That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e06 Episode Script


1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hThe Ameld River\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h Free Union Blumund Guild Episode 6: Shizu There's no sign that the Eastern Empire is trying to cross the Great Forest of Jura.
Not yet, at least.
Our intelligence bureau is continuing to monitor them.
Guildmaster Fuze So, how did it go in the Great Forest of Jura? It was a disaster! Can't you even say you're glad we came back in one piece? Let's hear your report.
Seriously? We just got back.
Kaval Job Class: Fighter Eren Job Class: Sorcerer I really want a bath Gido Job Class: Thief You think you two had it rough? I had to listen to you squabbling the whole time.
Um While in the cave, we confirmed Veldora's disappearance.
We then searched the cave, but we found nothing.
Nothing? No, nothing.
I'm now clear on what happened in the cave.
Then we'll just be— I'll give you three days off.
Huh? Next, instead of the cave, you'll investigate around the forest.
The monsters may be more active with Veldora gone.
Don't overlook any changes, no matter how small.
Be thorough.
Search every nook and cranny.
You may go.
"You may go," my ass! Why only three days?! Give us a longer break! We just got back, you know! I wish you would've said all this to the guildmaster.
That stupid old geezer! Give us a longer break! We have to go back to that forest? Jeez, can't we do anything but complain? It's making me feel worse.
I want my bath Excuse me.
Who are you? Did you not say you are going to the Great Forest of Jura? What if we did? Would you allow me to accompany you through the forest? Sure! Hey! I'm the leader! You can't give the okay before I do! Why not? Traveling is best with companions, and life is best with compassion.
Eren, Kaval, and Gido.
Welcome aboard, Shizu! Sheesh We leave in three days.
If that's okay with you, come along if you want.
I appreciate it.
Ready, Ranga.
Watch closely.
I shall! Rimuru, transform! — Tempest Star Wolf — And now Black Lightning! Black Lightning Wow.
I thought I'd try out the new skill I just learned, but I'll have to be careful how I use it.
It could be too powerful.
Black Lightning You never cease to amaze, Master! Ah Everything's so peaceful.
Looks like they're doing great.
A few weeks had passed since Rimuru returned from Dwargon with Kaijin and the other dwarves.
Kaijin Strike while the iron's hot, as we say! There's the blacksmith, Kaijin, with expert smithing skills The oldest of the three dwarf brothers, Garm, an armor smith Garm Tanning hides makes them more durable.
Dord The middle brother, Dord, whose craftsmanship is the finest among all dwarves And the youngest brother, Myrd, Myrd whose skill with his hands makes him an expert in architecture and the arts.
With their guidance, Rimuru and the Goblins were well on their way to building a new village.
When we first came back from Dwargon, I was a little surprised to see what had happened Uh, Rigurd What is this? They all heard the rumors about you and came here from the nearby Goblin villages to seek protection.
O-Oh Welcome home, Great Rimuru! Great Sage, how many of them are there? Answer: approximately 500.
Fi— I thought about asking them to leave, but What will happen if I turn them away? Due to the disappearance of the Storm Dragon, Veldora, Orcs, Lizardmen, Ogres, and other intelligent monster races are vying for dominance in the Great Forest of Jura.
The unevolved Goblins will likely be eliminated.
You answered that so easily All right.
Come with us, all who want to.
So Rimuru named all 500 of the Goblins and spent three days asleep again.
I wasn't sure how it'd work out, but it's starting to look like they'll all be able to live here.
Good job, Kaijin! All right! I'll show you how it's done! Whoa! He summoned one! There you have it.
Give it a try, all of you! Gobta is teaching the newbies how to summon a Tempest Wolf.
Never knew Gobta had it in him When Rimuru nearly left Gobta behind in the Dwarven Kingdom He prayed with all his might for help.
And when he did he succeeded in summoning his wolf.
He then rode the wolf out of the kingdom, rejoined Rimuru's party, and made it back to the village safely.
I guess that boy can do things when he really tries.
Rimuru's opinion of Gobta went up several levels after that.
That won't work.
You've gotta be more like, "Unnnngh" And then, "Pop!" Like that! He's not the greatest teacher, though.
Rimuru's opinion of Gobta went down several levels after that.
Great Rimuru! Rigurd.
By the way, Rigurd was promoted from Goblin Lord to Goblin King.
He's the leader of all the other village elders who joined us.
Frankly, they threw the job at him.
It seems like becoming the Goblin King made him evolve even further Is something up? Yes, sir! We received a message from Rigur and the security team.
It seems they've discovered suspicious beings in the forest.
Monsters? No, humans.
Humans? They may be scouts from some nation hoping to expand its dominion.
Hmm This is your fault, Kaval! You just had to stab a Giant Ant nest with your sword! Shut up! Don't complain about your leader! For a leader, you're way too careless! If I die, I swear I'll come back to haunt you! That's not even possible! Because I'd be dying with you! Shizu! No, don't! W-Wow Shizu, that one's still— Shizu! Shizu! Are you okay? Y-Yes.
What the heck was that? It looked like black lightning.
I guess Black Lightning really is too strong.
Better not use it, either.
A slime? Yeah.
Got a problem with slimes? Uh, no I just never knew slimes could talk.
I can't believe it.
Here, miss.
This is yours, isn't it? Sorry about that.
You weren't hurt, were you? No, I'm all right.
I met her sooner than I expected You saved me.
Thank you.
The one I'm destined to be with.
What are those four up to? Well Hey, damn it! I wanted that meat! What a jerk! I raised that meat myself, you know! Listen, man! I won't yield when it comes to food! I'm sorry They said they were starving, so I gave them food.
Hey, that's great! Helping those in need is a good thing! Yes, sir! Thank you very much! I hope to dedicate myself to doing just that! Good, good.
Great Rimuru, go on in.
Now that I really look at them, I feel like I've seen them before Answer.
They are the trio you encountered in the cave.
Oh, right.
Those guys.
Eating with her mask on This girl I'm destined to be with has some skills.
Guests, I fear we have little to offer, but are you comfortable here? Allow me to make introductions.
This is our master, the great Rimuru! Master? Got a problem with that? Uh, no We knew you were no ordinary slime, but we had no idea That threw them for a loop.
Maybe I should do something to show them I'm harmless.
Nice to meet you! I'm Rimuru the slime! I'm not a bad slime! Shizu? Huh? Did she actually get that joke? We apologize.
We never expected to be saved by a monster, but we do appreciate it.
Oh, and thanks for the meat! It's delicious! Th-Thanks for your help.
I didn't expect to find Goblins building a village here.
She sure moves at her own pace So, what brings you all the way out here? I'm Kaval.
For what it's worth, I'm the leader of this party.
This is I'm Eren! Hello.
I'm Gido.
Nice to meet you.
And this is a temporary member who just happened to be going the same way as us.
The one I'm destined to be with is named Shizu, huh? I guess she really is Japanese.
She's sitting seiza-style, even.
And? We're here at the request of the Guildmaster in the Kingdom of Blumund.
Kaval told me all of their plans, as if he'd never learned to suspect anyone.
A Guildmaster in Blumund, one of the nations bordering the Great Forest of Jura, asked them to investigate the area.
I see.
Looks like Veldora's absence is having a greater effect than I realized.
People are coming to check out not just the cave, but all the surrounding area.
As you can see, we're in the middle of building our village, but, well does the Guild have some problem with that? I don't think so.
Right? Yeah.
It's nothing the Guild has any say in.
What about the country, though? I have no idea, myself.
I see.
Well, I get it now.
You should stay here tonight and get some good rest.
Thank you! Treat them well.
Yes, sir! Do you have a minute? There's something I'd like to ask you.
Are you, um, from Japa— Slime-san, that line you said was from a game, wasn't it? Huh? "I'm not a bad slime.
" I've never played it, but I heard about it from someone else from my country.
Yeah! I've been held by so many women since I took this form! One of the side perks, I guess! Are you from Japan, too? Yeah.
I see.
I'm glad I met you.
How did you come here? Actually, I was stabbed to death.
Stabbed? And the next thing I knew, I had this magnificent form! I see.
So you were reincarnated.
That must've been hard.
Was it different for you? I'm a Summon.
A Summon That's right.
Veldora talked about that.
It takes more than 30 mages to perform a ritual that lasts several days to bring one here from another world.
They're also expected to serve as powerful weapons.
Magic is used to carve a curse into the Summon's soul to ensure that the Summon can't defy the Summoner.
So Shizu-san is a weapon? And the curse I'm curious, but this probably isn't the time to ask.
So when were you summoned here? A long time ago.
My town was burning, engulfed in flames A war? Bombs fell from the sky The air raids My mother and I fled together, but then What happened to her? I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Hey, I know! I'll show you something fun! Something fun? Great Sage, I'd like to use Thought Communication to show Shizu-san some of my memories.
Thought Communication Here we go! An elf? No, no! It's not It's not like that! She was pretty.
Pretend you never saw that! Look at this one! Super Express Hikari Wow It's like the skyscrapers of New York that I saw on a picture postcard once.
After the war ended, peace came to Japan.
The towns and the economy all boomed.
I see I'm so glad.
I wish I could have shown my mother this.
I want to make this world one where everyone can live in peace, too.
That's wonderful.
I hope it really happens.
It will! I'm sure of it! Shizu-san? I'm sorry.
Are you okay? Yes, I think so.
Hey, Rimuru! Got a minute? We'd like to talk to you about where to build a new house.
See you later.
See you.
Was I interrupting? Shut up! Now, don't be shy.
I'm not! But you're blushing.
Mommy! Mommy! Another failure.
H-Help I thought she was useless, but she may have an affinity for fire.
Ifrit, I offer her body to you.
Use it well.
Next time, "Conqueror of Flames.
" Conqueror of Flames