That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

The Orc Lord

1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 10: The Orc Lord G-Great Rimuru? Is it not to your tastes? That's so good! This is bliss! I didn't have a sense of taste in my slime form.
This is the first time I've tasted food since I came to this world.
It's so great to be alive! The Orcs attacked the Ogres? That can't be! It's the truth.
Can such a thing really happen? I don't know.
Is it that strange? Gobta Of course it is.
Ogres are immeasurably stronger than Orcs.
That such a weak race would attack them is unthinkable.
Nevertheless, they did come.
They attacked our village out of nowhere.
They carried weapons and wore armor, and their overwhelming numbers filled the entire forest.
Those detestable pigs overran our village.
Orcs wearing armor? Yes, the same type of full plate mail that Humans wear.
That must mean It's likely the Orcs are not working alone.
Orcs could never round up all that valuable armor themselves.
Among them was A masked majin? It was a high-level majin.
I'm certain of it.
And you fought Great Rimuru because you had mistaken him for this masked majin.
So what does all this mean? That the Orcs have sided with one of the Demon Lords, possibly? I see I guess? A Demon Lord, eh? But why a Demon Lord? I don't know.
The only thing I'm sure of is that only six of my three hundred brethren remain alive.
I see.
No wonder you're upset.
Have you had enough meat, Rimuru? I'm taking a break.
Your little sister's really something.
She knows a lot about medicinal and cooking herbs.
The Goblins took to her immediately.
She was a sheltered child.
She must be happy that they're relying on her.
So, what are you guys going to do now? What do you mean? I mean your plans for the future.
Whether you rebuild your village or relocate to another area, the fate of your comrades is depending on your leadership, right? That's easy.
We will build our strength and take them on again.
Do you know where to find them? He doesn't have a plan at all.
Well, I have a suggestion.
Do you guys have any interest in being my subordinates? Subordinates? Of course, all I can pay you is guaranteed food, shelter, and clothing.
You need a home base, right? But that would involve your whole village in our revenge.
Well I'm not just offering this as a favor to you guys.
You said thousands of armed Orcs attacked you, right? And there might be a Demon Lord pulling the strings.
The Orcs may be seeking dominion over the Great Forest of Jura.
This town isn't completely safe, either.
Which is why adding as many to our numbers as possible would benefit us.
Plus, if anything happened to you guys, I'd fight with you.
I'll never abandon a friend.
I see.
Let me give it some thought.
Take all the time you need to think about it.
Well, I think I'll go get some more meat.
It's not a bad offer.
But it's your choice to make.
We'll do whatever you and the princess decide.
If only I were stronger Have you decided? The Ogres are a warring clan.
We aren't against taking to the battlefield in service to another.
If our master is strong, we are all the more pleased to serve them.
Can our contract last only until we take out the Orcs' leader? You can do whatever you want after that.
You can stay and help us build a nation, or you can go on your way.
I would like to accept the offer you presented last night.
We will hereby serve under you.
I should've given more consideration to how he feels.
I'm sure all he wants is to avenge his people now, even if it gets him killed.
He's making this decision as a leader who's had to accept his own weakness.
Lift your head.
You're all accepted.
Call in the others.
Yes, sir.
All I can do is make sure he won't regret that decision.
I'll give you names to prove you're my subordinates.
All of us? Well, having no name makes things tough, doesn't it? But P-Please, wait.
Giving a name comes with great risks.
And to name such superior monsters— It's fine, really.
Don't worry about it.
But The "risk" is me using too many magicules and falling asleep, right? There's only six of them this time, so it'll be fine.
Or do you just not want me to name you? That isn't We have no complaints.
Brother! We gratefully accept your names.
If this is the young master's will, we accept.
Okay, let's get started.
You are Shion, it's time to switch places.
Oh, no, Princess.
I will look after Great Rimuru.
Please get some rest.
Really, Shion Great Rimuru, good morning! Um Who are you again? Wait My memory's a little fuzzy, but I think I was about to name the Ogres when Huh? Have you awakened, Great Rimuru? You're the "young master" of the Ogres, right? Correct.
I have evolved into a Kijin, and I have assumed the name you gave me: Benimaru.
Oh! I remember now! I went into sleep mode the moment I named him! Wait, what did he say? "Kijin"? Not "Ogre"? Kijin "Kijin" refers to a race of beings uncommonly born of Ogres.
"Kijin" refers to a race of beings uncommonly born of Ogres Huh His body looks a little smaller? The amount of magicules in him has exploded, though Is this a repeat of the Rigurd shock?! This means he evolved from an Ogre to a Kijin, right? Great Rimuru, I am Shuna.
I'm so glad to see that you've awakened.
Shuna Right, she's the Ogre princess.
She was already cute, but she's even prettier now! I am Shion.
I'm very fond of the name you gave me, Great Rimuru.
This busty beauty is Shion? She looks less wild and more intelligent now.
And the one behind Benimaru is the old man who cut off my arm.
Such a mean-spirited remark.
It was I who felt shocked when you instantly regenerated your arm.
He looks a lot younger now.
Is that a result of his evolution to Kijin? And I think you're You have given me the name "Souei.
" I am glad to see that you have recovered, Great Rimuru.
Giving a name to a superior monster consumes an equally large amount of magicules.
In other words, naming just six of them drained almost all my magicules? I wish you'd told me that sooner.
Where's the sixth one? Oh, he's been spending a lot of time at Kaijin's workshop.
I heard Great Rimuru has awakened! Ah, there he is.
I think he looked like this.
I wonder how he changed Great Rimuru! I'm so glad you're well! You recognize me, right? I am Kurobe.
He looks like an ordinary middle-aged guy! So after a hot guy, a cute girl, a babe, a dignified gray, and another hot guy He's just a middle-aged guy! What a relief! I hope we'll be good friends, Kurobe! Sure! Meanwhile The changes occurring in the Great Forest of Jura continued their invasive progress.
In the middle of the Great Forest of Jura is Lake Siss.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hLake Siss\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h Vast marshlands surround the lake.
The Lizardmen control this territory.
R-Reporting! We have spotted an Orc army south of Lake Siss! We believe they intend to invade our territory! Orcs? Prepare for battle.
We'll beat those pigs senseless.
How many are there? Well The Orc army numbers approximately 200,000.
I-Impossible! How can they have twice what we have?! We verified the number several times with Magic Sense and Sense Heat Source.
I swear on my life that it is true.
Good work.
You may rest.
Yes, sir.
200,000? How does one keep such a ridiculous number of Orc bellies full? They're supposed to be an uncoordinated lot that does whatever they please.
No one could lead an outrageous number like 200,000 of them! I heard a rumor that they destroyed the Ogre village.
They did what?! The Orc Lord If there is an Orc who could command a force of 200,000 of his brethren, it would have to be the unique monster of legend, the Orc Lord.
O-Orc Lord? But that's No, if that really is true, it would explain how he's able to command such a huge army of Orcs.
But what would he want? That doesn't matter! The question is whether or not we can defeat them! If an Orc Lord truly has been born, it will be difficult for us to win.
The Orc Lord is a true monster that devours even the fear and terror of his own allies.
It is only a possibility, but we must do everything we can possibly do.
And what does that entail? I suppose we should request backup.
My son! Is my son here? I'm right here.
But, Father, must you address me in such a boorish manner? I have a name, Gabiru, which was given to me by Lord Gelmud.
Gabiru What you are called makes no difference.
There is something I need you to do.
What would that be? You'll have to do better than that! Well, come on! Strike back! Gobta casually said he wanted to learn swordsmanship, and this happened.
Hakurou is definitely a tough coach.
Orc Lord? What's that? Well, put simply it's a beast.
That's simple, all right.
It's said that one is born to the Orcs every few centuries.
It's a unique monster.
Unique, huh? They say he devours even his own allies' fear and terror, which makes him an unnaturally effective leader.
The Orcs that attacked our village were unfazed by the deaths of their own, so I thought that may be the case.
I see.
Of course, the possibility of it is quite low.
Any other ideas why they might have attacked your village? Well I'm not sure if there's any connection, but shortly before the attack, a majin visited our village I shall name you.
He said that, but he sounded too untrustworthy, so I turned him away, and he cursed me as he left.
A majin, huh? So you think he might have a grudge against you? I had no other choice.
I want no such gift from an unsuitable master.
I wouldn't accept a name from just anyone, after all.
What was his name again? I think he said Gela Geli Gele Gelo? Gelmud.
Right, that's it.
Gelmud? I think I've heard that name before Rigur-kun, who gave your brother his name? Sir! I'm told he received his name from a passing Demon called Lord Gelmud.
He saw promise in him.
Gel? Gelmud.
He's an officer in the Demon Lord's army.
I bet it's the same guy.
Does he just go around naming whoever? Why? I bring a report, Great Rimuru.
I witnessed a group of Lizardmen.
Lizardmen? Not Orcs? Correct.
Because they make the marshlands their home, it seemed unnatural to see them near here, so I had to inform you at once.
They seemed to be attempting negotiations with a nearby Goblin village.
They may one day come here, as well.
I see Lizardmen Honestly, that father of mine Visit the local Goblin villages and enlist their aid.
Indeed! It is not the way of the proud Lizardman race to fear mere Orcs! And he used to be such a great man Hey, Sir Gabiru, when are you gonna become the chieftain? Oh, no.
My comment may have been a bit disrespectful, but I still fall far short of my father.
Really? But as you are now, I bet you're just as mighty as the chieftain during his glory days! I agree.
No, really, I I mean, you're named, after all! Yes, and you are unequaled in the art of the spear.
If you don't take your stand now, when will you? Eh? What is this? Could it be that I'm actually pretty great?! You are right.
My father has grown old.
Even if I must be a bit forceful, I will show him that I have strength worthy of a chieftain! Then he can retire with peace of mind.
You mean Yes! Once I drive away the Orc army, I will take my place as the next Lizardman chieftain! That's our Sir Gabiru! Woohoo! You're on fire! You will surely be chieftain! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Let's go! Follow me, men! Your future is bright! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Next time, "Gabiru Is Here!" Gabiru Is Here!