That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Inherited Will

1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 8: Inherited Will Slime-san Thank you.
I nearly killed someone I cared about again.
With my own hands Hey, Slime-san Would you mind listening? You shouldn't talk too much I want people to remember my story and know that I lived.
All right.
So Shizu-san told me what happened, though her recollection was vague.
She spoke of how Ifrit possessed her after she was summoned, and how she ended up killing her friend And After Pirino died, I continued to serve the Demon Lord as his closest aide.
But then I met Met who? The Hero.
Hero? Yes The Hero.
There was a battle, and the Demon Lord abandoned his castle, leaving me behind as the rear guard.
Was it the will of the fire spirit Ifrit, or was it of my own volition? I'm still not sure.
I can't beat her The Hero, huh? I don't suppose it was the same one who sealed Veldora I thought I'd be killed instantly But then she spoke to me.
She asked me why I was there, how I had stayed alive I was a majin, and she believed everything I said.
She told me, "It's all right now.
" My emotions came back to me.
Then the Hero took me in She was the one who gave me that mask.
She said it would boost my magic resistance and help suppress Ifrit, the spirit dwelling within me.
Hang on a sec.
By traveling with her, I learned about this world, and I learned magic.
Through the power of the mask, I even learned to use Ifrit's power, to some extent.
By helping others, and fighting That's how you came to be known as the Conqueror of Flames.
Well, that was an awesome attack, all right! You were on fire! I was so happy traveling with her.
But But? Then she disappeared, leaving me behind.
Why? I don't know.
Why did she? Why "I'm certain we'll meet again.
" That's what she said to me.
I decided to become stronger.
I wanted to help people who were suffering.
I worked really hard.
For decades! Doesn't that sound impressive? Yeah, it sure does.
People started to call me a Champion But I wasn't young anymore.
It was becoming more difficult for me to control Ifrit.
One wrong step, and I could unleash Ifrit by mistake.
When I thought about that, I got scared.
I knew I could hurt someone I cared about again So I retired and became an instructor.
An instructor? A teacher at a school.
Oh! There are schools here? Yes, in a place called the Kingdom of Ingrassia.
It was a school for kids from other worlds.
Kids? So there must be quite a few people who came here from another world, huh? It was one of them who taught me that video game line you quoted.
"I'm not a bad slime!" It was so much fun.
What're we gonna do today, Sensei? That's a good question.
What should we do today? Those days were so peaceful.
Some of them eventually went off on their own and left me But one of them went on to become the Grandmaster.
Grandmaster? The one responsible for overseeing all the guilds in every country.
That sounds like a big deal! Yes, it is.
So I thought there was nothing left that I could teach anyone.
And then, possibly because I'm nearing the end of my life, it became more difficult to suppress Ifrit's will.
There was only one thing I could remember, so I decided to go on a journey.
What did you remember? My search for the man who summoned me.
Do you want revenge? I don't know but There was something I wanted to find out from him.
That's why I They were such nice people.
A little danger-prone, though.
That's true.
It was so much fun But now Hey, Slime-san, what's your name? Huh? I told you, I'm Rimuru.
No, I mean your real name.
Oh It's Satoru.
Mikami Satoru.
I'm Shizue.
Izawa Shizue.
Shizue-san, you should sleep now.
Satoru-san, I'd like to ask a favor.
May I? Of course.
Ask me anything.
Please eat me.
Just like you ate the curse that had been cast on me.
That made me so happy.
I dislike this world Still, I can't abhor it.
Just like that man So That's why I don't want to be absorbed by this world.
This is my last request.
Would you let me rest inside you? Okay.
What's the man's name? Leon Cromwell.
Leon Cromwell One of the most powerful Demon Lords.
What did you want to find out from him? I just wanted him to acknowledge that I, this human, had existed perhaps.
And if those kids could be saved and returned to their world I swear to you on the name of Mikami Satoru no, Rimuru Tempest, that I will make certain the Demon Lord Leon Cromwell hears your wishes! Thank you Shizu-san, my destined one Rest in peace within me.
Use unique skill "Predator"? Use unique skill "Predator"? Yes.
So that she can dream happy dreams forever and never have to wake from them.
There you are! Please don't leave me behind again! Mom! Mommy! Mommy Do you think Shizu is all right? Don't worry about a thing.
Rimuru's with her.
That's right.
Those potions of his are miracle workers, remember? Yeah Well, what a surprise.
Are you here to visit our patient? Are you, as well? Yes.
I was just bringing a change of clothes for Lady Shizu.
Great Rimuru, may I? Master! That body Th-That's Rimuru?! I see So Shizu passed on.
Are you really Rimuru? There can be no doubt! Did you really think I wouldn't recognize my master just because his body changed?! Uh, no, I didn't mean it that way It's just, well You look a bit like a smaller Shizu.
It's true.
See? Wow! That's quite remarkable.
Did you eat Shizu? The way you ate Ifrit? It was the only burial I could give her.
I'm sorry I didn't consult you, her travel companions, first.
Well If it's what Shizu wanted, there was no other choice.
Sorry, Eren.
You probably think this was unreasonable.
I just wish I could have said goodbye to her.
Shizu-san said she had fun traveling with you three.
Though she also said you were a bit danger-prone.
Hey! Why are you looking at me that way?! Well, you know Yeah.
Well, what about the time you got caught in that pitfall?! That was because Eren pushed me! Hey! Don't blame me for that! A spider landed on me out of nowhere! This suits them a lot better than being all sad and somber.
It was Shizu who took the spider off of me.
Shizu even helped us look for traps from then on.
Right, Shizu-san? Actually, I'd say they relied on her too much.
See? It's not just me! I'm still the leader! We appreciate all your help.
We'll be on our way now.
Back to your home country? Yeah, we need to report to the Guildmaster about our findings, and about Shizu.
We won't say anything bad about this place.
We'll tell him about you, too, Rimuru.
If anything comes up, you can always send for us.
I'll do that.
There's one last favor we'd like to ask What is it? Could you take your human form again? Sure, I suppose So what is it you want? Thank you so much, Shizu! I'll strive to be the kind of leader you won't have to worry about! My time adventuring with you will be my life's treasure! Thank you! You were like a big sister to me! I'm glad Shizu-san's last travel companions happened to be these three.
By the way, I noticed your gear is looking rather shabby.
That's mean! It's the scale mail I've always wanted! Wait! What the heck is this robe?! It's light, but sturdy and it's so pretty! D-Do we really deserve such fine equipment? It's even lined with Direwolf fur! They're parting gifts.
Our artisans' best work! Artisans? Yo! Our best work? They're actually just prototypes.
How do they feel? It's all about craftsmanship.
Just speak! I'll introduce you.
From the right, this is Kaijin, Garm, Myrd, and Dord.
K-Kaijin?! Are you serious?! The blacksmith who's world-famous for his skills?! And Garm, Myrd and Dord The three Dwarf brothers?! I'll make it my family heirloom! Thank you so much! I'm so happy! It's like a dream come true! I guess Kaijin and his buddies are even more famous than I thought.
They're human national treasures or is it "dwarven national treasures"? After raising a fuss big enough to blow their sadness away, the three of them left.
They're so strong and resilient.
I should learn from them.
The girl who lost everything to the flames so long ago, oddly enough, gained the power of fire in her travels.
She used that power to help the people, but the flames gradually consumed her until, eventually, she could no longer control them.
Her name was "Shizue Izawa.
" She was a Champion whose body housed Ifrit, a high-ranked fire spirit, earning her the title "Conqueror of Flames.
" I promised Shizu-san Before I can slug the Demon Lord Leon Cromwell who made Shizu-san cry, I first need to gather information.
I'm a man who keeps his promises.
And that's how the man who thought he had an ordinary, uneventful life and was stabbed on the street and died, was reincarnated in another world, where he inherited the will of both the Storm Dragon, Veldora, and a human woman, giving him new purpose.
He was a slime by the name of Rimuru, and the world was about to usher in a turbulent, new era, with this lone slime at the center of it all.
Yeah, this feels much more right.
I will give you a name and some food.
Who are you? I'm Gelmud.
You can think of me as your father.
Would you rather die here? Give me a name and food.
Your name is Geld.
Geld One day, you will take possession of the Great Forest of Jura and become the Orc Disaster.
Next time, "Attack of the Ogres.
" Attack of the Ogres