That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Conqueror of Flames

1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 7: Conqueror of Flames The great sorcerer Koenig has come to pay his respects! Leon! I will defeat you and become the Demon Lord myself! You can die with your mind at ease! Who sent a lowly creature like you here? Still, this is a fine opportunity.
Your turn has come, Ifrit.
What's the matter? You're ignoring me?! You'll regret underestimating me! Oh, you want to die first? Very well! Go ahead and die! Very interesting.
What did you say your name was? Shizue.
Shizu E? Hm As of today, you will be called Shizu.
Shizu Eats lots, okay? I-It got separated from its mother P-Please pretend you didn't see this! I won't tell anyone.
Can I take care of it with you? Yes, of course! He's eating! So what's his name? Monsters don't have names.
But it's sad to have no name to go by.
See? He agrees.
How about Pizu? Pizu That sounds good! Right, Pizu? Look! He got bigger! You got bigger! Pirino, you know you can't take Pizu to the castle.
It'll be fine.
He's really smart! But He's really friendly with me.
I'm sure they'll let him be my familiar.
You think so? What's wrong, Pizu? It's okay Come on, it's okay! Just calm down! Be good, now Pizu! It's okay It's okay.
Shizu Enemy.
What did I just M-My body My body moved on its own The flames I I So, do you like our town? Yes, very much.
You're welcome to stay as long as you'd like, Shizu-san.
Thank you but I have to go.
You do? If I stay here, I might bring trouble for you.
The goal of my journey is Goal? to find the man who summoned me.
What will you do when you find him? Well, okay! It's too bad, but you can come visit anytime! You'll always be welcome! Right, Ranga? Of course! Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you, too, Ranga.
Shizu, why don't you come back to Blumund with us? Huh? It'd be awfully sad to say goodbye here.
You're all exceptional adventurers.
I'm sure it would be lots of fun adventuring with you.
Well, then Traveling together has shown me how nice it is to be part of a group.
I'm truly grateful my last journey was made with all of you.
Shizu, what do you mean by "last"? I've been around for decades, you know.
I'm not as young as I look.
Huh? O-Oh, you were just joking! Gosh, don't scare me like that! Ah, here they come.
Sorry for the wait! Oh, we waited, all right.
Jeez, why do women take so long to get ready? Shizu? Is something wrong? Not again Shizu? Hey, what's wrong with you? Shizu! Shizu! Shizu! Hey! Is everyone okay? What the hell is this? We charge extra for hazard pay, you know! You should be telling Fuze that! Shizu! Shizu! Shizu Shizue Izawa? Huh? Isn't Shizue Izawa the Conqueror of Flames?! Y-You mean the hero of the guild from about 50 years ago?! Shizu is her? The Conqueror of Wasn't she retired already? Rigurd, Rigur.
Evacuate the others.
But Great Rimuru That's an order.
Yes, sir! As you wish! Are you there, Ranga? Right here, Master.
Once it starts, you're up.
Of course! The fire spirit, Ifrit There's no mistake, then.
Shizu is the legendary hero, the Conqueror of Flames.
Th-There's no way we can win if we have to fight that! Not a chance.
We're going to die here.
My life was so short Damn it! We just built all that! Ouch You guys need to get out of here! We can't do that.
I don't know why she's suddenly out for blood But she's one of us! We can't just leave her! All right.
Just be careful.
They're really nice guys.
Never thought I'd see the day when I'd fight a legendary hero.
You never know what's going to happen in life.
Let's go! Hey! What is it you want? Water Blade! Yeah, I should've expected that.
Icicle Lance! Hey, you doing okay? Just leave this to us! We've put our lives on the line to be adventurers, you know! Hey, gimme a break.
I'm the leader, remember? Well, whatever.
We've got the first one! We're all in the same boat, as they say! I'll leave you to it, then.
But don't overdo it.
Whoa! Ranga! Yes! Ranga, here they come! Just concentrate on evading them! I'll do the attacking! Understood! We need to take care of those guys before we can face Ifrit.
What to do? My Water Blade will just evaporate But what if I shoot all the water in my belly toward them at once? Answer.
Answer Expulsion of great amounts of water is possible.
Expulsion of great amounts of water is possible When it makes contact with a Salamander, it will cause an explosion of steam.
Take this action? Take this action? An explosion of steam? Will that destroy the Salamanders? It is possible.
However, the force of the blast may destroy the surrounding area, as well.
Well, what's the point in that, then?! Icicle Lance! Her attack is working, isn't it? Magic attacks are effective against spirits.
Which means Ranga! Yes! Eren! Fire that attack at me! What?! Um, I don't know if I can Just do it! Hurry! Don't complain to me later! Icicle Lance! What?! My magic Notice.
Notice Analysis of Icicle Lance successful.
Analysis Successful All right! Icicle Shotgun! Yes! I'll get that one, too— It's gonna blow itself up! Hey! Are you o— Nope, they're not Ranga, get these three someplace safe.
But Go! As you command, Master.
Please be well.
Don't worry.
I'll take down Ifrit.
Okay, now we can fight without holding back.
Take this! Icicle Shotgun! It's gonna work! Master There should've been something else I could do! I can't believe I fell into the enemy's trap! Instead of talking about seals, I should've hit them with Black Lightning! And after I was just reincarnated here as a slime! Is this really the end?! It was a short life rather, a short slife.
Actually, I don't seem to be taking much damage.
How long is it gonna take? Is this some kind of tease? Answer.
Answer As Previously Stated Thermal Fluctuation Resistance Due to "Thermal Fluctuation Resistance," fire attacks are being automatically nullified.
Fire attacks are being automatically nullified.
Sigh Hey, why do you sound exasperated?! Oh, well.
If I can nullify fire attacks, this'll be easy mode! It's all good! In fact, everything is according to plan! Did you just do something to me? I underestimated you, but not as much as you underestimated me.
My turn.
Use unique skill "Predator"? Yes! Shizu-san! Give up, Ifrit.
You cannot break out of this place.
You are no match for Rimuru.
He is my sworn friend! I am the Storm Dragon, Veldora Tempest.
It would be my pleasure to face you.
Next time, "Inherited Will.
" Inherited Will