That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Attack of the Ogres

1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 9: Attack of the Ogres Rimuru and the Goblins' development of their village continued to progress.
Kaijin and the three Dwarf brothers, Garm, Dord, and Myrd, made clothing and tools and built more homes, while the Goblin Lords under Rigurd worked out a system for ruling the village.
Everything's going great! Even without my orders, everyone's doing their job.
Makes it easier for me! Besides, there's something important I need to do.
No one's around.
There, all fixed.
Shizu-san, I'll take good care of this keepsake of you.
Now, then Transform! Mimic = Human This Mimic works really smoothly.
An actual human body Feels great to have this.
Vision Hearing Actually, I think I could see and hear things better as a slime.
Because of Magic Sense? So, next Hey, Great Sage, since I ate Ifrit, can I use body doubles now, too? Answer.
Analysis Complete All of Ifrit's skills, including Body Double, have been analyzed.
\h\hAll of Ifrit's skills,\h\h \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hincluding\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h \h\h\h\h\h\hBody Double,\h\h\h\h\h \hhave been analyzed.
\h All right, great! I'll try it out right now.
Body Double! Body Double I see It does look like Shizu-san.
No trace at all of how I looked when I was alive.
What a beautiful boy? Girl? Well, I need to know what sex my body is when in human form, right? Though I can kind of already tell But since I didn't actually check to be sure My son didn't make it! I seem rather androgynous In fact, I have no gender at all! I'm sexless! Well, I guess I had no gender as a slime, anyway.
Wait Now that I think about it, when I took human form earlier, I didn't see any black mist Answer.
Answer When using Mimic to assume a form larger than one's own, black mist produced by magicule consumption makes up the difference.
Black Mist Which means I could create an adult form, too! All right! Ooh! Can I make it look masculine? Hey, he's pretty handsome! Okay, now make it feminine! Ooh! Wait, stop! Stop! Go back! I can't do that.
Giving myself an adult female form makes me look like Shizu-san, and that just feels immoral.
That concludes my report.
Okay, no problems.
Good work.
Oh, also Are you sure you will need no food again today? Yeah, I can't taste anything as a slime anywa— Rigurd! Yes? I'm gonna eat with you guys starting today! Truly?! Then we must prepare a lavish feast tonight! Yeah, do that! Yes, sir! That's right! Since I can mimic a human form now, I'm gonna eat all kinds of tasty food! I wonder what's on the menu Meat, maybe? There'll probably be meat.
Which means I'll want rice, too Do they have rice plants in this world? I'll have to look for some eventually.
If I find any, I'll make some rice fields Great Rimuru! Thanks for always getting our food for us.
Thank you, sir.
We're just on our way out to the forest.
We're having a feast tonight, so bring back some tasty prey! Are you going to eat with us today? Sure am! This body has a sense of taste, after all.
If you eat a lot, I wonder if your boobs will get bigger I'm sorry! I'll make sure Gobta is strictly disciplined! Anyway, I will prepare some grade-A bulldeer for the feast.
Bulldeer Great! Thanks! Just leave it to me.
Many magical beasts have been traveling this way from deep in the forest, lately, so prey is abundant.
Did something happen? No, magical beasts move from place to place as the environment changes.
I don't think it's anything serious.
You called, Master? Ranga, go into the forest with Rigur's team.
I doubt anything will happen, but just in case.
You can count on me.
No need for reservation, Rigur.
Take me along.
Wow, that was pretty cool, Ranga! Even cooler if you weren't doing that I paid a visit to the cave where Veldora had been sealed.
I wanted to test out Degenerate, the unique skill I'd received from Shizu-san, in a place where it wouldn't disturb anyone.
Regardless of the impression given by the name "Degenerate," the skill was important to her, and that makes it precious.
The skill Degenerate uses unification and separation to merge skills together, evolving them into new skills.
In other words, she used it to gain a bunch of new skills.
One of them was What is this? It's creepy This is the extra skill, Black Flame.
— Black Flame — I'll have to be careful how I use this one, too.
Still I should really be grateful to Shizu-san.
This mask has the power to suppress magic, right? Let's see.
How's this? Answer.
Aura completely erased The faint aura you were emitting has been completely erased.
In this state, you would be perceived as a human.
Magicule Level: 0 Magicule Level: 0 Magicule Level: 0 Magicule Level: 0 \hPerception: Human\h \hPerception: Human\h \hPerception: Human\h \hPerception: Human\h \hPerception: Human\h \hPerception: Human\h \hPerception: Human\h Okay.
I should wear this when I go to new places.
Lookin' good! Right.
You sound unimpressed.
Great Rimuru! Receiving Thought Communication from: Ranga.
Tempest Wolf Thought Communication: Ranga Tempest Wolf Tempest Wolf Vocal tone indicates that it is a request for aid.
Tempest Wolf Likely a request for aid Tempest Wolf Tempest Wolf I'm gonna die! I'm dead! What happened?! I got cut! It hurts so bad! Calm down.
It's not deep.
Who are you guys? Wait Great Rimuru, it's you! You got worried and came to help? Yeah, that's right.
You seem fine, so I guess you don't need any potion.
W-Wait! I want some! I'm sorry I joked around like that! Th-That helped a lot! Ranga! Master, forgive me.
This happened while I was here Come back, Rigur! G-Great Rimuru I am sorry.
Don't worry.
Leave this to me and get some rest.
Thank you Ranga, what happened to the ones who've fallen? They've been put to sleep with magic.
That pink-haired one did it.
Magic, huh? Looks like these guys are gonna be trouble.
How humiliating.
I never thought we would run into Ogres.
Ogres? The ones in games and movies look like this But these don't look like that at all.
They even have armor on.
Also, those look like Japanese swords to me Six Ogres Hey, you guys.
I don't know what happened, but sorry about what my guys did.
Would you be willing to talk this out? They're clearly much stronger, but Gobta and Rigur weren't fatally wounded, and most of our security force was just put to sleep, not injured.
There must be something to it Well, I'll just have to be the adult in the room and— Show us who you really are, evil majin! Huh? Hey, hang on! What did you call me? Enslaving monsters is not a feat just any human can accomplish.
Huh? You may hide your appearance and suppress your aura, but it won't work! Reveal your true identity.
For the mastermind to approach us himself is most convenient.
Yikes! But my true identity is just a lovable slime Hey, listen, guys We have no intention of listening to you.
That mask tells us everything we need to know! My mask? Wait a minute! Aren't you making some kind of mistake? This is just a keepsake of— If it will serve to repay even a billionth of what was done to our brethren, we will have your head! You friend of those evil pigs! What shall we do? Do? I mean You take care of the pink-haired one.
Yes, sir.
And don't kill her.
Yes, sir.
I think there's more to this.
Just get in their way a bit.
I'll take out the rest.
But that would mean you'd be taking on five Ogres Not a problem.
I won't lose.
That's my master! Understood! You underestimate us.
Are you truly brave or just foolhardy? Out of respect for your sheer nerve, I'll go along with your provocation.
I hope you don't regret it later.
You can just take a nap.
— Paralysis Breath — Sorry, but I saw you with Magic Sense.
Huge! Wait, that's not what I meant by "I saw you!" Don't get me wrong! Looks like you're about to fall, miss.
Sticky Steel Thread Joke! — Body Armor — Way to go! He beat us that easily? So, that just leaves What'll it be? The Evil Centipede's Paralysis Breath The Black Spider's Sticky Steel Thread The Armorsaurus's Body Armor He may have learned the skills of many other monsters, as well.
Do not lower your guard, young master.
He named all the skills I used, and the monsters they came from, from just one look I should try not to give too much away.
Can we stop this? I'd like you to hear what I have to say now.
Quiet, evil majin! Okay, um So, listen I admit you are strong.
That makes me all the more certain.
Certain of what? You are one of them! Them? Who? It is unthinkable for us Ogres to be defeated by mere Orcs! Orc? H-Hang on, what makes you— Quiet! I know it was all the work of you and your majin comrades! Huh? Majin? Don't deny it! Wait! You've got the wrong— I must be going senile.
I was certain I cut off your head.
Are they serious? Great Rimuru! Y-Your arm! Master! I'm fine! Don't let your guard down! Did he get under my Magic Sense and easily break through my Multilayer Barrier and Body Armor? Next time, I won't miss.
Looks like you were just foolhardy after all.
I commend your courage to remain calm after losing an arm.
The pride that compelled you to take us all on alone will be your downfall! Regret your folly in the next life! — Ultraspeed Regeneration — Did you think you'd beaten me just by cutting off one of my arms? F-Foul beast! Ogre Flame! Young master Did I get him? Too bad.
Fire has no effect on me.
You were right, though.
I did underestimate you.
I'll show you what I'm like when I'm serious.
What an aura Take a good look.
— Black Flame — That's That flame is It's not produced by using the surrounding magicules! The only thing forming that flame is his pure strength! And the size of the flame mirrors the size of his power I'll show you something even more interesting.
This is my true power! Uh Maybe I should've kept this one under wraps, after all What now? Still want to fight? Good, he's scared.
Please just surrender now! Young master, please take the princess and flee.
I will end this.
Quiet, old man.
That is intense.
It saddens me to say it, but it seems we are no match for you.
Still, I have my pride as the next leader of the powerful Ogre clan! And what leader would fail to avenge his slain brethren?! Even if I can't win, I will still fight back! Young master, if you fight, I will fight by your side! That's their answer? Well, damn.
That backfired on me.
Wait, Brother! This individual may not be our enemy! Move! No! Why? He's a masked majin, just like the one who attacked our village! You said so yourself Yes but please, try to think this through calmly.
Why would such a powerful majin use such underhanded tactics as forcing the pigs to attack our village? It makes no sense.
He surely has the power to kill us all on his own, if he so desired! There is no doubt he is unlike us, but I don't think he has any connection to the ones that attacked our village.
Feeling a little more willing to listen now? I don't need this anymore, right? Who are you? Me? I'm just a slime.
A slime? Yep.
Rimuru the slime.
I-It's true And this mask is a keepsake from someone I knew.
Feel free to see for yourself whether it's the same one that your attacker had.
All right It does seem similar, but This one contains anti-magic power.
But the majin from back then wasn't concealing their aura Then Forgive us.
It seems our desperation caused a grave misunderstanding.
Please accept my apology.
Sure, I accept.
For a minute there, I wasn't sure what was gonna happen.
Well, this is no place to talk.
Let's head back to the village.
Come with us.
Are you sure? Yep.
I want to hear about what you've been through.
But we wounded your companions.
And we did the same to yours.
But no one died, so we'll say it's all good.
Forgive us.
Besides, we're having a feast today.
The more, the merrier, right? And so, the battle that began before anyone even knew why had ended.
The Ogre princess reversed the sleep spell, and the Goblins awoke.
Rimuru healed the Ogres' wounds with his potion, and the whole gang headed for Rimuru and the Goblins' village.
By the way, what's your name.
Oh, we have no names.
Oh, yeah.
I forgot, most of you don't.
That's right That's right Next time, "The Orc Lord.
" The Orc Lord