told this Dwargon place is a pretty big city, and it even has a king.
I'm a little no, I'm really excited! Next time, "In the Kingdom of the Dwarves.
" In the Kingdom of the Dwarves