That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

In the Kingdom of the Dwarves

1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime \h\h\h\hThe Ameld River\h\h\h\h Episode 4: In the Kingdom of the Dwarves Rimuru and his friends follow the Ameld River north in search of artisans who can make clothing and houses for the Goblins.
They're heading to Dwargon, the Kingdom of the Dwarves.
He's accompanied by Rigur and two other Goblins, and Gobta, who says he's been to Dwargon before, is their guide.
The Tempest Wolves that evolved from the Direwolves run as fast as the wind.
Hey, no need to push yourself too hard.
Yes, Master! Why are you going even faster?! Rigur-kun, who gave your brother his name? Sir! I'm told he received his name from a passing Demon called Lord Gelmud.
He saw promise in him.
Gel? Gelmud.
He's an officer in the Demon Lord's army.
Oh Wait, Demon Lord's army?! There's a Demon Lord? Veldora said there was a hero, too I hope I never end up meeting them.
Sounds like nothing but trouble.
Hey, Ranga Master? I killed your father, which means you should want revenge, right? Don't you think about that at all? I've been wondering about that all along I do think about it.
But, Master, you not only spared us after defeating us in battle, you also gave us a new name.
I have only gratitude toward you, and no resentment at all.
Our loyalty belongs to you and you alone, Master.
Yes, sir? What is the town we're heading for like? W-Well It's officially called the "Armed Nation of Dwargon.
" It's a beautiful city constructed from a modified natural cave system, and it's home to not only dwarves, but elves, humans, and lots more.
Elves?! Elves, huh? The dwarf king, Gazel Dwargo, is known as the Hero King.
He's deeply admired by all the people.
Elves Elves Great Rimuru? I-Is it okay for monsters like me to enter Dwargon? No need to worry.
Dwargon is a neutral free-trade city.
All fighting is prohibited by the king.
I see And that's made possible by the Armed Nation of Dwargon's immense military might.
It's said that the dwarven army has been undefeated for a thousand years.
A thousand years? That is impressive! No one would be dumb enough to get on that king's bad side.
Last time I went there, they picked a fight with me outside the gate There won't be any trouble! Hm? I'm pretty sure a huge flag just went up Was it just me? Look, Great Rimuru! They've cooked up nicely! It's said that it can take a Goblin two months or more to walk to the Dwarven Kingdom.
\h\h\h\hThe Canaat Mountains\h\h\h\h With the help of Ranga and his packmates, Rimuru's party traversed the same distance in just three days.
The Armed Nation of Dwargon So that's where the Elves I mean, the Dwarves are, huh? I hope some beautiful Elves I mean, some skilled Dwarves are waiting there for us.
Are you sure you want to go in with just Gobta, Great Rimuru? Yeah.
We don't want to draw too much attention by going in a big group.
I'll take Gobta along to show me the way.
But We'll be fine! Master Don't worry.
We'll be back soon, so wait for us here.
Please be careful.
This is quite a line.
They must be strict about checking everyone.
Once we're inside, we can move around as we please, though.
As we please, huh? Hey! Hey, hey, hey! What's a couple of monsters doing here? We're not inside yet, so we can still kill it, right? And there it is! We're already in trouble! Flag collected! Hey, Gobta-kun, did you hear something? Yes, I did I was beat up here last time I tried to get in, too.
It's the fate of us weak monsters.
Fate, huh? Hey, weakling monster! Don't you ignore us! Wait, isn't a talking slime pretty rare? I bet we could make a fortune off of it! Gobta-kun.
Do you remember our first rule? Of course, sir! Rule one: no attacking humans! All right, now, close your eyes and cover your ears.
Huh? Don't look this way, whatever you do.
Got it! Now, then Hey, there.
I'm a generous sort, so I'll spare you if you leave now.
Get out of here.
You're just a puny, little weakling monster! Don't you mess with us! You're dead now! I was gonna let you live, but you've pissed us off! Ah, that's something a weakling would say.
A puny, little weakling monster? Are you referring to me? Who else would we be referring to?! Oh! Do I look like a slime to you? Well, I am one, but anyway How long have you had the mistaken idea that I'm a slime? Allow me to show you my true form! Huh? Huh? Did my Mimic skill evolve? You just changed your appearance! Did you think you could scare us off with that?! Just run away already, damn it.
Good grief All right, fine! Come at me! Now you die! You guys get him, too! Companions C.
E appeared.
There are more of them! Take this! Slash Attack! Heavy Hitting Cut! Fireball! Magic Wall! I-Impossible! My Fireball His fur is so tough Did you guys just do something? Yikes! I thought they were gonna kill me! Mimicry is amazing! Now it's my turn.
— Menace — Er Crap.
Results of Menace to follow.
Report 16 fled.
Report 16 fled 68 became confused.
Report 16 fled, 68 confused 92 fainted.
Report 16 fled, 68 confused, 92 fainted 34 soiled themselves.
Thanks, but I don't need a damage report! Hey! You there! Huh? A slime? Tee-hee! Some guide you turned out to be.
And you've got some nerve to be sleeping now.
Well? Uh, right! Actually that's all.
Captain of Security Kaido Well, since you're a slime and a goblin, they probably saw you as easy targets.
I was only trying to scare them off, really I'm very sorry for all the trouble! Well, what you've said agrees with witness reports.
Just this once, I'll let you two— Captain! We've got trouble! There's an Armorsaurus in the mine! What?! Where's the suppression force? They're already en route, but Garm and his brothers were deep in the mine gathering magic ore, and they were badly hurt! Do we have potions? Not enough.
We've allotted most of them to war preparations.
Those guys are like brothers to me! W-We can't waste time! Start looking for potions! Sir Gather all you can, whatever it takes! Sir.
Huh? How dare you leave your cell?! Now, now, this isn't the time for that, is it? Look.
You need that, don't you? What's that? Healing potion.
The best around! You can drink it or apply it directly! Huh? Why not give it a try? Captain! You're going to trust the word of a monster? We don't have time! Let's go! Yes, Captain Kaido! You'd better stay in your cell! He was really worried about his subordinates.
He seems like a good guy.
Skill A cradle! A diamond! Actually Not A hand drum! Just Killing Time A boat! And now Tokyo Tower! Just Killing Time This guy sure is a deep sleeper.
Rather, Punishing Gobta You saved them.
I thank you.
I heard you gave us that potion! Thank you! Don't mention it.
My arm was nearly ripped off.
Even if I'd survived, I would've lost my job.
Thank you! You're very welcome.
Say something! Really, thanks so much! We owe you! Am I free? Naturally.
I've never seen such remarkable potion before.
It won't be enough to thank you, but if you ever need anything, just ask me.
In that case I see.
In that case, I'll introduce you to a skilled blacksmith.
I'd appreciate that.
No need for thanks! Just leave it to me! Welcome! I can tell I'm in dwarven country! It looks so much more civilized than the Goblin Village.
This way.
Don't get lost, now.
Wow! Such detailed workmanship! What's up with that sword? Is it actually shining?! Is it magic? Yeah, that right there.
It's the guy who made that.
The blacksmith we're about to meet.
This is the place.
I guarantee his skills are top-notch! Hey, Bro, you here? Bro? Hey, Kaido.
Give me a sec.
Forgive us for interrupting.
That's my older brother, Kaijin.
Weaponsmith Kaijin Wow He definitely seems like the tough-as-nails workman type.
A slime? Friend of yours, boys? Kaijin, this is the slime we told you about.
Three Dwarf Brothers Youngest Brother Myrd Middle Brother Dord Oldest Brother Garm The one that saved us when we were hurt yesterday.
Oh, so this is the one! You have my thanks.
Oh, really, it was nothing or maybe it was? So, what can I do for you? I see.
I get what you're saying.
But I'm sorry I'm pretty backed up at the moment.
Thanks to the impossible order a certain numskull minister put in Impossible order? We might be going to war soon, so he asked for twenty longswords by the end of the week, no less.
I'm short on materials, so I've only made one so far.
Then, couldn't you have told him it wasn't possible and refused? Good point.
Don't be dumb! I did tell him that, at first! But then that damned Minister Vesta said My, my! Minister Vesta The great Kaijin that everyone calls the best blacksmith around can't handle such a simple task? He had the nerve to say that! Could you have let that slide?! That bastard! My boss was like that, too I guess interpersonal relationships are a pain in any world.
You say you're short on materials? Yeah, I need a special ore called magic ore.
We were trying to dig some up yesterday but that Armorsaurus showed up.
I see.
But that mine was pretty well cleared out, anyway.
There wasn't any ore left.
And even if I did have the materials, it takes two weeks to make twenty swords! Yet I have to get them to the king in five days.
They contracted smiths all over the kingdom and allotted the work to all of us.
If I can't do it, my certification as a smith could be revoked.
Bro That really sucks.
Wait Magic Ore Magic ore? Don't I Magic Ore have some of that?! Old man Can you use that? Wait Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! That's magic ore! And it's unbelievably pure! Hey, old man, are you blind? Huh?! It's not even magic ore! It's already been processed! It's a cluster of magisteel! Magisteel Cluster Precisely! I can make even stronger swords with this! It can't be This entire cluster is Y-You're sure I can have this? I'll pay you handsomely, of course! Well, now I wonder what I should do What is it you want? I'll do anything in my power for it! That's what I wanted to hear.
I'd like you to find some fellow artisans who'll come to my village to teach their crafts to the villagers.
That's all you want? Our priority right now is the "shelter and clothing" part of food, shelter, and clothing.
I'd also like to get some clothing for future use, as well as weapons and armor.
That's easy! But Even if you start on those swords now Can you finish in time? Well, I'll do what I can.
All right, let's get started! Right! Oh, yeah.
Great Sage-san, got a minute? Yes.
Hey, old man You said you've already made one, right? Can I see it? Oh Hey.
It's magnificent.
Even an untrained eye like mine can tell you have real skill.
The blade looks like it's shining.
It has a magisteel core.
Put simply, it's a sword that matures in the image of its user.
Amazing! That's incredible! I wish he'd come to the village himself! For that to happen I'm gonna borrow this sword! Hey! The sword What did you Rimuru, you Just give me a second.
Great Sage, analyze it.
Analyzing: Longsword.
Analysis successful.
Use some magisteel clusters to make some copies.
Producing copy.
Producing Copy Successful.
Twenty longswords made from magisteel clusters! What?! A party? Yeah! I made my delivery on time, thanks to you! But you don't have to do that for me.
Aw, come on! There'll be lots of cute elf girls there! Elf?! Yeah! It's a place called "Butterflies of the Night" where girls of all ages, from young to mature, wait on you hand and foot! Butterflies Speak, man! C'mon, Rimuru.
It won't be a party without you.
Yeah! Well, if you insist, I suppose I'll have to.
That's the spirit! Sheesh What am I gonna do with you guys? Butterflies of the Night Oh, Kaijin! How nice to see you! Welcome! Elves! Elves! Eros I mean, elves! Oh, how cute! Oh, yesssss! Hey! I had my eye on it first! Oh, my God! Her dress is so thin! It feels so nice and bouncy! My thoughts exactly So this is what women's boobs feel like I've never felt them before.
This must be paradise! After the way you resisted coming here, you sure seem to be enjoying yourself.
Huh? N-No, I wouldn't say that.
Well, come on! Let's drink! Yeah! During this time, I was in heaven.
I want to live in this valley forever.
What a blessed life, so abundant in peaks and valleys! But fun times never last long.
That's just how life is.
Next time, "Hero King, Gazel Dwargo.
" Hero King, Gazel Dwargo