That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Hero King, Gazel Dwargo

1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 5: Hero King, Gazel Dwargo Man, that sure threw me for a loop! I busted my ass to make that sword, and you made all those copies in seconds! Only because the original you made was so incredible.
All I did was analyze it and use that magisteel cluster to copy it.
Was I out of line? If I'm being honest, it is a little vexing But next time, I'll make one so amazing that even you won't be able to copy it! I relish the challenge! That's the spirit! Refill, please! Can you even taste this? I can't, but any drink is delicious if a pretty lady pours it for me! Oh, very smooth! Here you go.
It's nice being the one entertained for once.
As a human, I was always the one doing the entertaining.
There was a lot I had to be attentive to.
Ah, this is paradise! Meanwhile, Gobta had been completely forgotten.
Hey, Mr.
Slime! Would you like to try this? I'm very good at it.
Everyone says I'm pretty amazing, in fact.
C-Could this be the legend I've heard about?! Is she gonna do that No! and even that?! Uh, th-that's M-Ma'am, we mustn't Mr.
Slime? Ma'am Ma'am Mr.
Slime! Are you ready? Oh.
She meant fortunetelling.
So what kind of reading can you do? Well What would you like? How about the person he's destined to be with? Huh? Oh, good idea! Okay, here I go.
What's this? I can't see anything.
Hey! I'm just kidding.
You're so silly, Mr.
Slime! Huh? Me? Okay, for real this time.
The person I'm destined to be with Could someone like that really be in this world? Maybe it's actually a slime I'm destined to be with.
Oh, I see something! She sort of looked Japanese That was one pretty girl.
You're turning red.
Huh?! I don't change colors! Oh, you're curious about this girl you're destined to be with, huh? No fair, cheating on us! Sure, I'm curious, but Destined, huh? If she's also Japanese, I guess I'd like to meet her.
Should you really be wasting time in a place like this, Kaijin? It's Minister Vesta.
So that's him? He looks pretty stubborn and high-strung.
Is this a good time to be playing around? I believe the deadline for those longswords is I just sent them in.
If you don't get them finished in time What? You sent them in?! Yep.
All twenty of them.
B-But that's Want to see the invoice? Is that so? Well, well, finishing your work in the time allotted is to be expected.
Did this Minister Vesta guy knowingly give him an impossible order? Yes, it's only to be expected.
Doesn't look like they're on good terms I'm more concerned with that! Huh? Me? You shouldn't bring such a lowly monster into a high-brow establishment like this.
It's making me feel ill.
Hey! Do you allow monsters to be brought in here? It may be a monster, but it seems like a harmless slime.
What? It is a monster, am I wrong? Are you trying to say slimes aren't monsters? No, not in the least.
Come, now, Minister.
How about a drink? Please, help yourself.
This is what should be done to monsters.
Slime! Don't worry.
I'm okay.
Did your dress get wet? I-I'm fine That made me mad, but the guy's a minister.
I can't let my short temper screw things up for Kaijin and this bar.
Fruit wine.
Alcohol content: 7%.
Fruit Wine Fruit Wine (Carbonated) Only those 20 or older should drink alcohol.
Enjoy in moderation, and be sure to recycle the container afterward.
Alcohol Content Uh, Great Sage, I don't need that info right now.
Vesta! I hope you're prepared to pay for treating my guest like that.
Y-You How dare you speak to me like that?! Shut up! Hey, Kaijin! Go easy on him! Not the face! Go for the body! Was that a good idea? Isn't he a minister? Won't this mean trouble for you? Hey, Rimuru You were looking for skilled artisans, right? Would you settle for me? What?! You mean it? I don't need to settle if I have you! I'd be thrilled to have your help, Kaijin! But things rarely work out so smoothly in this world.
C'mon, Bro, what were you thinking? Hmph.
That moron there was rude to my buddy Rimuru.
I just gave him a little scolding.
"A little"? You know you can't do that to a minister.
Don't hold this against me.
It's just the law.
I'll have to keep you all restrained until your trial.
It's just our job, you know.
Trial? You've been asleep all this time?! If only I hadn't lost my temper I dragged you all into this.
I'm sorry.
Hey, it's okay! No problem! Nothing you need to worry about! Speak, man! Are we going to be put on trial? Yeah, I guess so.
We won't be executed or anything, though.
We'll probably just have to pay a fine.
I hope so But that minister really seemed to have it in for you.
I used to serve this nation's king, Gazel Dwargo.
I was the captain of one of the seven orders of royal knights.
At the time, he was my adjutant.
He came from the marquis's family, and I was from a family of peasants.
It must have infuriated him.
Even back then, we clashed all the time.
And then One of the projects he'd been under pressure to complete, the Magisoldier Project went up in smoke.
Vesta foisted all the responsibility for his failure onto me.
He got our forces on his side and even came up with false testimony.
So I assumed responsibility and quit the force.
He still holds a grudge against me and makes unreasonable demands of me at every opportunity.
That's what this was all about, too.
He's pretty pathetic.
You got that right.
But it's not as if he's a bad guy, really.
He and I weren't a good match, but he was always a hard worker and passionate about his research.
The pressure he felt to complete that project came from his need to please the king.
If I leave this country, it might make him a better man.
You really think so? Well, Rimuru I'm all yours.
About that We're gonna follow Kaijin, too.
We'll go anywhere if it means we can work with Kaijin.
Yeah, I figured.
You guys Rimuru, would we be in your way if we tagged along? Heh.
I'll be glad to take all of you in! But be ready.
I'm gonna work you to the bone! Right! He's even silent when he's sleeping.
Great Rimuru? Did something happen? He's so carefree We've got some things to do.
Mind if we leave you here? Huh? If you want to get out, call your Tempest Wolf partner.
Wait What?! That's just mean! What am I doing up here, anyway?! Get me down! Don't worry.
I won't forget to come back for you when we're done.
Please let me down! I'd feel bad getting him dragged in to this trial when he wasn't involved.
His Majesty Gazel Dwargo will now enter! The judge presiding over Rimuru's party is the Hero King of the Dwarves, Gazel Dwargo.
Hero King Gazel Dwargo Yikes, this guy's bad news! He's a beast! He's obviously strong! The trial will now begin.
All rise.
I'm rising.
In the Armed Nation of Dwargon, no one can speak during a trial without the king's permission.
For that reason, a proxy speaks for the defense As we have seen, when Minister Vesta was enjoying a drink in said establishment, Kaijin and his gang stormed the place and assaulted him.
Such behavior must not be tolerated.
He's been bought.
What? Isn't he supposed to be defending us? Also I don't remember him being that injured Is this true? Yes.
There is no mistake.
King Gazel, have you heard all this? Please pass strict judgment upon these people! Kaijin said Vesta wasn't a bad guy, but he totally is.
Your Majesty! I will now state the verdict.
It doesn't look like we'll get out of this with just a fine.
I've got a really bad feeling The principal offender, Kaijin, is sentenced to twenty years of forced labor in the mines.
Huh?! And his accomplices are sentenced to ten years of forced labor in the mines.
Wait, wait, wait, wait! The court is now adjourned.
H Hey! Wait just a minute! Wait.
It's been some time, Kaijin.
Have you been well? Yes.
Kaijin, you may answer His Majesty.
Yes, Your Majesty.
I am relieved to find you in good health, as well.
Have you any interest in returning to my ranks? Forgive me, Your Majesty, but I have already found my master.
My sworn oath is my greatest treasure.
I will never part with this treasure, even if Your Majesty orders it.
Insolence! Wha You're kidding! I see.
I will now pass judgment.
Kaijin and his companions shall be exiled.
That concludes my verdict.
Disappear from my sight at once! We got off with just exile Still He seems a little sad.
This court is now adjourned.
Now then, Vesta, is there anything you wish to say? Y-Your Majesty I W-Well It is unfortunate.
I have lost a loyal retainer.
H-How can you say such a thing? Kaijin That man did not swear loyalty to you! He chose some slime of unknown background to— Vesta.
You are mistaken.
The loyal retainer I have lost is, in fact I had great hopes for you.
I waited years, even through the failure of the Magisoldier Project, for you to tell me the truth.
Y-Your Majesty, please And now, as well Look there.
Do you know what that is? It is a full potion, a draught of complete recovery, made from hipokute herbs.
But Even with the most advanced dwarven techniques, a potion can only achieve 98% recovery at most How is this possible? It was that slime who gave it to us.
Your actions have severed our relationship with that slime.
Now, is there anything you wish to say? I have nothing to say, Your Majesty.
I wanted only to be useful to you.
Ever since I first saw you as a young boy, that is all I have ever wanted.
Did I choose the wrong path? Was it when I began to envy Kaijin? Or was it even earlier? For betraying Your Majesty's expectations I ask your forgiveness.
Vesta, never show yourself before me again.
I have one last thing to say to you.
Thank you for your service.
Take care of yourself, Bro.
Sorry for all the trouble.
You take care, too.
Rimuru, take care of my brother.
No need to worry.
I'll only work him to death.
In accordance with the king's sentence, Kaijin and his companions are now exiled.
Leave at once! Well, shall we get moving? My friends are waiting in the forest.
Despite all that happened, Rimuru achieved his initial goal of bringing back some artisans.
And they happened to be some of the most skilled artisans around.
You've apprehended the proxy? Punish him severely.
Of course.
And observe that slime's movements.
It is unthinkable that such a monster has been released.
Do not be noticed, no matter what it takes.
Of course.
That slime is a true beast Just like the Storm Dragon, Veldora! Next time, "Shizu.
" Shizu